Orgasimed after 11 days but not relieved!?!?

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Orgasimed after 11 days but not relieved!?!?

Post by ChastizedRob »

Dear Forum,

My wife on day 11 tied my hands behind my back and had me lick her to several orgasms, so I thought there was no way she'd let me out. However, she then untied me and let enter her to eventially have likely my best orgasm ever!! I remember strangly pumping semin before actually feeling like the intense orgasm.

She's been strongly hinting that I'd better be ready for 30 days before the next release! We don't like scheduals either but they do seem fun to track in our first real adventures into MC.

My questions for anyone is that if you get to orgasm after 11 or so days do you feel just as horney and frustrated the next morning? For me getting one orgasm has done nothing to relieve my horneyness! I express this to my asian wife and told her one more orgasm this morning would probably let me feel very much better; however, she just laughed and said "deal with it for the next 30 days".

Best Regards, Rob
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Re: Orgasimed after 11 days but not relieved!?!?

Post by Dev »

Rob, it sounds like your wife really has a knack for being a keyholder. ;)

Enjoy...30 days might seem like an eternity.

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Re: Orgasimed after 11 days but not relieved!?!?

Post by biggar »

My wife/KH has kept me locked for 30 days several times! After week 2 it really didn't get any worse for me. We just ordered the CB-6000s and it should arrive this week. I would love to have her extend the lock up time and she probably will when the new CB gets here! :-) I will tell you that ejaculating after 30 days was intense for me! The semen seemed a lot thicker and almost felt like it burned leaving me!! It was awesome.
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Re: Orgasimed after 11 days but not relieved!?!?

Post by 1mlockedup »

I've also tried the 2 in one day ( just to take the edge off ), with no success... these Asian gals are tuff once they make up their minds. 6 days locked in the Pet Trap, and having a slight problem with the cage twisting to the far left. The new angle on the stud (5 degrees) did relieve the crushed nuts. I'm thinking of maybe ordering a new round ring, with the stud at the 95 degree mark.
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Re: Orgasimed after 11 days but not relieved!?!?

Post by cb6000s »

Not to sound all new age but this is a road only you can walk. I can tell you what happens to me but that is meaningless to you. My KH would say that she barely has my attention at eleven days, We are 15 days into what is promised to be a 90 days denial which would more than double my longest denial time and I am just starting to feel deprived ( or is that depraved?). There is no perfect schedule. It has to be what works for both of you and that can only be found out through trial and error.
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