[waki86] the new journey .

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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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waki86 wrote: Thu Mar 02, 2023 4:15 am There may be one more thing I'd like to discuss with you.
How would you like it if I had sex with another man who penetrates me.
I looked at her and said, you know I agreed to that before when we went to a swingers club.
That's right, Miss R said, but she still wants to check.
Do you already have someone in mind , I asked her .
No, not yet, but just in case, I won't turn it down.
You may also need to put it on the list so that it is fixed .
She wrote it on the list and took it and put my scribble on it . We chatted for another hour while enjoying a glass of wine and sounded at the new measures.
That evening I spoiled her with the strap-on dildo, with the back of my mind that she was doing it with someone else. It turned me on so much.
Of all your humiliating experiences, I can't imagine anything topping this... have you thought how that would play out???... would you be there to witness it and serve them as they see fit???
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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avid fans.

It's just what is considered humiliation right?
I don't find it humiliating at all when Miss R has PIV with another man. I
t's her choice, if she desires it every now and then.
Which I also understand very well and wish her well. I
used to find it when we occasionally went to a swingers club. Also nice to see how Miss R was spoiled by another man, and she enjoyed it immensely.
If it ever comes to the point that she would want me to serve them.
I don't have a problem with that either, and would enjoy it myself.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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used to.

It took some getting used to having my dildo time every night. The second day that I had to sit on the dildo, it was still uncomfortable.
After my work after dinner it was my dildo time again.
The dildo was still standing next to the fireplace with the pillow When I had given Miss R her wine , I lubricated the dildo and slid on it .
Only now it didn't feel so good.
Miss R did some homework and then turned on the TV.
She didn't look at me at all and didn't say anything to me. Which made me feel very uncomfortable.
When she went to bed it seemed that she had forgotten about me.
She blew out the candles , turned off the lamps and went upstairs and sat in the dark .
That didn't feel good at all. I decided to get off the dildo and went upstairs.
When I came upstairs, Miss R said where have you been so long have you been pampering yourself on the dildo .
No, I didn't.
Just checking because I didn't lie to you.
She ran her finger along the opening of the Nub and put her finger in her mouth .
I don't taste anything so I believe you, go to sleep tomorrow is another day.
The day after and all the days after that, the dildo remained next to the fireplace.
And the ritual just continued every day.
She did her things while I was on the dildo and didn't look at me.
After the fifth day I had only resigned myself to the fact that it would be a habit .
And it made me feel a little better and started to like it more and more.
I thought I now have some peace and time for myself.
Don't have to keep Miss R happy and do something for her.
The discomfort of sitting on the dildo also disappeared. And liked the filled feeling.
Like wearing a cage and always having a plug in.
And also started to understand that it is also nice for Miss R.
A little time for herself and doing her own things.

Friday when I was on the dildo again , she came to me . And she said you are beautiful , you are the perfect example of what a naked caged man should look like .
She pulled my balls a bit further forward , and said that 's all perfect .
I have noticed that sitting down is good and smooth.
We will now continue with the training .
I said thank you Miss R and will do my best .

Saturday it was my dildo time again, and when I sat for about half an hour.
Miss R ordered me to fill her wine glass. I got up and went to fill her wine glass and asked something else.
No she said sit back in your place.
I was just sitting and she said , light some candles . I got up and lit some candles , and asked something .
No she said and wanted to sit down .
Was just not on the dildo , and she said , get me something nice .
And I went to get something for her again .
Only now I didn't ask if she wanted anything else and went to my place and sat on the dildo.
She watched as the dildo slid back in .
That should actually be faster, we are still working on that, she laughed.
You just have to be able to sit on it quickly.
I wanted to ask how fast and she saw that .
There is no talking on the dildo , she says it with a stern voice .
She walked over to the couch and sat down to enjoy her wine. The rest of the evening she said nothing and left me alone .

Sunday morning was up earlier as usual , and prepared everything for that morning .
Fired up the all burner and lit the fireplace.
Then I went upstairs to help Miss R dress and brush her hair . She said today is training day, no butt plug in.
After I had showered I went downstairs and on my kitchen chair,
Miss R had put the dildo down.
Without saying anything I sat on the dildo .
We ate something together , and Miss R said fine now you are sitting on the chair too .
Today we are going to practice sitting and standing up, she said.
When you have to sit, you sit normally, not slowly but just as if there is no dildo.
It must come across as very natural, said Miss R .
When you sit you don't say anything.
That morning I did my chores and every time I finished one I had to sit on the dildo .
When evening came and I was done with everything , the dildo was back next to the fireplace .
I walked over and sat on the dildo like the past evenings, with the cushion under my cage.
Miss R said practicing has helped and I am very pleased.
She put the chair in front of me and started to spoil herself. This is your reward for sitting properly on the dildo.
Because you have shown that you can do it and it has become very natural for you.
And am very proud of you.
She prepared herself twice and then went to read a book. I was glad she left me alone that night .
And left me in my now beloved spot.

While I was sitting there on the dildo ,
I suddenly remembered the words Miss R said .
That she would love it if John and I would sit on a dildo .
And wondered if he would also be sitting on a dildo now , and how would he feel if we were like that with regard to our key holders .
Or what if she invites a visit should I also use the dildo .
Being naked and caged and butt-plugged is one thing, but sitting on a dildo is another.
I tried not to think about it too much and enjoyed my peace.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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It's a pussy.

Yesterday morning when I finished my morning rituals, and helped Miss R brush her hair.
She said your pussy is now used to the dildo .
I said my pussy , yes she said your pussy from now on .
We don't use your dick anymore, it's safely stored.
And just like a pussy, you also have a place in it that gives pleasure and can be stimulated and get wet from it.
That's why it's a pussy, a man's pussy.
And as you once said, a pussy needs to be filled and used.
And since your pussy is mine I can do what I want with it .
We are going to fill your pussy well more often because it should be I said .
Yes said Miss R because it should .
From now on you will also sit on the dildo while eating, which will then be on the chair.
The rest of the time you wear the prostate plug, it should still look nice and filled.
I went to shower and came downstairs , with my prostate plug in .
Miss R had prepared the dildo on the kitchen chair.
Oh I said it has to be right now. Yes , what else would you have thought , said Miss R with a stern tone .
I took out my plug, rinsed it off and walked over to the kitchen chair, put some lube on it and sat down.
Well, she said, you are now pinned nicely, that's how I like to see it.
The dildo felt a bit uncomfortable because he went deeper into it now .
But at the same time it felt good again.
After breakfast I immediately had to plug in again .
It was now looser but luckily it stayed in place due to the shape and thickness of the prostate plug.
Miss R went to work and I went a little later .

The same evening I sat on the dildo again during dinner.
After dinner I let the plug out knowing that when I was done I had to go back on the dildo .
When Miss R saw that , she said your pussy must look nice. And she punished me with the paddle.
She then grabbed my balls which swelled up nicely.
She said nice, they are nice and full, that's how I like to see them.
After I was done the dildo was back in place by the fireplace.
I sat down and put the pillow under my balls.
A little later Miss R arrived . She massaged my balls , and said time to empty them .
Just bend over on your knees.
I did what was asked , and she put a glass under my cage .
She sat down behind me and she stuck two fingers in my ass . Nice she said that your pussy is open well, can I finger you. With her fingers she searched for my prostate and massaged it It didn't take long for the seed to come out.
She took the glass of cum and showed it to me.
A nice amount she said, dipped her finger in it And tasted the semen she had milked. Is well matured and sweet , as it should be .
She grabbed my balls afterwards, and my cage filled right up. There is more goodies in it she said , but we save that for later I had to get back on the dildo.
That same evening I was allowed to spoil Miss R's pussy with my tongue. I deserved it she said , I was a good student .
We 're going to do it all week training your pussy .
If it goes well then I know that your pussy can be used whenever I want and when I see it necessary .
I thought luckily I don't always have to sit on the dildo. I don't know if it's good for my sphincter to be stretched a few times every day.
The plugs have a narrow base and my sphincter closes nicely around them.
But a dildo is something else. But it is true that you quickly get used to getting something big and long inside you.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Visit from Sandra.

Thursday evening as I was busy doing my chores after dinner, the doorbell rang.
Miss R called up , don't worry it's Sandra .
I called back nice , and continued to clean the shower.
Called down nice that you're here Sandra is also with John.
No, he is at home doing chores just like you.
I continued with my work and then laid out Miss R 's clothes . Then I filled the all-burner full.
I hadn't done the dishes yet and hoped when I had done that Sandra would go again.
While I was busy in the kitchen, Miss R asked if we would like a glass of wine.
I walked to the cupboard took out two glasses and poured them a glass of wine.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the dildo standing next to the fireplace .
Don't think she will stay any longer.
Even though they practice chastity themselves , and it 's normal that I always walk around like this at home .
Sitting on the dildo is something of a completely different order.
After the dishes were done I refilled the fireplace.
Usually it is then the time when I am ready and sit on the dildo I put a block of wood in the fireplace and started again.
Not ready asked Miss R.
No not ready yet I told her.
What do you have to do then asked Miss R . Still need to vacuum upstairs.
Come on then Miss R said and then you are done .
Nice said Sandra a man who does everything at home.
Yes, that's wonderful, Miss R said.
I see that he now also has his own place, said Sandra.
Yes said Miss R , he has some rest and so do I.
That's also important said Sandra,
John has it too. I didn't say anything and went upstairs, with in the back of my mind I can't get out of it.
When I was done I took off my plug and went downstairs . They were still chatting together without paying attention to me.

With mixed feelings I walked to the place where the dildo was. I sat on the dildo, put the pad under my balls and placed the rose next to it.
The ladies chatted pleasantly, occasionally they looked.
At one point Sandra said nicely so hey to see him.
Yes said Miss R a nice nice looking image it is.
Yes Sandra said that's how it should be that they sit on their plinth.
Miss R laughed, yes nicely pinned to the ground.
Indeed Sandra said his cunt is already used .
Not quite yet said Miss R , expanded it.
Oh Sandra said how.
Well he also has to be on his dildo when we eat.
What a nice idea, they have to stay put and she laughed about it.
And John is his cunt used asked Miss R .
Yes Sandra said it's all going very smoothly.
Should maybe get him a thicker dildo, she laughed.
Otherwise come to us tomorrow and see for yourself.
Nice idea they can sit together on their dildo's
Miss R laughed. Yes Sandra said even more beautiful and better.
So I thought that was agreed upon with each other with premeditation.
They chatted together and Sandra got up .
Walked up to me and said see you tomorrow hottie.
Miss R let her out and came back and picked up a book and sat down to read.

When we went to bed she said tomorrow is your big day.
Can you show that your cunt is much better trained than John's.
She grabbed my balls and played with them, they are much nicer than John's.
Fuller and bigger and your cage is also smaller.
It felt great that she was playing with my balls.
And because of my horniness I said, I'm better than John.
I assume so, said Miss R . She rested her head on my chest and fell asleep playing with my balls.
I thought tomorrow is the big day to make Miss R proud of me. And that felt good. If she thinks I have a cunt then so be it.

The coming weekend Miss R and I are going to a sauna complex with a hotel.
To celebrate together that we are doing a year of chastity. Have ordered some nice massage for her, and also an appointment on Sunday for a beauty treatment with all the trimmings.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Two men on a dildo.

Last Friday afternoon I was free.
The first thing I did when I got home was sit on the dildo right away.
Not because Miss R asked me to, but because I liked it.
And in addition that evening we went to Sandra and John. Wherever I had to sit on the dildo. And I wanted Miss R to be proud of me then .
Although I still did chores at home, I sat on the dildo in between so that my sphincter remained open.
When Miss R came home I was waiting for the dildo.
She walked over to me, gave me a kiss, grabbed my cage and said I'm proud of you.
You can get off now, tonight it's dildo time at Sandra and John's.
I told her that I had practiced extra this afternoon, and showed her how easy it was.
You are a darling and indeed he goes supper smoothly in your pussy.
Yes, I said proudly to Miss R.

After dinner I cleaned up, washed the dildo clean during the dishes and gave it to Miss R.
She had changed herself and said the prostate plug does not need to be inserted now. In a moment you will be back on the dildo .
When we wanted to go, I grabbed the pillow and said shouldn't he come? .
Good that you remember, we'll show Sandra and John something.

When we arrived at Sandra and John , John was sitting next to the TV cabinet .
He had a gag in his mouth and was wearing a collar and two leather wristbands on his wrists.
He looked like a real slave , something I didn't expect and judging by Miss R's reaction she didn't either .
While Miss R looked at John and said to him you look beautiful. In the meantime I undressed my own and told Sandra that there will be my place right.
And pointed to another empty spot along the TV cabinet.
She nodded yes and walked over to it, putting down the pillow. Miss R walked over to it, took out the dildo and lubricated it.
So that's a big and long one, the same one as yesterday.
Yes Miss R said the same as yesterday .
And he goes all the way up his cunt asked Sandra .
Yes, pay attention, said Miss R. I immediately sat on the dildo and Sandra watched in surprise.
Ze against Miss R you trained well, slide in like butter. Miss R took the pillow and put it under my balls , pulled my balls further forward , and said this is how it looks the best .

The ladies then sat down on the couch and watched us.
What a beautiful sight that is, two caged men on a dildo they said to each other.
They both agreed that the best view was .
We were not given any attention for a long time and they did their own thing.
They chatted about anything and everything, got their own stuff, and John and I just sat on our dildos. It seemed as if they had completely forgotten about us.

Suddenly Sandra said let them serve us.
Good idea said Miss R can we see who is the best she laughed.
John and I were instructed to shake them drinks and provide tasty snacks. I had to serve Sandra and John Miss R .
Every time we had done something we had to go back to our place.
When John and I went to get a drink , I saw that John 's dildo was shorter but thicker .
I thought I could never beat that.
So everything had to be done faster.
When I poured Sandra a drink , she grabbed my balls .
They are full , she said to Miss R , yes John 's too , that's how I prefer them .
I also said Sandra nice and a good hand full to knead. I grunted in pleasure as she massaged my balls .
Then we were allowed to go back to our place.
I couldn't see if John was faster than me.
That went on for the rest of the evening, then get something or give them something where our balls were played every time.
It got me pretty excited. And suddenly Miss R John said leaking.
Sandra looked indeed he is leaking . I looked down to see if I was leaking too, but I wasn't.
That's not what we agreed Sandra said.
He had to stand in the corner and was hit on his buttocks with the whip.
And then had to sit back in his place.
I thought I hope I'm not going to leak, don't feel like being whipped.
That will be seen tomorrow when we go to the Sauna and hotel.

We went home around 2:00 am. I had never been on the dildo for so long.
We got there around 8pm, and spent a total of 6 hours on the dildo.
As we drove home, Miss R said I'm very proud of you.
You were often faster on the dildo than John even though it was shorter.
I trained extra for you, I told Miss R. W
hen we got home she took off my cage, and said you don't need it until Sunday evening.
It was a weird feeling to sleep without it. Had gotten so used to being caged and plugged all the time.
And soon got a boner . Miss R saw that and said we're not going to use it, enjoy it.
I looked at my boner he was still the same size as before.
The myth that it shrinks is not true,
I thought, but it stays stiff much longer.
Finally I fell asleep too.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Another 5 weeks and Miss R and I are going on holiday to a Naturalist campsite for 14 days.
During our weekend away to celebrate a year of chastity , she kept her word and did not use my cock .
I noticed that I was often very horny and regularly had to hide my spontaneous boner.
She had a great laugh about it and she said that will be something during the holidays.
Because I'm not going to use it for anything.

Last year she came up with the idea during the holidays to use my seed to cook with.
I was allowed to masturbate or she made me ready .
But she has made new rules and this year she wants to use my seed again.
But not by penis stimulation but by prostate massage
When we came home from the weekend away I thought the dildo time is every now and then.
But she made up her own.
She said , it's better to keep your cunt in top condition so I can empty your udders.
That's what she calls my balls.
We need more milk from you this year to make the recipes even better.
And as with a cow, goat or sheep, the more often you milk, the more is produced, she laughed.
She has bought supplements to produce more semen, in addition I have to exercise more.
Something that has been lost in the last year.
When we came home that Sunday Miss R was not happy with me .
Because I hadn't worn a prostate plug for two days and hadn't sat on the dildo.
She thought my pussy wasn't working right and the dildo wasn't sliding in fast enough.
And the rules were tightened and also sitting on the dildo in the morning during breakfast.
Because according to her my cunt must be very useful to milk my udders empty .

After three days she was satisfied with it.
I had to get on my hands and knees and with her fingers she massaged my prostate and kneaded my balls .
She collects the seed in a glass and continues until nothing comes out.
Then she tastes it, and she pours it into an ice cube tray for the freezer.
And she keeps track of the amount and taste on her tablet .
I am now milked every three days.
Although it feels nice in the beginning, it gets a bit annoying as it takes longer.
I don't notice it at all when my semen comes out.
And when she's done milking me I have to get back on the dildo and she massages my balls.
And then just get turned on and then want to cum.
She has milked me three times now , and I can not tell if the amount is increasing .
Eventually she wants to start milking me every two days in a week.
According to Miss R, production must have increased and it must be possible.

She really enjoys treating and using me like this.
And doesn't mind if she calls my ass a cunt and udders my balls.
So my ass, balls and cum still have a use for something.
She has already hinted that there will be no more milking after the holidays.
And then it will take another year.
And that I don't have to use the dildo during the holidays.
For me it is then a freedom that I have acquired.
No cage, no prostate plug for 14 days.
Whether it will always be like this during the summer holidays with Sandra and John.
I don't expect it because it is said that both John and I wear our cages and butt plug and prostate plug when we go out. And who knows what else they will want from us.

Although I haven't had PIV in over a year.
I no longer have the desire to have it .
Although Miss R has said if she meets someone she likes she will be fine with that.
Hasn't happened yet, but she knows she has my permission.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Milked in front.

Miss R is not very patient with some things.
Although she wanted to ramp up my milking slowly.
Is it now every two days that she milks me .
Last night Sandra came to visit and she wanted to know what the planning is for Miss R's birthday.
I soon noticed that Sandra knew about Miss R milking me.
And wasn't really surprised about that either.
They text each other regularly and in one way or another they reinforce each other.
It's nice for Miss R to have found someone who shares the same lifestyle.
They talked about last year when I wore a chastity cage and celebrated birthday of Miss R with our naturist friends .
And that many things have changed for them afterwards.
I also think partly because Miss R has gained more confidence to be my key holder .
And that we have an FLR relationship.
I didn't think she would develop that way.
Although Sandra is more of the real dominant , and Miss R is not .
Do they complement each other well.
Although sometimes I get punished with the paddle, she doesn't have that real SM in her.
And I don't mind that either, I'm not into that either.
Miss R loves to show she's in charge and show me off.
And to be honest, I also love doing that for her.

When Sandra came, Miss R also said right away, look how beautiful he is sitting there by the fireplace on his pedestal. The red pad is still under my balls.
Or as Miss R now says my udders, and there is also a beautiful rose every day.
I felt very proud that she thinks I'm beautiful that way.
Miss R also said a pity that John is not there, that would have been even better.
Miss R asked Sandra why she didn't milk John once in a while. Sandra said I have another goal for John.
He needs to learn to keep his cock hard so he can fill my holes properly and go for a long time.
Whereby cumming is out of the question, because otherwise he will fall back.
Miss R told her that milking the prostate actually prevents her from coming.
I just want him to suffer and keep his seed inside.
Because he will probably see milking as a reward..
His cock has only one purpose and that is to fuck without coming.
I thought how lucky John is he can at least fuck , mine has no purpose anymore .
And was secretly jealous of him.

At one point when I had poured them a glass of wine,
Sandra asked and during your birthday he also goes on the dildo.
There was a moment of silence and Miss R looked surprised . It won't be that she says yes, because that's what we have to talk about.
No, Miss R said, we're having an ordinary birthday.
Too bad Sandra said everyone would have liked to see their faces .
Fortunately Miss R didn't let her talk it over, I think it would cost friends.
I was counting in my head, but when we celebrated her birthday it was my milk time.
I had to provide something tasty afterwards and when I put it down on the table.
Sandra grabbed my balls and she said , the udders are full . And felt how she pushed three fingers into my ass which felt good.
Sandra said he feels like his milk is ready .
Let's feel it Miss R said and she grabbed my balls.
You are right he is milk ready.
Go grab your stuff and get ready. I did as she asked and got the glass, a marker and her tablet.
She draws on the glass with the marker to measure the amount.
I said tomorrow is my milk time to Miss R.
No, today is better, and thought it's not on her birthday.
I got down on my hands and knees and placed the glass under my cage.
Miss R sat down behind me and put her fingers in my cunt . Slowly she started massaging my prostate.
Although I didn't really feel comfortable being milked in front of Sandra.
Sandra said there can be more fingers in that milk cunt .
That's right said Miss R that cunt can take more. And felt how she spit on her fingers and added another one .
She stretched me even more , which felt good .
I said add one more, and she did.
And she almost pushed her entire hand into my ass.
It felt wonderful to be so filled.
Finally the cum started to drip from my cock. She kept going until nothing came out.
When she took out her hand , Miss R.
Look at a nice open cunt. I had to go back on the dildo , and didn't feel it going in at all .

Miss R took the measure and said well it's more like last time. We can milk every two days .
Then she tasted the seed and said good taste nice and sweet . I am proud of you that your milk cunt is going well and your udders are producing good quality milk.
I was pleased to hear that she is satisfied
Sandra said , nice to see how he is being milked .
So his cunt and udders are still useful, said Miss R, just as John's cock is useful to you
And so they remain nice and submissive and docile,
Sandra said, which only has advantages for us.
But you cook with his milked milk , I understood , can you taste that ?
Yes Miss R said you can taste differences, but only with the right amount.
She showed Sandra the recipes.
Maybe use some of it on your birthday, Sandra said laughing.
Who says you haven't already tasted it, Miss R laughed.
This looks like a nice tiramisu Sandra said during your birthday.
Miss R said maybe I will make that, but then don't tell anyone. Well that's going to produce extra milk for you Miss R said to me and winked.
The thought turned me on , that everyone would eat my seed.

After Sandra went home , Miss R said she had been very proud of me , I had behaved well.
And as a reward I got to spoil her with the strap-on dildo and behave like a good bull.
When we were upstairs and I had the strap on, I asked her why she had to think when Sandra asked about the dildo during the birthday.
She started laughing, to tease you of course.
You should have seen your face.
But I had been thinking about showing you like this, it seemed horny to me, she said.
But that doesn't mean I won't tease you in a nice way.
It really turned me on when she said that.
I had to lie down and she climbed on top of the strapon and fucked herself several times.
It's a horny sight when she does that and it feels great.
She then played with my balls, and also sucked them. I
n two days I'm going to empty them again, I said yes of course you empty them.
She then rested her head on my chest and fell asleep while I ran my fingers through her hair.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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More and better seed T

o increase my sperm production,
Miss R has made a whole schedule.
Every day I have to take at least 3 liters of fluid.
In the morning I start with a fruit smoothie.
In the afternoon I eat yogurt with fruit and three eggs.
And muslier bars as a snack.
Eating at dinner is leafy vegetables with fish or chicken or steak.
During breakfast I sit on the dildo a little smaller so that my prostate is well hit .
Miss R drops me off at work and since I finish work earlier I walk 7.5 km home.
I don't know if sitting on the dildo daily also stimulates it to produce more sperm.
Miss R says that also contributes to it.
Just like massaging my balls it also plays a role in producing more cum.

I notice from Miss R that she loves to be busy with it .
And she keeps a close eye on everything.
It turns me on even more when she treats me like this.
And secretly I look forward to being milked.But I don't know if it will stay that way in the coming weeks.
At first I thought the same thing that sitting on the dildo would also get enough of it.
But now that it's become his routine I hope it doesn't stop.
It gives me an inner peace and I enjoy that Miss R is proud of me .
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Milking update

When Miss R started to milk me I started with 5.4ml of cum . Last night when she milked me I came out with 8.4ml semen . Her goal is to milk 10ml at each turn.
Instead of milking me every two days, she did bring me back to milk every three days.
In addition to the diet and extra supplements and sitting on the dildo.
I now also wear the butt plug with remote control. So that she can also stimulate my prostate during my work.
By continuing to stimulate the prostate, the prostate also produces more fluid, according to Miss R.
Every hour she turns on the vibrating butt plug for about three minutes.
Each time she does that, it's different patterns she's using.
At home when I sit on the dildo, she massages my balls extra. All this to ensure that production goes up and stays good .

In the meantime she has also started to give me certain nutrients, which influences the taste.
So that a matching flavor can be added to every dish.
By milking me she has also noticed that a change in behavior has taken place.
I've become even more submissive now, and excited all day long.
Miss R says that is an extra positive side effect .
And she is very satisfied with that.
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