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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2022 6:58 pm
by Mr Pickle
C changed the rules yesterday out of the blue.
It's November. I can have a full on orgasm this month. I've been waiting for it for a month and she changed the rules.
But first C reduced my hard earned points to zero because I'd upset her somehow.
Then, feeling she may have been too harsh gave me two back. I had eight before.
Yes I was gutted, but at least I was due an orgasm.
C wondered why I was still excited so I said "Because it's November. I can Come, properly, come hard like you do"


I got on with my day.
Then recieved a watsapp message.
[So. Just to be clear. In case you ask. You're not allowed to come, only I'm allowed to come, when I want, as hard as I want.
You have to wait till you have 10 points for your one and only monthly orgasm anyway and then until I allow it.
I'm in charge and I won't put up with any crap from you.
I still get a tick for not allowing you out and not letting you come. Agree and I will still let you eat my pussy.]

What choice did I have?


[Good boy. You can eat me tomorrow afternoon, and again on saturday before I dress up like slut and you take me out to dinner]

I have been doing everything I can to earn more points, but C is holding back on rewarding me.

I'm hoping she will show a bit of mercy before Saturday night or she'll drive me insane.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2022 6:26 pm
by Mr Pickle
C wanted fucking, she was horny after dinner. She simpy said "I'm going to go upstairs and take my panties off. You know where you need to be. "
She was wet and her clit was very swollen.
I fucked C, or so it felt. Not with my actual dick, but I fucked her and made her come.
I get the credit for this, I feel pride and content.
Fucking without being able to get an erection. Watching C's pussy as she has an orgasm, caged and unlikely to be released.
We lay afterwards cuddled together with my hand on C's breast and C's hand gently squeezing my balls.
I was then asked to fetch C a glass of wine so she could relax in bed and enjoy the afterglow.

Sometime I wonder why I asked to be locked up, denied, teased and left constantly wanting.
Not tonight.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2022 7:48 pm
by Mr Pickle
Friday night I had a wobble. Started feeling a little resentful.
Obviously I don't mind C using me to come and keeping me locked, but I do like to know what prospects I have. I'm not good at this 'will she let me out? Hope she does" thing.

I was actually relieved Saturday morning when C said. "I'm sending you down to make me come again. You're staying locked"
I wanted to come out for something. Anything. But at least I knew where I stood so wouldn't have to wonder or hope for release today.
C came very hard. After recovering she said "if you're a very good boy I might let you out tomorrow".
"Have I been good this week? "
"Yes, very good."
Then could I borrow you vibe for just one minute, I need something".
I spent the day mainly unhappy. It just didn't feel fair.
That evening we went for a meal. C dressed without shame. I spent the evening looking down her dress along with the waiters who kept turning up randomly asking if everything was ok.
Each time talking to C's breasts.

I said "It's been confusing this week. You said you'd let me out if I was good" .
"Did I? Maybe I did. But I like to watch you squirm, not knowing if I'm going to let you out or not"
"But making me belive I would?"
"to be honest I was going to on Thursday. I thought ''ll have a nice orgasm then let him out for a bit. Then, after I come and I'm all relaxed I think nah. Can't be bothered. So you stayed locked."
"You knew I was confused and desperate. "
"I know your desperate, its what you wanted. So it doesn't bother me. I got what I wanted".

So. A miserable day for me all in all. I didnt particularly enjoy the meal, I don't like being locked right now and I feel like a worthless old mug.

I'm really thinking about calling this shit off.


C did treat me on Sunday to a wank, a ride and a suck so I can't complain.

And she said she enjoyed making me wait and using me.

I forget that it It isn't my game anymore, and I'm happy that C is happy.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2022 6:55 pm
by Mr Pickle

Just when I thought "fuck this! I need a break".
C has somehow got me locked again and happy to be.
It kinda went like this.
"C. I'm tired and not in the mood for being locked up, I'd like to leave it off for a while"
"How long a while?"
"Until further notice. Maybe only a few weeks"
C nearly choked "I thought you meant a few hours.. Request denied, but I will help you want to be Locked. By treating you more and letting you eat me more?"
"erm... I might be willing to try that."
"Good. Well I can't let you out for treats if it's already out, so let me know when your locked and ready"

I was locked and ready 10 minutes later. It took that long because my stiffy held me up.

"I'm all locked up C"

"Thank goodness for that. You can sort me out later, and I'll let you out for a ten minute stroke everyday this week starting tomorrow."

I'm so happy 😁

"Off you go. Earn it."

C edged me on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday C said I could have another edge or swap it for eating her pussy in the morning.
I chose the latter.

Saturday morning C sits beside me content with a well fucked pussy holding and squeezing my balls. It felt incredible.
I asked "Do you think you could book me in for a ball wank sometime. I'm curious to know if it's even possible"
"Yes, sure, it might give another option when I keep you locked up".

Sunday I was sent down again, then edged and then sucked to a real powerful orgasm. I had to swallow it of course.

C made sure it was locked again soon after.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2022 4:32 am
by Mr Pickle

C wasn't in the mood, but had me sort her out anyway.
Afterwards while C was enjoying her post orgasm chill out, she said "you always manage to get me there, even when I'm not in the mood or can't be bothered. Very impressive"
"Thank you C, I'm really grateful that you make me do this. I don't suppose.."
And then C went on to say "I need you on best behaviour. If I let you out you get rebellious, cocky and harder to control and It's been more difficult getting you locked up again. It stays on, I prefer who you are when it's in a cage"
So I asked "when you say I get get cocky. You mean I become more like myself? Like I used to be before all this?"
"I don't think of it that way. I keep it locked and I'm happier, which means everyone is happier."
My swollen caged junk was on show, I stared at it for a while and asked "Don't you feel the least bit guilty making me stay like this all the time"
"No? Why would I feel guilty at making everything better?"

I got in with my day. It helps to know this stuff, and I can't argue with C's logic. It's simple.

C's mind works completely differently to mine. I'm a science and fact and maths man, C is religion and fairy tales.

Sometimes I forget that logic doesn't work with C. I was reminded of this the other day when C asked me about getting some "Rune stones" for our grand child who is into magic and Harry Potter. C asked me very seriously "If we buy them for her. She won't be able to accidentally cast any spells will she?"

I had to adore her for this question. It made me wonder?

"Do. You think the cage is magic in some way?"

"No. Its simple. The cage controls it. Mr cock is naughty. I think your balls hold all the charm and nice cuddly things that make beautiful baby's. When it comes out your not as nice any more because you lost some niceness, so I try to put it back in you. When Mr cock gets big it takes control of you and makes you want to do very naughty things and let all the good stuff out and make you naughty. The cage isn't magic silly. It's just a cage to stop Mr cock getting all big and powerful and make me want to do naughty things too. Although sometimes I like that I can be the naughty powerful one"

".... Ok... Makes sense I suppose?"

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2022 6:50 am
by Mr Pickle

C was in a very easy going mood, good at the time, but not good all in all.
Letting me off isn't a good thing in the long run.
C edged me and then let me fuck her breasts again. Said I was allowed to let a little bit out as long as I clean it up.
I got to cuming point in 20 seconds and held it back. C was waiting for the drop so I relaxed my kegals just a bit. Big mistake. A load of cum blobbed out and sat at the top of C's cleavage.
"Oh dear Mr P. You've made quite a mess. Are you going to clean it up?"
I'd let too much out, so the idea really hadn't appealed to me.
"erm.. Can I decline, I'd rather not"
C replied "OK, if you really don't want to, as long as I get a tick anyway"
So I got away with cuming too much and not cleaning up and C doesn't mind, It is ultimately up to C at the end of the day so all should be fine.
But I feel it isn't for some reason?

Friday C used my favorite phrase.
"My pussy is soft and smooth, so in the morning you're going to make me come hard and I'm going to keep you locked up".

I love hearing those words.

My morning wood was insane. I woke sore and hard, tried breathing, thinking of sad things, but nothing helped. C noticed I'd gone quiet, my breathing and eventually C asked "Is it a medical emergency?"
"Prolonged hornyness of the male gland C, quite serious I think"
"Hmmmm. So your saying there's a great big rod of steel being retrained in that little cage trying to get out?"
"Yes, been trying for quite a while now."
"I can't belive I'm actually contemplating letting it out so I can sit on it before sending you down"
"Yes, really. Quite horny myself now thinking about it".

And then "Nope! I need an orgssm really bad now."

C put her hand on the back of my head. "Get down there and make me come"

C came hard. I was dismissed to make breakfast.

I asked C if that was real or play. Her considerating using Mr cock for her own pleasure?

"Yes. I really was thinking about using it for me"

"Thanks. I'm flattered you've really made my day thinking of me like that. To be honest, your pussy is amazing when it's been fucked. That's when I want to eat it most, when it's all pink and puffy. I'm usually dismissed at that point".

"Hmmm.. Maybe we can do that tomorrow then" .

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 9:56 am
by Mr Pickle

Sunday C did make use of it, but as much as I wanted to eat her pussy afterwards she wasn't letting me. "You can give it one kiss, one lick, no more than that, I'm not in the mood for another Orgasm"
Tuesday morning C let me spend some points from my "good boy" app, so I came out for an edge. I was reminded not to come, but it was bliss any way. Nice to be unlocked more than twice in a week or worse, not at all.

C reminded me she would be making use of me tomorrow and I would be kept locked to ensure I put my all into it.

I love hearing this. It gives me a buzz for the whole day, a wonderful heady feeling and a warm glow.
I took C and the kids out after dinner and treated them to drinks and a hot chocolate fudge desert in a local restaurant. I wanted to thank them all for being so perfect.

So the next day I was sent down to sort C out as is usual on Wednesday. C came like it was her last ever orgasm and it wiped her out.

Eventually C recovered and came to her senses, I had made coffee and breakfast, served her in bed.
C was indeed pleased with my performance.
C: "I'll take it out and make use of it on Saturday. Then put it away again, I'll be making use of your tongue aswell. Something for you think about for the next few days" followed by a very beautiful smile. C is enjoying this, it makes my heart swell almost as much as the caged contents.

We spent the day together early Christmas shopping, I treated C to lunch, and then to my great surprise C said "you've made such a special effort this week, you seem to be happily locked again. As an extra treat I'm going to milk a little bit onto my breasts tomorrow and make you lick it up"
"Wow! Really? As well as using me on Saturday?"
"Yes, really. You've earned it. The sun must be shining on you because I'm also going to let you come on sunday"

I was stunned. Truly. This is fucking awesome. And to think I wanted to give it all up only a week or two ago and C has turned it around.
I think C might be getting pretty good at this.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2022 2:00 pm
by Mr Pickle
Thursday night.

This isn't a complaint.

I'm sore. My cock can hardly stand being in contact with the cage.

C said that she would edge me, and told me when she would be doing it.

Fair warning.

She didn't say when she would stop.

I have applied cream and hope to heal quickly. I'm being made use of on Saturday.