[AlcoholicBasilisk] Sizing, and the lack thereof

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[AlcoholicBasilisk] Sizing, and the lack thereof

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My boyfriend and I are both interested in chastity, on the keyholder and receiving ends. So far it's been interesting, but with the knockoff brands we've bought sizing has been... Difficult. Especially with my named proclivities making me less than the most attentive partner (if not an enthusiastic one). I got a standard set of the Cherry Keeper sizing rings to see how things felt to start with. He was relatively comfortable with the 50mm ring, and I felt good with the 46mm ring... But...

We've both been playing with a set of metal knockoff cages from Chinese manufacturers (DHgate G7-1-259B for him and whatever manufacturer LockTheCock's 'sliced hotdog' was ordered from for me), and are relatively comfortable, but... Not entirely. When I originally bought the hotdog cage, I thought 45mm was going to be pretty accurate so that's what I bought. I'm kind of technical in the sort that I love taking measurements and averages and means, but when I get into the mood to take measurements I can't help but pop a halfy which skews everything horribly. The 45mm ring hotdog cage that I have is horrible outside of what I would call 'play-chastity', which primarily consists of me trying to keep an erection at bay while other things happen. My boyfriend has had a similar experience with his cage, although it's much closer to a good fit for him so I think it's more along the lines of sizing him down over time.

So, I got a smaller set of the sizing rings to test myself with, and... I was surprised how easy it was to just fit everything comfortably through a 40mm sizing ring. In retrospect I would have gotten a smaller ring set since there's so much overlap (but we're not together all the time yadda yadda). I've worn it pretty comfortably around the house, doing normal housework stuff, playing video games, even some assplay and it didn't chafe particularly badly or cut off circulation... Until I wore it overnight. I woke up at 4AM with a boner that could probably work just as well as a hammer- and it genuinely hurt. Lube couldn't help, because it was tight enough that I couldn't slip either of my boys under it against the juggernaut resisting them... I tried deep breathing, but for some reason that turned me on more. I tried jumping in a cold shower, much to the same effect (am I a masochist? kinda). After a good half hour of struggling with it, I grabbed a vibrator and jacked off... And it was still too hard to get out of the ring, but it wasn't painful anymore.

I've worn the ring around my place pretty consistently alongside doing my anal training regimen without any other notable occurrences, but... From what I've read of other people testing and trying, the growth is less noticeable with a properly sized cage. I've worn my poorly sized hotdog cage for a few nights in a row and it's been painful but not as extremely (but I kind of attribute that to how goddamn far my boner tries to take my balls with it).

The sizing process is something either my inebriated brain has elided over, or has been something that doesn't show up enough for me to really take it to heart.

Step 1: The Ring. Is everyday comfort enough? Should I be worried that it makes me feel like my nuts are being twisted in a vice under the deathgrip of a morning boner? I'm planning on getting a Cherry Keeper under my current assumption that this will occur less often and with lessening discomfort over time, but... I guess I'll find out. Happy holidays.
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