[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Although I have been in/out of the cage for well over a year, this will be my first locked Xmas.
And already it has gotten quite different to the norm.
This morning I was given an Xmas card, when opened a golden ticket dropped out.
I've mentioned these before, they represent and extra special treat, but you don't actually get it yet.
You have to earn the ticket and you don't get them often. You then have it in loan, you can look at and marvel at it, knowing it is going to be mind blowing.. But not yet.
You now have to earn the right to use it. Be very careful you don't fuck up and lose it.
It's thrilling, exciting...
And I fucking got one! Woohoooo!
Not only that, but also a date to present it. Boxing day. Omg I'm so excited.
So. Any way. Yes. I got a golden ticket and was also oily edged and my wife teased me like hell.
Edged while told what will happen to me on boxing day.
An in depth description of cock and ball sucking. Told I had not to cum now. I was going to get hard and horney then be Locked up again until after Xmas.
That i would be sucked and teased and licked and stroked.
All the while saying "imagine feeling my mouth, tounge. No. Don't you dare come yet."
"I'll keep teasing and stoking you up until you fill my mouth with cum".
Holy fuck!
And then.. My wife looked me in the eye, stopped stroking. Let go of my cock alltogether. and actually said..
"Then I'm going to make you eat your own cum, ill hold your head until you swallow"
I blew a bit of cum out regardless of no longer being stimulated. I had to force myself to stifle it.

So. Christmas comes once a year. I'm gonna come on boxing day.. If I don't cum in my pants the next time my wife gives me that sexy look.

Merry Christmas every one.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Wow...now that's a present worth waiting for!!!

Out of interest, have you enjoyed much cum play before or is this the first time its been raised in this manner??? I told my wife that it turns me on to think about licking her after ive cum in her, and made some initial attempts...afterwards she even said she liked it too....but would love the moment when she raises the subject herself instead of being prompted by me..
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It actually started over a couple of years back. I was a 'heat of the moment' thing. I seriously wanted to eat pussy, my wife wanted me down there and I pulled out to late.
A couple of days later I told my wife that it had really turned me on and I'd like to tongue fuck her after we make love.
She didn't have a problem with this at all.
In fact while we were at it I said "slow down, I'm about to cum" and my wife whispered "and then you're going to tongue fuck me".
I Instantly blew my load.
A moment I will never forget.
Back then I would avoid the swallowing and concentrate mainly on clit and toys.
It's kinda built slowly from this, to a point where I'm expected to clean up after certain acts.
The first and easiest time was this 'golden ticket' thing. And I had asked my wife to feed it to me, that was what was golden about it.
It's all in this blog somewhere.
My wife does not like cum, doesn't swallow. She did up until about five years ago and then , no more.
I think she likes to think if I do it, I won't want her to. And she needn't look for some way to get rid of it.
Anyways. Xmas day was a sexy time off day. Xmas is for the kids after all. At night I had a ball massage and was asked if I was looking forward to my golden boxing day.
'Can't fucking wait".
I asked if I might borrow her hitachi for two minutes.
The answer was "No, you might cum a bit. it will be worth waiting for, more for you to swallow" .
And I was reminded she would be making me do this.

Boxing day morning was exactly as promised. Lots of eye contact. As always. As soon as I had finished coming, I thought "this is a bad idea". But the alternative was having it dumped all over my face. And again, as always it was fine, not bad at all.
And, now, all over and able to reflect.
That was one very erotic, horny and happy Christmas present.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sounds wonderful, would love a blow by blow account, especially if she said anything before or during...
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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After my boxing day treat I was given another full orgasm within 48 hours. I was left uncaged for a few days, but didnt say anything about it, just to see how it went.
I was drained, sluggish, a bit wool headed. When asked why? , I replied "you let me have two full orgasms in close proximity, cuming too much just takes it all out of me". Nothing else was said.

It was nice having a few evening cock massages rather than just balls, with a few small edges thrown in, but also frustrating being left out that way. I would be crap at the honour system.
I was told not to touch afterwards to add to the frustration and I wasn't too happy about it.
This must have been showing because I was asked to put "it" back on.
My wife has been out of action over the holidays, so apart from attention for me, nothing else has happened. Until this morning.
My wife said I could come out for a stroke, yay! And told I wasn't to cum this time. Double Yay!
I was edged quite a few times.
My wife's script was different. She kept saying "Do not come, Do not come". I got close. "Don't you dare come. "
also a few times "If you do, I will make you eat it" .
And. "you're being locked up as soon as I'm done"
And also. Just to fuck with my head "Imagine me lowering my pussy onto your face while I do this, and not being allowed to come"

And then, out of nowher, after saying "Stop" because I was about to come, my wife made me say "Please will you wank me again" before she would carry on. Off the bat, I have never brought this up or asked for it?
I don't type the entire script as this is journey upon which I can reflect rather than a novel.
It sounds made up to me when I read it back, but this is really happening. Most intimate details remain n my head where it belongs I think.

Needless to say. Not cuming was very difficult. I had a couple of mind blowing "non ejectulation" orgasms. Holy fuck, they are good, and to think at 55 I didn't know they existed?

My wife seemed to enjoy this also.

Eventually my wife said "enough. Lock it back up, sort breakfast out "

I asked of I could have a few minutes to let it shrink down, (the new shorter steel cage had arrived and is now in use) .

My wife said "Yes, but you must put it back on, it really does make a difference to the way you are", you have more patience, and you think about what your doing more. I don't know why, but thats how it is. You did actually get a bit grouchy the other day. "

So we had a little chat. I tried to explain the way it" actually" seemed to effect me, rather than the textbook answer.
The orgasm control is a main factor. It's "The motivator". The reason I buzz and get excited and want you so much and the reason sex is better now than ever.
Psycologically.. I love you for telling me I'm staying locked, instead of resenting you for saying your "not in the mood".

In my mind. I've gifted my cock to you with the key. It's yours.
I don't wank now. Don't touch if you say not to. I ask if I can come out for any reason.
I appreciate your taking better care of it than I do.

The cage itself doesn't work the magic. You do. The thing on my cock is a reminder of this.
I admitted that I think of her more when caged. How could I not? So I think to do more. Nothing I wouldn't do anyway, I just wouldn't think to it sometimes.
And of course the cage stops me cheating and cuming without you. I come less and I love you more. You have become my one and my only means of sexual pleasure.

I must have gotten some of it across before my wife got bored.

The conclusion from my wife was "well its staying on, and you're cuming less"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK. On the chaste side. I spent my first couple of nights with the catheter tube. Its been on since Saturday night, no problems, little difference , other than its presence, knowing it is there and being felt on occasion.
It is just an experiment at the moment, not necessarily something I'll carry on with.

My head isn't in the right place at the moment, I'm somewhat deflated.

Occasionally my wife makes a comment that really pisses on my bonfire. I'm sure she must know its hurtful, or maybe not? I have no idea what to say or what to make it.
Usually I just say nothing and things carry on as normal, but this time, I think I will bring it up at some point.

On Friday evening, after a two week period my wife let me know she was shaved and smooth, and available. Great! But just before we got to it, while I was on my high, my wife said "I prefer normal sex, this is something you like doing, not something I particularly want to do, although you do normally get me there this way"
Needless to say, it took the wind out of my sales. I didnt go down, in fact, I changed the topic, talked about anything other than sex and we didn't do anything. instead we made love in the morning in the "normal" way, which we both enjoyed, but I was still left wondering why my wife had made that comment last night?
I didn't put my cage back on, I don't feel like wearing it after a full orgasm like that anyway.
I decided to forget about the comment for now.
Then in the evening I walked into the bedroom and said "right. I hope your tits are up for a good sucking, because that's what's going to happen"
My wife said "better lock the door then"
Me "why. Its just a tit suck"
Wife "maybe I might want a bit more"
So I gave her a tit suck and my wife then reminded she was shaved and smooth. I went down and licked her clit slowly for a while and then came back up and said "thanks honey, that will do for tonight"
Wife. "Oh no it won't. Get back down there, I want a toy"
Right then, I thought, fuck it, I'll get the big one out.
It took a little while to work it in, it's a fat fucker. Two minutes later my wife had a near passing out orgasmic experience.
I allowed my wife to recover and comment on how powerful that orgasm was.
I then said "right, you can do me now, I'll get the oil"

"Now way" she said, you came this morning.
"Um yes, but so did you, twice"
So my wife begrudgingly edged me and said "I'm not doing this for long, and you're putting that cage on as soon as I'm done, I'm taking control back"
And so I caged up again Saturday night.

Sunday night my wife was up for a "shag", but I said "work in the morning, we need to get some sleep, I can ravish you tomorrow"

This morning whilst leaving for work, which my wife isn't enjoying during covid, I said "it'll soon be over honey, just think about being ravished later, something to look forward to"
My wife got another coment in. "It isn't something I look forward to, I won't even think about it"

I still have no idea what I'm supposed to say about this?

I have decided to bring it up and let my wife know its not needed. In the same way I don't put shopping or going out for a meal off, "it's something she looks forward to" so I enjoy that she enjoys it, so we both enjoy the "experience".
I would be happy with just the company and a bag of chips or a hot dog in the park. But I wouldn't actually say this as we sat down to eat. Who would do that?

I just have to work out how to get that a cross to her?

So. A funny old weekend that was good, but could have been great.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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There has bee no denial or tease stuff since Xmas, my wife did that because I'd kinda pushed for a delay, but I don't think she understands it, so I'd have to push again. I would love to know how best to explain this simply, so that she gets how t&d works, I expect time and small nudges will be the way.

Another new phrase from the wife "you can only taking it off, if you put it straight back on. I'm Not putting up with this 'I don't like to put it back on after I've come' nonsense."

So, my wife is still working some stuff out

So, on Friday I was edged while my wife browsed Facebook., which for some reason really turns me on.
The edging is unpredictable as my wife pauses to click on something or to move pages, take note etc. So it's a real up down up. Pause, up down edge.

I did spill a bit. But my wife carried on.
What happened after that is hard to describe.
I was trying to relax and allow the sensations to flow through me. Each time I got close I would breath and relax.
The feelings running down my legs and into my body were amazing. Like electric shocks but slower, like my soul was being leaked out.
Just before I peaked my wife stopped. At which point all my sexual organs started doing some uncontrollable spasms.
I said "oh god, please stop"
She already had, My wife wasn't even touching me? And the feeling was getting more intense.
My body gave an almighty spasm. Like my whole body orgasmed, I could feel cum slowly making its way along my tube, very slowly, but constantly.
Cum oozed out without any contractions, and my feeling of orgasm lasted quite a while.
Eventually I recovered and said "wow. What was that?"
My wife replied "no idea? I didn't do anything?, just cage up when your done, I'm busy.

I have no idea what happened? But more! More! I hope it happens again.

Last night my wife wanted an orgasm, but was tired and the kids were still restless.
She kept saying. " yes, I want you to go down there, and then" but I'm tired, maybe we should wait"
Yes, no, yes, no.And eventually "I'm sending you down there in the morning with the toy and vibrator, and your going to make me come"

This morning I did just that, my cage stayed on, and when done my wige asked if I wanted to do something,
I said "you look so relaxed and destressed, how about I make breakfast while you enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm, I'm caged so I'm fine, maybe you can sort me out later?"

And So I wait, and maybe I'm sorted out later.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Hi Mr Pickle,

Thanks for being so candid in your journal! It must be hard with a wife who's struggling so much with your new lifestyle. Still, I would like to give her kudos for at least trying. I hope she comes around!

I do agree with her that after your orgasm, she can demand that you put it on. I know, I don't feel like it either, but it's important to get back in and start building up your submissiveness/horniness. One hour after orgasm and lockup, I am happy as a clam :D .

Please keep updating us!
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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timmyboy38 wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:02 pm Hi Mr Pickle,
It must be hard with a wife who's struggling so much with your new lifestyle
I think it's much harder for the wife, she wants to please me, I can't help but adore her for this, and she's starting to get the idea, but let's face it, this isn't normal. Talking about it makes her feel uncomfortable/sinful.
Since then, another tease has happened to make me eat my words.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK. So from now on I'm using C. Instead of wife, predictive text does not like Wife for some reason?
So, on the Sunday night my edging session did happen, 8 days since I last came properly and plummeted into post orgasm blues.
I had to ask C if I might still come out , she had forgotten but was fine with it.
I had a important day tomorrow, C needed me to be on the ball and 100%.
So I slipped a line in. "Am I allowed to let some cum out? I know I can't have a full one with needing to be on top of things tomorrow"
C. "won't letting it all out be better?"
"Um.. I'd be like last week, a bit bombed out, but im sure I would cope"
"No then, just some, last week you had your moments which is fine, we all do, but... No."

I was allowed to edge without coming, but could let a small blob out onto a nipple of her choice, which of course I had to clean up.
It was a clear deal, and C definitely connected the Big O = Recovery time, and made the decision to delay this.
Step forward.

I was caged back up (after I had deflated enough) , thanked C for this, and for keeping me horny so . I could better serve her, and we went to sleep

The following day was indeed hard, tonnes of legal papers to sort out, negotiating prices, dealing with lawyers and drawing up plans. All on top of home schooling due to lockdown.

I did everything spot on. and text the wife with "Done it, got it. How good am I" . Followed by emogies of a lock, key and unlocked lock, smiley face.

That evening, when I got into bed I was having a mental debate, and in my head. I'm saying
"I'm sure I could ask for 10 minutes out of the cage, that wouldn't be pushing it too much would it, but so soon?, maybe five or two, yes I'd be happy with two minutes.. Or none at all I suppose, just a No would be reward enough, I shouldn't be greedy "
But my mouth said" um... "

C.pulled the covers off her, whipped her smalls off and said" lock the door"

What followed was, incredible considering my earlier posts.

Been a week since I came.

C Asked for me to fuck her, I had done very well and deserved it.

I said "Oh god thankyou, I'm so horny I could pin you down and fuck you senseless " .

This ignited something deep in C

As I slowly entered, I said "I haven't come in over a week, that's why I did so well today, I fucking love that you make me so horny, by not letting me come"

C "oooh. Let's see how horny I've made you"

I grabbed her hands and held them over her head, and used my weight to make her totally immobile. You have to realise C is petite, 5"2 easy to pin down, and I was horny as hell.

Me " You kept this cock locked up in a cage all week and didn't let it come"
C "it's my cock, it only comes when I say so"

This is going well.

Me "but now you've let it out, freed the beast, and your going to get fucked.

C" oh god"

"And there's nothing you can do to stop me, you didn't allow me to come, this is what you get"

"oh god oh god"

And as I was pounding away, trying to show what a beast she had turned me into. My wife totally turned it about.

C "I'm not going to let you come, your not allowed"

"oh fuck, what?"

"After this, I'm keeping you locked up until weekend"

She noticed my excitement, and loss of control.

"You are not allowed to cum"

Me "Really? That's So fucking hot" .

So. Spurred on by this.

C "You will have to make me come, watch me come, and you won't be allowed to"

Me. "oh fuck honey, That is So erotic" .

Me "So what if I ask if I can come?"

"I'll say No"

"Fuuuuck! Can i come?

" No".

"Oh fuck. Your driving me crazy, what if I beg?" .


"Please can I come"

"No. you. can. Not come"

C Came while saying No, actually had an orgasm fueled by denying me . Wtf!

And she carried on, panting.

C "But I'll be coming all week. You have to service me and make me come lots. Watch me come.
But you can't."

At this point I'm pounding away, blitzed, I should have come a dozen times, but the fact that I had been told No, was like a mental force field.

C "You will toy fuck me, Tongue fuck me, and I'll dangle the key in front of you. Make you beg for it and say 'No' and make you lick me."

Me "Oh fuck, it's my fantasy, please do this to me"

C, didn't respond, just kept going
" I'll wear key around kneck just to tease you.

Me," Around your kneck? Oh god, you wouldn't dare"

C "so you know it's there, but your not allowed out. You have to earn it, fuck me when I want it, but you don't come" ,

Me "Seriously, you would turn me into your fuck toy?"

And my wife replied

"You already are my fuck toy"

I had powerful, deep thrusting orgasm with all the spasms.
My wife was please with the result.

But I didn't come?

Mentioned this to the wife, she said "you are allowed to come you know, I was just playing"

I said, "but I did come, I had a really powerful orgasm, i just didn't ejectulate.
It was better for me, I'm still high and I'm better for you"

C your still hard as a rock, shame, don't touch it, just lock up when you are able to.

And so, I eat my words, my wife can tease in ways I would never imagine. When she wants to.

And Wtf happened to my cum? I was fully loaded?

This is the key, if she feels like it, that's good enough for me.
I will be interested to see if any part of this does carry over, if I'm made to wait. or if my wife boxes each episode off?

I note C is less concerned about my not cuming, 10 days now, she would have freaked at 4 days once.
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