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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2024 5:17 am
by waki86
Almost summer vacation.

This year we have two months of vacation.
We would actually have had that earlier, but the Covid pandemic prevented it from happening.
The intention at the time was that we would do a tour through Europe.
Where we would visit various natirist campsites.
We had also saved for it so that we had unpaid leave.
To keep an eye on everything here while we are away, Miss R's parents would keep an eye on things.
But eventually everything changed.
We started practicing chastity.
And only got this year off from our bosses.
Miss R's parents are now also keeping an eye on things.
They will then be here for the next 6 weeks as we agreed.

Miss R was raised with hippie ideas.
Her parents have always retained that hippie idea.
Partly because of them, we now mainly provide for ourselves.
Her father helped build the permaculture garden.
And also the water purification system, which now works in a very natural way.
My father, from whom we took over the farm, did not like the idea of me starting out. According to him, that no longer worked.
My parents didn't like the parents either.
It didn't include free love and being naked in public.
They blamed them for people thinking naturism was about sex. The first official nude beach came in the 1970s.
And in the 80s, a law was passed that nudity was no longer prohibited.
That law stipulated that if the place was suitable, one could be naked outside the official nudist beaches.
My parents thought it would be a bad law.
There would be a lot of hassle if people could choose to be naked somewhere.
They have always remained members of the association and only went to official nude positions.
Even when they were older, no one was allowed to know that they liked to be naked.
Unfortunately, my parents passed away too early.
And consider Miss R's parents my own parents too.

Thanks to both Miss R and her parents, I have become much freer in everything.
And that is also the reason why I am not ashamed of my cage. And it can not only be seen as something sexual, but also as a beautiful piece of jewelry.
That it also improves the relationship and promotes the right attention.
I have started to experience sex in a completely different way and that a man's orgasm is not necessary.
This can also be done without a cage, but the cage can do something that otherwise cannot.
The erection is stopped, it is more exciting and your sexual energy is distributed differently.
And people give each other completely different attention.
And it promotes opportunities to explore everything else.

Since last year the parents also know that I wear one. It was quite something for me to wear it in their presence.
It felt like I had been caught masturbating.
Miss R had to laugh about that when I told her.
There's nothing wrong with that either.
The only thing her parents said was, it suits you and hopefully will have a lot of fun with it.
My parents would never say something like that and give me a lecture.

Her parents came here last Wednesday.
We are leaving for France next Monday.
To the same campsite where we went in the spring.
Her father said now you will have to take it off.
To which Miss R said no, it was allowed to do that.
How nice for you that it is possible, they also have the same thoughts as we do.
She was absolutely beaming.
Miss R almost said only public sex is not allowed.
Not allowed is something other than not happening, her father said.
Miss R laughed, you are still very much in your old age.
Of course her mother said we still enjoy it
Together with her father I put the caravan in order.
And we worked in the garden together.
Miss R cleaned the whole house together with her mother. I was still busy redesigning another part of the garden.
There is a part that remains too wet.
And I talked to my father-in-law about getting it drier
He said the best thing to do is loosen the soil.
And to provide natural drainage.
I can do it for you when you are on vacation, I also have something to do.
The man is in his late 60s and still feels young.
I said it's not mandatory, but if you want to do it, I trust you.
We started working on it together yesterday and have excavated quite a bit.
And were well cared for by Miss R and her mother.
It is wonderful to work with him.
Has fun jokes that will make you laugh.
Some are really ambiguous.
Miss R said she enjoys seeing the two of us doing things together. I said it's also wonderful to do things together.
My father would only argue about no, that's not how it should be done.
And he would wear everything all day and say put on some clothes while working.

Last Monday Peter came for the last time.
Miss R told me before he came that she was going to stop.
Not because he wasn't trying hard, but she had had enough of it herself.
It was nice to have PIV with someone regularly.
But lately she noticed that he was becoming more and more dominant.
Which was also correct.
She had already told him once that she would not prefer that.
That went well for a while and then subtly started again I asked her if she wants someone else after the holidays.
And she said no, it's been good for now.

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Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2024 8:01 am
by waki86

Last night Sandra and John also came after dinner to agree on what time we would leave.
They are going there with us for 2 and a half weeks.
Our caravan is large enough for four people, so they don't have to drive back with a caravan themselves.
They had never met my parents-in-law and this would be the first time.
When they came she introduced herself to them.
Miss R mother said you can see that you are good friends and she laughed.
She was of course referring to John's cage.
Sandra had asked if it was possible, to which she said of course they know.
Her father joked that the two of you will look for others because it won't work out with those two.
The six of us sat outside and I lit the fireplace.
We started talking about the past.
Sandra asked if they had ever lived in a commune and if it was true that they had sex with everyone.
My father-in-law laughed and said yes.
Your mother was once so stoned that she thought everyone was a fairy and said she had to catch it.
Miss R looked at her and did you catch them, no they were too fast.
Well that wasn't it you kept falling to the ground.
There was a good laugh about it.
One story after another came bubbling up.
They were often stoned and there was indeed a lot of sex involved.
If you felt like it, you just did it or you sat there.
Nothing was too crazy at the time, her mother said.
John asked, don't you miss that now.
Of course Miss R's father said, but the world is changing, you don't see any women walking topless anymore, they are ashamed. Everyone is only concerned with themselves and has no respect for other people anymore.
Girls and women can no longer wear what they want or they are being attacked.
That was very different in our time.
You went to the beach with friends, if you wanted to get naked you just went naked.
Most women were topless and no one attacked them. It was all very normal, her mother said.

That's not entirely true, said Miss R he Sandra.
Everything is possible at the beach where we go.
There are still young people who go topless or naked, even if they are with a group.
Those are the alternatives, her father said, or the hippies of our time Yes,
I said, that's true, except for the free sex.
Well, Miss R said, we don't know if that's the case, we've never been there in the evening.
We only did it in the evenings when almost everyone was gone. Yes, that's right, I said.
Her mother laughed and now it doesn't seem that way anymore. Sandra said who says that and laughed.
Now I get it, Miss R's father said.
You two are too wild and pointed at me and John and laughed. Miss R yes we still have to tame them.
Her mother said with the whip.
John immediately responded to don't give them ideas now.

It was a fun evening that lasted well into the night.
Miss R, there are things I only heard for the first time now It's nice that she wanted to tell their stories and that we could laugh about it too.
She said yes without it becoming awkward.
Your parents are simply still young at heart.
And they are not ashamed of what they have experienced.
Indeed they enjoyed life and still do, I said.
Come spoil me, said Miss R.
And I spoiled her until she had an orgasm.
And then we fell asleep.

This morning I made coffee for everyone and made fresh sandwiches. I still had my plug in.
And my mother-in-law was suddenly in the kitchen.
Can I help, she asked.
No, I said in a somewhat shocked voice.
She laughed and said, "I heard you." Oh I said.
It doesn't matter, that's part of it and she went to the living room.
I quickly took out my plug, hid it and brought her coffee.
We chatted together and my father-in-law came downstairs.
And a little later Miss R.
We got the sandwiches together and Miss R moved her hand to my buttocks.
Where is it she asked. In the kitchen cupboard I said, they heard us, I said.
Miss R laughed and they said something about it.
Yes, that's part of it.

I now only wear the plug when we are in bed. Just out of respect. We had breakfast together in peace.
sometimes wonder if we had not been so open-minded ourselves and if we had not practiced chastity.
What would our life be like now?
Or what if we decide enough is enough, wouldn't we long for it again?
Finally, maybe that time will come, or maybe not.
And how long will Miss R keep me permanently locked, or will it always stay that way?

I'm packing the carvan today and hanging it behind the car. We leave tonight around 4 o'clock.

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Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2024 8:58 pm
by ARK
One request: Take a lot of photos and post them for you ole redneck buddy in Arkansas. I have never been to France. The closest I get to France is the red neck riviera (Gulf Shores, Alabama).

Re: [waki86] the new journey .

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2024 5:10 am
by Rufusstone
It’s a shame about Peter but everything runs its course in time and it sounds like you really enjoyed being used as Wendy. Happy memories. And of course, it’s the decision of your key holder so that is that.

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Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2024 5:06 am
by waki86
We arrived in the south of France on Tuesday afternoon.
We spent one night at a normal people's campsite.
And we left again early in the morning on Tuesday.
We then only had to drive about 5 and a half hours.
And arrived at our campsite around 1:30 PM.
It was already over 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit. The first thing we did when we got out of the cars was to take off our clothes.
When we arrived at reception, the same young woman was sitting there as last time.
She recognized me and Miss R immediately and said it's nice that you are back.
Because the holiday had only just started, we were allowed to choose a spot ourselves.
She said just see which one you want and then pass it on.

The four of us walked around the campsite to find a nice, suitable place.
We found a nice spot with shade and sun close to the sanitary facilities.
There is still something to see, said Miss R, and we still have a lot of privacy.
I said if you wait here I will get the car and caravan and walked back to reception and gave the place number.
Then I got the car and caravan and drove to the place.
When I arrived, the owner was already chatting with Miss R, Sandra and John.
I got out and greeted him.
We chatted for a while about how things were going.
And said that it was the first time they had started with that concept.
That they were fully booked for almost the entire summer holidays.
And he said if things continue like this in the coming years, he would want to expand.
An indoor swimming pool with sauna, so that you can swim even in colder temperatures.
John said, for us this is the only place we can go.
The owner laughed and said then the women here should follow your example.
That's good for us again.
Miss R I will do my best to convince them and laughed.
He shook hands with each of us and left.

I said John and I will put down the caravan and tent, then you can show Sandra around the campsite.
After a few hours they came back, it looked like they had been swimming.
We had just finished and I had already put the car back in the parking lot.
We already had some cold beers in the fridge and I grabbed one for everyone.
And we toast to the holiday.
John asked and is the campsite busy?
No, not yet, there are some people, but not everything is occupied yet.
We can eat in the restaurant later, said Miss R.
A good idea, I said, you can see how beautiful it is with the old wooden beams.
Is that allowed naked? Sandra asked.
Yes, whatever you want, I said.
John asked someone for a beer and he went and got it for the four of us.
When he came back Miss R said you can see who is the rooster and the hen.
Sandra also got into trouble and asked how did you get it.
Well the hanging balls she laughed.
John's hang more because of the warm weather than mine, I said. The scrotal bar with ball splits ensures that they hang less, so I laughed.
Be careful, you'll be laying eggs before you know it, Sandra said. That's why I wear a plug so I can't lose the eggs.
It got even more laughs.

After we had finished our beer, the ladies got ready again and the four of us went out for dinner.
The program for the coming week was posted at the entrance of the restaurant.
A petanque tournament was held.
A painting workshop and a walk on the estate.
I jokingly said we will participate in the tournament as the knights of the low countries.
And before I knew it, Sandra wrote down our names.
We placed our towels on the chairs and took a seat.
The waiter came and asked if we wanted something to drink and recommended the home-made wine.
Then he took the order. The wait staff was otherwise dressed plainly.

After the extensive meal we took a refreshing dip in the pool.
We weren't the only ones in there.
As we walked back to the caravan John said I have never seen so many different piercings on each one.
Oh, that's why you swam underwater, Sandra laughed.
Yes of course John said while laughing.
We put on our towels and went for a walk around the campsite. We greeted some people and had a chat with some.
Then we enjoyed the evening with a glass of wine and some snacks.
It was a nice start to our vacation.

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2024 1:23 am
by waki86
Rufusstone wrote: Tue Jul 09, 2024 5:10 am It’s a shame about Peter but everything runs its course in time and it sounds like you really enjoyed being used as Wendy. Happy memories. And of course, it’s the decision of your key holder so that is that.

Yes, it is indeed a shame. I loved seeing how Miss R enjoyed it. And it's a shame he wanted to take control.
Something that Miss R did not want to hand over, despite what she had said in advance. I
have gained another experience and enjoyed being used as Wendy. I didn't think that when I transformed myself into Wendy,
I would find myself so sexy and challenging and would be excited by it.
Miss R guided me well and taught me what it is to be a Sissy.
And to bring out the feminine side of myself.
It is something I would not have done or succeeded on my own. But it is nice to have that extra aspect next to it.

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2024 2:27 am
by ARK
What is a caravan? I am missing something ihe translation. Pictures would help.

Re: [waki86] the new journey .

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2024 2:35 am
by waki86
in the states they call them travel trailers 😉

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2024 3:28 am
by waki86
Petanque tournament.

On Thursday afternoon we had a petanque tournament at the campsite.
There were not that many people participating and we were split into two groups.
John and I as the Riders of the Low Countries, Miss R and Sandra called her own the Dungeon Guardians.
Our names were laughed at and a lot of jokes were made about them.
Including the knights without a lance, the witches of the terrible sausage forest, etc.
Unfortunately we had to play against people who were very good at it.
But for us it was just about the fun we had with it.
The ladies win a bad luck prize, namely a saucisson
That's a dried sausage.
The owner handed over the prizes and told the ladies to eat them and not use them for anything else.
That was laughed at. Miss R said no, we are going to enjoy it thoroughly and bit into it.

It's nice that different things are organized.
It is an ideal opportunity to meet and get to know others.
We were also asked to participate in the painting course.
A woman who has a permanent place there organized that.
You will then paint landscapes and receive an explanation of the different techniques.
There is also a man who also has a permanent place who organizes hikes in the mountains.
This is done completely naked.
There is a condition, she told us.
Do not wear intimate jewelry to avoid appearing provocative in any confrontations with other hikers.
But like regular hikers who enjoy hiking.

In the past we have often been to Germany to walk naked with a group.
It was always very nice and pleasant.
In Germany, the FKK has also made it more accepted by people.
It depends on Miss R whether she allows the cage to be taken off. I'll have to find a hardware store to get something to remove the most difficult e-clips.
For me, not wearing it for a day would be real freedom and reward.

Today we are going shopping for the next few days.
And to Chateau du Foix. And hopefully to a hardware store.

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Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2024 4:29 am
by waki86
.Another week has already passed.

Last Thursday we did some shopping and visited two castles. Then the four of us went out for dinner.
The weather is lovely and you don't even have to wear clothes in the evening.
It is also mandatory to be naked when the temperatures are good. We have experienced that this was not always the case.
On Friday we participated in the joint walk and picnic.
It was fun and enjoyable just like last time.
Now there were even more plants in bloom, and an explanation was given about this.
The route was longer this time than in May.
We all walked naked for about 10 km.
Because it was longer this time, we also went away from the domain.
He said the area is so large and uninhabited that it is possible. And anyone who was interested could get a few walking routes at the reception.
When we got back and took a cool dip in the pool.
John and I went to reception to pick up the walking routes.

Just like last time, most men wear a cock ring and/or they also have a glans piercing and nipple piercings
Many women wear nipple piercings, but also in the labia.
It's a bit of a 50/50 split.
John and I are the only ones wearing a cage so far.
Sandra also has piercings and Miss R does not.
She doesn't like needles going through her skin.
Although I have sometimes suggested that nipple piercings would suit her, she doesn't dare.
She does have nipple decorations that you clamp or stick on.
And a few clit clips that she sometimes wears.
At first people find it erotic and exciting when you see all that. But soon people find it very normal.
The ladies often chat about which man has the prettiest and then give them points.
The men also get points for their asses.
But luckily Miss R thinks my ass looks the best.

Once I was asked by a man if everything bothered me.
He didn't like being locked up like that and having your balls clamped down so tight.
I said I didn't even notice it was there anymore.
He and his wife had tried it once, but it continued to bother him.
I told him that it very often happens because the size is not right. Which makes everything irritated.

Every night before going to bed,
John and I pamper our partners and give them one or more orgasms.
We enjoy doing that.
And it's nice to have friends who can do it without shame.
In the morning John and I get up earlier to pick up the sandwiches and prepare breakfast.
Before breakfast the four of us will first take a shower.
So we can start the day fresh.

Yesterday we went to the caves of Mas d'Asil and to the prehistoric Museum Gaulois -Archeosite.
A prehistoric village was built after it and shows how people lived then.
Then we did some shopping for the next few days.
The campsite is now gradually filling up.
And John and I are not the only ones with a cage on anymore.
A Danish couple came past us and he was also wearing one.
Miss R thinks he is a nice, sturdy Viking man, with his long hair, beard and tattoos.