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Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 12:32 pm
by Homebody
09/24/20 – Day Five – Thursday

It had been a challenging week at home. We hadn’t been able to be intimate with each other at all. I was grateful to my wife that she had me locked since Sunday so that every move I made reminded me of her. Wednesday evening in bed KH said that she didn’t feel up to doing anything but asked if I wanted her to give me an orgasm. I told her that I would much rather wait until she was in the mood. So we went to sleep with me knowing I would be locked for five days for the first time.

I have found the cage to be comfortable to wear for five days. I know I could have worn it for longer if Goddess had wanted to wait. The difficulty was not with the cage, but with needing her. Being caged while waiting made me feel closer to her, therefor it helped me wait.

In bed on Thursday night I asked her if I could go down on her and give her an orgasm. I tried to keep the desperation out of my voice, but I really felt the need. She agreed and I got to experience the glory of her body again. The room was completely dark, so I was focused on all my other senses. I was trying to keep at a slow pace to enjoy every second. But too soon, she had a wonderful orgasm. She kept quiet because the house wasn’t empty.

I lay panting beside as we recovered, and she stroked the cage and asked if she could do anything for me. I needed her so much at the point that I immediately agreed. She took off the cage and gave me a very slow loving orgasm with her hand. It made me feel so loved. I was very happy that I had waited the night before so that it could be a mutual experience. I have no interest in orgasm denial or long-term lockups. However, if we aren’t going to be making love for a while, I find having the cage on helps. Thank you, my love.

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Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:21 pm
by Homebody
11/23/20 – Catching Up – Monday

It has been quite a while since our last post so we wanted to give an overview of the last couple of months. We went away the first weekend of October for the first time since Covid hit. We had a very exciting and adventurous couple of days at a hotel doing many of the things we love that require privacy. The things we did included spanking, pegging, lots of oral sex, taking many sexy photos, and of course making love.

I had been locked since the 28th of September and we had a discussion about doing Loctober. We aren't into long term lockups so we decided to make our own rules. We would try to have the cage on part of every day, but it could come off when ever Goddess wanted. We were pretty successful for the majority of them month.

During October goddess had been experiencing medical issues which made it difficult to have sex. I helped as much as I could to make her feel comfortable. After a long week mid-month we were reading posts on this website and Goddess wanted to show her love for me, so she removed the cage and started edging me. She was only wearing panties and asked me to lick her breasts. This made both of us very hot. She then asked me to go down on her. As it had been a while for her the orgasm was very intense and wonderful. She then edged me some more and gave me a powerful release.

We went to the 22nd before I had a full day without the cage. The last week of the month I got a cut were the ring sits and it had to come off for five days for healing. I don't have any idea how the cut happened. During the month we had two five day lockings, which is our longest.

We didn't use Loctober to limit how or what we did when ever Goddess was in the mood. But it was very nice for me to experiment with longer terms and it had us focus more on chastity than we have so far. Also I found being caged while goddess wasn't feeling well helped me focus on her and her needs, which I think is very important.

November has been mostly cage free. We have had one four day locking. We have been having more time for sex because goddess is feeling better. I have self locked a couple of times just to refocus on her. But it is important that it is her idea when we do it together. She is always worth waiting for.

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Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:43 pm
by Homebody
11/30/20 – Busy Day – Sunday

Sunday was a busy day. We got some good weather so I wanted to get as much outside work done as possible. I got out the ladder and cleaned the gutters and put up the Christmas lights. I raked the yard for hopefully the last time of the season. Then I put away the tools and went in for lunch. In the kitchen Goddess told me she had spoken to our youngest and we would have the house to ourselves for the afternoon. She told me that she wanted to do the rest of the outside decorations and then we could go into the bedroom for some fun. It sounded like a perfect plan to me.

It took about an hour to take down all the fall decorations and put up all the remaining ground level Christmas decorations. I love doing this type of work with her because she always has a plan and such a good eye for what will look good. During one of my trips into the house for a needed tool I took a blue pill to be ready for our lovemaking later. Goddess had a new idea for a planter we have in the back. I couldn't really picture what she meant from her descriptions so she went in to get her phone to show me. While she was doing that I pulled up some of the pictures I have of us making love. She returned with her phone and showed me the picture and said, 'this is what I was thinking of.' I showed her my phone and said the same thing. She spent some time looking as I scrolled through many pictures of our adventures and I could tell that she found them as exciting as I did. The planter was the last thing on the list to do so we were soon done.

We took the fall decorations down the cellar to the room that they are stored in. I hugged my wife and asked her if she was ready to make love. She said, 'I am ready right now' and I could see from the look in her eyes she meant 'now'. So I dropped to my knees in front of her and kissed her stomach while I undid her pants. I kissed her vulva and she layed down on the rug. She spread her legs and her lips spread as well. I gave a gentle lick from top to bottom of her snatch and then settled in to give my wonderful lover an orgasm. When she is so spontaneous like this I really feel like my love for her can't be contained. She was so excited that it didn't take her long to have a glorious and loud orgasm. It was so exciting and I was feeling great joy. She said that she wanted to continue this in the bedroom so I helped her get dressed and we went upstairs.

There wasn't much need for foreplay so, after briefly sucking on her nipples, she told me she needed me to go down on her. Words can be very powerful. Hearing the one you love tell you she needs you to give her an orgasm gets me right in the heart. Her second orgasm was wonderful and with an empty house it is so great to hear her express herself. The third orgasm happened very quickly. The fourth orgasm took a wonderfully long and gentle time. I felt a sense of peace and felt so connected to her. I never wanted it to end but the slow build up had a great payoff. I knew that she was done so I gently kissed her thighs and lips as she relaxed. She told me that she wanted me to come up to her so I kissed her lips one more time and licked her gently. I got a strong reaction to my tongue so I gave another gentle lick and then another expecting to be told that she wanted me to stop. It didn't happen. She quickly ramped up to the most vocal and powerful orgasm of the afternoon.

I often tell my goddess that I am in awe of her. But I don't really have a better word to use. We are in the post menopausal stage of our love life and yet sex is getting better all the time. I don't want to say that five orgasms in an hour is the measure of a satisfying love life. But it wasn't too long ago that going for a second oral orgasm was the wonderful exception. Now my glorious lover can have as many as she wants and know with out any doubt that each one is a gift to me too.

We started making love next and after about five minutes I found that I was too excited. I knew I wouldn't last much longer if I continued, so she asked what I wanted to do. I brought up spanking, which we only can do when the house is empty. After some thought she agreed. As I was getting out the paddles for her to use she asked if after we were done if she could put on the cage. I agreed immediately. Goddess has gotten really good at spanking and it gets us both excited. We finished off our afternoon by making love until we both came.

I asked if I could take a quick shower before putting the cage on and she agreed. During my shower our youngest came home, good timing I think. After I dried off Goddess said we would wait until later to put on the cage. When we were getting ready for bed she put the cage on.

November has turned out to be the lightest month of chastity since we started. I think I was good about not giving any pressure to lock up. When she brought it up we talked about it. She acknowledged we hadn't done it much but didn't ask to put it on. This has been such a difficult year that the last thing she needs from me is pressure. It does make it so exciting when she does bring it up, because as I tell her, she is always worth waiting for. Thank you my love.

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Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:19 pm
by Homebody
10/17/20 – The gift of giving – Saturday

NOTE – the last two months of 2020 I had computer problems. When I got them fixed I noticed this post I had written but not posted.

We have been doing our own lightweight version of Loctober. The goal we had set was to use Loctober to increase our focus on chastity by wearing the cage each day. If it came off on Monday it has to go back on by Tuesday. And we had kept to that. I take the cage off to shower and put it back on when dry. Twice, after discussing with KH that I was getting a bit raw under the ring, I had left it off overnight. The rules were working well.

Friday night we had made love. I was able to give my love two orgasms through oral and then we gently made love until we both came. KH has been dealing with pain in her back and hip so activity has been less frequent than usual. But I found that wearing the cage helped me deal with it better.

Saturday morning, we had a rare occurrence of the house being empty. We had made the bed and gotten dressed for the day. As I was starting towards the door Goddess asked if I wanted to put the cage on. ‘Of course’, I said, and we moved over to the bed side table that holds the cage. She sat on the bed and placed the cage on me. It was a bit of a struggle as I found my self getting excited. But she is patient and expert at placing the cage now. I always want to tell her how much I want her while she is doing this but try to remain quiet because I don’t want her to feel any pressure. I want her to know that she is in charge when the cage goes on. When she finished, I kissed her passionately and told her how much I loved her. I stood adjusting my clothing and started to leave the bedroom

As I walked away she asked, ‘Will you lick me’? It was like an electrical charge went through me. I was thrilled. This is a much treasured and rare activity. Long before we started chastity I have loved when I get to give my wife oral sex and have it be all about her. This is usually on a weekend morning. It doesn’t happen often, so it is always an exciting treat that stays with me for days or weeks. This day was completely unexpected, we had made love last night and that often means a wait of a couple of days. Best of all was the excitement and enthusiasm Goddess displayed. She quickly stripped from the waist down, climbed on the bed, spread her legs and waited for the loving she so richly deserves.

I joined her on the bed without undressing. This was going to be solely about her pleasure. I kissed her passionately and thanked her before turning my attention to her exposed snatch. From her responses so far it didn’t feel like she wanted a slow buildup so I only took a brief moment to admire how beautiful she is in full sunlight. I used my tongue to open her up and circled her clit slowly. My cage was feeling extremely tight as I ramped up her excitement. When I felt she was ready I slipped my thumb inside her and started stroking in and out. It wasn’t long before she went over the edge and loudly let me know she was coming. ( I love when the house is empty ). I kissed her inner thighs as I waited to see if she wanted a second orgasm. When she gave the signs that she was ready I resumed licking her and she had an even more powerful orgasm.

All in all it wasn’t a long time. Probably twenty minutes. But her allowing me to give her my undivided attention always feels like a gift to me. I always am in love with my wife. But for some reason, I always feel that love most intensely when I get to give her oral and feel the ecstasy take over her body. To feel her shake and hear the noises she makes can often be close to overwhelming for me. And to get to experience that immediately after she place the cage on me is something I don’t know if I will get used to. I am writing this post three weeks later and I can still feel the thrill of that morning. I never know when to expect it, so I do treasure each time. Thank you my love.

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Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:46 pm
by Homebody
12/30/20 – December

It probably shouldn't have been surprising that December of 2020 would be a difficult month. My wife had an operation mid-month that ended up being on the day of a major winter storm. We stayed at a hotel near the hospital and ended up there for three days. I don't feel that the doctors adequately explained how difficult the recovery would be. But we were able to get through it together. I was very grateful that I was the one who was there to care for her those first days. As a result of the operation we can't have sex until mid January. Chastity has come in handy in allowing me to deal with this. She has been very generous in giving me an orgasm twice during this time. We have also been trying to find other ways to try to maintain an intimate connection. Her favorite is for me to massage her feet with lotion.

The most difficult issue is that on Christmas Eve we lost a much beloved family member who will be greatly missed. Every part of this was complicated by the Covid pandemic. After the services we both developed cold symptoms and are awaiting test results. It is cold and flu season now and the symptoms of Covid and a cold can be the same.

With our loss and the pandemic the holiday season was very different and somewhat lonely. A family wide zoom call helps but is not the same. Here is hoping that the vaccines help restore a more normal life in 2021.

But I don't want to paint a bleak picture. The trials of life can pull us apart or draw us together. I can honestly say that I feel closer to my wife than I ever have. Seeing how she has dealt with everything has impressed me no end. I feel like it was a privilege to be there for her when she needed me. She has told me that she feels the same about me. I desperately miss being able to show her how much I love her by giving her the orgasms she richly deserves. But I think chastity has given us tools to work with when dealing with these times and show each other our continued commitment. I love you Goddess.

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Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 5:26 pm
by Homebody
12/28/20 – First year - Monday

We have just complete our first year of chastity and I have so much to be grateful for. My loving wife agreed to give chastity a try and became my keyholder. I am grateful to her for this and for also expanding our sex life in ways I have only fantasized about. I am grateful for how much our communication has deepened and how our intimacy has grown over the year. I am also grateful for how these posts have allowed me to be able to express the depths of my feelings for my wife and how much she means to me.

The year started extremely hot. We had an empty nest for the first two months and it was like a second honeymoon. When Covid hit our youngest moved back home. And the year kept providing us with surprises and challenges, most of them very difficult to deal with. I feel that having started chastity in 2020 proved very beneficial. Every time that a new challenge arose we drew upon the strength we get from each other to keep going.

Chastity made sure that we took time to work on our intimate relationship. We spoke more often and more deeply about what we wanted and needed from each other than I can remember. And always what we needed was time with each other. I never imagined that we would progress as far as we have down this path. And the reason we have is the love and compassion my beautiful wife and KH has for me. Those feelings are returned completely. I look forward to what the next year brings. Thank you Goddess.

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Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:30 pm
by Homebody
1/3/21 – New Cage - Sunday

One evening before Christmas Goddess and I spent some time on the laptop browsing the internet looking for sexy gifts to get for each other. We picked out a new dildo for her and a new key themed necklace. We came across a cage the I believe is called the Cobra. It is a black nylon cage that I have noticed in pictures. After seeing the pictures of it Goddess ordered one for me.

Because of an operation that Goddess had, we aren't able to have sex until mid January. Chastity has been very helpful in dealing with it. Sunday morning my wife came into the kitchen holding a small package that had just been delivered. She had a smile on her face when she told me that it might be the new cage. We went into the bedroom to get a look at it. I think it looked better in person than in pictures and was anxious to try it on. Goddess agreed. I had been locked since the New Years day in my steel cage so first she took the steel cage off. With a little trial and error we found how to get the new cage on. I would say that it is the most comfortable cage I have tried on. It has the lightness of the Cherry Keeper with out the rough finish. And it has the feel of security of the steel cage with out the weight. I think this cage will get a lot of use. The best part is that Goddess picked it out and really likes the looks of it. Thank you my love.

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Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:05 am
by Homebody
1/9/21 – Road to Recovery part 1 – Saturday

Goddess has been recovering from an operation in mid-December which prevented her from having sex for four weeks. Saturday evening I was going to give Goddess another back rub with massage oil. She removed her clothing except for her panties and lay on her stomach. I got into bed beside her and gave her a hug from behind and kissed her neck. Then next thing I knew she rolled over and melted into me. She told me that she felt well enough to try having an orgasm.

We kissed passionately for a long while. We had stopped doing this for most of the past month because she doesn't like to get worked up if she isn't going to get to have and orgasm. So it felt wonderful. I was very careful to not put any weight on her. She decided that she didn't want oral because of how strongly it makes her cum. So I spent time stroking her while kissing her breasts to work up her excitement. I was very gentle with touching her clit making sure that she was comfortable. When she got very close she reached down to take over the clit and I used my thumb to slide in and out of her. In very little time she had her first orgasm in a month.

We spoke while she was enjoying the after glow and she told me she wanted to try making love. There was no objection from me so I got to enjoy having her remove the new cage. We went very slowly, staying still for rests to let her re-acclimate to the sensations. I only got about halfway inside when she felt discomfort and this changed to pain so we stopped. I had been concerned that I would not last, but I was so worried about her that I never got close. We rested and discussed how she was feeling. I told her I was glad that we stopped when we did. She then used her hand to give me an orgasm. It had been a week in the cage and longer since I came so it was wonderful. I was so happy with how this night went and am wondering how Goddess will feel over the next few days. Thank you Goddess.

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Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2021 1:32 pm
by Homebody
1/11/21 – Road to Recovery part 2 – Monday

Goddess told me after work that she had done some reading about what she could expect after her operation and that what she felt Saturday was normal. One thing she read is it would be fine to have oral sex and she wanted to try that. She also said that we had the house to ourselves for a while. And that she was feeling good and wanted to make love. I never take any convincing so we went straight to the bedroom. This time we could be a little more active.

When I got to finally go down on her I was very emotional, but the emotions were very mixed. The primary emotion was love, I always feel my love closest to surface when I get to go down on her, and after a long absence it was very powerful. But almost as much, I was feeling deep concern for her. Mostly because of how energetic she can be during orgasm and I know this would exercise the muscles involved in the operation. So I went very slowly ( which is always a luxury for me ) and listened for how she was doing. She had a light orgasm and it was good. Afterward, I lingered kissing her thighs to see if she wanted more. She did. The second was much better. I didn't try to prolong it. For the first time in a month I got to hear my lover scream her pleasure as she came and I knew that would be enough for today.

Goddess was feeling very good and wanted to feel me inside her, so she removed the cage. Again we went very slowly and she stayed very still. She felt discomfort a couple of times so we rested while coupled until she asked to continue. When I was getting close she started stroking her clit and we came together. It felt so good to be able to finish together after such a long time. We will take what ever time is needed to make sure we don't rush things and have a set back. I am so relieved that she is feeling well enough for sex and that she needs me as much as I need her. I love you Goddess.

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Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:28 pm
by Homebody
1/15/21 – Full Speed Ahead – Friday

We had talked during the week about how Goddess was feeling and each day she felt better. Friday after work we had the house to ourselves so we decided to make love before dinner. In bed I asked her how she was feeling and she said that she was good and wanted to be more active. So I tried to ratchet down my worries and trust she would tell me if she was having any problems.

We made out for a while and I kissed and licked my way down her body. I spent time on all the sensitive spots. I gave her new surgical mark a kiss because I want her to know I love every part of her. When I got to her beautiful snatch I gave her the best I could without holding back. It got me so excited to feel her moving and rolling her hips as we built towards her first orgasm. When it happened it felt like it always had to me. So I stayed and kissed her mons and thighs waiting for her to want to start again. The second orgasm was a powerful one with her being wonderfully loud and a lot of movement of her hips. I was in heaven. I was shaking as much as she was. As we talked while she recovered she said that there were no ill effects and that she wanted to make love. Our lovemaking was much more physical than the previous time and while she felt discomfort at first we both had a great orgasm. I was obviously happy about being able to make love but more so I was happy that my wife was physically recovered enough from her operation that we would be able to make love without worry.

We followed dinner with watching TV. We ended by watching an episode of a show called Bridgerton. It is a period drama that is ok but not really my style. After it ended it was ten o’clock so I got ready for bed. My wife came in to change and said she was going to stay up and watch another episode. She asked if I was really going to miss the next one because the ladies at work said it was practically soft porn. I told her that I don't need soft porn because I had her which is much better. Then I told her that if the show got her really worked up I would be happy help her out when she came to bed. That got me the expected laugh and we kissed and said good night. I drifted off to sleep very satisfied and also relieved that it seemed her long recovery was over and that we were back to were we need to be. I love her so much. Thank you Goddess.