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Re: [Homebody] Locked in Love

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:15 pm
by Homebody
02/02/2020 – Sunday -Groundhog Day.

I woke thinking the same thoughts I had fallen asleep to. How exciting I was finding what we were doing and reliving yesterday afternoon’s encounter. I still had the cage on and I kept getting hard through the night, waking to the thought that my wife had locked me and only she knows were the key is.

I had work to do that day that I could do from home. But I had to wait for other coworkers to finish their tasks before I could do mine. The schedule showed that Sunday morning I should be clear to proceed. After spending time reading my emails, it became clear that things were behind schedule and I didn’t know when I could work. We had a pretty busy day planned and the morning was the best time for me. Oh well, best laid plans and all that. I spent more time writing up posts and eating breakfast while my beautiful KH enjoyed her sleep.

We had a family birthday party about an hour and a half’s drive away that required us leaving at 11:30 am. I wanted to try something new for the trip down. My Iphone will read web pages aloud and I have a Bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas. We spent the trip listening to our journal being read while we drove. It worked really well. It brought back many great memories and impressed us with how far and how fast we have come with the changes to our sex lives. It was only late October when we first tried it and one month since we started, but there was a lot there. And we have plans for the future of things we want to try.

The party was fun and we got home around 5:30, which gave me an hour before the super bowl to try to get my work done. But when I checked in they still weren’t ready for my step. It was really frustrating because I was supposed to be finished before Monday morning. My KH and I watched the Super Bowl and ate dinner. The score was very close for most of the game and it had a really exciting finish. About fifteen minutes before the end I got a text stating that I was clear to do my part for work. I wasn’t a happy camper. My wife was tired and went to bed leaving me alone in the kitchen to work. It took around an hour and a half, which wasn’t too bad, then I was off to bed.

I had been excited since the day before and the road trip was very sexually charged, so I was hoping for some intimacy. Before chastity I would have been very frustrated. Now though my wife was being intimate with me even though she was asleep. She had me locked, and I was lying next to her in the dark, wondering what the next day would bring.

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Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:11 pm
by Homebody
February 03, 2020 – Three hours – Monday.
This was the second time I had been locked for a second day. The cage is definitely less comfortable the second day. Especially if I have been excited for long periods of time the previous day. So when I got home from work at five I was ready to be free. I know that this is a very short period of time for most here, but it is about my current limit. When I got home at 5pm my KH was in the kitchen starting to prepare for dinner. After I greeted her, we started hugging and kissing passionately. She decided that dinner could wait. Nothing had been taken out of the fridge or put in the oven yet so we made our way to the bed room. She asked me to grab the laptop because she wanted to do some reading. She is learning so fast from the chastity web sites.

We read posts on CM. These lead to many discussions and occasionally making out, or sometimes laughing while there is much caressing. We have never spent so much time together just lounging in bed naked getting to know what the other is thinking; exploring new topics. Eventually I kissed my way down my wife’s body and licked her to her first orgasm.

Then I got her toy, Ella from Lelo, and she placed it inside and started using it. My KH has never been a fan of vibrators and this simple toy really hits all her spots. It gets me going to see her so relaxed and excited at the same time. When I went to go down again she asked me to use the toy. We ended up in a 69 where she was licking me in the cage. I brought her another strong climax.

We took a break to look at pictures on BDSMLR. Several had couples using the cage for sex, including some short videos. My KH wanted to give that a try. The metal cage I have has the top of the lock exposed which is kind of sharp. The photo ‘Uncaging’ in my gallery shows this. I have found placing a small Band-Aid on that spot provides enough cushion to solve the problem. It is really a mind game to be on top and in position for missionary but to only have minimal sensation. But it gets both of us going.

When she needed to feel me inside she removed the cage and we made love. It was extremely satisfying. When we were done I looked at the clock it was 8pm. We had been in bed for three hours and hadn’t even eaten dinner yet. Before chastity 45 minutes would have been around the normal time for us. Now the time just flies by and I don’t get tired of spending time with her.

As for dinner, we ended up grabbing something quick. Food wasn’t what satisfied me that night. 😊

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Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:19 pm
by Homebody
February 4 - Tuesday. – Movie Night

By the time I got home from work I had been out of the cage for 24 hours. We ate a quick dinner together because we were going to see the movie 1917. After I had cleaned up KH asked to put the cage back on. We were very playful with each other and my KH was changing out of her work clothes. When I saw her bare chest, I mentioned that a key would look wonderful between her breasts. I put the key on one of her necklaces and she put it on. It looked so good that KH wanted to take a picture. It was great fun figuring out the pose that looked best. My wife is becoming so liberated, it is truly breathtaking to see this happening before my eyes. When we reviewed the pictures we both picked one to post so we could remember it. I then got to spend the movie caged knowing my beautiful KH was wearing my key next to her heart. It was a good movie and a great night.

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Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:05 am
by Homebody
February 5 – Wednesday - Pampering

I wore the cage to work, making it three out of four days. I really don’t know how some people go for such long periods of time because that really seems to be my limit. I don’t think I ever want to go for long periods but much respect to those who do. After dinner we decided that I could give KH’s feet some loving attention. This is turning out to be a wonderful way for me to pamper her. I got the foot spa ready and got into just my bathrobe. We spent close to 45 minutes between soaking and lotioning and massaging her feet. She tells me she finds it very sexy to sit there and see me sitting on the floor only wearing my bathrobe and cage. She is finding the sight of me in the cage a big turn on. When we were done she spent the rest of the evening relaxing watching TV. At bedtime she took the cage off and I went to sleep. We are both enjoying this and have talked about trying to do it once a week.

I am keeping my eyes open for other ways to have intimate moments like this that don’t actually involve sex. For the past two nights we didn’t make love. But each night we engaged in an erotic activity that lets us keeps the flame burning brightly. It makes me feel very close to KH.

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Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:19 am
by Skip
Homebody wrote:
Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:05 am
I really don’t know how some people go for such long periods of time because that really seems to be my limit. I don’t think I ever want to go for long periods but much respect to those who do.


She tells me she finds it very sexy to sit there and see me sitting on the floor only wearing my bathrobe and cage. She is finding the sight of me in the cage a big turn on.
Heh heh... careful that she doesn't start loving it too much then!!! :D ;) I thought my journey is going to be more about short stints between playtimes but more and more my Keyholder is mentioning how she considers keeping me there forever. And at first I thought that was just a way to turn me on and tease me with the threat but it's almost frightening how serious she seems to be becoming about this!

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:54 pm
by Homebody
February 6 - Thursday – Third time’s the charm

After work we brought the laptop to bed to do some exploring. KH hadn’t spent much time on Chastity Forums so we spent our time there. We looked through The Journey and started with cshorts’ post. They have been on a real journey and after most of the first page we needed to jump to the last just to make sure it was working out for them. (it did) Next we read the story of Tessasissy, who is new to chastity too. We enjoyed his story. The best part of these chastity web sites to me is not seeing new things to try, (although that is fun) it is seeing real stories of other people and their experiences. We read a lot about Tom Allen next.

I was uncaged so there was a lot of caressing and stroking for both of us until the laptop was put aside. I went down on KH for what I thought would be the normal wonderful two orgasms. After the second orgasm KH still seemed in the mood. She is very sensitive so I took a chance and gently rubbed my lips on her lips, no tongue. I was waiting for her to tell me she was done, but hopeful she wanted me to continue. I kept it slow and gentle applying a little more pressure with each pass to open her lips up. When I made contact with her clit her hips rocked and I knew the next round was going to happen. I have long told my wife giving her oral is my ‘happy place’. When I am stressed or upset this is the memory that brings me peace. So I couldn’t help but moan when I knew she wanted another orgasm. And it was amazing. Her climaxes definitely get stronger with each one. After she caught her breath she asked why I kept going after the second orgasm. I explained that I am always listening to her body’s clues to see if she wants to continue and unless she tells me to stop I always try to give her the most joy I can that night. Our lovemaking was really exciting and this time I was left breathless.

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Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 5:15 pm
by Homebody
March 8, 2020 – Friday – Break in the action

I haven’t posted in a while. We were exploring with great enthusiasm while we had an empty nest. And then the nest wasn’t empty anymore. We had a great Valentines get away and our middle child came home that weekend for a two-week visit. The week they went back our youngest came home for spring break. And with the Corona Virus that break may last for a very long time. My KH and I were using the time after work to work on these posts. And that time is no longer alone time.

We are still having a blast with chastity. Just not as often. And the communication between us is staying at a high level. We hope all of you are well and that you stay healthy. We are fine, but to be honest it is our parents’ generation that I am worried about. I will finish up some posts I had worked on and put them on the site. But for the foreseeable future we won’t have as much time for all the adventures we were having.

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Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:31 am
by Homebody
February 8, 2020 - Saturday – Dinner and a Show

The morning was spent doing chores that I knew would make KH happy. Some that I had on my list for a while and now I had the needed parts. And one that she had mentioned and I wanted to get it done before she got home as a surprise. She was very surprised with what was accomplished on her return.

We started working together on a crafts project that isn’t needed for a couple of months. It is tedious and has a lot of parts to assemble but nice to do together. Wearing the new cage kept me focused on her as we worked. A couple of times I took a break by kissing her passionately, which was getting her more excited than I knew.

With the Academy awards on Sunday night we were trying see some of the nominated films and had picked out Jojo Rabbit for this afternoon. About fifteen minutes before we were to leave my KH asked me if I would like to lick her. What a wonderful surprise. I know this would have never happened before chastity because it never did. We were soon on the bed with her bare below the waist. I was trying to find the balance between taking the time she deserved and making sure she was done in time before the movie. I used all I knew to bring her steadily to an orgasm. Then I was kissing her thighs while she came down, waiting for her to tell she was done. But she didn’t, she held my head and guided me back to her core. I was delighted to give her a second climax which was not long in coming.

At the theater she said that she could still feel how good I had made her feel. That her insides were still buzzing with excitement. Which of course made that cage very tight. The movie was much better than I had expected. Afterwards we had dinner at a restaurant close to the theater. We spent some of the time talking about how our lives had changed. We told each other how wonderful our short oral interlude in the bedroom made us feel. We reaffirmed our commitment to the path we are on. As we reviewed some of the comments on the web site, we read a very thoughtful comment left for us. The writer was encouraging us to work towards longer lock up times. We talked about what we wanted to do and neither of us are inclined to go that way. We will take things as they go and trust in ourselves to do what keeps our love growing.

Next on our night out we went to a favorite bar for a quick beer. We spent time talking to friends that work there. I have moments when I completely forget I am caged in these situations. But the new cage wasn’t comfortable after 24 hours so I wasn’t able to ignore it. After an hour it was time to go back home. My KH wanted to get home and pick up where we left off before the movie.

We took the laptop with us to the bed. This has become a regular occurrence. I was very uncomfortable by that time in the new cage. The ring was ok but now I am concerned that the cage itself may be too narrow. It is difficult to get on. After 24 hours there were spots that didn’t look right and hurt. So we took off the cage. The spots that looked swollen in the cage seemed to have fluid in them, almost like a blister. They calmed down a bit over the next hour while we talked and read from the web together. We made love to close out the day and each of us was very happy. I just need to figure out what to do with the cherry keeper.

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Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:14 pm
by Homebody
February 9, 2020 - Sunday –

One of my main goals for chastity has always been to find ways to have more intimate moments with my lover outside of sex. An example of this that we have been doing for several years is I trim my KH’s pubic hair for her. I love how she looks no matter what fashion she is wearing so I love finding out what she has in mind. Sunday, she wanted it short overall, but not bathing suit short. For the first time I was going to be wearing a cage for this. She put on my metal cage and then reclined on the bed on a towel and I went to work with an electric trimmer that does a good job. It is such an erotic sight to see her laying back so relaxed. It makes me feel like she has complete trust in me. When done I gave her lips a couple of kisses and we prepared for the day.

Each of us had errands to run and when complete we sat in the kitchen and finished the crafts project. I was surprised that we got it done so quickly. I had expected it to take a couple of weekends, so it was great to power through it and get it done.

We spent the night watching the Academy Awards. At bed time the cage was removed because of discomfort from the Cherry Keeper from the night before.

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Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:15 pm
by Homebody
February 10 thru 13 The week before Valentines

February 10, 2020- Monday

I was still tender from the Cherry Keeper on Monday so there was there was no cage. I asked my lovely wife what she wanted to do for Valentine’s day. Usually we try to go out to dinner a day before or after to avoid the crowds. Restaurants around us also tend to have a limited menu with the prices raised which gives us another reason to pick a different day. My KH got a sly look on her face and said that she had made plans for Friday and that she wouldn’t be saying anything more until she was ready. I was intrigued. We talked a bit about how we were feeling and my KH hinted that we could have some time together Tuesday after work.

February 11, 2020- Tuesday

Unfortunately, KH wasn’t feeling very good after work. I could tell she wasn’t feeling good physically but also, she had wanted us to be together. Instead she put the cage on me. Then she allowed me to help her get changed into her pajamas. This was fifteen or twenty minutes together helping each other in an intimate manner that made us feel very close to each other. Perfect.

February 12, 2020 – Wednesday.

After dinner to we made our way to the bedroom. We spent time reading posts and looking at pictures. We talked about what to do with pictures that won’t be accepted by CM. It is a bit frustrating that we can’t find any rules that show what is or isn’t acceptable. I am still surprised at how my KH has taken to having our pictures taken and shared. We discussed other options but didn’t have any solution.

Lovemaking was satisfying for both of us. My KH still wasn’t feeling 100% so no PIV. But she was feeling good enough to have two orgasms from oral. Then she removed the cage I had been wearing since the day before and gave me one of her expert handjobs.

I tried a couple of times to get hints about her plans for Valentines but she was keeping her cards close to her vest. This time all she told me that I would need to leave work early. We needed to leave the house by 3:30 on Friday. Hmm, that was all she would say.

February 13, 2020 – Thursday.

After work she gave me more information. I would need to pack a bag for two nights. We would only need nice casual clothes and we wouldn’t need a bathing suit. That definitely was not a lot of clues but made me very curious. After dinner my KH put on my cage in preparation for Friday night. I couldn’t wait.