Dev's Conceptual Model of Chastity

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Re: Dev's Conceptual Model of Chastity

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I will keep my eyes peeled for your posts!
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Re: Dev's Conceptual Model of Chastity

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I think identifying the stages and the various branches available are really important to me.
I thought i knew where i wanted this to go (note the I)
but then you want to know where KH wants it to go.
each time around it goes in a slightly different direction and then in our case comes to a drastic halt.
I belive this is because it isnt going in the right direction or.. it is but the changes are hard to accept in some way.
My KH (wife) has, only this week given me confirmation that she has now (after more than a year) accepted that it isnt an act. that she would rather I wore a cage and I wont get away with not wearing it any more.
My KH is also playing with control now, she is feeling her way, and at the same time I am trying not to steer but im affraid of what might be lost?
which goes back to where this might be going? Yes, I am excited, I am nervouse and I am slowly giving up control because too quickly hits too hard.
KH is becoming excited, is not at all nervouse (verging on guiltless) and is slowly taking control.
If there are stages, i have no idea where we are at? and I am assuming these stages come in as the mind adapts rather than when they are implemented.
Currently we are at a stage where we are both happy, content and sexually... wow!

However the pattern of sex is changing. Not much and I dont blame her, to a lot more attention in both directions, to Lots of rewards for me and more orgasms for KH to even More orgasms and these are more powerful if I remain caged. To less edges rewards for me because many of my rewards are now giving these amazing orgasms which KH would not have if there was work to do afterwards regarding my penis.

I am able to ask about how KH feels now and I get answers because KH is now taking it a bit more seriosly.
Do you feel guilty keeping me locked when I desperatly want out? : NO

Are you getting any pleasure from keeping me locked when we have sex? : Yes

Denying me when I have done all you have requested in order to come out? : Yes, in fact that feels very satisfying.

I have no idea what will happen next, so I assume my control in that way has dwindled
I have broken down once, it was not good for me to know my KH could do this without feeling, but I think KH thought it was still a part of the game and she is the stronger of us (which I now realise).

So, I do feel nervous, I actually like to have sex or have my penis attension. could it all end for me?, will I mind?

and at what stage should I insist on a safeword? and do have a right to insist on one?
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Re: Dev's Conceptual Model of Chastity

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That is a very interesting original post I’d like to read it more in depth
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