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Re: [midlifelovelife] My Journey into OC

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It’s been a while since my last update. Still practicing orgasm control and still on the honour system without a cage. Still observing the effects that it has on me and our relationship.

After an orgasm on October 7, I went over 2 weeks, until October 23rd. My wife noticed me getting hornier and indulged in some teasing, which was so great. She also took advantage of my obvious willingness to give massages and footrubs. At this stage of life, her libido operates at a more simmering pace, so she didn’t want much more than the tease. By the 23rd, she decided she was ready for some sexual attention and she told me to go down on her early that morning before the kids were up.

Orally pleasuring my wife is one of my favourite things to do and I was down between her legs before she finished her sentence. As I got started, she seemed extra wet and aroused so I began picking up the pace early on. I was like a starving man stumbling upon a juicy peach.

After another minute, my wife told me to come up for air. It was all too much, too fast and it didn’t feel so good. She instructed me to jerk off into my hand, since I clearly needed a release. As I jacked off, my wife fingered herself to an apparently mediocre climax and we debriefed in the bathroom. She was clear that my performance wasn’t up to my usual standard. Later in the day, she masturbated to 3 orgasms when she had a moment alone, informing me before dinner with a whispered account of her self pleasure. Clearly, it was to make up for the lousy action from earlier in the morning.

After that lacklustre performance by me, she took every opportunity to express her disappointment and make it clear that I must earn my way back to her pussy. It was glorious teasing.

Two weeks later, she finally gave me a chance to redeem myself and I took care to give her a slow, methodical session, listening and feeling for her rising arousal. I edged her twice before taking her over the edge with my tongue at full speed on her clit and a finger gently massaging and thrusting inside of her.

After two orgasms in rapid succession, she again asked me to jack off while she fingered herself to a third. We came together, which we both love. The bathroom debrief was much more positive but she is enjoying her ability to control the supply and make me work for it.
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