Who puts it on ?

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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by LadyDs_alex »

Like many others who have responded, my Wife LadyD and I share the job.

My job is the fussy, fiddly, labor-intensive chore of getting myself into the gadget -- her job is the thrilling bit where she slides the padlock through the hole and clicks it shut.

I know that when I was just fantasizing about chastity, I often imagined my Wife doing everything. Then I ordered a device and discovered how tricky they can be to get on, and realized that wasn't practical.

Usually, in fact, LadyD doesn't even watch me struggle into the device. There are two things that can happen if your Keyholder watches you getting into your device. Either it takes you a long time and you start to worry about your Keyholder getting impatient, which makes you try to hurry, which makes you fumble and pinch yourself -- OR being watched turns you on, which makes you start getting a hard-on, which makes getting into the device impossible.

I get into it alone. Then, keeping ring and cage together with one hand, I run to my LadyD and say something like, "I am ready My Lady" and with a cool smile she slides on the lock, and CLICK!
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by WET_MANGOS »

Wow didn't see this post going on so long but as it seems to be a good one I thought I should share. So I have been in my mm jailbird for about tworking weeks or so and ...
Yes I put the cage on, it's not easy to do when not completely flaccid. When I use some lube I can squeeze in with half a chub. My lovely key holder watches me do it on her insistence and actually did a little teasing while I was trying to get in. I had to jump in the shower and turn the water on cold. ( Cold water on your nuts works but jumping in a cold shower all over your body works much faster) anyways I got it in and then she really began to tease,but that's a different topic.
I never touch the keys and she locks it shut. I wish she could do it and asked her if she wanted to try she said no and that's ok. I really pull on that thing and with the right amount of lube I don't think it would be a problem but I don't blame her for not wanting to do it. So cold showers it is for me lol.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by KittensBoyToy »

I know I am dragging up an old thread but it is to only one that came up in a search of the subject.

Most of the responses said the males put at least the base ring on. About half put the entire device on and their keyholders 'ceremoniously' lock it closed. A large percentage cite the complexity of the CBxxxx base ring as the reason. Second seems to be a fear on the part of the keyholders of hurting their partners.

In my/our case, we started with a CB 3000 clone. I put it on the first time as Kitten watched. After about 5-6 hours we realized I had tried a base ring that was too small and was causing problems. Kitten removed it for the night and informed me that it was, from now on, her right to put on and take off the cage to HER property. When we went to the HTv3 she stood by her word. There were some times in the learning process that I had some pinching of the scrotum or squeezing of the testicles. Kitten keeps her nails long and occasionally I felt a stab from one of them. These were rare happenings and, no matter, I always thank her when My Lady secures her property.

I have always had emergency access to a key in a signed, sealed envelope but have never had reason to use it. In the past month and a half that she has been in the hospital and rehab I have had a key for cleaning and maintenance. I always call her on video chat before unlocking and again after my shower. If I am going back to the hospital the cage goes with me so she can put it back on her property. The ring only comes off about every 2 weeks for shaving.

How do current members handle this and why?
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by slave d »

While i would love to have the same situation as you MsM has found all the devices so far too much of a hassle and too great a chance of hurting me to deal with things herself. We are looking seriously at doing a bit of a U-turn soon and going back to a HTv3 now that the nub version is available. If that happens i’m hopeful MsM will find She is able to fit and remove it as part of the move is so She takes even more physical control of my junk. FWIW we started with a cb knockoff then went to a HT v 2 and then to steel (various custom and knockoffs) but are looking for a change again so considering going back to HT again. i’m currently in an HT
v3 nub knockoff but it’s not well made or easy to fit so the”real thing” might be the next step. Hard to get your head around the cost though !! Sorry i’ve wandered a bit here ... comes with old age !!

MsM’s ld
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by sherulestherooster »

No, my KH was always too afraid of hurting me. I also have a "problem" that being locked up is so exciting to me that I get a rock-hard erection. In fact, the first time I wore it with her knowledge (I had bought it and used it to see if I liked it first, all solo), I *wanted* to show her how it is put together but even with a cold shower I couldn't get my soldier to stand "at ease". I finally got flaccid and put it on and had her lock it.

We had a little tradition that as soon as she snapped the lock shut, she'd masturbate with the Hitachi.

I really wanted (bucket list) for her to lock me up after I had an orgasm, because I have a lengthy refractory period and I thought that would make it easier for her to put it on. I wondered if that would help put me back into "sub space", but it never did happen...
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by sls01234 »

I have to get it on and ready for the lock, she enjoys hearing the click and wants nothing to do with the putting it on. Now when she is ready to free me she is fine with removing it.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by Steve2059 »

Given that She is a very experienced and senior nurse, one would think She'd have a deft touch with neo-medical appliances ;)
Not true in this case. I need to cage myself to stand any chance of having junk in working order - She's drawn blood on one attempt!
Unlocking and removal, including the ring, She's better at, though She has elicited a curdling shriek as She's tried to pull both balls out together :o
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by locked4her55 »

Steve2059 wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:25 am
She's drawn blood on one attempt!
Ya but isn't that what nurses do? :lol:
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by bondinchas »

Steve2059 wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:25 am
I need to cage myself to stand any chance of having junk in working order ...
Yes, but why do you need it in working order? You're locked up! :lol:

Another vote here for putting my package in myself, and only she touches the key and locks the padlock.
But that happens ever less frequently now, you have to be unlocked in order to get locked again! :shock:
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by cuyahoga »

I have to put it on myself, because I get way too excited. When she tells me (orders me) to put it on, I immediately get too hard to get it on. Her trying, especially with the solid base ring, would just be impossible.

Before the JB with its security screw, she would always ceremoniously click the lock shut. The security screw is too tiny and fiddly for her, so I handle the whole thing now.

When we used a small padlock, she could take my cages off, but again, small and way too fiddly security screw means that she tells me to take it off now, and I jump to comply as quickly as possible. Often, the excitement of being released will make getting it out of the cage, and especially the solid base ring, quite difficult as well.

I’m hoping to one day teach her about making me soft by playing with my anus, and possibly using that to be able to put the cage on when I’m restrained ... but that’s pretty far away from where we are now.
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