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Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:03 pm
by jnuts
I have only checked out the Tumblr so far but I like!

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:56 pm
by usaabn
I jumped over and read as much as I could with time I had yesterday. I liked what I read and would say that I'm more in step with its guidelines. Iike I mentioned in my new guy intro...was that chastity fits my needs. The otherstuff that is often related to male chastity is not our cup of tea. I have for many years practiced orgasm denial during intercourse. I realized long ago how enjoyable it was to experience my wifes orgasm without needing to orgasm too. Good stuff

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:41 pm
by jnuts
I am very intrigued. I love the thought of being multi-orgasmic while still being denied ejaculation. I also love the whole cuddling thing.

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:31 pm
by Devotional Sex
My second Princess, Emma, was kind enough to write a long review of her experience of Devotional Sex.

One of the things she wrote was:
In a Devotional Relationship, the quiet spaces, the breathing times, can be the most erotic and sensual of all your activities together. A Princess can set up ritual spaces of quiet reflection that acknowledge her Knight's desire for his Princess (and his erection) without her either having to resort to resentful capitulation or putting up with his continual pestering.
So the cuddles are very much one of the main benefits for women as well as for the men.

And being multi-orgasmic is fun :D

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:29 am
by Chuck
Devotional Sex wrote:Hi,

I'm the writer of the Devotional Sex site. I noticed people arriving at my site via this forum, and popped in to take a look.

@elwoodinchastity - Sorry that you found the language a bit woo-woo. The new language came from trying to be very female friendly.

As you say there are many noteworthy similarities with Devotional Sex and chastity play (and FemDom), but there are also differences - in each case Devotional Sex is much milder. Devotional Sex also has a tantric component, and the not ejaculating often has a Taoist component (the multi-orgasmic man).

I'm happy to answer any questions, but otherwise will not say any more as I don't want to take your forum off topic.

At first glance I felt it a bit pretentious and Kama Sutra feeling. I however was impelled to go back and read more. After reading for several hours, which should say something in itself, I was able to look past the lingo and see more clearly. Some of the concepts of intimacy are very interesting. My wife and I however are very blunt and direct people and would much prefer a read with more direct language. That being said, I do however love your methodology of marrying various disciplines in a unique way to explain it all.

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:07 am
by Devotional Sex
Thanks for your feedback Chuck.

I've learned that it is pretty impossible to get the language right for everyone.

For example many women find cock too crude, penis too clinical, lingam is real eastern mystical 'not of my world' language, etc. I also needed names for the roles, and whilst Princess and Knight are not perfect, I've yet to think of anything better. But apologies that it was not right for you and your wife.

Taking on any of my ideas does not mean taking on my language, and I'm very pleased that you found it worth your time to read for a few hours. I hope that if you take any of my ideas into your lives that you gain pleasure and joy from the doing (and by then you will have forgotten how I wrote about things).

Feel free to write your version of any of my ideas to post into this forum. I'm curious as to how you would prefer me to put things. And I'm happy for anyone who knows about Chastity more than I to say which ideas I have fit in with what you are all already doing.

And changing the subject, I had some comments posted today in my Tumblr photo blog about the health effects of not ejaculating often.

For Devotional Sex I recommend that a man at 40 ejaculate on average every 4 to 6 days, with a maximum of 10 days. From a Chastity perspective this is fairly trivial, but my anonymous poster was concerned about the negative health effects of even this.

Does anyone here know that his concern is wrong or fear that he might have a point?

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:14 am
by Chuck
No apology needed. I actually think Princess and Knight are pretty cool. They give a sense of the position and roles played. It just took a while to wrap my head around the metaphorical lingo.

No need to change for the few. It is your project. I'm a firm believer in read everything, filter to your own taste, use what you can and discard the rest. All in all, what you propose on your site is not to far off from what I'm doing in my own sex life.

As for the health benefits of ejaculation... No study has been declared conclusive. It's really up to individual preference as to what to believe. I remember the first study I read was that if one ejaculated frequently when young it MAY help to ward off future problems. Since I'm almost 50 I don't think I have much need to worry since I came several times a day until I was in my 30s and several times a week until a few months ago. I've only ejaculated once in the last 80 days and I feel the benefits of orgasm denial far outweigh any potential risk.

And once again, Thank you for your web site. I can't wait until all of the unfinished parts are ready to read.

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:13 pm
by jnuts
If you are concerned about not ejaculating enough but you want to keep the intensity of being orgasmless, ruined orgasms are your friend. Not sure where that would come into play with devotional sex. I have written about several ruined orgasms I have had on my chastity blog. Some have been different than others. ... sm/page/2/

Read bottom up to start with th earliest accounts. That is page 2.

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:24 pm
by Devotional Sex
@Chuck - thanks again for your support and encouragement.

@jnuts - My recommendations for how long a Devotional Knight should go without ejaculating are very mild compared to what many of you do with Chastity, and I'm not personally concerned about what I do.

As Chuck said, everyone should filter what they like from what anyone else says and ignore the rest, so I don't expect you all to agree with my tastes ... but one way Devotional Sex differs from other ejaculation denial techniques it the Tantric component makes Devotional Sex very sex positive.

So, especially for a Princess, there is not tease and denial, but tease and 'that is enough for now'. And one of the benefits of not ejaculating after most sex is that when you do ejaculate it is very much more powerful and intense.

Hence for me ruined orgasm is doing and thinking about things very differently from what I practice.

But for my education, I'm interested in what happens to a man's erotic energy after a ruined orgasm.

Of course a normal ejaculation and orgasm leaves the man flat. A Taoist multi-orgasmic man orgasm (without ejaculation) leaves him with all his erotic energy. And an ejaculation without orgasm (milking) leaves the man flat.

Where between full erotic energy and flat does a ruined orgasm lie? jnuts writes that it only slightly lowers his energy - so does that mean he can still be erect for another 30 minutes (as you can after a Taoist orgasm).

And is the same all of the time or for all men?

Re: Devotional Sex

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:58 pm
by jnuts
For me it all depends. I have had a couple that killed my desire for a short time. In retrospect I think I was going too far and getting too much of the orgasm. I have since been able to control things better and I can totally go again after a ruined orgasm.

It does give me a little bit of pressure relief though. I typically don't go more than a couple of weeks without ejaculating one way or another.