[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Or this week..
The following evening.. It happened again. Hand only. Ruined four times. None of them produced much and the
last just belched out nothing at all.
It wasnt as much fun this time. But C seemed to be very happy with the results. My erection wasn't so keen to stay up either. All the horny stayed but my cock said. "fuck this. If i not comimg, im going back to sleep"

It took three days until i thought I'd be up for it again. I had to say no on the second day.

I was wrong. Three days didnt do it. Im horny as hell. But after my first ruined orgasm this time. It didnt want to join in. I stayed hard. I feel like something is missing.
C is fine with this. For the time being i am not allowed a real orgasm.
I lust and yern for more. Just a bit of pussy. Just to kiss it even.
Who would belive that being allowed to cum like this and so often could ever become so frustrating and dare i say.. Worrying?
Please. Please. Please. Just one lick.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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On sunday. C wanted to milk me again.
Even more so when i said i just couldn't do it.

"I'm spent. Truly spent. My tackle needs to recover" .
I told her I desperately wanted something different. That I really wanted to have some pussy contact. Just to kiss it. a few licks maybe?

For some reason it's all i can think about.
I was horny as hell, but with no bullets in the firing chamber.

"Oh. So it's bye bye milk maid is it?"

"No no no" . I replied. "I just don't think it would be posible for you to milk any more out of me" .

C answered "Ill take you up on that little challenge" .

The deal ended up like this.

I could stroke mysef while stroking C's pussy.
She would fill my head with dirty thoughts.

If i did ease some out without an orgasm (yup. It has to be another ruined one), then i would be allowed to lick her pussy, for a short time only Just the outside.

But. And here was the catch.

My semi load had to land on her pussy lips. And I had to lick it clean.

Yup. Creampie was the compramise

I wanted those lips so bad i didnt even hesitate. "deal"

So my none functioning dick came to life in an instant.

C. Who really is getting into the verbal teasing thing encouraged me with "soft and smooth pussy lips" and. "Fresh pussy cream pie"

It took all of my self control to hold that orgasm at bay, and i was surprised at the amount of cum there was in that one dollop.

So there I was. Staring down at my wifes beautiful pussy with cum now running between the lips.

Had i cum on any normal day (a full orgasm) . I know at this point i would be thinking "oh dear. Can i opt out of this. Its kinda gross now"

But i hadnt orgasmed. My brain is still firing fuck hormones by the millisecond. Im hard as hell and im still consumed by the urgent need to have pussy contact."

Seriouly. What should have been a degrading humiliating experiance was just pure joy. I pounced on it like an eager puppy. Holy fuck it was good.
Not my bit. The pussy.
Like water after a week in the desert.

Wow. What a headfuck.

I woke so many times with a swollen painfull cage that night.

The following morning i so pumped with dopamine i was high.

C found graet delight in teasing me.
At breakfast asking if i had enough milk. How semi was so much better than full cream. Making "by the balls" gestures and popping a boob out when it was just ouy of my reach.
Eventually C did the flick away wave and "thats enough now, be off"

My god im going to need a bucket just to catch all the pre cum.

My wife is enjoying this. These are not my fantasy's. but they are Fantastic. Too good to be true.

Obviously too good to last. So best enjoy it.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Wednesday 20th.
Tired. Hardly any sleep.
Had. Another ruined. Same deal. "on the lips. Clean it up". Lock it up.
Yes i know I pleaded for this, but out of despertation.
There has been no teasing. Just this slow drain.
It frustrates me that C will stop me as soon as it starts to become pleasurable for her.
She has no interest in having an orgasm herself. does not want anything more than she is allowing me to have.
Its my duty. I know this. But my desperation and need is getting too much for me
So I've just come from showering C top to bottom. It's lovely to see her naked and wet. Running my hands over her as i soap and her down.

C pointed out I was drooling from my cage. There was a long string of precum. It just oozes out now when i look at her.

Yes. It's great to look and touch. But i cant help but want to be touched too. Just a pat or ball squeeze.

Im sure this would be somebody's dream but it sure isnt mine.

Maybe it just doesn't cross her mind to tease. I know she can when she wants to.
So i mentioned being low and asked for a boost.
Why? She answered. You should be full to the top with dopamine now.

"Yes. I am full. But it's got nothing to do. A tease now and again would really help" .
And then i asked "Could you think of one word right now that you know would melt my brain"

C answered "i can think of plenty" and reeled them off one after another. Instantly making my lust soar.

"Yes. That's what i need more of' i said excitedly. I just feel down and bored if nothing happens"

C answered "well thems the breaks". and walked away.

So evening came. I finished my chores and joined the wife in bed.

My wife was reading. She reads a lot in between catching up on old soaps.

I snuggled up. Acidentaly knocked over the kindle book. Oops.

Said "I love you so much"

"Yes" C replied "you keep saying that recently" and the look was far from happy about it.

"whats wrong? " i ask.

"your coming over all needy and desperate. I dont like it. Its repulsive. And you go on about teasing. Not everything revolves around your cock you know. We did stuff the other day. Its just not enough for you" and "why should you expect rewards anyway"

I mistakenly pointed out that "i did the stuff the other day" . She didnt need to lift a finger, and I'd assumed she was ok with doing these small things for me while I took care of her"

Big mistake.

I sat and took a torrent of abuse as C reminded me of every mistake if made in the last twenty years (yet again).
The full on dressing down.

Anyway. The end result is. The cage is off. Keys are back. Deal is off.

I was stunned. I got up. Made coffee for us and then did the best thing i could think of.. Shut the fuck up and just be nice.

Im ok. I do my bit. Im not weak. Im not taking the bate. Im not allowing myself to be destroyed in this way and i am Not giving her the argument she wants because i know i cant win.

Later on C did ask if i wanted her to "sort me out". She eas feeling a bit guilty . I said "thanks but maybe in the morning" .

Again not much sleep. I got up sorted chores out and got on with stuff. I felt very down.

C came to me during the day and apologised. Said that she was starting to feel redundant or usless and it got to her.
She presented me with a golden ticket (promise of a bj) later to make up for the attack. And ss a "reward" for looking after her.

I explained that i was helping. Not taking over. If she felt up to doing more then do it. Just ask if you need help.

C is stubborn. Didnt ask for help when needed and resulted in more pain than was necessary.

I took the offer of a BJ (obviously) and hsd my first full orgasm in 16 days. It wasn't mindblowing. Maybe due to the reason it came about.

Since then things have gone back to normal. Cageless normal.

So. To me. Things are not as exciting sexually.

The ruined cum crempie and cleanup seemed to be a hit with C. She asked for this again But followed up with full on intercourse.

This i did gladly.

Ive been down on her since. And C has had some pretty big orgasms.

But i haven't been up to the task of following up. I think this double cum approach leaves me with a much longer refractory period.

Im still uncaged. Mentioned it a few times. C isn't interested at the moment. She has gone back to "its Wierd anyway" mode.

The journey so far has opened both of us to new possibilities and brought a few surprises.

I miss being Caged. But i cant complain. C is happy. I cant push. It doesn't work that way.

Hopefully ill have more to add in the future.
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Re: Re:[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Mr Pickle wrote: Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:45 am this was the poster/add I used to support my case.

Sorry to go back to the beginning of your journey, but tonight I had to laugh. I took a pretty hard hit to my crotch tonight at work when an air line let go and the metal end flew back and got me right on the cage. I didn't feel a thing aside from the cage move. Started laughing because I instantly thought of the peniguard. Maybe you're a born salesman lol

I told my wife about it and then about your pamphlet you gave your wife to sell the idea of chastity cages and my wife said I absolutely had to comment and let you know you were a genius and didn't even know it lol
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Locked 24/7 since June 12th 2020. Its not mine to use anymore, its officially her property to use... Or never use again.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Fantastic! Now my sales pitch has some foundations 😂
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It's been quite a while since I updated this log.
Although I'm still not caged things have evolved, but not in the way I had expected.
My wife and I do have chastity play. She is fine with this.
I might be edged and then locked until later or tomorrow. Or locked for the night when C is tired and doesn't want the hastle of my horny state.
I don't see this as a backward step. Everything is at my wife's pace so there is no "preasure" from me. My wife will still not hold they key and I will not push it in any way.

The biggest changes arising from our "lock him up" experience is our ability to talk more openly about sex.
My wife understands I have Kinks and realises they are important to me.
As a result my Wife is much more open minded. She still has bounderies. "No" means probably not. Never means exactly that, and don't mention it again means take a step back wait wait wait.

Edging is regular now. Creampies & cleanups are a thing my wife offers and very much enjoys. I enjoy these also but only after a ruined orgasm while I'm still raging horny.
Sex is much more frequent and rarely ever vanilla.
My wife expects more now.

And today. This morning we had another first.

I was allowed to wear a strapon. It was shorter than my own. But fatter.
My wife had to ask me to stop before she came as she wanted to come a different way (cleanup).
I nearly came myself just by using the strapon (go figure?)

So what started as my fetish. One I know I would still like to fulfill. Has now turned into many fetishes.
Amazing! . And. She is fine with this.

Honestly. I sit in bed at night listening to my wife sleep, and I can't believe how lucky I am.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Good News.
My wife has the key again. Not my idea. My wife was in great mood and was wanting some attention. I said "how about Tea & toast (our code name for my giving Tongue & toy sex followed by breakfast in bed), " in fact how about T & toast every morning until cum day Sunday?"
And without hesitation my wife replied " you'd better give me that key then"
And so it went. T & toast daily for the week. Followed by a Sunday evenings edging session (multiple ruined dribbling cum fulls) onto my wife's incredible breasts. After which my wife looked at me expectantly.
I tried to reach for the wipes, at which time my wife yanked and squeezed my balls. Wow! that was fucking painful. I knew what I had to do.
I really didn't want to this time. But that night and the following day I swear I was erect for most of it just from the erotic head fuck. The type of erection that aches like hell.

I didn't cage up afterwards but it went back on, on Wednesday by my wifes request.
I served until cumday Sunday again to get piv followed by the creampie with just the look as a command. (I didn't want the ball torture again thanks)
This time the cage went back on. The wife still has the key. Due to the time of month T & toast is out so I guess I'm caged simply because...?

This time around I'm not as excited. I'm just enjoying having a keyholder again. Even if it's only for a while.

My wife still doesn't "get" the whole idea of tease denial etc. But things are moving in their own way towards something that we can both enjoy.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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OK.. I'm still locked and Keyheld.
Honestly I have no idea what changed my wife's mind and I have no intention of asking.
I'm allowed out for teasing or what ever my wife wants and then go back in.
I have suggested having a little out time on a couple of occasions and have been given an instant "No" . and i noticed a quickly hidden smirk.
I'm teased.. Kind of. Told what I might have to look forward to.
It's nice.

The idea of being locked without sex is a no no for my wife. She wants what she wants and gives what she gives.

I long to make suggestions. But I know what happens when I get too keen or carried away, so I'm just going with the flow.
Still. I wish I knew what my wife's end game is?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Still locked. Still my wife's decision. Still no idea why the change of mind?
Maybe I was getting overly frisky and this is calming me down a bit.
Maybe it's something to do with my wife's new interest in house shopping? We have after all just finished renovating this one :(

Maybe I should stop questioning it.

Well. I still have no intention of asking. Anything I think might be a good idea has a habit of spoiling things.

My wife isn't using the cage to deny me as such. Nothing like previous times where it was my ideas. My suggestions.
It is just "happening" in a way that suits what ever is in her head?

I'm still taken out and edged quite regularly.
I seem to be pleading more these days.
I was forced to cum last week (that was a new one).
I had already cum a couple days earlier.
For outstanding behaviour I was offered a BJ. This was followed by being force fed even though before hand I had asked if I could just have a normal one this time.. Please. And then pleaded and begged for her not to feed it to me after i had cum.
Afterwards C said "but I thought this was the new Normal now" :o

So. A couple of days later and C wanted to edge me. Again not something I had asked for. In fact I did say I didn't know if I could rise to the occasion so soon after and even if I did, I really didn't want to cum. I wouldn't enjoy it and i would feel shit for a few days as a result.
But my wife is determined when she wants to be. She wants to edge me. She wasn't really asking.
Yup. . She got me up and to the edge no problem. Quite a few times. I was asked not to cum. to say stop when I got too close.
I said stop and my wife said "No."
I pleaded. Tried desperately not to cum...
I felt like shit for the next few days.

I'm told to "get down there and sort me out. Then get breakfast sorted" (T & toast) often now. In fact this one thing alone happens more often than all the sex we previously had combined.
My wife no longer feels that if I please her, she then has to please me, and now realises/believes that allowing me to give her an orgasm is for my benefit, a treat for me. Something she is very happy and comfortable with.
As a result. Less pressure means more sex, albeit of a different kind. The tongue/toy to piv ratio is about 4:1. It was the opposite way around once.
This might sound like a bummer to some people. But not if I also admit that piv is almost as frequent as it was previously. There's just a lot more happening.

On Wednesday I was edged. Friday I was allowed a bit of piv. No orgasms.
Sunday morning T & toast was requested so I gave my wife an orgasm with tongue only and then sorted out breakfast whilst my wife enjoyed the afterglow.
Usually this means I'll be let out later for my turn (it's not a rule, just how it always seems to happen, usually an oily edge sesion). However this week when I climbed in bed and nothing was happening, I mentioned the possibility of me having some time out, and my wife replied "No. Not Unless It's for medical reasons"
Honestly. I'd rather have come out. I was expectant.. horny as hell.
So I kissed her "OK honey" and spooned up to her.
It took me an age to get off to sleep.
The following morning my wife said. "well some one was horny last night. I think I might have a bruise on my thigh where you tried to hump me in your sleep, that thing is quite hard"

Oops! Sorry baby.

As a parting gift as we headed off to work, my wife said.

"I'll be sending you down there later. Then you can take the cage off and do me. That should give you something to think about for the rest of the day and keep you simmering"
I must have looked ecstatic.
My wife giggled and said "See you later Mr sparkley eyes" .

My beautiful wife looks truly happy at the moment. What more could a man want. x x
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Hi Mr Pickle,

I'm new here, but thoughts have recently been drawn to the chastity lifestyle and I've been trying to get as much info as possible on the different aspects and how things can work with your wife.

I found myself registering on here just because I had to comment on your thread - I've read the whole thing now from start to finish in the past week, and it was pretty eye opening to see how your own adventure/lifestyle has progressed.

I'd love to hear more about where you are now and what your typical routine is...it sounds like you're in a pretty sweet place when you can get your wife to 'drain' you...you mentioned that she's now pretty comfortable with the verbal teasing - can you tell me the kind of things she says to encourage you??

I havent brought up the issue with my wife but I related to many of the things you discussed previously - ie how women seem to think the end goal is just to make the guy cum asap, whereas the greatest excitement is in reaching that climatic edge just before tipping over (the journey rather than the end destination I guess!)

Thanks again.
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