Hornier or not?

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Hornier or not?

Post by fonetik2003 »

My Goddess just had me ruin a couple of orgasms for her and I read somewhere that draining in any fashion will decrease the amount of sex hormones and consequently make the drainee less sensitive... However, it appears to have the opposite effect on me! I'm now more horny than ever! What do y'all have to say on the subject?
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Re: Hornier or not?

Post by celticqueens_sub »

Ruined orgasm makes me feel very randy. It has am amazing effect on the refractory period as well. i.e. I often remain hard or get hard very fast. I believe this is because the orgasm hasn't completed 'properly' and so you still feel frustrated!
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Re: Hornier or not?

Post by TwistedMister »

I still have a refractory period after a ruined O, but the next day, Bam!, horny as hell.
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Re: Hornier or not?

Post by Atone »

I don't have much experience with ruined orgasms but the couple I have had I stayed hard through it and afterward. From what I remember though I was super horny and attentive afterward, to the point that I think it was annoying to my wife.

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Re: Hornier or not?

Post by jnuts »

Mine have gone both ways. In the beginning they always made me hornier and I could go again immediately. Lately they have decreased my desire and I was done. I don't really like them anymore because of that.
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