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Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:14 pm
by male_pet
I have been interested in chastity for years, and experimented with various devices (CB2000, CB3000, CB6000S, Dickcage) all with rather unsatisfying results. As a "grower" and not a "shower", wearing the belts with a reasonable degree of comfort always meant that it was quite easy to pull out and get free. My wife/KH was rather underwhelmed as well - she did not like worrying if anything was being chafed or damaged, the rigamarole of belting and unbelting, and the fact that my chastity was effectively me being on the honor system. Every time we got started or re-started with chastity, after a month or two the hassles began to outweigh the benefits (especially with an active child running around), and the belt would go back into the drawer.

I happened to come across a chastity via hypnosis file that seemed to be a good solution to problem: Virtual Chasity by Mistress Samba. There are many hypnotic chastity files out there, but almost all of them make the Hypno-Domme the keyholder. Virtual Chastity is different - when you listen to the file you have the opportunity to imagine who you would like to have as your keyholder. The file suggests that you are unable to cum without the permission of your keyholder, so it enables a fair amount of teasing to occur. I listened to the file for several weeks.....and it didn't work for me. It did turn me into one hell of an edger for a while, but it didn't keep me fully chaste. After failure, i gave up and put it away in the drawer.

About a year later, I purchased the CB6000S and the Dickcage. While experimenting with wearing them, I started listening to the Virtual Chastity file again. That is when things started to get interesting. Listening to the file while in chastity seemed to reinforce the suggestions in the file. The most obvious change is that instead of breaking down and pulling out and cheating after a week or two, I was much more willing to stay chaste in the belt. There are suggestions in the file that you prefer staying horny to feeling the post-orgasm slump, so I am guessing that had something to do with it. My keyholder definitely liked the increase in control, but was still underwhelmed by aesthetics, hygiene, and logistics of the belt.

I started looking for another Chastity file, and came across Dark Side Chastity by Lee Allure. This file suggests that you can only touch yourself for dressing, cleaning, and going to the bathroom - anything sexual and your hands literally cannot touch your cock. And though the file defaults to Lee as the keyholder, she is glad to transfer control of the belt to your significant other. I spent several weeks listening to some preliminary files,and then finally listened to Dark Side Chastity several times....and it worked! I expected transfer of control of the belt to be complicated, but all Lee did was say in an email that my significant other could use all of the hypnotic triggers I had learned. That was it, and I was off to the races.

I have been wearing the hypnotic belt for two months now, and I have to say that it works as advertised. It's effects are quite subtle. I don't really feel it's presence in any way: bathing, peeing, morning scratching all happen normally. Touching is another story! It is a bit hard to describe, but my hand just hovers near my cock when I try to touch it. It feels like I could easily go that last inch and grab it, but my will seems to get short circuited before going that last inch. It's sort of analogous to procrastination - it feel like I could easily do it, yet I just rationalize some excuse not to do it and move on to something else.

Do any reading about hypnosis, and you will soon see that the universal consensus is that you cannot be made to do anything against your will through hypnosis. Hypnotic suggestions are just that.... suggestions that you can accept or reject. I have no reason to doubt that this is absolutely correct. One often cited example of this effect is that if you are holding a glass of red wine in your palm standing in the middle of a big white rug, your subconscious won't let you go into deep trance because the glass would spill and make a mess. Remove the glass, and boom, you can go out like a light. My wife is actually comforted by this principle, because she knows if things went beyond my limits, the hypnotic suggestions would be rejected automatically. In BDSM terms, the sub-conscious can safeword at any time. In practical terms, there are also files out there that will uninstall all your triggers if you run into problems, or worst case you can always spend an afternoon with a real hypnotherapist and they should be able undo any unwanted hypnotic effects.

However, the real success story is that my keyholder *really* likes it. She always saw chastity devices as somewhat "fake" because they were always escapable. Aside from pullout issues, there is always the emergency key, or taking a hacksaw to the lock. Ironically, doing chastity without a device is much more real for her because she is totally in charge of when it goes on and goes off. No more "I'll just put on in morning,honey" or "there is some swelling, so lets unlock me" just goes on and comes off when she gives the word, and that seems to really appeal to her. The convenience is a big hit as well - no more worries about chafing and swelling, and she can tease me all she likes without having to bother with getting a belt on and off. She can even sit back, remove the belt, and have me tease myself under her supervision. Nice! It's very vanilla on the surface, but there is definitely an emerging power exchange going on.

There seems to be little written about chastity using hypnosis, but I think it is something that is worth greater exploration by the chastity community. Security problems? A hypnotic chastity belt might be able to address them. Active lifestyle/curious kids? Hypnotic chastity might be the way to go. Vanilla wife? Saying a few magic words to control your orgasm might be much more appealing than device based chastity in steel or plastic.

The upsides are pretty obvious, but there are a few downsides. One is that it makes it a bit easier to be locked and left. There is no need to get unlocked for cleaning, or for inspection, or all the other rituals of physical device wear. A family vacation for us was then followed by a death in the family,and playing around in the bedroom was off the table for several weeks. While an interesting test of the belt's effectiveness...I wouldn't want to be in hypnotic chastity belt in a relatively sexless marriage. A second downside is that you don't get the bondage aspects or the erection control, which seems to be an important component of the fetish for some people. I was surprised to find out how much I didn't necessarily want the device, but instead wanted the orgasm control, but it's clear that opinions vary from person to person. The final downside is that to a certain extent you really are at the mercy of your keyholder. You can't just cut the lock or throw the belt away. She doesn't need your cooperation to put it on or keep it on, if you have accepted the suggestion. As they say, be careful what you wish for. If you are skeptical and think this is all BS, but try it anyway, don't be surprised it it works all too well. In any case, all these downsides are best addressed by good communication in a healthy relationship. If you have a bad relationship or want to use hypnotic chastity to fix a lack of intimacy, perhaps hypnotic chastity is not for you.

For those interested in pursuing hypnotic chastity a bit of advice:

1) Take your time and be patient. Going into a hypnotic trance is skill like everything else, and it can take some practice to get good at. There are some people who are naturals - these are the folks a stage hypnotist can easily identify to make those stage shows happen for real. For the rest of us, it takes some time and practice. Practice when you are relaxed and unstressed.

2) Start with the simple stuff and build confidence. Don't just dive into one the chastity files off the bat. Start with relatively vanilla trances and inductions that are fun and enjoyable and for which there is no pressure to succeed.

3) Don't listen as you fall asleep. It either won't work, or will take much longer to work. If you "fall asleep" during trance, but then wake up at the end of the file when the voice on the file is telling you to wake up - good! You weren't asleep at all, you were actually in a good deep trance. Fretting about various things when getting into trance is not helpful. However, your mind wandering away from the hypnotists words in a nap-like reverie is fine - your subconscious is still paying attention as you daydream in trance.

4) Don't test to see if it worked at first. If you are listening to the chastity file - don't masturbate! It might help if you wear a physical belt and stay chaste the first few times you listen to the chastity file. Fake it til you make it.

5) Realize that everyone goes into trance differently. Some people black out. Some people wonder if they were even hypnotized at all. Some respond to suggestions not to remember, some can't visualize at all, and some don't strongly feel suggested sensations. This might improve for you in time, but there are even very good hypnotic subjects who find aspects of trance a challenge.

6) It can help if you trust your hypnotist. If you have concerns about the content of a file, skip over the first half of the file and listen to he main suggestions of the file while you are not in trance. Once you are certain that everything in the file is right for you, then listen to the full file with confidence.

In general, I would suggest you start with Lee Allure's free files. She has a very pleasant voice and she doesn't some across as some over the top uber-Domme. Go to her website at and scroll down the bottom of the page and click on "Begin Here" and follow her file suggestions. Experiment with the other free files to get more comfortable with the basics of hypnosis. When you are used to going into trance, you should then listen to Dark Side Deep. It is a paid file that takes you deeper into trance. This file seemed to really help me make progress, so while it is not strictly required, it did seem to really do the trick for me. If you want full chastity with a hypnotic CB, listen to the (paid) Dark Side Chastity file a few times,and see how it goes. For those of you really into self teasing and edging, perhaps (paid) Virtual Chasity by Mistress Samba is the way to go (

Good luck, and I am definitely interested in hearing from others who make their way into hypnotic chastity.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:49 am
by Tom Allen
We have actually been interested in finding something along these lines. Thanks for the lengthy review. I'll be checking this out soon.

I have quite a few more questions on this. Would you be willing to answer them here?

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:50 pm
by TwistedMister
I've been to the Samba website...but haven't been willing to fork over any dough to try her stuff. There are a few things I'm interested in, if they actually work.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:18 pm
by Tom Allen
The Samba site comes across as being too "Hypno-Dommy, bad sissy boi." The Lee Allure looks a little more vanilla/relaxed/professional. I think I might need to drop her an email.

The concept is really intriguing, and Mrs. Edge and I talked about this a few years ago when we were on a chastity device break, but were still practicing denial (mine, of course). I sent her the links to the site to see what she thinks.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:45 pm
by male_pet
I would be glad to answer questions. The hypnosis thing seems to be confined into it's own narrow kink niche, but I think there are some powerful applications for Teasing/Chastity and FD flavored relationships. My wife is kink-friendly, but she does not find the sterotypical Domme role appealing. As for me, I find the stereotypical sub role to be unappealing as well. The hypnosis thing seems to resolve the problem for us nicely - she gets to be controlling,without being bitchy. I get to submit, without being "submissive". It's still early on in the exploration, but I am optimistic.

As for Samba, yeah, that is her style on some of her files. Not all though, and not aggressively so on the chastity file. She has two free files up on youtube for the curious:

Samba's files are heavily produced (echoes, background beats, multiple voice tracks) - personally, I really liked listening to them. Lee's files are very spartan,with mostly just her very pleasant voice. Not much razzle dazzle, but my subconscious seems to prefer it much more.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:38 pm
by Tom Allen
Hi MP - I just had a few questions on this. There's a lot to read between your post and her site, so it took a while.

What is SIP (stop in place)? Why is that important?

You mention a virtual key. Is this a trigger word of some sort? Do you know (consciously) what that is? And how is that key transferred to your partner? Can you opt to give your partner the virtual key right from the start?

The Lee Allure site gives the impression that part of the virtual chastity includes orgasm control. That is, not merely a suggestion to not touch yourself sexually, but a suggestion to not orgasm until given permission. Have you tried this? How reliable is this?

You mentioned that you were in a situation in which having sex was off the table for a few weeks. Presumably the virtual chastity kept you from masturbating, but what about your arousal? In fact, does it keep your libido down, or does it just prevent you from doing anything about it?

Thanks for taking the time.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:26 pm
by male_pet
TA, I think this addresses most of your questions:

Stop in Place: The Lazy Summer Day free file that is the foundation of Lee's files installs a trigger to go back into trance easily and a trigger to Stop in Place/Freeze/Pause. It's not necessarily important, but it is an effective way to convince yourself that you are going into trance and responding to hypnotic suggestions. On Lee's "Begin Here" page, she mentions a cocktail file that contains several of her free files in combination. It ends with the Stop In Place file, and that will have you sitting there immobile for 5 minutes after the file ends. I listened, it worked, and it helped to dispel some of the feeling that you are just playing along and deluding yourself.

Virtual Key: The "Key" is basically a post-hypnotic trigger phrase. "Belt on" puts it on. "Belt off" removes it. Lee seems to prefer having the belt installed and working well before transferring the key to your spouse. The transfer process is trivial - Lee basically says in an email "Your spouse can use the triggers in my files" - and that is it. I was leery about the whole process at first, but having gone through it, it's no big deal. There is one very interesting side effect - my wife also can use the Pause trigger and the go quickly into trance triggers as well. She LOVES the Pause trigger, and using it for messing with me, teasing/edging, and quickie bondage. In theory, she could use the trance trigger and try to make new suggestions, but we haven't explored that at all.

At first, I was worried about the triggers being accidentally invoked, envisioning me constantly getting Paused while we scramble for the Tivo remote to pause a show. It simply never happens - your subconscious seems to do a good job of applying the triggers where appropriate. Sometimes it will apply them appropriately a bit too well. One night during some PIV teasing, my wife was having me thrust for a while and then would use the Pause command to stop me, then use the release trigger to have me thrust again. She did it about half a dozen times, but she got distracted towards the end and forgot that she left me Paused when she finished. She nudged, then hinted that I should move, but I was just flopped down on top of her. I was fully aware and knew she wanted me to move, but my internal debate whether to move seemed to only prolong the Pause state. She finally said "Is something wrong with you?" with a note of concern in her voice, and I instantly broke out of the Pause state without the release trigger being said.

Orgasm Control: There is definitely some effect, but it is not clear cut. I am able to hold out far longer than I have any right to expect after being belted for days/weeks. Thinking back on it, I can't remember cumming without permission during PIV sex or when getting a handjob when the belt was on. It *feels* like I easily can, but so far it when there have been releases they have come when my wife was ready. We have not done an "acid test" of whether it is truly impossible to orgasm when the belt is on, but I will be sure to pass along word that there is a pressing need for such an important scientific endeavor.

Arousal: All the Lee Allure chastity file does is keep you from touching your junk with sexual intent. It doesn't seem to affect arousal levels. If locked in a physical belt, and circumstances keep the fun and games at bay, I tend to hunker down and crave sex less. The same thing seems to happen when I am the hypnotic belt, but I think that has much more to do with my personal physical response to chastity (of any form) than the hypnotic chastity file.

One other interesting bit to note: we played around one night when we were both quite tipsy. I was triggered to get out of the belt, and enjoyed an orgasm, and was triggered back into the belt before falling asleep. The next morning, the belt was OFF. Apparently the booze interfered with the setting of of the trigger the night before. I figured out that the belt was not on in the way you would expect, and then later asked my wife if it was her intent to "leave the belt off" the night before..... She said hell no, said the belt on trigger, and I was back in chastity.

As I said before, the best course is to just play around with Lee's free files for a while while you get used to going into trance. Once you get up to speed on what hypnosis is (and isn't), then the path forward is much more clear. Of course, I didn't follow this advice, and I know that most of the readers on this site have a hunger for chastity that will push them to want to try the chastity file ASAP. Try to take your time. A physical belt can take weeks to adjust to get things safe, secure and functional. Consider the idea that a hypnotic chastity belt *might* require a similar prep time of laying the groundwork for success. For a physical belt, the first wearing is just the start of a long process of adjustment and adaptation. For a hypnotic belt, the adjustment and adaptation is to the mechanics of going into a good trance. Once that is accomplished, the installation of the hypnotic belt comes towards the end of the process.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:40 pm
by Tom Allen
Okay, forgive me for being dense about this, but this is new to me and I just want to make sure I understand this before moving along to try it out. Frankly, the idea of this is a little scary to me, although I'm not sure why. I've visited a couple of professional hypnotherapists without success. I can relax, but I'm very analytical about the process as it's happening, and I can only get so deep.

Anyway, here's how I understand this.

I listen to some audio files for a few weeks in order to set the stage, as it were, and to get accustomed to accepting suggestion.

I purchase the Chastity file, and practice with that. It may be helpful to wear my device while I'm doing so. When I seem to have made progress, I practice without the device.

If I've made progress without the device, I then ask for Lee Allure to transfer the virtual key over to my wife. This key will be in the form of a trigger word or phrase.

The hypnotic suggestion will give me a virtual or hypnotic "belt" that will allow me to get aroused, get erections, and become excited, but will prevent me from masturbating. However, if my wife wants to have sex, it will not prevent me from performing with her. It's possible that it will prevent me from having an orgasm, unless she gives me permission to do so, presumably by use of the trigger words. Actually, this last part is especially interesting to Mrs. Edge; we were talking about it this morning. She also has some concerns that I might not be able to orgasm at all, but I can't imagine this being a problem.

Do I understand this properly?

I think that my next move might be to email Lee Allure to ask some more detailed questions about which files would be right for me, but I didn't see any email address for her on the site.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:39 pm
by male_pet

You are correct in the essentials, but you make it sound like the Bataan Death March. It's a lot more fun that that! I can sympathize with the caution, and think it is much wiser to take a considered approach instead of just charging in, listening to a file a few times, and then throw your hands up in despair that it "doesn't work." Been there, done that.

Don't get too hung up on the depth of trance. I do not go particularly deep, nor am I able to feel or visualize hypnotic imagery to any great extent. Yet, it still worked for me. It sounds like you do need to practice a bit how to get into trance - Lee's free files are a good way to do that. If she has advice about what to listen to, she certainly knows her stuff.

Once you get the basics down, consider purchasing the Dark Side Deep file. All it does is deepen your trance state. Nothing scary, but it may address your concerns about not going deep enough. It definitely helped me, but YMMV. I only listened a few times before going on to the next phase, but don't regret buying it at all.

Then, get the chastity file. Listen to it. Don't roll over after listening and immediately test whether it worked. I wore a real belt during the week when I listened the first few times, and that seemed to work well for me. Can it work immediately? Yes indeed, it worked for me after only two listens, and I am no hypnotic prodigy. If that doesn't happen for you, perhaps a longer period of confinement would do the trick. Listen to Lee, her advice and suggestions can help you get squared away.

Regarding orgasm control...yes. The hypnotic belt just prevents you from touching yourself, but that does not preclude you from having frustrating sex/handjobs with your wife. Tell Lee what your wife would like in terms of orgasm control, and my guess is that she can reinforce/clarify how the orgasm denial works in a way that meets those needs. The chastity file is a bit vague about the orgasm control - Lee's suggestions can provide more clarity and get that aspect of the file firing on all cylinders for you.

You are correct that you are not going to "forget" how to orgasm. That's a skill you have been practicing all your life! Not something easily forgotten.

Yes, you understand things properly. Your notion of it is a bit more formal than the actual reality , but don't be concerned about this. Honestly, you are not going to become a mind controlled Zombie. In reality, the effects are very mild, and not particularly obvious. I don't imagine there is some hallucinated belt on me that is keeping me in lockdown. Instead, I just don't seem that interested touching myself. It seems that I could grab it at any time, but I just put it off, and get interested in something else. It is much more subtle than you expect.

Lee Allure has a contact form on her website, and is on twitter as well. Tom, I will send you her email in a PM.

Re: Chastity via Hypnosis success

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:58 pm
by Tom Allen
Yes, I might have been a bit formal in how I walked through this. This is just new to me, and I'm trying to understand the basics before I jump into anything.

I appreciate your taking the time, and I hope that this was educational to some of the other readers. I'm going to d/load a few of the audio files and give it a try over the next few weeks.