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FORUM RULES - Please read before posting. Yes, even you.

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:13 am
by thumper
The first and most important rule here at Chastity Forums is this:


Other than that, there are no rules. That being said, this is a site about male chastity in the real world, not some fantasy wank land. Please, be respectful of that. Also, we tend to be the non-French maid uniform crowd who call our locked cocks lots of things, but never "sissy clitties". Really. Never. You know where you should go.

Oh, and I should also say that this is a site frequented by adults discussing very adult things. You must be at the age of consent in your area to participate. Anyone found to be a minor will be banned. Sorry, kids!

FORUM RULES - You need to read this before posting

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:28 pm
by Tom Allen
Hey guys - you got a new device, and it makes you all happyhorny, and you want to show it off. That's great!

However. we have some rules that we'd like you to follow.

Private Messaging
Chastity Forums is not a pickup site.
We understand that you may have questions for other members of a more personal nature. That's cool. What's not cool, however, is sending a PM to somebody asking for or suggesting sexual services. Unsolicited sexual PMs to other members (especially to other KeyHolders) will result in either a suspension or an outright ban.

And please note that new users (i.e., members who still have their posts moderated) can not send PMs. We disabled the PM feature because there were a number of people who registered for either spamming or for harassing other members.

Pictures - Avatars & Attachments
Yes, we have to spell this out: your forum profile picture - your avatar - can not be anything that shows explicit or implied genitalia, sexual acts, or publicly identifying features.

We know you want to show off your new stainless steel underwear, but please do not take an explicit picture of yourself (locked up or otherwise) and use it as your avatar. Pictures of sheer, lacey panties barely concealing your device are also off limits.

We want this forum to be as friendly to newbs as we possibly can. And since many newbs are women, and since women tend to approach this a little nervously, we don't want them to open a thread and have your happyhorny show-off pictures smack them in the face.

So, please post explicit photographs (or other such artwork) in the Members Lounge, and include the (pic) or (photo) tag in your subject title. That way, only forum members will see them - and not random strangers from the internet - and anybody who opens that thread will have ample warning.

Edit by Schnoff: Explicit photographs or artwork are also allowed inside your own journal in the Journey forum. That's in your own journal thread only; if you photo-bomb other people's journals, we'll warn once, and ban on the second offense.

Please use some common sense. If you have any question as to your choice being appropriate, please message the mods.

Keyholding services
First, this is not a group in which to advertise your Keyholding services, or your professional domination services. If you are a professional in those areas, you are welcome to mention it in passing. If you're not sure how much is too much, then drop the mods a PM to ask.

It should go without saying, but this forum is not the appropriate place to be posting personal ads, or for soliciting or offering other sexual services. Buy, sell, trade chastity devices? That's fine; we have a forum for that. Looking for a Domme, Keyholder, slave, master, etc.? Please go to one of the many other websites that specialize in such things.

____-Lock websites
Please, please, please do not post requests that the members click the link to some outside Keyholding service that will lengthen the time you spend locked up. Seriously. Do. Not. Ask. That is not what this group is about. Instead, go post those requests in other groups, and come back here to discuss your experiences, ask questions, and have adult conversations.

This group was formed because a lot of us in the community wanted a place where we could go to talk about "enforced" chastity, OD, and T&D without the side distractions of dealing with online personae that is so common in the kink community. The discussions here will not play to your desire to be a slave/submissive/sissy (or whatever), we don't call the women "Mistress," and we will not indulge your fantasies. Instead, we encourage people to ask questions and offer advice in a manner that would be more appropriate to just chatting over coffee in person. It's not as kinky, but we think that it's probably more helpful. See the next section on this.

The Keyholders Forum
We have a small forum set up specifically for Keyholders. We understand that many women are hesitant to post in the general forums, but who still would like to discuss some of the issues with chastity, T&D, FLR, etc. Please post an intro note in the Hello World thread and identify yourself as a Keyholder. If you would like, you may also ID your partner if he is also a member.

One of the moderators will spot your post and give you access to the Keyholder's Forum.

Re: FORUM RULES (Your kinks are not everybody's kink)

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:48 pm
by Tom Allen
And about your personal interests:

This board was created by a group of people who wanted to discuss the day-to-day experiences of chastity, chastity devices, and orgasm denial. We wanted a place to discuss the technical details, the emotional pitfalls, how to get our partners on board (or alternately, to brag a little when our partners did get on board), and the other aspects of living with these kinks. We also wanted to discuss these in an area that we believed we could safely involve our partners, especially if those partners were on the vanilla side. That meant an area that was relatively free of BDSM and some of the more extreme kinks that are often associated with chastity.

New members are welcome to enjoy any fetish you wish. We are not unfriendly to particular fetishes per se; however, we are adults here and we try to act like it (most of the time). We talk as adults, and tend to prefer to be talked to as adults. We exchange information and sometimes experiences, but we don't expect other members to coddle us or cater to our fetishes.

Unlike other forums, we typically do not "play" to each others' fantasies here. If you are looking for others to engage in your fantasy persona and to "play" to it, you will probably be disappointed, if not insulted. On the other hand, if you are looking for adult conversation on real issues/experiences having to do with chastity or related kinks, then you will certainly find plenty of that here.

Not all of us share all of the kinks of the other members, but we respect each others' rights to enjoy his/her particular kink. But while we respect your right to enjoy your particular brand of kink, that does not imply that you have any right to expect us to indulge in your particular kink with you.

In other words, we want you to feel welcomed, but but please do not expect other members to become immersed in your particular fantasy.

(Thanks to TwistedMister)

Dude, where's my post? (For new members)

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:29 pm
by Tom Allen
You took the plunge.

You read the boards, decided that you liked this community, and registered to be a member. You took a few minutes to type up a carefully worded post, and hit the Submit button.

OMG! Your first post on Chastity Forums!

You refreshed the browser and looked for your post. Hey, where the heck is it!?

Here's how it works: The first few posts from new members are held in a queue to be reviewed by moderators. This is to make sure that you are a real person interested in joining this board, and not a troll or a spammer. We have several moderators across different time zones, so it's rare that your post will sit for more than a few hours before being reviewed.

Please be aware that while we have one or two posts from new members per day, we get anywhere from a dozen to a couple of hundred spam posts, usually created by spambots that run scripts to create accounts and post nonsense text with links to shady websites. The moderators scan the incoming queue and delete those spam posts. Usually they are pretty obvious just by the post title and user name, but if a post looks sort-of okay, one of us will open it up to check.

However, once in a while, usually during a period of especially high spamming, a moderator might accidentally delete a post from a new member. If you think this happened to you, please do not be discouraged. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to get your post back; hopefully you have saved a draft online in a Google Drive or other online office account. However, please send a message to one of the moderators, and we will then be on the lookout for your user name on the next post.

It happens very rarely, but it does happen. Please accept our apologies in advance if this happens to you.

Also, if you have registered but have not posted, it's possible that your user account will be deleted. This is because we periodically delete the several thousand spambot user names, and any account that has not posted is assumed to be a spammer. If you have registered previously, just register again.

We realize that it seems inconvenient, but this is the only way we have to keep the board from being overrun with spam comments. And please note that once you have posted several times, your account is clear and your posts have no need to be moderated anyway.

Thanks again for joining our community.