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Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 8:15 am
by midlifelovelife
One of the things that I find to be a bit of a struggle is sleeping well in chastity. And I am not even caged, so it’s not about chafing or other physical discomfort. For me, it’s all about what’s going on in my head. I wake up with horny thoughts in the middle of the night and my imagination starts racing.

This week is our “Shaggaversary,” a term my wife and I use to mark the anniversary of the first time we had sex, now over two decades ago. My wife has been dropping hints about how we might celebrate, but is deliberately vague about what and when. She is taking me up on my encouragement for more teasing and now having sex with her is really on my mind a lot. At one time, I would have just rubbed one off in bed and gone back to a peaceful sleep. Now I won’t dare betray my promise to keep hands off.

I will say, I enjoy the simmering feeling and my wife is enjoying the attention. She remarks often about how “snuggly” I am, compared to the past. On the weekend, I painted her toes again when I noticed that the colour was becoming chipped and faded. I love to admire those freshly painted toes... and massage them and kiss them... She smiles at my enthusiastic servitude.

I am just so tired, and so horny.

Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:56 pm
by midlifelovelife
Yesterday, my wife and I had an argument in the evening. I was glad that we were able to resolve things before it was time to go to sleep. In chastity, I find that I am increasingly focused on her happiness and I find it more upsetting when she is angry with me.

In the past, I would think of her anger as her problem and I would spend little energy on trying to communicate better. Last night, it was important that I found the words to express myself while taking the conversation away from conflict. I was affectionate and hugged her a lot to restore the mood. I felt more evolved than my former self.

Am I giving too much credit to masturbation control when it comes to this change? I mean, it’s not like I was consciously thinking about my next chance for an orgasm while navigating the evening’s confrontation. I wasn’t “being nice” so that I could get laid. But I definitely felt more caring and more empathetic, behaviours that I have conditioned myself to take on in a more automatic way, since I stopped pleasuring myself several times a week.

As we lay in bed, talking and reconciling, my wife did say that my provocations would be punished; I could forget about touching her pussy for “a while” and she won’t be touching me. My wife has always been one to withhold sex as punishment or incentive, so this is nothing new. However, it definitely has a more profound effect now because it also means I won’t be cumming at all.

Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:23 pm
by midlifelovelife
Earlier this week, I was working from home and my wife had a day off. She was indulging in reality TV shows while I joined a series of conference calls. I finally finished this onslaught of meetings and came over to talk to her. As I stood next to her, sitting on the couch, she asked me when she would get to see my cock again.

I teased her for a second but she was not having that.
“Take your cock out for me,” she commanded, and of course I obliged. She then proceeded to pleasure me with her lovely mouth, licking me and sucking me. It had been 15 days since my last orgasm, so I soon felt my climax building. My wife backed off, teasing me and asking if I wanted to cum today.
“I do if you want me to,” I replied. She continued her teasing and soon brought me closer to cumming. I warned her that I was close and she hummed her permission. What followed was a long and extremely satisfying orgasm. She stayed with me for every convulsion, drawing out all of my cum.

I think I was quite vocal because my wife remarked on how strong my orgasm seemed to be. This was after she went to the bathroom to dispose of my cum, which she usually does. She also talked about how hard I felt in her mouth.

“I think that your saving up is really making a difference,” she said, “You are having much better orgasms now.” I couldn’t help but agree. I admitted that my previous experience was to cum several times a week and it was not unusual for an orgasm to be somewhat routine. I told her that when I had masturbated frequently, even my orgasms with her used to be less intense.

“Then you definitely can’t go back,” she said.

Back to retaining. It’s been only 2 days now but I am already thinking often about the next one.

Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:33 am
by midlifelovelife
Wonderful teasing on the couch yesterday. My wife and I were watching our favourite team play on Sunday when she pulled a blanket over the two of us and began softly stroking my crotch through my jeans.
“Take it out,” she whispered in my ear, and I quickly obliged. She then gently ran her fingers up and down my cock, stopping and starting, going faster and slower. She would periodically comment on a good play on screen, asking me if I saw it, but knowing how difficult it was for me to think about anything but the amazing handjob.
“We should get that dinner in the oven,” she said, changing the subject again.
“How about we wait until halftime,” I suggested, hoping to prolong this pleasure. There were under 2 minutes left until the half. My wife agreed, continuing to lovingly stroke me. At one point, she picked up the pace, jacking me briskly. I turned my face to hers, squirming and trying not to cum. I moaned quietly and said how good it felt.
“Time to get dinner in,” she said, stopping suddenly and grabbing the waistband of my underwear to cover my cock up again. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek and smiled devilishly. I proceeded to buckle back up and head to the kitchen.
As the second half started, I pulled the blanket back over the two of us.
“Don’t expect anything raunchy under the blanket,” she chided. Then she hinted that maybe something would happen in bed tonight.

Something did happen later in bed but it didn’t involve my cock. My wife asked me for a massage and I was happy to oblige. Getting to rub her back and hopefully her cute ass was a perfect thing to occupy my aroused mind. I did a proper job, applying massage oil and working her back muscles vigorously. Eventually I worked my way down to her ass, pulling her panties down and oiling her up. She moaned her approval. At a certain point, I began massaging her inner thighs, right near her pussy. Sensing that she might like more, I probed a couple of fingers towards her mound, reaching under her while she was still face-down on her stomach.

Moaning, my wife parted her legs and lifted her hips off the mattress, allowing my fingers to access her labia. She was quite moist and I spread her lubricant around her pussy and onto her clit. She was clearly enjoying a handjob of her own now. With her cute ass arched towards me, I moistened a finger on my other hand and began working it into her puckered asshole. Although she rarely asks for this, she loves having a finger in there while I work her clit.

Pretty soon, I had a nice rhythm going, playing little circles on her clit, sometimes moving off to massage her labia and gather more moisture. My other finger was fucking her ass gently, just one knuckle deep. Her ass started to get dry, so I added a lot more saliva, making it suddenly very slick. She moaned louder now and I picked up the pace with her asshole. Sensing that her orgasm was close, I doubled down on her clit as well. My wife turned her face into the pillow and her body tensed up. Her little ass pulsed on my finger as a wave of contractions came over her. As she rolled into another small orgasm, I just pressed my fingers against her clit, holding the pressure while the wave washed over her. She relaxed and I withdrew my fingers from her ass and pussy.

She flipped over and commented that I was a “dirty boy.” But she was all smiles as she staggered onto her feet and to the bathroom to wash up. I warmed up her heating pad and brought it to her in bed. Feeling totally relaxed, she was definitely off to sleep now. She took a moment to stroke my crotch through my pyjamas. Her eyes widened in surprise at my erection.
“What do you expect?” I replied, “I love giving you pleasure, so that was pretty hot for me.”

As she rolled onto her side to go to sleep, I headed downstairs to finish cleaning up the kitchen. I enjoyed the warm feeling that comes with unsatisfied arousal and thoughts of a satisfied wife. We guys in chastity know it well.