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[Roxy-owns-johnny] Yes Mistress

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:36 pm
by Roxy-owns-johnny
For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to powerful women.

My journey started at a very young age. I'm not sure of the psychology behind my attraction to women in charge. I grew up in a very female house, my Mom raising 3 kids on her own after my Dad died at very young age. With two older sisters I was always the 'little brother' as a kid. We had female dogs, female cats, 2 female horses and a male horse that had to be put down young due to illness. This left me as the sole representative that had a cock in my immediate family. I'm sure this influenced me as to my view of and treatment of women, however I also know that there is some innate desire in me to serve powerful women that has been there from a very early age. It has taken a long time for me to identify that and understand it.

Growing up, I always loved strong female characters in movies, books and song. Amazon warriors, evil villainesses and leather clad high heeled women were always my favorite characters. I generally wasn't attracted to the beautiful princess, sex kitten or other common types of woman depicted in these art forms. Sarah Conner, Ripley, Alice, The Bride and Zena were the type of characters I was drawn to.

Being controlled by these type of women seemed natural to me. My interest in D/s was quickly joined by BDSM and FLRs. It all melded together in my mind and as I introduced myself to more and more of the male submissive world, the deeper my passion for it grew.

My first marriage failed miserably! I held plenty of the responsibility for this as I wasn't honest with her about my sexual desires and feeling toward women in general. Now that wasn't the only reason this marriage failed, not even close, but thankfully it was over quick before we really had a chance to establish anything lasting.

I met Roxy in 2000 at a blues bar that I frequented regularly. It was February and a pretty cold winter day, but my boys still rode their bikes from the shop to the bar. My bad ass Big Dog (a divorce gift to myself) was still at the shop as we were in the middle of doing some MORE customization to it, so I was in my truck for the frigid trip. Roxy, having just completed a motorcycle riding course and attaining her license, was ready to get her own bike when the weather warmed up. She noticed us, as we came through the door, watching everyone shake off the cold, thinking, these guys are crazy riding in February and what a bad ass, noticing the cold didn't even effect me. Sometimes luck is just on your side, and it was about too be for a second, third and fourth time. You see, at the time my boys and me were engaging in a super mature little game where we would take turns hitting on women in bars, with the caveat that she had to be with a guy. There was really no objective other than providing entertainment to the rest of the group who wasn't 'it'. I was 'it' that night, ahh Lady Luck. I did have the freedom to choose the girl, unless there were special circumstances like every good bar game has, but none this night so the choice was mine. Gift from The Gods I choose Roxy that night. She was there with a pretty big dude, who looked like he could probably take care of himself. They were definitely there together and I could tell were very comfortable with each other, but fuck it, she was a dime and I was up for the challenge. I approached the table took a seat and introduced myself. No immediate threats or flying fists so I turned on the charm. We talked about blues music, riding motorcycles in the cold and a few other things until about 20 minutes later the guy says... I know it's killing you and I can't believe you haven't asked but I'm her brother. Oh the fortune!

Now I'm a pretty big guy, 6'1" 225, I was trained to kill people by the USMC, and think I used to rank pretty high on the 'looks like a bad ass scale', but with the series of fortunate events, I think I came off looking like John Wick or something. Roxy and I hit it off, started dating, she bought her Harley DynaGlide and we started our journey together.

I learned a big lesson from my first marriage. When I started feeling so strongly for Roxy so quickly I decided I would test the sexual proclivity waters. For some reason she needed to stop by my house one morning, don't remember why, but I took the opportunity to leave a copy of 'Different Loving' in a strategic location, not too obvious but high probability that she would see it. I went to work, she stopped by, she saw it!

That was 20 years ago, in that time we have shared a life of discovery, trial and error, engaged and disengaged in D/s, BDSM and FLR. I am not exactly sure when the CB devices hit the market, but I was an early adopter! I've enjoyed, been frustrated by and painfully pinched by a couple of their devices and several others over the years. Beautiful Mistress Roxy and I have used chastity in our lives and in our play generally only on a short term basis ( a week or two) as far as orgasm denial and months at a time for overall time locked up.

We have been through our share of up and downs which has caused in and outs of these activities and sexual activity in general. We have learned, delved into, fallen out of, fought about and made up over a lot over the years. I feel so incredibly fortunate that she is in my life and understands and if she doesn't understand, puts up with all my non-vanilla desires. She is my world!

And Now:

This part of our life has re-ignited after a long hiatus. Last time she was locking me up on a regular basis, we learned how powerful her having me locked up is to the D/s relationship and how it adds a lifestyle element to our play without her walking me through the public park on a collar and leash. I am so excited to be under her lock and key again. What's even more exciting is that it feels that our chastity use is going to places that we haven't taken it before. Are long term orgasm denial, and authorized release only, edging and other delightful goodies in my future? 20 years later, things are as exciting as ever.

I look forward to sharing more of our history together and our life moving forward!

Re: [Roxy-owns-johnny] Yes Mistress

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 7:10 am
by TwistedMister
by Roxy-owns-johnny » Wed Apr 01, 2020 1:25 pm
She's also interested in the key holders group

:) :) Where is this group you speak of??
The Keyholder forum is visible only to the (mostly) ladies who are Keyholders. The KH must have her own login/alias/nick, and she will be assigned as a member of the KH 'group' which allows her to see the forum. Shared aliases are not permitted to view the KH forum.

Re: [Roxy-owns-johnny] Yes Mistress

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:22 am
by sherulestherooster
Happy for your both. I could have written the same thing about being attracted to strong powerful women. Looking forward to hearing more of your story.


Re: [Roxy-owns-johnny] Yes Mistress

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 8:31 pm
by Roxy-owns-johnny
Mistress Roxy left 25 days ago, by far the longest we have been separated in our 20 year relationship. A family situation took her to a far away island, we really had no idea how long she would need to be there. We thought I would join her at some point on this beautiful far away island but COVID has changed all that.

Since she started locking me in chastity, she rarely has denied me orgasm for longer than a week and probably kept me locked as long as 2 months of overall time, locked for her. That is all about to change…I’m under COVID chastity now.

A couple of weeks before she left she informed me she would like to start locking me up again, we had been on a hiatus for some time dealing with health issues that have plagued her for a number of years off and on. So when she told me ‘I’ll be locking you up tomorrow for a few days, off for a day and then locked back up for a week, at least’, I was extremely excited! I have danced the line between making suggestions that may steer her towards things that may fulfill my fantasies and being pushy and turning her off to the very thing I’m trying to introduce to our play. When she initiated our return to locking her boy down it was powerful and erotic, because SHE initiated it. What made it even more exciting is that around six months ago was the culmination and implementation of years of research to finally solve what the doctors hadn’t been able to. She made some pretty serious changes to her diet which has made some major changes to her life. She has always been pretty active, yoga, hiking and other things, but has struggled with her weight none the less. I have always found her sexy and attractive no matter her weight, but now that she has dropped 40 pounds over the last six months, well let’s just say she looks smokin’ hot. She is at a place physically, but more importantly emotionally and sexually that she may have not been at for quite some time, if ever. Ironically she is also currently 3,000 miles away. I’m locked, She’s far away with no definitive date for return, seems this chastity thing has taken on a whole new angle.

Re: [Roxy-owns-johnny] Yes Mistress

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 8:31 am
by sherulestherooster
Wow, that is a long time to be locked. Are you able to FaceTime? Does she tease you? Is she regularly masturbating? Thanks for posting!