[Brian5242] Our chastity journey

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[Brian5242] Our chastity journey

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It all started out earlier in the week when we were making love, my wife brought up wanting to lock me back up. I passed out after sex and didn’t bring it up for a couple days.

Back up a few weeks to our first time locking me up, I loved it but I didn’t give my wife total control and ruined it for her. I was over excited and I can try to justify my behavior but I told her I was giving her control of my locked penis and was “suggesting” or telling her what I wanted to do. Not ok and I have apologized and hope she can forgive me and this time will be better.

I had hinted at her comments about wanting to lock me back up a few times Wednesday and told her I wanted to give her a massage and rub her feet in a bath. After she got home from work we were talking on the porch and she said that she just wanted a bath and a massage then to go to bed with no sex, I told her I was ok with that but I couldn’t promise I could control myself unless I was locked up.

She told me to go finish getting the bath ready and to lock him up in the stainless steel one (she loves her bling and ordered it for me a couple weeks ago) I told her yes mistress and did exactly as she ordered. While we were talking on the porch I also promised her that I would not bring ANYTHING up about me being locked up and that she was in control this time. I have every intention of following up on this and letting her control how and when I get any release.

The bath was amazing, this woman is so sexy naked and just covered in bubbles. She was able to relax and drink her wine in peace. She asked me to get her another glass of wine and I got out right in front of her, and I caught a devilish smile out of the corner of my eye of her looking at her cage locked on her cock.

After the bath I gave her a good massage with the massage oil we bought at a sex toy store the first time we tried locking him up. (Another story for another day) I love touching this woman, even though I know sex was out of the equation. Her back is so smooth and the lotion smelled soooo good, the lotion she got has pheromones in it and drove me nuts.

For the massage she told me to put my boxers on, I respected her and kept him in my pants, I wanted so bad to rub my locked cock on her sexy ass but she has all the control and I need to let her tell me exactly what to do.

Knowing that she has all the control is so satisfying but hard at the same time. I want so bad to have her cum home and get naked and let me pleasure her, use her vibrator on her, kiss her, rub her back....... but wait it’s not what I want anymore, it’s about what she wants. If she wanted any of those things she just needs to snap her fingers and they would be hers.

I am so excited she has me locked again and I hope I can have the patience to let her blossom and embrace the power that she now has. Time will tell
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Re: Our chastity journey

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@BrianKC73 , are you starting a blog in this forum? If so, please read the link in red at the top of this forum, and let us know.

If not we can move this post to a more appropriate forum.
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