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[Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:07 pm
by nosaint
I have been interested in chastity devices for 25 years or more. I bought a CB - 2000 and tried to make my own. (I had a small machine shop then. ) When I introduced the idea to my wife, she was horrified. Soon thereafter, our marriage was in trouble, but we persisted. Marriage was patched up, but the bad times were linked in her mind to my kink. I gave up any hope of ever being caged. But I still have some kinks. I introduced the concept of FLR to her 6-7 years ago. After several false starts and stops, we've reached a workable level of FLR for us. It mostly revolves around orgasm denial on the honor method. She's been having fun with extending the length of denial, now up to 8 weeks. It would have been hard for me to imagine a few years ago, that I would type a sentence saying she's been having fun with denial...

6 weeks ago I was trying to explain the idea of a little light CBT and said that "that's why I like Chastity devices, would you reconsider?" She shocked me to no end when she she would. I haven't looked at much about chastity in years, I assumed it would never happen. So I quickly did a few searches, found @thumper's blog and showed her a few pages, which she actually read. and then waited. A week later I was bringing it up again and she stopped me said I was pushing her too hard. So I just shut up about it. Assuming I had probably lost again.

She surprised me this past weekend when she said I could order one. I really liked the look of the Holy Trainer Nub from the first time I saw it. It looks as if there is no penis. (I had asked her a few times recently to take away my penis) I don't have any sort of castration fantasy, but I do like the image of the Nub. So I ordered it on Sunday. It arrived Wednesday. She wouldn't let me open the box until she was home with me. But as soon as she was home we opened the box, played with it a bit to figure out how everything worked and immediately put it on. I got the 45 MM ring and it seems to be the correct fit. I considered going to the 40 MM, but now I'm not sure I could get it on.

One of her objections was me wearing it to work. But due to the Corona Virus, I'm working 100% from home for an unknown period of time. Her eyes lit up when I announced that Monday. So I think I'll be locked for awhile. Hopefully she'll get more comfortable with me wearing it during this time.

Funny thing, after she put it on she said it made her feel more like she really could tell me to do things, or punish me. So from my point of view it's having a very positive impact on her mindset, something that was completely unexpected.

Edit:We just passed each other in the kitchen, she reached down and squeezed my crotch, not a common occurrence. I think she likes it, she really likes it. :mrgreen:

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:56 pm
by Tessasissy
Good luck going forward sounds like you are we on your way to long term chastity. :D

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 7:58 pm
by nosaint
Tessasissy wrote: Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:56 pm Good luck going forward sounds like you are we on your way to long term chastity. :D
Very possibly, we have an agreement that I get one permission to orgasm a month, but permissions can be revoked or granted but told I can't move :o
She has said that every orgasm will be after a record time of denial. Currently that's 8 weeks. So there is no way I'll have more than 11 orgasms this year, possibly much less. Thanks for the good wishes :shock:

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:36 am
by nosaint
I wasn't sure what to expect when we went to bed, my experience from 20 years ago wearing a CB-2000 was she hated the looks of it and the few times I wore it to bed, I'd get don't touch me with that thing!. But there was no discussion, nor any hint that she expected me to take it off and since she has the keys, I slept in it. Got through the night ok.
We had a brief conversation this morning, a: she doesn't hate the sight of it, and B: It didn't bother her at all last night. She also said one reason it took her some time to agree to it was she knew that once she said yes, there was no going back. I'm not sure, but that sounds like 24/7 pretty much. She's also interested in the key holders group, just she's very busy. It's going to be an interesting trip

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:11 am
by nosaint
So wearing this is having an effect on both of our attitudes. When I wake up, I'm no longer trying to rub my dick against anything handy, the bed, her butt, my hands etc. I'm thinking she has control of my dick, she's taken it away. (not sure why I like the idea of her taking away my dick as opposed to locking it up or controlling it, but that's how I'm thinking about it)

But the change in her attitude is stunning me. Nothing huge or harsh, but much more willing to assert herself and tell me what to do. Last night she sent me to bed. Not the normal, you've fallen asleep in your chair, go to bed. But it was "you're bothering me, go to bed" Absolutely unprecedented. She also had me clean her shoes, rare event, but she wasn't hesitant and she didn't ask, she told me.

Since she gave me a treat of buying a chastity cage, we decided she deserved a treat as well. So we ordered a new vixskin dildo for her. We have only recently discovered the fun of me wearing a strap on, but the first dildo we had meant the harness would rub up against her at times, she didn't like that. So we ordered one a bit longer and per the description, only 1/8 of an inch wider. Someone there must have a broken ruler, this is every bit of 3/8" wider, quite a difference and non returnable. But she now has 3 options small, medium and large. I'll leave it to you to guess where I fall on the spectrum, but we're talking about dildos, finding one that is close to normal size is difficult.

I wish I had been able to accomplish this years ago. I'm rethinking what she meant when she said if we bought a cage there was no going back. Our dynamic is shifting in a way I've wanted. Fun trip indeed.

I'm thinking about ordering a cherry keeper, the idea of the headlock really appeals to me, I told her I'd show her a picture today. We'll she what she says. I prefer the look of the nub, but the headlock feature is interesting. Does everyone build up a collection of devices? Reading here it seems so.

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Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:36 am
by nosaint
So today marks one week of being caged 24/7 We took it off once for cleaning and to change to the new 40MM ring I bought. I've ordered a 36MM ring that will arrive tomorrow. It appears I have a long scrotum, so keeping the ring tight against my body may be impossible. So while a cherry keeper with a headlock may be in my future, I just really like the way the nub looks. Even if I have to pull my scrotum back through the ring every morning to snug the ring up against my body.

So her attitude continues to be more comfortable with telling me what to do, that's a good thing. There have also been several crotch grabs, which I enjoy. Overall, we haven't had much time for interaction. You would think with both of us now working from home, we would have more time. But she stays constantly busy upstairs, while I work downstairs. Sunday was taken up for her with phone conferences all afternoon, she was either on a conference call or preparing for a conference call, so no play time :( I'm really eager to try her new toy, the vixskin, probably more than her. At least I'm sure I think about it more often, but that would be typical male behavior.

She has also taken to wearing the key around her neck. She pulls it out occasionally and twirls it to tease me :) I did mention that if any one sees it they will know what it is, she disagreed, but came up with a cover story anyway. So, does this mean she'll wear it often and in public? It will be weeks before we will have that answer.

Looks like 24/7 will be my new normal :D

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Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:00 pm
by nosaint
Well that was fun. She called her work and told them she would be in a meeting for an hour...I was the ran long :mrgreen:

But some fun conversation,she wanted to know if I could wear the strap on over the device, I assured her that it was possible, from what I had read here. She did indicate that this might be my last PIV for awhile. As someone else commented, she is not giving up anything with the current Vixskin, it's very lifelike and a bit longer. We still haven't tried the new bigger one. Also, 24/7 wear is definitely in the cards. Certainly as long as the self quarantine lasts (Currently April 24 for me, could be longer) and very possibly after the self quarantine. She likes it effect on me.

One unexpected result from being locked up for a week, I was harder than has been my norm for the last few years. Age, health issues and medications, have robbed me of a bit of performance. Whether it was the week of being locked up, or just my excitement at the way the conversation is going is debatable in my mind. But she's attributing it all to the device, so she thinks it has some really positive features now. :mrgreen:

Things have escalated fairly quickly, from denial on the honor system for 6 months or so, to chastity device 24/7 and maybe occasional limited PIV in addition to the denial. So my last orgasm was March 7, I think it may be awhile before another, 8-) I'm a bit shocked at this progress. I guess if you push against a wall for 20 years, when it finally gives way it really gives way.

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:56 am
by nosaint
Turns out she was right about one thing (I hate it when that happens) Wearing the cage has made me harder when she lets me out. I have no good explanation for this, but can't deny obvious reality. It appears it has also made me more sensitive. My wife and I have practiced PIV edging for at least 10 to 15 years. I recall one or two mistakes in that time. Well now there's a third. I wasn't moving at the time, which I find fairly incredible. I had gotten close, but stopped, enjoying being fully engulfed, when all of a sudden the orgasm just came on, as I said with no motion on my part. So it was a bit of a ruined orgasm I suppose. Unique experience.

But while the device was off, I did notice a small blood blister and bruising, I don't know if this is normal, but a bruised penis is not something I'm after, so we decided to take a few days off.

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:25 pm
by Roxy-owns-johnny
She's also interested in the key holders group

:) :) Where is this group you speak of??

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 4:18 pm
by nosaint
Words I never thought I'd hear "We need to get you locked back up" I didn't mention it, it was all her idea. So I'm locked back up after 4 days. She did check to see if the bruising had resolved and the small blood blister had healed, yes to both. So back in!