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Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:16 pm
by Mikejames
While my wife was making a post office run my House of Denial ultra small with urethral tube came. It fits well and is surprisingly comfortabke tho the tube could take some getting used to.

When she came home i showed her that i had it on and she laughed. She is a little worried bc she thinks its squishing my nuts. The gap is 3/8ths on this and being high and tight it is a little uncomfortable but manageable. Glad my MM jailbird will have 1/2 inch gap tho.

She asked for the keys but i told her this is just a trial run and she doesnt get keys til the real cage comes. She is ok with that but said she feels bad that i look so uncomfortable

I reasssured her that it's not that bad and it makes me happy to prevent myself from masturbating for her. I said when the real cage comes if it is as or more comfy than this then i want her to keep my keys for real and she said ok. I told her i really want to stay denied for her and she said that if thats true then i shouldnt expect to cum very much amymore.

Still expecting some play edging tonight but if she shuts me down again im going to thank her instead of complaining and go right to bed without making a big deal about it.

Ill keep this HOD cage on as long as i can but probably wont sleep in it tonight just bc it's literally the first time ive ever worn a cage.

I know people say ball trap cages are escapable but i cant imagine how i could possibly get out of this without hurting myself pretty badly. I have no interest in even trying bc ball pain terrifies me.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 11:10 pm
by Mikejames
Sorry for any typos...i always write from my phone....

Interesting day today. We had a morning edging session and i failed to get her off. Seems her libido is a little slow and she needs a few days in between. Sometimes i can get her off so easily and sometimes its pretty tough. Today aas one of those days.

I wore my house of denial cage most of the day but the urethral tube is too uncomfortable for non stop wear and pissing thru it is a messy proposition.

She is entertained by the idea of the cage but has said it is kind of weird. She doesnt get why i cant be this doting partner all the time without sex being taken away from me as way to cause that.

Seems like she doesnt love the idea that it's the horniness that causes the increased she doesnt feel it's real. She knows my "real" cage is coming monday from mature metal and is ok with me wearing it but still said she feels like it is weird.

I told her we will just take it slow and i wont force anything but she did say she will take the keys so i guess thats a good sign. I kind of know ive come on too strong with all of this so i think i need to pump the brakes a wee bit and just put the cage on and give her the keys and chill. Then i will just stop pestering her for sexual attetnion. I may have come close to blowing this by being too aggressive, but its been hard given that i havent cum in just under 3 weeks. It's hard not to be obsessive about sex as a guy when u have been chaste for that long and i dont think women understand that. And i dont want to always be overexplaining things.

Seems like she really does enjoy the honor system chastity but the addition of a cage is what makes it a bit too kinky and weird for her. But she is going along for now. It's just up to me to stop making such a big deal and being so needy. Im kind of mad at myself for being so annoying and know i need to dig deeper for some self control. I will just try to be better about giving her more non sexual attention and affection and hope she kind of connects the dots on her own without me talking about chastity all the time.

I was kind of hoping that 3 weeks of me not cumming would show her all the benefits and that she would totally want to limit my orgasms with the certainty of a cage. Maybe she has doubts bc she knows i can go 3 weeks without cumming so she just thinks i should be able to keep that up but there is no way i can. If she lets me cum next week and wants me to then do another month without using the cage then i just dont think i can. Stopping meself from masturbationg first thing every morning is so difficult and i dont want the option anymore.

After reading stuff she gave me the greenlight to order pegging equipment and now that stuff will be here in a few days too along with the MM cage. Kind of afraid all these packages of sex toys will overwhelm her. I think when the harness and dildos come i will tell her what it is but that we dont have to open it yet and then just let her curiosity build. She loves fingering me and seeing what prostate stim does to me but again i think the introduction of an outside object is what makes things feel weird for her. I wish i could find the right words to help get her past whatever hangups she has. I really hope she doesnt go full stop on the pegging stuff bc i only ordered it after she said i could and ive wanted that so badly for like ever.

After dinner i went to take a shower and told her i was taking the cage off for the night. When i came out of the shower she asked if i still had it on and i said no i told you i was taking it off and she was like oh ok i was just curious and she was kind of smirking. I feel like im getting some mixed messages and its like shes both kind of into this and kind of weirded out.

Anyone who has gotten a vanilla wife fully on board, I'd welcome your advice....other than the obvious fact that i need to kind of chill the fuck out a bit.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 12:48 pm
by Mikejames
Last night while watching tv she played with my penis over my gym shorts a little just enough to keep me aroused. When i started getting too hard she would stop and then start again. I just quietly sat there and let her do her thing. At one point she said oh baby only 1 more week to go.....if youre good.

Then the baby started crying so she stopped to go tend to her. I thanked her for what she'd done and went to bed throbbing with my loins on fire.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:16 pm
by Mikejames
Outside smoking a cigar, one of my favorite guily pleasures. Pondering all this stuff.

After making coffee 20 mins ago as i was pouring a cup my wife sauntered into the kitchen groped me over my pjs and i instantly became hard. She giggled and said wow youre horny today. I told her yes it was a very hard morning and i woke up throbbing. She said good.

She said think how awesome next sunday will be when i let u cum. Then she paused and said "although im pretty sure my period is due to start toward the end of next week so theres a pretty good chance youre gonna have to wait an extra week." She was smirking and said "thats ok right? If i have u wait longer?" I just said "whatever you think is best, is all i want"

That was pretty much it for the exchange but the thought of being made to wait even longer made me instantly hard and she noticed saying "yeah i think that IS what you want huh".

When my cage comes monday and assuming it fits right the first time i will give her the keys. At some point during the week once i know the fit is ok and safe for long term wear i will tell her during a fool around session that i think she should make me wait a lot longer bc i dont think i deserve to cum any time soon given how annoying i have been.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 2:13 pm
by Mikejames
Had a pretty hot session last night. Her period is already starting so she said last night was the last time i get near her pussy for another week. She hadn't really started as of last night but knew it was imminent. She gave me a crazy BJ...stopping short obviously of letting me cum. When she started she was giving me a light teasing hand job and then asking me how horny i was. I told her that ive never been hornier than that day and it was driving me wild. She said maybe if i suck your dick a little that will help?. I said yeah and she goes "ok i will lick your cock babe but only if you promise to be a good boy and not cum in my mouth ok? No cumming"......i almost lost it before she started. Thats the hottest thing shes ever said lol.

I don't know if she has gone and goggled prostate massaging but she forcefully threw my legs way wack and had the inside of my knees on her shoulders and with a bunch of spit on her hand started teasing the outside of my butt while blowing me. After a minute she penetrated me kind of hard and then added a second finger and immediately started the "come hither" motion perfectly on my prostate. She came up and started kissing me while doing this and then alternated between the come hither massage and just thrusting in and put of me with her hand positioned in front of her pubic bone. She just kept saying hot things like "you like this huh better not cum...dont you dare cum" i came close to an assgasm i think a few times. After a while she had me fuck her and pull put when close. Edged that way like 10 times and then had me go down and get her off.

As soon as she cooled down from her orgasm she abruptly got up and said ok we are done for the night. We watched tv for an hour then i went to bed.

Cage comes tomorrow. Im pretty excited. Its good that it coincides with her period week bc i will get to try wearing it all week and get used to it before the weekend comes. Hopefully she will learn to like it and im really hoping that she takes my release away next sunday. As much as i want to cum, this insanely horny state ive been in is so hot and i dont want it to end.

I plan to totally leave her alone with sex stuff and not push her this week. On friday or saturday i think i will suggest to her that i shouldnt be allowed to cum soon and that instead maybe its best i i get used to the cage and focus on her. Maybe i can just say that i love how this month has felt and just dont want it to end and i can ask her to just decide a time and not tell me but make me wait a long time.

I want her to get comfortable with the idea that she decides when i cum and i dont get a say.

Shes come a long way from total vanilla to be on board this far so im just hoping something clicks in her soon that makes her want to take that control. I think shes still kind of nervous and unsure about taking on that dominant role.

I will say that almost a month cum free is not at all like what i expected when it was just a fantasy. I thought i would just get hornier and hornier until i couldn't think straight. But its not really like that. Sometimes i feel normal and not that horny but then when i do start to feel turned on it is very intense and the warmth and tingling sensations in my penis drives me crazy. Its like that off and on. Mid day yesterday i was so worked up i had to put an ice pack in my underwear.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 11:49 am
by Mikejames
So my jailbird came yesterday. I have been wearing it for roughly 18 hours now and i have no urge to take it off. The only trouble i have is turtling and that made me very frustrated yesterday. But when i put tight underwear on (thong) it supports the weight and i havent turtled since. I pretty much only wear mens thongs so i shouldnt have this issue any more. I even slep in the cage last night and it was totally fine. Morning wood this morning was a bit uncomfortable but not painful. It took forever to go away bc even tho it was uncomfortable the feeling of straining against the cage just turned me on more.

I showed it to my wife last night and she thought it was funny. She thinks it hurts my balls bc how how tight it looks but i assured her it was fine. She touched it a few times and before bed she gave it a quick kiss!.

When i got up this morning she felt it again over my pants and asked "so did you try to hump the bed this morning?". I told her no that was not really possible now and she said "oh thats good i like that". But shes also still expeessing that this is all a bit weird to her. Luckily she is totally going along tho.

Also last night when i suggested we go for a play session she said "no not on my period. I told you the other night it was your last playtime for a week or week and a half so maybe its good you have that thing on".

I have not handed the keys over yet as i want a few days to be able to adjust and remove to check skin etc. But when i asked her last night if she wanted them she just said "uh yeah, i do want them".

So all in all im off to a nice start. I really hope come sunday for my first cum in a month that she just says no and makes me go another month but we'll see.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:07 pm
by Mikejames
Also noteworthy. Today is day 23 without cumming. My scheduled release on sunday would be on the 28th day. Hopefully she bitchily cancels the shit out of that.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:51 pm
by Mikejames
Last night was my second night caged and i woke up in pain at 4am with some bad burning. I took the cage off and switched to the oval ring and its been better. I slept fine the rest of the night. I think i might actually need to go down a size in base ring bc maybe its free to move a bit too much.

Ill give it a few more days. Hate to have to send this back to MM alread for an adjustment but thats ok if i do. I could probably wear my chinese urethral tube insert cage for that time.

My wife had some wine last night and got a little frisky but the kids put a stop to it. She fondled my cage a bit and liked my glans between the bars. She said it looked like my dick wanted to explode out of it lol. I love the way it feels to not even be able to get hard, pushing against the cage futilely while seeing her pussy simply covered by thin lacy panties free to get all the pleasure it wants.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:26 pm
by Mikejames
Well. The jailbird is going back to MM for adjustment. The gap is too tight and pinches the extra fatty scrotal tissue up at the top. It became unbearable.

Im also getting another base ring 1/8 inch smaller which i hope will help with turtling. If there ends up being no fix for turtling i will have to accept a need for piecing which i want anyway. Not sure how the wife will feel about that though.

In the meantime i ordered a cherry keeper with headlock as a fallback option in case the jailbird fails to work out. I wish a metal cage maker would copy the headlock feature!

I told my wife i have to send it back and that we should cancel my cum on Sunday and postpone it at least until i get the cage back from MMand see how the fix is. She said to consider it canceled.

Re: [MikeJames] Headed for Lockup!

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 10:50 am
by Richie69
Hi there, I would be very interested in reading the book you gave her. It may help me in encouraging my wife to lock me up.