[ColeCaged] The Resolution

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[ColeCaged] The Resolution

Post by ColeCaged » Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:07 pm

Hi everyone.

My wife Anna and I have probably experimented with chastity about two dozen times since I first brought the idea to her 7.5 years ago. Half the time it was intended to be short term play. More recently, and more frequently, we've intended to make it a long term thing. For a number of reasons, it never worked out that way. Honestly, 10 days was the longest I actually went without an orgasm in a chastity device. On December 28th, Anna told me she wants to try again. This feels different. This feels better.

Maybe it's because of the New Year and I've decided to make this my resolution. Maybe it's because Anna came to me this time, saying SHE wanted to to give it another try. Maybe this blog, the first time I've ever recorded my chastity journey, gives me the hope of public accountability. Maybe I'm caught up in the early euphoria, and this attempt will fail too. But on day 5, I'm feeling good. I'm still enjoying every moment of it. And more importantly, Anna seems to be enjoying it as much as I do.

So this is my goal for 2020. I'm hoping that joining this community can help me stay focused on that goal. Hope all of you are off to a good start in this new year!
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