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6/20/21 – Father's Day – Sunday

The week ending in Father's Day didn't involve chastity until the end. Wednesday evening we had time together and I was able to give Goddess two orgasms from oral. She told me that she wanted to edge me next. She is getting very good at this. We don't do denial, so the goal is to get me close to the edge a few times. She brought me close more times than I can remember. The second to last time there was one small release of cum, but her squeezing prevented more. She informed me that she wanted me to cum the next time and it was wonderful.

I had Friday off for the new federal holiday while Goddess had to work. I had wanted to spend the day thinking of Goddess. She hadn't chosen to put the cage on me so I self locked for the day. I had a few errands I wanted to get done but wanted to do something for Goddess. So I got a bouquet of flowers and a card. I drove to her work and left them in her car for her to find after work. She told me later that it had been a very long week and trying day and the flowers really picked her up at a time she needed it. I unlocked before she got home and later explained what I had done and why. I think she liked that I had done it. We spent the evening at a new beer garden that opened nearby. It was a good day.

Saturday started the best way possible, with me being able to go down on Goddess and give her a Good Morning Orgasm. This is something we both look forward to during the week. When she was satisfied she locked on the cage. We discussed chastity for a while. She explained that she had wanted to put the cage on during the week but the youngest came home with a friend when she planned on doing it and she forgot. I told her that if she wanted to she could let me know her plans and I would remind her later. It still is much more meaningful to me if it is her idea to put it on, that I don't like to suggest it. I don't know if this is an unfair expectation for me to have. For now I will wait patiently for my dear wife to decide and self lock when I can't help myself. I told her that I love how our relationship is going and she agreed. That evening we had dinner with the Oldest and Youngest for Father's Day. The Middle couldn't get off work. It was so good to be able to do something this normal after Covid

Sunday itself was awesome. We started off with a Good Morning Orgasm after her shower. We were able to go out for lunch with friends that we have known for forty years. But the highlight of the day came later that evening. The Youngest was staying overnight at a friend's house. So we decided to try the new chair again. It went better this time and I think it will get better and better as we have more experience with it. We started with me giving her oral in the chair until she needed to lay on the bed. Once there she had two powerful orgasms. We wanted to see if we could use the chair for intercourse with her on top. This was her favorite position for a very long time. So she took off the cage and we got into position with me laying under it and her lowering herself onto me. You get another example of how much love and trust you have in each other when awkward fumbling is fun and you both laugh and try again. And we made it work with me sitting up under the chair and holding on to the back frame with her on top. She was able to orgasm with me inside and me not having an O. I usually can not survive her coming with out it driving me over the edge too. We finished back on the bed in the side by side position. She made me feel very loved the whole weekend. Thank you my love.
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