[Tomsub] it wasn’t by choice

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[Tomsub] it wasn’t by choice

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At 18 in 1975 in a bigoted UK I was seduced in the local toilets by 2 wonderful old men. If you want the detail I can chat to you separately but as this is a chastity forum I will concentrate on that aspect. It context is important I think. I was very slim, long curly hair, hadn’t started shaving and hardly any body hair at all, but I did have a rampant sex drive that was not yet satisfied with a woman or a man. I was attracted to women and men and found the stories and crude drawings on the toilet walls very erotic.

The journey started with being informed that my orgasms where not part of what they wanted and would be ignored and inconsequential to any activity that was going on and any reduction in my attention would not be tolerated. This quickly led to me enjoying servicing them more and avoiding any
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Re: [Tomsub] it wasn’t by choice

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It looks like this is your first post in the Journey forum. Please make sure that you have read the sticky posts and that you understand how it works.

This forum is for blogging, so if you did not intend to start a blog here, please let us know so we can move this to a more appropriate forum.
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Re: [Tomsub] it wasn’t by choice

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i would be interested in chatting. Once you are able to send and receive PMs do drop me a line ok. Thanks.

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