[InversionOfControl] I asked for this; let’s see how it goes.

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Re: [InversionOfControl] I asked for this; let’s see how it goes.

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Last night Wifey unlocked me. I ate her beautiful pussy until she pulled me up to fuck her PIV. For the first time in over a decade, I came in my wife. It was glorious. I’m still in a high from last night.

I received my vasectomy results on March 27. Wifey locked me up that day before the results came. She teased and denied me for 3 weeks until last night.

She “joked” about locking me back up immediately after sex last night. But she let me stay unlocked for the night.

Over the last few nights, she’s said more and more that she likes having me locked up and being in control of my manhood.

She doesn’t need my help with keyholding anymore. I think we’re extremely close to hitting the point where she’s confident to truly make her pleasure the priority. She’s been leaving me in the dark about being unlocked and has asked no suggestions or advice from me. She’s taking control, properly.
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Re: [InversionOfControl] I asked for this; let’s see how it goes.

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Congratulations! Yours, would be my dream situation. Unfortunately my wife doesn't want to get involved in keyholding. However, she prefers me to be unlocked most of the time. We discussed the possibility of a Third Person to hold my key.
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