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Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 10:41 am
by KittensBoyToy
midlifelovelife wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 3:35 pm Afterwards, we enjoyed a cup of tea and talked about the project and other renovations we are thinking about. I was so fucking agreeable and I think I just committed to another year of projects.
Who’s pushing the advantage now?
I know how it goes with new projects she wants done! She dangles that proverbial carrot and we will commit to anything. :twisted: At this point I think my project list will outlive me! :roll: :o

Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 6:16 am
by midlifelovelife
I haven’t posted anything in a while. I guess things have been pretty stable and I don’t have many new thoughts to record.
Last week, there seemed to be an uptick in my wife’s playfulness with me, and also a bit of a will to punish me.

She has been working on an organizational project around the house. Her methods are very deliberate and I often want to see her get it done quicker. Usually, I try to be encouraging but last week, I made a sarcastic remark about the pace of her progress. She calmly responded that I won’t be seeing her pussy for a while after that remark. And I definitely won’t be getting any attention, maybe until December. I was impressed by her calm assertiveness and suddenly felt incredibly turned on.

Over the next several days, she teased me often, massaging my crotch as we passed in the laundry room and other places around the house. At bedtime, she told me to put my head between her legs and smell how nice her pussy is. She slept naked. She cupped me and stroked me occasionally while we cuddled. My heart was constantly racing.

What really surprised me was how turned on I became about her dominant tone. She told me she was going out one Saturday afternoon and wanted to know what I had planned. I had just picked up some mulch for the garden.

“After you fold this laundry, you can spread your mulch around,” she commanded, “That should keep you busy until I get back. Don’t try to think of other ways to be helpful.”

I started getting erect at each stern remark.

Fortunately for me, my wife couldn’t keep me banned forever. Early on Sunday morning, she told me to close the door and get between her legs. She told me I had been acting very repentant. I licked her hungrily and also teased her to draw out the time before her orgasm. I used my finger to probe and massage her g-spot while I licked her clit. She struggled to be quiet as she came, but managed not to cry out while the kids were sleeping. I rose up to lie beside her. I thanked her for changing her mind while she masturbated to another climax.

“Maybe you’ll think twice next time you are thinking about saying something mean to me,” she said. Then, she went down on me and let me cum in her mouth. It was an outstanding one and I just thanked her over and over.

I have been on my best behaviour since then but I almost want to be bratty just to get teased and controlled again.

Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Tue May 25, 2021 7:20 am
by midlifelovelife
When being chaste, the difference between no teasing and just a little bit of teasing is remarkable. I had gone about 10 days without orgasm when my wife’s period came. So for four days, she had zero interest in sex and was feeling pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t dare try to initiate. Leading up to the 10th day, I was feeling a rising need to cum, but then I just became content. I found I wasn’t thinking about it that much. Without any flirting or touching from my wife, it was quite manageable.

On the weekend, her period tapered off and she resumed her teasing ways. Out having an afternoon cocktail in our backyard, she suggested that she could give me a blowjob and our yard is so private, no one would even be able to tell it was happening. But she remembered that our youngest was upstairs playing video games. Even though his window has no view of where we weee sitting, he might come down looking for a snack. She suggested that I should preemptively take him a snack so we could be certain that we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Suddenly I was desperate to have that blowjob! I agreed with her brilliant idea and I brought my son a snack and drink. He was thrilled of course and resumed gaming while I returned to the backyard. Then my wife teasingly moved on from the blowjob idea, saying that it’s probably not as private as she was thinking. I refreshed our drinks and we talked. Except now, I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips. I think she noticed this and seemed to moisten them with her tongue a bit more than was necessary.

All the rest of the weekend, she gave me random cock inspections and grabbed my ass. I went from managing my chastity with ease to fighting my desperate need to cum.

That night, I gave her a massage and I was rock hard the whole time, especially while working on her cute ass and getting little whiffs of her pussy while she moaned in pleasure. As I finished the massage, she gave me another cock inspection and noticed my erection with a little gasp of surprise. I begged her to give me a handjob. She seemed to suddenly feel sorry for me.

“You need this, don’t you?” she said knowingly, stroking my cock through my underwear. Within seconds, I was getting close and told her. She pumped her hand briskly until I lost my load into my gitch. She marveled at the quantity which leaked out through the fabric and into her hand. After washing up, she went peacefully to sleep, smiling at the effects of her teasing.

Meanwhile, my level of arousal has hardly dipped and I am back to madly wanting her. She says she might let me go down on her soon...