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[Ready2submit] the wait to start is killing me .

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:24 pm
by Ready2submit

Re: [Ready2submit] the wait to start is killing me .

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:34 pm
by slave d
Hopefully by making you wait She is teaching you the most important lesson .... that this is about Her not you !! i find there is nothing better (after nearly 6 years of chastity) when MsM decides something with zero input from me. i believe most of us tend to try and top from the bottom and that’s certainly what you are doing. The great thing is that Stephanie (i suspect the use of that name, particularly the shortened Steph may change too) appears to have twigged to this very early in the piece. More power to Her !!

MsM’s ld

Re: [Ready2submit] the wait to start is killing me .

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:10 pm
by Ready2submit
I actually told her what top from the bottom was so she knew how a sub can manipulate his dom .
I have a hard time going 100% female led in all things of everyday life. I dont stand a chance sexually if someone knows how to seduce me into submitting though. I know this from other experiences. I also know once sexually dominated it can easily be used to roll over into most everything and i end up giving more than i feel comfortable with but for some reason am drawn to do so .
So i promised her i would not sub from bottom and I actually have gone a far as pointing out when she has allowed me to do so, so she knows what it really is .
I also know once we take the next step that i myself would hate me for TFB and not truely giving her what i told i would give her .
I believe she knew she liked more of Dom role then she let on and did before i came into picture but didnt know if it was real or just porn and fantasy .
So ive been fair and showed her sites to learn from .
And dicussed with her how submissive i can be when a dominant person know how to use it against me . I agreed to six months from day she locks me up of total submission and have encouraged her to find herself and enjoy what she now has .
Im already her sub when ever she wants me to be and oh boy she likes it more than either of us thought.
I have a real feeling my 6 month deadline to allow us rethink this, is only going to be a formality. I agree her not locking up even though i knows she wants to worse than i has to be like you said , her taking control of the situation and me before she locks me up . Well it is working im here typing like a fool just to let it out of my mind because right now i would agree to 12 months just to get her to get it over and let me feel she her joy when she turns the key for the first time .