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Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 6:36 pm
by nosaint
Well, this was a bit of a red letter day. First, she didn't insist I take the cage off before or After our romp, that's a first. Then, while I'm getting her revved up for the Vixskin, she chuckled and said "this is what sex is like you from now on" :D

So I mentioned that I really wanted to be caged for 100 days. With multiple issues with the cages in the past, I don't think I've ever gone more than 10 days without having to remove the cage for a period of time. Now that I think I've solved those issues, long term wear is possible.

I am genuinely concerned that she will miss PIV, so on our evening walk, I expressed my concerns...her response? Laughter! :shock: Genuine amusement at my obviously real concern. We had to stop our walk so she could recover from laughing :? So apparently it's not as big an issue as I feared.

So, if I'm caged for 100 days, 7 down so far, it will be mid July before I can even slip in, maybe orgasm, which will be over 4 months of denial. By far the longest I've gone. She doesn't seem concerned :o My evil plans are nearing completion 8-)

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 6:23 pm
by nosaint
Well, she continues to surprise me. For the 2nd week in a row, I was not uncaged. This is the longest period of continuous lockup we've ever done. Before our regular romp, she said "get as clean as you can, it's not coming off" Wow, that's completely new.

She wasn't feeling frisky for our romp, Sleep issues are killing her, so she was really very comfortable and possibly a bit grateful that she could say "let's just cuddle" without any big blow back from me. She even mentioned that in most marriages, the man would just hop on while the woman tolerated it until he was through. She prefers our way. :D

Then she really shocked me, "maybe I'll keep you locked until we go on vacation", that would be the last week of September... :o That would be 5 months and 3 weeks, much, much longer than we've ever done with denial, much less caged. So I thanked her :oops: I did say that we seem to be moving towards long term denial and caged, she agreed that was the direction we're going in :shock:

She is also back to the Vixskin is much better than me...I do like hearing that. She's ordering a hormonal cream to make intercourse more comfortable for her, it's not because I'm so big and hard. :?

We did agree that sometime between now and my physical in early June, we'll have to take the cage off to see if there are any tell tell marks, and how long they take to go away. But that may be my only 2 uncaged moments between now and the last week of September. :shock:

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 5:27 am
by nosaint
So, I'm on day 24 of a 100 day lock down, at a minimum. So at a minimum, I'm looking at 19 weeks of denial and 15 weeks of being caged 24/7, or close to it. Both records by far. Although she has said "you'll be begging me to be let out" She's starting to get the hang of verbal teasing. Part of me says that 19 weeks is so close to 26 weeks, half a year, that we should just keep going. If she was serious about waiting until we go on vacation in late September/early October, we're looking at 31 weeks of denial :shock: Given that we will be flying to our vacation, I'm assuming that I'll be unlocked for that week. That would fit her normal pattern.

I had to make an emergency visit to a facility that uses metal detectors, now the odds of me having to go through one of those detectors was slim to none, but after 16 days of continually wearing the cage, I really wanted out for a bit. So I didn't mention the very low probability that I would have to go through a detector. She unlocked me the night before. We were going to have to unlock me in June for my annual physical anyway, and we neded to see if time was needed for any tell tell marks to disappear. I really don't want to have that kind of conversation with my Doc. It seems 24 hours is plenty of time for any marks to fade. Now the question is, do we just ignore this time out? or add it on? She hasn't decided yet.

She seems to be enjoying this, she has to work this weekend, for the first time in over a year. Normally, we would just skip our romp, but she told me to take Friday afternoon off so we could romp. Very atypical behavior. It may be that she just received her hormonal cream and she's excited to try the vixskin out after using it. Or maybe she's having more fun with chastity. :?:

I know many men, myself included at times, complain about morning erections, but wearing the standard Cherry Keeper, I actually enjoy them. Of course it wakes me up at 4 AM, but the sensation is pleasurable. No doubt the few years I played with hanging 1 and 2 pound weights on my balls has had some effect. My scrotum is not high and tight. I don't get 100% erect, the Cherry Keeper has a slight downward angle and prevents full erection, so I'm pretty satisfied with what I have. It doesn't prevent me from considering other devices, why so many of us like to try new devices is a mystery, but it is a common theme.

Re: [Nosaint] Finally locked

Posted: Sun May 09, 2021 7:11 am
by nosaint
So 34 days into my 100+ day journey of being locked 24/7. Last time I went 16 days before I really wanted out, to the extent I misrepresented the possibility of going through a metal detector. Now after 18 days continuous wear, I'm ok. It could be that earlier this week, I woke up around 12:30 with my penis almost completely out, I had been pulling on it in my sleep, not for anything sexual, but just to scratch! Oh the pleasure of scratching after a few weeks. Luckily, she was coming to bed at that time, so we could take the cage off and put it right back on after I got my self back into the ring. I think I go "super flaccid" somewhere around midnight and it makes pulling out more possible. Not usually a problem as I'm always asleep at that time. However, we were able to check and make sure there were no tell tell signs of me wearing the cage, so there is no need to unlock me until the night before my Doctor's appointment in June. She'll just add a day onto the period...just to make sure I get my full 100 days.

I had to point out, that given our regular schedule of fooling around every Sunday, trying to "punish me" by adding a day was useless. Currently the 100 days is up on Wednesday July 14. It could be Thursday Friday or Saturday, nothing is going to happen until Sunday. So she decided if she needed/wanted to she would add time in weekly increments. Yeah, I "had to" point that out :?

She is commenting on changes in my behavior, it seems I'm more gentle and loving...she likes it :shock: I may have converted her to this kink, she is seeing benefits. She even bought herself a new vibrating toy, without any suggestion from me, that's unusual, I may have awakened something in her. It will be interesting to see what she does when the 100 days are up...