[Suzzana] Threesome, Then Just The Two Of Us

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Re: Threesome, Then Just The Two Of Us

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i do not want to sound negative as personally i like the idea of cuckolding, but i really feel you’re on the wrong forum for your stories. This really is a chastity forum and if you have read the various intros here you will find it was particularly set up as a place where members could avoid what many here feel is the extreme side of the chastity lifestyle. You may well find better places such as OurHotWives, where you can become a verified HotWife and the entire forum is set up for your type of story, more accepting. It’s just a suggestion and perhaps i should have left this to the moderators here but i have noticed your posts of late and wondered if you had really read any of the intros here. Anyway that’s just my 2c worth and my personal view.

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