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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Lovely weekend and Christmas.

Saturday morning I surprised Miss R with Wendy.
She went shopping after breakfast.
And then I went upstairs to get ready. I bought a nice corset for Christmas with straps and suspenders on it.
Also nice matching stockings and garter.
And a butt plug with Santa Claus wearing sunglasses.
I also hung two earrings with Christmas trees on my cage.
When I was completely done, I went to prepare the guest room and clean the shower.
Then polish and mop everything downstairs.
In the meantime, Miss R came home with the groceries and called me to unload it.
When I arrived she was surprised that I was dressed like that.
She said you look beautiful and amazing.
Helped her unload it and she said it's a shame we're having visitors otherwise you could have kept it on.
I didn't answer that right away and continued putting away the groceries.
When I was crouching down, Miss R laughed and said you even have Santa Claus in your pussy.
Yes, I said, I thought it was so nice and that plug was appropriate. We had lunch together and Miss R, you're going to undress afterwards before the visitors arrive.
Suddenly the doorbell rang and she go upstairs and tell her you'll be there soon.
I walked upstairs and listened to who it was.
Suddenly I heard Miss R say what a surprise that you are here.
It was her friend and husband and I immediately went downstairs to greet them.
Her friend said when she saw me as Wendy . So you finally managed to turn your man into a beautiful sissy.
Yes, Miss R said, she hasn't been there that long.
Her friend said to her husband now you have a girlfriend.
Too bad I don't have your clothes with me, she said.
It's okay, I said I have enough clothes for her to wear.
Will show you the guest room and walked them upstairs.
Her friend also had to laugh when she saw the plug.
And said to her husband have you seen it, she has Santa Claus in her pussy.
I showed them the guest room and said see you downstairs soon. Then I make sure that the coffee and something tasty are ready.

A little while later they came downstairs, the man was naked. We drank and chatted together.
Miss R's friend said Wendy has a nice clitty with that small cage, where did you get that.
Miss R said she bought it online and that I had made new fronts myself.
Her husband also had a small cage on, but not an inverted one, and asked if that was comfortable.
Told him that I had to get used to it being tight and my penis being pushed in.
But once you get used to it, it's wonderful.
We chatted all afternoon about anything and everything.
It was a lot of fun and I loved that people thought it was normal for me to be a sissy.

After preparing dinner with the husband. Miss R said, take your girlfriend upstairs and show her your clothes.
I walked upstairs with him and said let's figure something out.
He thought I had beautiful and special clothes.
And also asked where I got those breasts.
Gave him the address and he chose the open hoop roll with corset and stockings.
An hour later we went downstairs.
Miss R's girlfriend thought they looked great.
And said you have nice clothes Wendy.
I said yes and I have many more like it.
The evening was pleasant with some snacks and drinks.
The ladies chatted with each other and we Sissy's chatted with each other.
It was getting quite late when we went to bed.
I was allowed to spoil Miss R before going to sleep.
And she thanked me for the surprises by playing with my clit and udders.

The next morning I got up early and started preparing breakfast. When I went back upstairs the bathroom was busy.
And Miss R said that after dinner the four of us will go for a nice walk and then have lunch in the pancake restaurant.
Then you can change again as Wendy.
Do you have your dildo on your chair, she asked.
Said no, I'll get it ready.
Went back downstairs and placed the dildo on the chair.
When everyone was ready we went to eat together.
And the man always asks you to sit on the dildo in the morning. Yes, almost every morning and evening during dinner.
Me too, he often said not now.
Miss R caught up and said, in the evening when he is done, he will sit by the fireplace on the dildo.
That is his resting place.
I think that's nice to see and it keeps his pussy well trained.
Her friend said what a good idea and looked at her husband.
And she said you can use the dildo with your girlfriend when we get back.
After dinner, her husband and I cleaned up everything and got dressed.

Then we drove to the forest and went for a lovely walk.
During the air we ate at the pancake house.
And then we went home.
The ladies went through the front door and together with the man we went into the garage. I
said here are my clothes and I undressed.
He followed suit and said you are always naked at home.
Yes, summer and winter, Miss R prefers to see me like this.
We walked in through the utility room and I got coffee for everyone.
After coffee the man and I went upstairs and changed our own clothes.
He now put on my Christmas suit and I put on the red corset with the black lace dress.
We helped each other get dressed and also put on makeup. It was really fun to do that with someone else.
When we came downstairs together, we were assessed by the ladies.
Afterwards we played several card games together and it was a lot of fun.
Especially to just be a sissy without sex involved.
As her husband and I were preparing dinner,
Miss R's friend came in.
She said to her husband I have already prepared it for you.
He said thank you and continued with me.
He said let's surprise them. I said what, well you suck mine and I'll suck yours.
What a good idea, let's do that, they deserve it.
He said yes and we called them for dinner.
I went to his chair and knelt down and he went to my chair.
The ladies were amazed and said who does it best.
Miss R said we'll see. Whoever sits first has done the best.
We had to stand next to our seats and they said we counted down 1,2,3 seats.
The girlfriend's husband was completely done just a little later.
I thought I won and said Yes...
The ladies laughed you lost yours was wetter and slid more easily into your pussy.
The man laughed and said I won.
I said then I want revenge and not to cheat, I told him.

Miss R's friend said we can do the best of the 5 and whoever is the fastest has won.
I immediately said let's do it, which one of us has the best pussy. The man said I can easily beat you.
Miss R said they are looking forward to it.
Her friend said yes.
We can make it even harder for them.
The clit that comes the fastest after that can spoil us.
Miss R said to me don't disappoint me Wendy and show that you can do it.
After dinner the husband and I cleaned up and we came up with a plan.
We were going to end right away with the dildo sitting.
And try to empty our prostate at the same time.
We brought the ladies coffee and something tasty.
And she explained the rules of the game to us.

Although at first we thought we only needed to use the dildo 5 times.
Did they adjust it?
There would be three sets of 5.
And the one who sat fastest got two points and the other one point.
The one with the most points would then win.
If our clit came during the game, it gave us penalty points.
We looked at each other and the man came towards me.
Gave me a tongue kiss and may the best sissy win.
The ladies put the dildos down and smeared them with lubricant. And there was a countdown, and at three we had to sit down as quickly as possible.
We were encouraged by our key holders.
The first round went smoothly. In the second round we first had to walk around a chair and then we were told to sit.
Now the man had won by one point.
The third round made them even more difficult.
Now we had to hop and there was only one dildo to sit on.
The man also won that with a lot of pulling and pushing.
But it was fun and the ladies enjoyed it very much.
We got a break and were also allowed to grab something to drink. The four of us still laughed.

After a while, Miss R and her friend walked out of the room and came back a little later.
They both wore a strap-on dildo.
We had to stand bent over the coffee table.
The ladies said the best sissy may win.
We both got fucked by the other.
Even though I came first, it was still a draw.
After we were both milked dry, we had to lick each other's cum. Then we were allowed to spoil our key holders with fingers, tongue and dildos. It was a nice wonderful evening, where we also laughed a lot.

That same evening we also talked about how we were going to do Christmas Day.
And it was decided that we wouldn't be sissy.
Both the man and I thought that was quite a shame.
But Miss R said, let's enjoy the food and the fun with the six of us. The next morning I went to prepare breakfast for the four of us. And the four of us ate our breakfast.
Had a nice chat about the previous evening/night. And we agreed that it had been fun and wonderful.
The man and I were still wearing our sissy clothes.
And after we cleaned up, we took them off and took off the make-up.
Although it was agreed that we wouldn't be a sissy on Christmas Day.
The man asked me, should we wear clothes now?
I said no, I don't think so,
Miss R always makes me naked at home.
And Sandra and John know that too.
The two of us went downstairs naked.
And got coffee for our wives.
Well said Miss R's friend, it looks like you feel at home here and I like you that way too.
The four of us drank coffee and the ladies went to get dressed and put on make-up.

I went outside with the man to get wood so that it would be nice and warm inside.
Then I showed him the whole house and how we heated it. And we talked about the cars and the motorcycles.
I noticed that we had many things in common and so did he.
He asked what type John was.
And said you will get along well with that too.
He's not a sissy like us.
But it is there to please the ladies.
And for that he is only allowed out of his cage.
We both agreed that we would prefer to be permanently locked up.
And that being a sissy has many advantages.
Then we started preparing dinner together.
So that in the end it only had to be kept warm in the oven.

Eventually John and Sandra came too.
The ladies had their party clothes on and we caged men were naked.
It seemed like it had always been that way.
We all chatted, laughed and ate.
It was very pleasant and fun. It was also nice and cozy later in the evening.
We played games and went to sleep quite early in the morning. The next day the four of us had dinner. And unfortunately they also had to go home again.
We agreed that it had been a wonderful weekend.
And a Christmas you will never forget. Miss R was also proud of me for having behaved in an exemplary manner and also that I had been milked from fucking for the first time.
And she said, you see, your clit can also cum, Wendy.
I personally didn't expect it to be fun with a fellow Sissy.
But I noticed that we actually strengthened each other.

The New Year's Eve/New Year's Eve party also went great.
The theme was Egyptian antiquity.
But there will be another report on that.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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The New Year's Eve party.

I had spent the entire day on New Year's Eve getting everything ready for that evening.
Our friends would be with us around 8 p.m. Miss R told me.
So when we were having dinner and the bell rang, I was quite shocked.
I was still naked and sitting on the dildo as usual.
Miss R opened the door and they were already the first guests. They had come earlier because she predicted bad weather.
She immediately came into the kitchen with them and said look who's already there.
I sat motionless and greeted them.
Judging by Miss R's face, she was having fun.
Will you give them coffee, she asked with a smile, and said you do it. I didn't want them to see me sitting on the dildo.
She took them into the living room where it was already nice and warm.
When I wanted to get up quickly and clean up, the doorbell rang again.
I'll open it, said Miss R. And again she took them first to the kitchen.
I hadn't had time to clean up the dildo yet, so I immediately sat on it again.
Then she also went to the living room with them.
I got up, quickly put away the dildo and brought everyone coffee. Although everyone knows that I wear a chastity cage, I found it exciting.
Not because I was naked, but I had my inverted cage on.
And Miss R had agreed with me that I would wear my normal one with our friends.
Miss R really enjoyed teasing me about her like that.
I gave everyone coffee and a woman said where did your sausage go and pointed to my cage.
Someone immediately said I think Miss R threw that in the pan. Everyone laughed about it.
Because everyone stayed overnight, they didn't have their fancy dress clothes on yet.
Miss R hadn't told me what I would be wearing and because almost everyone arrived earlier,
I assumed I wouldn't be wearing anything. She wanted to do that last year, but in the end I had to do something.
And now she could seize the opportunity.
I will show you your room after coffee, I said.
Someone asked what are you wearing and I said, you should ask Miss R, she is Cleopatra.
Miss R said that is another surprise as to what I let my slave wear, maybe nothing, she laughed.

At some point Sandra and John came too. We all had a cup of coffee together and led them upstairs and showed them to their room.
Miss R was already changing and I went downstairs, thinking I would remain naked.
When almost everyone was downstairs again, Miss R said I have laid out your clothes.
Someone said I'm curious what you are wearing, I also said that is a surprise for me too.
When I got to the top I was shocked for a moment.
Miss R had prepared clothes for me as a belly dancers.
A sheer skirt that was completely open at the side. A matching bra and jewelry.
She also had my breasts there and the LED plug.
She had a note with it.
These are your clothes for tonight Wendy, make me proud. I got dressed very nervously and put on my make-up.
Then I went downstairs and when I walked in all eyes were on me.

Someone said if I didn't know better I would think you were a woman.
John said hi Wendy and everyone laughed.
Miss R said give everyone something tasty, Wendy, we can play a game.
I asked what everyone wanted and went to get it.
A woman said you can walk very well in your high heels. Yes, her husband said, really feminine.
I thought to myself, she notices that I do it more often.
When I came back Miss R said she has something special and grabbed the remote control. She gives light from below just like you, said a man to his wife. Yes, I thought I knew the remote control, she winked.
On one man you saw a huge boddel under his skirt.
His wife said I think the cobra has woken up. There was laughter and another woman said to her husband, is your cobra awake yet? And lift his outfit, no, not yet, she said, do your best Wendy to exorcise it.
It was laughed at.
Thought so early in the evening and everyone is already excited.
Sandra lifted John's outfit and he had a cage on that looked like a snake.
Sandra said bring him back to life Wendy with a belly dance.
Yes Wendy shows what magical powers you have.
Miss R turned on some oriental music.
I did a little dance as best I could and then got applause.
Miss R said to John, it looks like your death is rock solid.
Two men were sitting with a huge boner, one had his cock ring on as usual.
Come said Miss R, let's leave the cobras alone and we're going to play a game.

They were put back under and started playing Shit happens 18+. The game was played seriously as much as possible.
One then has to guess whether one thing is worse than the other. The great thing about the game is that you get to know each other's thoughts about something.
While playing the game I provided the drinks and snacks.
The plug came on every time I served.
The later and more alcohol was consumed, the more violent people became.
At one point a man felt under my skirt to see if you have become a woman, he laughed.
His wife now Wendy has to give something in return and lifts his outfit.
Grab him, someone else said.
And then I had to do the same to the other man.
Miss R took it a step further, now with your mouth Wendy.
Yes Sandra said, bring those cobras to life. I knelt down one by one and gave them a blowjob.
Then we started playing the game again.
Miss R said softly, I'm proud of you and reached between my legs.

The clock struck midnight and everyone wished each other a
healthy and happy New Year.
I was also kissed by the men and they reached between my legs. Then I made some hot snacks and Miss R was in the kitchen with me.
She said I am very proud of you, tonight you can spoil me extra and I will take you with the strap-on dildo, you deserve it.
I said you knew they came earlier, and she laughed and said of course I knew that. Was hoping they would see that you were on the dildo. That's what I thought, so I sat quietly.
I thought it was a shame that you did that, otherwise you could have sit on the dildo all evening, she laughed.
But now it was also good with the LED plug, I said. Yes, actually even better, said Miss R.

When we went to bed there were moans coming from every room. Which was exciting to hear and it made Miss R even hornier.
She took me good with the strap-on dildo and milked my prostate completely dry.
I said that's the second time, I have now earned my panties.
Not yet, she said, laughing.
She herself came three times. In the afternoon we all ate lunch together before they went home.

Miss R said next. It went the way I hoped it would.
And now everyone knows that you are wearing your inverted cage and you can leave it on.
Then I got dressed and we went to visit family.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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A lot has happened.

After the party, Miss R had gotten quite excited about everything. She said I had been a good sissy slut and had behaved like one. The following days she wanted to be prepared by me every day. She kept talking about the fact that I was sitting on the dildo while everyone else came, and that she hoped people had seen it.
How nice would it be if they were here and you could just use the dildo without shame.
And if they are excited, I can let you pamper them with your hands, mouth or pussy.
I said it was because of the drink they had and they acted more freely.
And they probably didn't think I would actually do it.
But you did it, Miss R said, without hesitating.
One day I came home and undressed in the garage as usual. Walked into the house naked and heard Miss R in the room. Greeted her and went to make coffee.
When I came back she said look over there and I looked at the spot she pointed to.
There was a fucking machine and a big dildo. I looked at her in surprise and she laughed.
That's to train your pussy, said Miss R.
Drink your coffee and take out your plug and we can get started.
I had to sit on my knees and hands and she pushed the dildo against my pussy.
She slowly slid it in and turned on the machine.
First on a low setting and then a higher setting.
The day before she had milked me dry with the strap-on dildo. Let's see if your clit can come again, she said.
She speed up the machine every 10 minutes.
And she said that looks very beloved, you are doing well.
Even though I had been milked dry, I still had an orgasm.
After about half an hour Miss R stopped.
Well done and I think that if we continue to practice well, we can do it longer and longer.
I wanted to go and make dinner, and Miss R doesn't forget anything.
And she pointed to the plug on the table.
I thought I don't have to use them now because I had to use the dildo again during dinner.
Miss R actually never lets me walk without it.
Put it in and went to make dinner.
The following weeks the fucking machine was used to milk me dry.
And the next day the machine was also used to train me further. The last weekend of January I would be Wendy when Sandra and John came again.
But unfortunately Sandra was sick and they couldn't make it.
I haven't been able to earn my plug and panties back yet.
Which means Miss R still wears them.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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It finally happened.

Sandra and John came last Saturday.
Miss R was looking forward to it all week, she said Wendy, it will eventually happen that you will become a real sissy.
Your pussy will then be deflowered by a real cock.
She played with me extra that week to keep me excited.
She also wanted to be pampered by me every day with fingers, tongue and dildo.
I then said the plug and the panties are mine.
Miss R said yes, but I will miss them, they are so comfortable.
I must admit that it looks very sexy on her and it also turns me on.

That week Miss R hadn't milked me with the fucking machine either, which I actually didn't like.
I have come to love being milked like this, it is a wonderful feeling and it gives me a kind of orgasm.
One time I even started leaking while sitting on the bigger dildo during breakfast.
I thought when Miss R saw it she would get angry because I'm not allowed to leak.
But it was just the opposite, she said you are ready Wendy.
Lick it up, you've earned it. I
licked it off my finger and Miss R said, nice, your clit juice.
I said yes, deliciously sweet with a little salty taste.
Yes, Miss R said, that's how it should be.
The larger dildo also makes my pussy open a little further.
And I have to make an extra effort to keep the plug in.
Fortunately, I have to sit down for the first hour at work.
And then he just sits there.
Tight panties would actually be better, but I'm not allowed to wear them yet.

Because it was going to be a special evening,
Miss R took me to a special lingerie store on Friday evening.
To pick out a new lingerie set.
It became a black corset with chest support that extends to the hips
A lace short shirt that just covered the breasts.
And pretty herself hold up the stockings.
The sales woman asked if Miss R was sure it would be the right size.
To which Miss R answers yes. The sales woman had her doubts because it was a size larger.
When I got home I had to try it on right away.
She laced the corset very tight so that I had a real waist.
Then I taped the breasts and put on the shirt and stockings.
Miss R said you look very sexy and beautiful Wendy. I
said that's how I feel too and my clit looks so nice, I said.
Miss R said you are right honey. I
think the Nub is even more beautiful, she said, and because it will be a special evening you can wear it this time.
She knelt down and kissed my udders and loosened them.
Go wash your clit and I will install it right away.
Although everything is pressed in, it all remains very clean.
After washing, she installed the urethral tube and then the nub and closed it. I
t felt wonderful to wear it again.
And she was right, that shiny metal looked nicer.
She took him in her mouth and teased me with her tongue. Which felt wonderful. I had to keep it on for the rest of the evening and was allowed to take her with the strapon.

It took some getting used to being so tightly constricted. Miss R teased me all Saturday and while I was doing laundry.
She came with the strap-on dildo and had to bend over so she could check if my pussy was ready for that evening. And then she grabbed my udders and squeezed them.
A little came out again.
She licked it up and said they are full, you will be emptied tonight, my dear.
And if you're lucky, it's immediately filled with fresh milk.
I was a bit surprised by that, I hadn't counted on that.
Miss R saw that and said what did you think?
We have a full pussy too.
After eating dinner, Miss R said let's prepare everything for the big reveal.
I said they've already seen Wendy. Miss R laughed yes, but your pussy must look good, clean and smell nice because that will be revealed.
Went upstairs and rinsed myself and took the epilator to remove any hairs.
Fortunately, I don't have a lot of hair and I have been plucking it all off for years.
Then I smeared my ass with nice smelling body lotion.
When I came downstairs, Miss R had already set everything up in the living room.
She said bend over so I can check if your pussy is good.
I did that and she smelled it, opened my buttocks and stuck her fingers in and fingered me.
Looks, smells and feels good Wendy said Miss R.
I had to turn around and she pulled my udders down a little further and your clit also looks perfect.
The nub was tight around my cock and I forgot how good it felt. You are ready to become a real girl, said Miss R.
Just sit in place and put your arms behind you, it looks much nicer.

I went to my spot and sat on the dildo. As soon as I got downstairs some milk dripped out.
Beautiful said Miss R, a sign that your clit is longing for it.
She positioned my udders on the cushion and gave me a kiss.
Miss R left me alone.
And after half an hour she came back.
She had me wearing the lace short skirt. She had the same makeup as me and said now we are sisters.
It looked great on her and the black open panties with the plug made it perfect. It looks good, she said, and I said yes for a moment and it's mine, I thought

Not much later Sandra and John walked in.
You look so good, they said, you look like sisters.
Sandra was in leather as usual.
John was also on a leash again and was already naked.
Sandra loosens his cage and said he has already eaten the blue candy, she laughed.
She gave the belt to Miss R to give you credit.
She took John to me, grabbed his cock and pulled him hard.
I already had my mouth open and she guided his cock into my mouth.
Closed it and moved my head .
You can see that you are sisters, Sandra said.
Well done Wendy, just make sure it is hard.
Miss R took him out, got on her knees and took him in her mouth too, she said, taking turns.
And we took turns.
A little later Sandra joined us and we took turns taking him in our mouths.
Thought that must be heavenly for John.

She stopped and Miss R pulled me up and took me to the coffee table.
She pushed me forward and opened my buttocks, will you guide them into her pussy, she said to Sandra.
I felt him go in and John started to move.
Better get her ready, the ladies said.
I was so excited that it didn't take long for me to have my orgasm. Continue, Miss R said, her clit must come too.
I heard John panting. S
andra held my udders and massaged them at the same time. It's coming, she said, keep going and empty that clit.
I don't know how long I was fucked but I had two orgasms.
Sandra said she is empty, fill her up.
I felt him come and it felt good.
When John took it out I was still shaking.
She is dripping, said Miss R, she stood in front of me and gave me an intense tongue kiss.
You're a real girl now, she said.
Sandra said yes, welcome to the ladies club and also gave me a French kiss.

I had to take John to his place.
As I walked, John's seed dripped over my stockings.
And when he was kneeling down I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a blowjob.
Sandra she is really great, she cleans it before use.
Yes, Miss R said, I'm proud of her.
I was allowed to sit next to them on the couch and Miss R said look Wendy how many delicious clits you have given milk to, that is all for you.
She gave me the glass and she said drink it, it's good for you. Drank it and soon I've earned it now.
Miss R grabbed between my legs and said yes you deserve it.
But isn't it nicer if you don't wear one, she asked.
Sandra said yes, it is not normal for you to wear panties, it is so much sexier. .
And I will also miss your pussy plugs, it suits you so well said Miss R.

Come said Miss R, lick my pussy, you can do it so well.
She pushed me down and buried me between her legs.
I felt Sandra put her fingers in my pussy, she was still nice and wet, she said.
Miss R moaned and said time to get fucked properly, get John. Sandra got John and Miss R stood up bent over fuck me as hard as you can.
Get on your dildo, I want to see you fucking yourself, it's so hot watching it go up and down in your pussy.
Sandra looked at both of us and reached into her bag.
She put on a strap-on dildo and said I'm going to squeeze out the last drops.
I thought she meant me, but she stood behind John and while he took Miss R he fucked himself.
He was panting and groaning, completely sweaty Miss R came loudly and shortly afterwards John did too.
This is the hottest thing yet, albeit he still has a hard-on.
Come on Sandra said, fuck my ass and make me come. And John took her, he was completely absorbed afterwards.

Then the four of us sat together.
And we agreed that this was the tastiest thing we had experienced together. J
ohn said you really have a nice pussy Wendy and you look really hot and tasty.
I said thank you, you did a nice job too.
But John said, when are we going to finish our garden?
Certainly in my skirt, I said laughing.
Well John said I won't say no to that and laughed.
It's a good thing I always wear a kilt, I said, laughing.
Yes, I can look underneath, said John. Sandra said it's a good thing you're locked up, otherwise it will never be finished.
It was still very nice afterwards.

The next day I said to Miss R, you're right, it's better without panties.
She asked, are you sure, yes, but it just looks very sexy and exciting on you.
She grabbed my cage and gave it a kiss.
Today you can keep it on, tomorrow it will be gone again.
But you're not quite there yet, Miss R said.
This was only the first time you had been taken and filled. Eventually you will have to start longing for a cock and cum just like us.
That's why I decided to get a real bull who can do it on a regular basis I already have a few candidates and will be coming soon. Together we will then choose the right one.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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The bull.

Last Monday the time had come,
Miss R had invited one of the bulls to our home.
I asked Miss R if she wanted me to be Wendy.
To which they answer no, that is not necessary yet, it is primarily for getting to know each other.
I said to Miss R, it's my milk day.
That's right, she said, and there is no deviation from that. I understand that, but maybe it's better not to milk me.
She asked why that again.
Because he's not used to it.
She laughed, do you really think I'll skip it for that, you definitely want to be dressed.
No, not, I'm not ashamed of that at all anymore.
Great then you don't have to be ashamed when you are milked.

The man came after dinner and I was still cleaning up when he came.
Miss R opened the door and took him into the living room.
Miss R called honey, can you bring us coffee and something sweet.
I made coffee and grabbed the cookies and brought them to them.
The man looked surprised when I walked up naked but said nothing.
I introduced myself and went back to my business.
After about 45 minutes I came back, they were having a nice chat together and I asked if she wanted any more coffee.
Yes, they still wanted that and brought it to them.
Miss R said thank you and now go to your seat.
Got the dildo from the kitchen, took out my plug and sat down in my spot.
You saw the man looking a bit surprised and Miss R is just here, when he is done that is his place. I
t has now become such a habit for me that I consider it normal. He asked Miss R if I ever got unlocked too.
Miss R said no, it is permanent confinement.
So you never use it, he said. yes, but not his cock.
And that's why you look for a bull so you can still enjoy a cock. Yes, but not only me but also him.
So for both of you and who is Wendy then, because that's what you talked about Miss R pointed at me and said he is also a she.

She grabbed a picture of me as Wendy and showed it to him He said you look so hot Wendy.
I replied thank you, I'll do my best.
Is he always naked or just for this occasion, he asked Miss R.
He is always naked at home, which is how I like to see him. I understand that, the man said.
Miss R rubbed his crotch and said it's time for you to take off your clothes too so I can get a better look at you.
He got up and undressed and sat down, did you like it, he asked What I see now looks good.
And she grabbed his cock.
Let's see if he wants to wake up.
She bent over and gave him a stiff blowjob.
That looks nice and big, don't you think, honey.
He had a nice thick big cock of almost 8 inches.
Yes, it looks nice and good, I said.
Miss R undressed and sat on top of him for a test ride, she said.
She kissed him and fucked her own.
She looked back at me and said he is wonderful.
He sucked one of her nipples and with one hand he went to her ass and pushed his finger into it.
Miss R enjoyed it immensely. It really turns me on to see her doing this.
Miss R came wonderfully and she got off of him.
And got down on his knees in front of him and gave him a blowjob.
She walked over to me and French kissed his cum.
For you Wendy she said. It was wonderful, she said to the man
I have to be honest with you, this week there will be two more men that I will make my choice on.
If it is you, there are a few rules.
First of all, you are always naked here.
You also have sex with him and Wendy.
And it is on a regular basis.
The man said I am single and I can fulfill anything you want.
Miss R said great, then we can exchange telephone numbers.
And then let us know if you have been successful.

She asked him if he wanted anything else to drink and he agreed.
I went to get it and gave them both a little shock and went to my spot.
He/she does that very well, said the man.
Yes, he said Miss R, good training works wonders.
She chatted for a while and then he left.
Miss R said afterwards, he was a nice man. I'm curious to see what the others are like, but so far it's already my favorite.
She beckoned to me, spoil my pussy, I'm still excited I made her come with my tongue.
And then said on to the next one. Yes, she said, it will come on Thursday.
Nice, he can ride you too.
Yes she laughed.
After I spoiled her she said now it's time to milk your udders dry. She set up the device and was milked, during which I also had a wonderful orgasm.
Miss R said I have now taken it into account, but that does not mean I will do that on Thursday.
I said thank you for doing that.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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The second bull.

Last week the second bull that Miss R had been looking for arrived.
Just like the first time, I would not appear until later, so that Miss R could meet him first.
Just like last time, I had helped her look sexy. This time she also wore one of the panties with a plug.
A very short skirt with suspenders and a translucent blouse.
While they were chatting on the couch, I was busy with my household chores in the house.
After an hour, Miss R called if I could bring them some coffee and something tasty.
Just like the first time, he was surprised that I was naked.
But he did compliment me on how good I looked. And also said, it looks like you're used to presenting yourself like this.
To which Miss R said, it is forbidden for him to wear clothes at home.
To which the man said, of course you want that with something so tasty in the house.
He also asked Miss R if she ever unlocked me for sex.
Miss R said no, it is permanent confinement.
The man said a small one is of no use to you.
Miss R laughed, he's not that small.
I am quite well endowed with my 17 cm.
He asked why did you lock him up.
Because i can, she laughed.
He then does a better job of spoiling me and I like to bend it to my will.
“It sounds like it was your idea,” the man said.
Yes said Miss R.
It was good of you to go along with it, the man told me, it wouldn't be for me.
That's what I thought too, I said.
But you'll never come.
That's right, I'll never come the normal way again.
Isn't that annoying for you, he asked. In the beginning yes, but now I love it, I get excited very quickly at the slightest thing.
Yes, said Miss R and that has advantages for me, she laughed. This man was really interested in everything and made me feel at ease and it also felt familiar.
While I was still standing next to them, he kept asking questions. Meanwhile, Miss R was playing with my udders.

He said to Miss R, I'm curious what he looks like as a Sissy.
Miss R took out her phone and showed him pictures of me as Wendy. He looked at me, you really are a hottie, he said.
And is he also available anally, he asked Miss R.
Yes, his pussy is also available, said Miss R, after all, it is also my property.
Miss R ordered me to get some more drinks.
When I came back she was telling me how she trained my pussy. When Miss R told me to go to my seat.
Wasn't he surprised that I went and got the dildo and sat on it?
He said to Miss R, I agree, it does indeed look nice to see him sitting there.
Yes, Miss R said, I just enjoy that.

Miss R rubbed his crotch and said she felt like there was something tasty in there.
The man laughed and said of course there is something tasty in there.
Miss R opened his pants and said take them off, I can see.
The man did that and a nice straight big cock came out.
Look, darling, she said to me, how beautiful and big it is and played with it.
I think it's full of goodies, said Miss R.
Yes, the man said, there is dessert in it for you.
Hmm said Miss R, I like desserts very much.
She also undressed.
And the man said you look lovely and delicious and grabbed her breasts.
He hadn't noticed yet that she was wearing panties with a plug. Miss R stood up and wanted to sit on him.
What nice panties, you also like anal.
Miss R yes it is wonderful to be double filled and sat on him.
For the second time I watched her prepare someone else.
It really turned me on to see how much she was enjoying herself.
Suddenly he pushed Miss R up, pulled out her plug, and lowered her back down.
This is nice too, he said, yes said Miss R.
It was the first time that Miss R had been fucked anally in years and she enjoyed it.
While she was fucking herself, he fingered her.
She stayed like that for a long time and said this was delicious supper and you have a wonderful cock.
Thank you, the man said.

Miss R got off him and took him in her mouth, go ahead and get him ready He grabbed her head and moved it.
And with a lot of moaning he came.
I want to taste it too, the man and Miss R tongued it while she still had his cock.
She said he's really beautiful, don't you think, honey, she said to me.
I replied yes, it is really beautiful.

Then we know who it is, she said to the man.
Provided you want it too, she added.
The man said yes, otherwise I wouldn't have come.
Fine said Miss R, there are a few conditions.
I like naked men.
When you come back you will always be naked here in the house. You not only have sex with me but also with him and Wendy.
And it is on a regular basis.
What do you mean by regular basis he asked.
This could be once a week or every fortnight.
That's no problem, the man said.
Beautiful said Miss R as she grabbed his cock and made him hard.
Then I'll see you again soon, she said to his cock.

When he was gone, Miss R was still talking about how good it was in bed.
I said I noticed, you even forgot to milk me.
She laughed, yes, that never happens to me.
Tomorrow you will be milked, she said.
I'm looking forward to it, I said.
I like being emptied with the machine.
For me that is the only way to have sex and get some kind of orgasm.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Peter the Bull.

Last Tuesday Miss R invited Peter to come again.
She texted me at work to tell me to prepare myself when I got home.
When I got home, I first gave Miss R coffee and went upstairs.
I took a shower and removed the hair with the epilator so that everything was smooth.
Miss R had already laid out my clothes and put on my makeup. After an hour I was completely transformed into Wendy.
I wore the red corset with suspenders, plus the tulle skirt that was open at the front.
Red net stockings and my high pumps.
I had the led plug in my pussy.
When I came downstairs Miss R checked me to see if everything was okay.
Then I went to make dinner.
Miss R was very much looking forward to his arrival.
She also gave me instructions that I had to make myself subservient and available.
You greet him by taking his cock in your mouth, so that he comes in with a nice hard-on.
This will become your standard task with every man.

After dinner I cleaned everything up and Miss R went to prepare her own.
When I was done with that I went to the living room to get everything ready.
Put the dildo in place, put down new pillows and a rose ready. When I was done, the doorbell rang and the front door opened.
It was Peter and he greeted me and said you look beautiful and sexy Wendy.
I thanked him and said come on, I'll take you to the garage, where you can undress.
He saw the motorcycles and talked about them when he undressed.
I told him the next time you come, just come through the door of the utility room and you can take off your clothes right away, just like me.
I showed him how to walk. In between we had a nice chat about the house and how sustainable it was.
And that it had been my parents' farm.
He thought we lived nicely and that it was ideal to always be naked there.
Indeed I said we are also naturists and it is wonderful to be naked

Together we walked to the living room and Miss R was already ready.
Looks like you forgot something, Wendy.
Sorry, I showed him the house, I said.
Yes, Peter said, you live very nicely.
I squatted down and took his limp cock in my hands.
Made him stiff and gave him a blowjob.
Well, Miss R said nothing better than a nice stiff one.
When I was done I went to get coffee and something tasty.
What beautiful thing do you have in your pussy? Peter said as I shook the coffee.
I had my led butt plug in and judging by his reaction,
Miss R had turned it on.
Meanwhile, Miss R played with his cock.
I asked if they had any other wishes, otherwise I will go to my place.
Miss R, do you know what day it is today?
Yes, my milk day, I said.

She asked Peter would you like to see Wendy being milked while we drink coffee.
Yes, Peter, I am very curious to see how that goes.
Now you know what to do Wendy said Miss R. I got the machine and set it down, got down on my hands and knees and waited to see what would happen.
Miss R walked up with Peter and said take her plug out of her pussy.
I felt it being removed and felt the dildo go in a little.
Here Miss R said to Peter that we can catch her milk underneath.
And give hime a glass and put it underneath me.
Miss R turned on the machine and said now we can enjoy herself, she said to Peter.
A beautiful and horny face said Peter, yes said Miss R.

I heard from Wendy that you both ride motorcycles and are naturists, said Peter.
That's right, Miss R said, I already had my motorcycle license at the age of 22.
Peter said coolly, a real motorcycle chick,
Miss R laughed and she said yes.
Do you also drive a motorcycle? Miss R asked Peter.
Not done anymore, and she chatted about it. I'm going to get something to drink for both of us, so you can take a look and see if her clit is coming, said Miss R.

I heard Miss R shout and she is already emptying out. I
moaned with pleasure and Peter shouted something is coming out. Nice, said Miss R, just put it a little faster, so that she is completely milked dry.
I felt it being brewed faster.
She will last a long time, Peter said to Miss R.
Yes, I trained them well, said Miss R, indeed said Peter.
I see something tasty, said Peter.
Yes, he said Miss R, come here. I couldn't see what was happening but I could hear Miss R enjoying herself. That really excited me.

In the meantime I had my second anal orgasm which was very intense,
I was shaking completely. Miss R was heard saying, while groaning, to stay seated.
I actually had enough but did as she asked. I heard Miss R come and shortly afterwards Peter said take a break.
That's fine, said Miss R and the machine also turned off.
What I was very happy with had already been going on for more than an hour.
Miss R said you've broken your record and looks like you'll break one more.
Just look and she showed my milked clit milk.
Peter said wow that's a lot.
I asked if everyone wanted something else to drink and got it.
Peter was still hard,wow. I said.
Yes, Wendy, I have trained well. Yes indeed I said. Peter said trained with the blue wonder and laughed, playing with his cock. We finished our drinks and Miss R ready for the second round,

Peter waved his cock come on.
Miss R took off her panties and plug and bent over.
Make me wet Wendy. Yes, Peter said, let's see what you can do with your tongue.
I licked Miss R's ass hole for the first time.
She moaned with pleasure. Pete stood in front of her and she gave him a blowjob.
Get under me Wendy and lick me.
Peter took her anally and I licked Miss R.
Lick my balls too, Peter said and I took turns.
Miss R came violently and she pressed her pussy on my mouth, she was shaking all over.
Cum me full, she said, panting and shaking.
Peter discharged his jizz into her ass.
Wendy lay down and she pressed her ass on my face, licking it clean.
I could hardly breathe and licked it all up.
Come here said Miss R I want your cock in my mouth as she licks him clean.
I have never experienced something so horny, said Peter. Hmmmm hmmmm said Miss R.
Ohhh said Peter, I will come again soon for the second time.
Miss R got off me, my whole face was covered in moisture.
Open your mouth Wendy and stay down.
Go ahead, dump it in her.
He fucked my mouth and squirted it in, it went straight down my throat.
Miss R said, your udders will be full of fresh milk again.
For the first time, I found it exciting to be used like this.

We chatted for more than an hour afterwards and played with Peter's cock until the Viagra wore off.
We immediately agreed to meet again next week. It's your milk time again Wendy ask Peter.it was so hot to see that.
That depends on Miss R, I said.
Because it wasn't my milking time when he comes again.
Peter said I would like to take you in your pussy and milk you dry. What do you say then Wendy said Miss R.
That's what my pussy is for and is available, I said.
Miss R said later that she had been very pleased with me and that I would get my reward in the coming week.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Two years.

It has now been a little over two years since I gave in to Miss R's wish to practice chastity.
And it has now been more than a year and a half since I came by touching my penis.
To celebrate this, I finally found a campsite that allowed the wearing of a chastity cage.
One of our friends said that they had been there once and that intime jewelry was allowed.
They hadn't seen anyone with a chastity cage, but penis rings and intime piercings were very common.
I contacted the couple and asked whether a chastity cage also fell under jewelry.
I received the answer that everything was allowed as long as everyone was treated with respect.
And that it is otherwise an ordinary normal campsite where naturism is practiced.
I told Miss R that I had found a campsite where it was possible. She was very happy with it and finally said you can just keep it on. I said yes, that is wonderful.
I also have a surprise for you, she said, and I can give it to you now.
Because you have been in a cage for two years now, I have a new cage for you that is custom made.
Because you have earned that by now, said Miss R.
She took out a black box and handed it to me.
I opened it and there was a nice new device inside.
It's made of titanium, Miss R said.
I took the cage out and there were more loose parts inside.
Those are two scrotum bars said Miss R, one regular and one with a ball splitter.
A clever design and I think a scrotum bar is actually a good idea.
It pushes the balls back and peeing is much nicer, I said.
Very clever of them to make the urethral tube in the cage itself, and also those screws to hold everything together, I said.
Yes, much nicer than those locks, said Miss R.
And she said you can also make it permanent, the seller said, by using those clips.
I looked at it carefully and said very cleverly, once you click them in, they can't come loose.
Yes, Miss R said, that's why I chose this one and she smiled at me. Then I know what you are going to do, use them of course.
Yes, I expected that.
She took out the key for my cage and said time to install your new cage for good.

She untied me and carefully pulled off the front of my inverted cage.
I took the ring off and was completely free for a moment.
You better clean it thoroughly first, said Miss R.
She grabbed my penis which grew immediately in her hand.
It's still healthy, she laughed as she played with it.
Yes, by not using it he stays healthy, I laughed.
That touch made me quite horny.
Go and wash, said Miss R. I went upstairs with a boner and went to wash it.
As I washed it I thought I would prepare my own while I still can. Although it was tempting, I didn't do it,
Miss R would notice that right away.
When I came back downstairs you said you didn't prepare yourself anyway.
No, I said, I didn't do it.
She grabbed my penis to check it and made it stiff again.
It doesn't look like it, but I'll soon find out if that's the case.
Of course you will find out if it is true, that's why I didn't do it.
She let him go and said now wait until he is ready.
He stood stiffly for a long time.
It looks like he's enjoying his last freedom, said Miss R.
Yes, I said, he certainly does.
Miss R took out her phone and took a picture of it.
As a souvenir, she said.

Eventually it went limp and I installed the ring.
I immediately felt that it was a bit tighter.
Miss R gave me the cage, you better do that,
I have already disinfected it, Miss R said.
Slowly I pushed the urethral tube into my pee hole.
That's easy, said Miss R. Yes, he is used to it, I said, and pushed the cage further into the openings of the ring.
Miss R grabbed the screws and screwed it in. And how does he fit, like a glove, I said.
Nice, she said, and she grabbed the scrotal bar and installed it. That looks much nicer, she said.
I think Wendy likes it too, I said.
So now you can get used to it for a week, and if everything is good, the cage will be locked for good, said Miss R.
The scrotum bar doesn't work so I can change it.

Last week Miss R put the c clips in and from that moment on I was permanently locked up.
The only way to remove it is to saw it through.
The cage is nice and small and fits perfectly and the scrotum bar allows me to pee standing up.
The titanium also looks much nicer with all my lingerie.
It took some getting used to the scrotum bar because my balls now hang differently.
Miss R later said that she had had the cage in her house for some time.
But because I came with the freutoy she had postponed it to tease me about it.
Now I understand why I wasn't allowed to keep it for myself. Because it wouldn't fit in panties.
And honestly, I like it so much more and wear it with pride.

The other cages that I have worn are on display in the display cabinet.
Where there are tags when I have worn them.
The box is also there with the scrotum bar with splitter.
There is a card with the date and permanent.
Each cage is a work of art in itself and should also be seen.

The cage is the BA-13 titanium from Badassworkroom.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Note permanent lock up.

Before Miss R used the c clip, we discussed it in detail together. She said are you aware that you can no longer go to the sauna. And what do you do if there is an emergency and it has to be taken off.
I asked her why it was important to her that it was permanent.
She said it would make her feel good if I agreed and it would be a sign of commitment. I
gave her a kiss and said I would be happy to do it for you.
But I'll make an adjustment if you don't mind.
What adjustments did Miss R. ask?
I shorten these two bars so that the c clip can be removed with a thin flat screwdriver in case of emergency.
If that's okay with you, I'll wear it for you permanently.
And only goes off in an emergency, said Miss R. Y
es, only in case of emergency, I said.
That's good, said Miss R.
Just adjust it and then the clip goes on and it's official.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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.Not as easy as I thought.

I thought I would be smart by making the bars of my new cage shorter so that the clip can be easily removed.
But this turns out not to be the case at all.
Last Monday, Easter Monday, Sandra and John came to us.
She immediately noticed that I was wearing a new cage.
She said she liked it better than the inverted cage, now your udders look better and it is sexier.
Miss R said she agreed with her and that was why she bought it. She said it is one without a lock and is secured with a clip.
And that it was made to measure.
She showed her the other scrotum bar with ball splitter.
John said I don't think you can ever get it loose yourself.
I said yes, I didn't shorten the bars for nothing.
I think you misjudged that, he said.
I went to the garage and got two small flat head screwdrivers and said pay attention.
After half an hour I stopped, I couldn't do it. It is very inconvenient because you cannot see it properly yourself.
Miss R and Sandra laughed about it, there you are with your cage. Yes, John said, it's not called permanent for nothing. No more sauna, never go to a naturist campsite again, you've done something to yourself.
Well, Miss R said the latst is not true.
We found a campsite where it is possible and allowed, otherwise I would never have done it and bought a permanent one.
Miss R would indeed never do that, she also loves being naked in the summer and going on holiday like that.
Sandra immediately responded by saying the four of us can go again.
Yes, I said it was nice and cozy last year.
That's what John said.
And the great thing is, John said Sandra, you can just keep wearing it.
To which John said he didn't expect anything different.
This has been happening a lot more often lately, he said.
Oo, Miss R said to Sandra, he is not free that often anymore.
No, it's better this way for me, she laughed. I completely understand that, said Miss R.
John and I continued planning their garden together, which is what they eventually settled on.

And we went to the kitchen to sit there. John said still on it . yes, I said, it will remain that way.
He was referring to the dildo that was on the chair.
He said, I understand that you like staying locked up.
Yes, it's wonderful and you stay excited, I said, indeed he said. I haven't come for three weeks.
We chatted about it for a while and then continued planning the garden.
Of what we still had to do.
A while later the ladies came to the kitchen.
Don't plan anything for Saturday, the weather will be lovely, Sandra said.
Yes, we know how.
Can the four of us go to our nude beach, said Miss R.
Good idea, I said.
John looked a bit anxious and said should we do that?
We can then do many things in the garden, according to Sandra. It's just a day when the weather is good, said Miss R.
Yes, and I can take Friday off, so we can still do a lot together.
I understood John because it is the first time for him to walk around like that.
And of course I also find it exciting.
But we should not miss this opportunity to sunbathe and enjoy the weather.
Okay, that's been agreed and hopefully the predictions will stick, Sandra said.
They walked back and John expressed concern about that. It'll be fine, once you get used to it, there's nothing wrong with it and no one really looks at it, I said.

John and I chatted about it some more and then went to meet the ladies.
We ordered food and Sandra said who dares to open it immediately while laughing.
I said let's not do that to the delivery person, then we will be looked at intently.
We ate together and chatted all evening.

I love that we have friends who do more or less the same thing and think it's all normal.
But it's also nice that we also interact as normal friends without sex being involved.
And that we respect each other as we are.
And of course we still have those special evenings.
A little less lately because they are also renovating the house.

Later that evening,
Miss R replaced the scrotal bar with the one with a ball splitter. She said it also looks nice and funny now that your balls are hanging loose from each other.
I said yes, it is not Easter for nothing while laughing.
I thought it wouldn't be comfortable, but I was wrong.
It does what it's supposed to do and it's comfortable. I'm more aware of it because I feel my balls between my legs a little better. Which is also the case with sitting.
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