[CagedHub] OMG it's really happening

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[CagedHub] OMG it's really happening

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My first entry about my journey into chastity and more. I guess the best thing for me to start with is who I am and where I am at on this journey as of today.

I'm a 48y.o. married guy with a wonderful wife who's the same age. We've been married five years (both our second marriage) and have a really good relationship and sex life.

It was difficult to open up to her about my sexual desires besides vanilla things, but after a year or two together finally had the courage to tell her if like her to fuck me with a strap on and I've always fantasized about being submissive in a femdom scenario. Fortunately, she was fine with trying and we ordered or first strap on. Around that time also told her my liking small penis humiliation and as she became more comfortable with it she really has gotten to where it's an easy and regular part of my life.

After some time, she upgraded harnesses and we got bigger dildos that she fucked me with (over 2" wide).

We had fun with various anal play. Even where she has fisted me before and used bigger and bigger butt plugs.

She asked me one night what my ultimate fantasy was, and I told her it probably was to be locked in a chastity cage and then be pegged and used while not being allowed to touch myself at all. To my surprise she insisted immediately that I order a chastity cage.

I have a small penis (which I now must call my clit) so after doing some research I ordered a holy trainer "Nub" knockoff from Amazon. That was about 6 months ago. We played in the bedroom with it, me wearing while getting pegged or eating her out some but never wearing more than an hour or two.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. I had expressed to her how I wanted her to really take control over my orgasms and enforce it by locking me in my cage. It took some time to get acclimated to wearing a cage. I wore it for the day, but would remove at night. Had breaks when it wasn't even involved in our lives. Then my wife started telling more often you need to start wearing your cage...and why aren't you caged. So, in December I really began to wear it more and more to get past the discomfort and work towards overnight wear. After a few nights having to take it off, I finally made it through a night with needing to take off the cage. It was then left off for the next night, and I've been working hard to make myself get to wear long term wear is a possiblity.

Starting about two weeks ago, my wife insisted that I should always be caged unless she has given permission. If I couldn't sleep with it, I needed to ask her for the keys with the understanding that I would immediately put the cage on myself as soon as I woke up.

The longest I've gone wearing a cage is just 48 hours, but I know that will be changing from here forward. My wife has me pleasure her and has begun to understand that she doesn't have to be concerned with my sexual pleasure. She also is pushing me further into my submissive desires.

I will hopefully be telling much more in the near future.
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Re: [CagedHub] OMG it's really happening

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

It sounds like you need a more comfortable cage.

If you are going to be caged most of the time, it's probably time to go custom. The Mature Metal Jail Bird is ideal for continuous wear. I have had mine for 8 years, and if real life did not get in the way, I could easily wear it 24 / 365.
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Re: [CagedHub] OMG it's really happening

Post by Tom Allen »

WifeIsVanilla wrote: Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:25 am It sounds like you need a more comfortable cage.
Agreed. While SPH is fun, and I get that it's exciting to jump into this right away, the fact that you can't sleep in the device makes me think that you're not giving your body time to make such a huge adjustment.
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Re: [CagedHub] OMG it's really happening

Post by Mr Pickle »

Seconded. Even though I use a knock off.

Yes, I have to admit my favorite long term cage (3 months) is just a decent steel knock off.

Some are bad, some are terrible, some are so comfy but too difficult to clean.

I had to buy so many cages before I got everything I wanted from one, it would have been cheaper and faster to get a custom to start with.

No room for growth, comfortable, able to sleep with it even with the dreaded nocturnal erections, metal, vented for easier cleaning, internally fitted urethral option.
It a long list, wish I'd just gone straight to steelworxx but when you don't know how it's going to work out it's a lot of money for self-indulgence. Especially when you could spend that money on the wife and kids.

There are so many options on the rings alone! And all need to be spot on to be... Spot on?

Have fun, relax, and enjoy the heady frustrating insanity to come.
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