Urethral tube

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Urethral tube

Post by Chasturetr »

I like the feeling of my penis caged and penetrated by an urethral tube, especially when the penis slides in extension on the tube by its natural lubrication alone. Since I've had three Uti, I've developed a strict protocol: I boil the material after use and then, when I put it on, I use betadine to perfect the sterilization of the cage and the tube but also on the tip of my penis. I rinse the cage and the tube before putting it on, no lube. My favorite cage is an 8mm urethral tube with a ball at the end of 10mm and the other two a 6mm tube.
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Re: Urethral tube

Post by Tessasissy »

That's cool, but be carefull of antibacterial washes and soaps make sure they don't get in the urethra as they can cause a uti type infection themselves. I have had this a long time ago. It presents similar symptoms as gonarea. Which given I was in chastity at the time it was impossible for me yo have contracted. The doctor then advised me about the issue with antibacterial washes.
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