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Making Progress

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Hi all,

After a rough couple of weeks Melissa and I seem to be getting back on track with MC.

Saturday mornings are often our best times for making love and that was the case this weekend. I lay there next to her until I knew she was awake and then I began to caress her breasts through her pajama top. She smiled sleepily and pulled her top up to expose her chest for me. I began kissing and gently sucking on her left nipple while softly stroking the underside of her right breast (which I know she loves).

After just a few minutes she said "my back" and rolled away from me. I knew what she meant, so I began to run my fingertips up and down her back, across her neck, and over her left side. I then kissed my way across and down her back and along the top of her pajama bottoms. I knew things were going well when she didn't stop me from pulling down her bottoms. I kissed her all over her ass for a time and then she told me to spoon her.

She began to push her backside into my crotch. I was wearing the athletic supporter with cup which she has me wear to bed until my Jailbird arrives. This way she can fall asleep curled into me, but I cannot feel anything of her against my cock. So, she began to grind against me and then said, "My bare ass against your cup. And my pussy is only inches away. How does that make your cock feel?" I mumbled something about how my cock felt on fire and it was spreading to the rest of me or something. Then she had me take off the supporter and cup and press my bare cock against her ass. I became lightheaded at this point.

Still on her side, she lifted her left leg and I knew she wanted me to reach around and stroke her pussy and clitoris and so I did. I asked to be allowed to use my tongue on her but she quite firmly said no. I pushed a finger inside her and felt her heat and wetness and moaned in her ear. I asked again for permission to lick her and again she said no. She likes when I hold her tight from behind and use my hand on her. So I asked her if I could then taste her on my fingers and she said yes. Just that little taste thrilled me.

"I want you to go between my legs and rub the underside of your cock against my clit and make us both feel good," she told me. So, immediately I did so and oh, did it feel wonderful.

"In a few minutes I'm going to do some more training with you. [Training is what Melissa calls tease and denial, as in training me not to come]. I want you to get as hard as you can and then go inside me."

Now, it was day 14 of no orgasm for me and this was such a difficult thing for me. I remember holding her close while I slowly moved in and out of her and the wonderful feeling of her arms around me. I told her how good it felt to be in her and how thankful I was for her to let me be in her and how I would never take it for granted again.

She soon gently pushed me back so that I could still thrust while she rubbed herself. She said, "I think I'll come this morning." And then she looked at me and smiled. I said, "I'm not going to come again for a long time." She smiled and nodded.

She wanted me to thrust harder and faster and I began to do so. I don't think I've ever whimpered before in my life but I did then. If you haven't been there, there is no way to describe what it's like for a man, (after so long especially), to thrust vigorously into his wife all the while trying not to orgasm. I was pushing on my perineum trying to keep from letting go. She kept telling me to do it harder and faster though and my cries of desperation became louder. Then she came hard and I could feel her contract on me and I had to pull out and lean back with my cock standing straight up.

I thought I had been able to do it, but heartbeat, a second, and then a third heartbeat and I could feel a ruined orgasm on its way. I was upset because she hadn't given the go ahead for that. Suddenly one single squirt shot upward from my cock and arced over and landed on Melissa's right thigh. And that was it.

"I didn't come. I promise. I didn't come. It was like a mini ruined one or something."

"Good. That's okay. I came - hard. It felt great."

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