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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 6:04 am
by Mr Pickle
Some days just start well and end well.
Monday morning C said "OK Mr, it's time to get down there and sort me out" .

I did exactly that, tongue, toy vibrator. There just isn't anything as fab as a freshly shaved pussy.

C came hard on the 8" and then came again when the vibrator was added.

C "Ahhhh! I needed that. OK You can go now" .

Five minutes later I was off to work.

My day was great. I spent every spare minute re playing the scene. C coming hard, swollen cock in cage and dismissed when C was still reeling from the after effects of a huge orgasm.

My cage swelling everytime it crossed my mind.

When I got home C looked radient, beautiful, and she smiled at me in a way only C could.

I smiled back, proud of her, of myself, of us.

I Made coffee, and as I put it on the table C said "I'm going to make use of you again tomorrow morning. You're just too good not to make use of. "

Tuesday morning I was made use of again. C told me "I'm quite horny so I need you to sort me out again, I'm thinking maybe a good fucking to follow, should sort me out properly. I don't want to spend the day frustrated again"

So I got down there and my cage was painfully full, the bukhe hard as hell realising it was to be released.

C said "that orgasm was so powerful it' feels like I've been drugged."

"It's amazing for me making you come like that C, I love eating your pussy, thank you"

"Yes, I know, So you get what you want, I get to enjoy the attention, and using you for my needs. Also what you want. "

"So would you like your good fucking now? ".

C looked at me with a beautiful smile, and replied
"No thank you very much, my frustrations all sorted out. I'm OK now. Coffee and toast would be nice" .

I had to breath deep, fuck I was horny, frustrated, painfully swollen.

C noticed my pause. "Awww. Don't spoil it by being selfish and asking for something else. Off you go then, make my breakfast"

I did, and again headed off to work. This time slightly delirious.

Needless to say. I'm leaking like a hose. it doesn't feel like C will be letting me out any time soon.

I don't know why, but I feel quite nervous.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2021 7:08 pm
by Mr Pickle
The hardest part of this eating pusyy day after day while locked and denied, is the realisation that as soon as C is content She will get on with her day as though nothing has happened, and due to having Cum like a train and fucked senseless with a dildo, she has absolutely no sexual or arousal feelings or desires what so ever. She is content.
So she has little or no patience for my frustration and any hint of my needs is just annoying to her.

So it's hard watching C go about her day as if on steroids as a result of her morning boost, looking so amazing and radient, slightly flushed from the huge orgasm she recently had, at the same time as squashing all my raw deep seeded needs.

C might be up for a little flirt later in the day when it has worn off.

Tomorrow I start work too early to serve C and then it gets too busy towards the weekend.
I have no doubt C will want more, and of so, will fit it in somewhere.

And the Later in the day. It seems. I know nothing.

C is now very flirtatious and has said she will make use of me before I go. And again she might want a bit of "jiggy jiggy" afterwards.

C also reminded me of my orgasm quota C ' in theory I should be getting five or six ftimes as many orgasms as you"

C then said "hmmm? When I say it like that. It still sounds like either I'm not having enough, or your having too many?"

How... Has she worked that out?

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:52 am
by Mr Pickle
C made use of me and indeed wanted some jiggy jiggy.
I struggled to contain myself and just when I was so close I was grunting to hold back C said "Don't You Dare"

That was the trigger point.

I stopped dead, clutching onto her and tried so hard, but I pumped out one big blob. Ruined but Not allowed.
C said "Why didn't you pull out?"


"You will be, and you'd better not be a moody arse after this"

"I won't, I won't. It was ruined, more like a milking"

" I'm quite disappointed, I've only had what.. Five orgasms this month. And you've already had two?"

"yes, sorry"

"whatever. That's two this month, the next one is you last. And so far I've only had single orgasms, not multiples" .

OK. That's worrying because it's a long time till next month, but hopefully I can last two lots of 8 days.
Most worrying is that I've only one more chance now to earn next month's orgasms, so I've got to make C come three or four times when that happens.

I stupidly said "don't worry honey, I'm going to make you come lots next time, so I'll have lots of big O's next month"

C considered this for a while replied. "really? Because I've decided I'm going to suck you off on Saturday and make you swallow it.."

I was tying to compute what this meant

C "aww are you struggling adding it up? Let me help.
You have one left this month, and you've earned one for next month with not much room for improvement.
So on Saturday, when you're swallowing your last cum load of this month. you'll have six weeks divided by.... How many orgasms?.. One."

Followed that beautiful, innocent smile.

I was silent as C left, mumbling "should have pulled out. It'll be twenty to one next month".

all I could think was.

Ah. Fuck!

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 6:50 pm
by Mr Pickle

"Thank you for not sucking me off"

I cannot belive I have said this. But its true and I really did feel thankful.

Saturday morning, I kept running about and stopping to chat when C said "Stop stalling, I told you I was going to suck you off today, so come on"

"But C. wouldn't you rather I pleasure you? you've gone without an orgasm for two days now"

"Well. I am quite wet? And you're better at it when you've not cum.. Ok then, sort me out"

So I tongue and toyed C until she came hard (as always), and while C was still recovering I said. "Your pussy really needs more, let me put it in"

"I'm still shaking from it, but aren't you being greedy?"

"No C, I just want to fully satisfy you"

"Hmmm. Good answer. Wrap it up (means put a condom on) so you don't enjoy it too much. And don't cum, even a little" .

C came again, oh my god what a relief, now I get two next month. C realised what that meant and told me to stop and get off, get it locked up.

C" That's it. Enough,. Tomorrow you're cuming and you're swallowing it"

I took a deep breath ready to say something, but nothing came to mind.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 5:50 am
by Mr Pickle
Sunday morning, C hit a new record, in that she had me unlocked, sucked, cum fed and relocked in under 4 minutes.

It's a bit of a disappointment if I'm really honest, but I won't complain.
If I'm having less of them I would prefer they were a bit more meaningful.

C's version is "You seem to be happier if you don't cum, but it's a nescesary evil, so it's just something to get out of the way, and I think it's best if you don't enjoy it. That way, it isn't something you'll want as much.
I mf your orgasm had bells and whistles you would just want more"

I had to admit that coming has been a bit of a disappointment lately so I didn't yearn for them and C replied.

" Good, so you won't actually miss them, and now mine have the bells and whistles, so I want lots of them. You can concentrate on mine, it's exactly what you wanted. "

"Wow! That does actually make a lot of sense"

"Yes it does, so tomorrow morning you stay locked, and I come hard"

"Great, incredible, fantastic! Thanks for making my orgasms so bad C, you're actually very good at this"

Big, big smile from C followed by "Yes I know"

And this morning. C had an incredibly big orgasm.

So. That was the last O I've earned for this month, I've just come so I don't care, and I'm trying not to think about it.

I still can't belive I thanked C for not sucking me off on Saturday though.. How does that work?

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 8:30 am
by Mr Pickle
C isn't backing down on my having had all the orgasms I've earned this month, and I'm to affaid of losing out to even wonder?

I do feel like I was tricked but C says
"you'll get over it once you realise this is in fact 'Your' fantasy, it's taken years to get here, and I'm very happy with it" .

So. My sex life now consist of mainly eating pussy and breast play. I get ball massages and will on occasion be offered an edge or I might be able to earn some penetration with a condom to prevent cuming.
C's choice would be a "sit on vibe" where she slides me all the way in and then uses a vibrator on her clit until she comes, during which time I watch and I don't move.

But for now, C isn't letting me out and has told me "Any complaints, questions or poor behavior and the little treats stop. "

OK, so I'm not having Mangasms, but I'm still likley to earn edges as and when C wants/allows.

I'm constantly keen to please. Im totally fucked if I'm not.

The frustration, constant hornyness is mindblowingly good, all day, every day.
C thinks that she comes so much more now because I don't come so often. Or in her words "I'm under no preasure. I want to come, I can come, and then get on with my day. I don't have to pay you back, in fact you owe me for letting you do that to me and pay me by treating me like a queen. As long as you don't come, you do as your told".

As is often the case I have no idea what C's plans are and she has no intention of letting me know.
What she has let me know is "I'm just enjoying having all the attention and all the orgasms, I'll let you know if I want to change that.. Don't hold your breath"

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:38 am
by Mr Pickle
C is giving me some wiggle room to make my time easier.
She is well aware that this is beyond my limits.

C "but well, that isn't my fault is it."

The wiggle room is that I do get to have a say....ish!

Am example C "Do you want to eat my pussy today, or would it put you under too much strain?"

And always I want to, even though I know I'll end up even more frustrated and desperate.

And afterwards. C "Good choice, I was going to make you go down there anyway"

C sees it as helping me by letting vent my frustration by allowing me to make her cum.. A lot more. Daily.

I did in fact thank C for helping me.
" Thanks for letting me give you orgasms" .

C "No, no no, I Make you give me orgasms"

So, today tuesday, I'm begining to feel it, knowing I still have at least a week to go and its been 9 days since.
I winged a bit in Monday morning following A weekend of pussy licking, finger fucking and tit massaging and a shed load of C teasing. but no edge or time out.

C put a stop to my complaint by saying I could make her cum again, and afterwards she would unlock me and let me slide it all the way in.

"Really? Wow yes, thank you.

" On one condition".


"You don't complain or ask to come out for the rest of the week, learn to deal with it" .

"Deal." . What else could I do?

Next morning C sent me down again.
It seems the more I suffer and the longer I go, the harder she comes?

"It's constantly hard C, practically lifts me off the chair"

"Good, it's working then"

This morning after C had an orgasm so powerful it nearly broke her kneck. C pointed out my swollen cage and said "Wow. So purple and swollen. It's practically busting out" followed shortly after by "Nevermind, you'll live"

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:11 am
by Mr Pickle
I'm having to put cream on my balls and thighs due to the constant stream of precum causing chaffing, because I don't want a rash.
C has complained of my bed wetting, sticky legs etc. But she is willing to put up with it.

How to explain the frustration? why it feels so good and at the same time so bloody terrifying.

When I look at C. I see a woman who is having a normal day, getting on with stuff and not a thought of anything sexual and at the same time I see flashbacks
of her having powerful orgasms day after day, after which I am sent on my away either to make food, drinks or to do chores.

There is absolutely no thought of reciprocation. it no longer crosses C's mind that I may have other wants or needs. That isn't why I'm here.
I'm here to ensure C has an orgasm when she wants one. C is completely content with the knowledge that we are having sex together, it may be different than it once was, but we have sex much more often and it's better. She is beyong wondering why or how, life is so much better there is absolutely no chance of going back to how it was.

I get other treats for being well behaved, being nice and spoiling C. These treats are what spurs me on and makes the difference between cave or survive.

The most basic treat being ball massages and breast massages which are many and often. Edges I have to really work for, but god they are so worth it.

Teases and head fucks are purley down to C's discretion, it depends on her mood, her playful or wicked side. These, I happen to know can break me, so as much as I long for them I fear them more.

When C 'ums and ah's' about what to do with me, my stomach flips, I can feel sick, anxiety, panic, hope.
A refusal can be both erotic and devastating.

Last night, as C was getting into the shower she asked me get on my knees and put my tongue between her pussy lips. I was allowed about 10 licks, just enough to think it was going to 'happen'. Then I was told "Don't swallow or wipe your face. Go sit in the next room and listen to me showering, I'll be naked, soaped up and shaving my lips, you'll be able to taste me and hear me, but not see, but you can imagine me touching myself, and all the while I'll know your there, locked, unable to do anything about it."

At bed time, when I was desperate and trying to hunt at doing something C said" I'm going to sleep now, one more word and I deduct one of your well earned orgasms from next month"

I didn't get much sleep.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:52 pm
by Mr Pickle
It seems I've done so much over and above board C decided to surprise me with a little invite to the bedroom after dinner.

C sent me a message to meet her 'in the bedroom, room, it's warmed up and ready'.

Oh joy oh joy oh joy..

But when I walked in C was sat there looking quite annoyed?

"Hey. Oh.. What's up?"

" just realised I've started my period"

"Oh". What a bummer. "I understand why you're disappointed. Sorry honey"

C then said " I was going to make you think you'd be getting a real nice treat, and then make you eat me out and keep you locked instead.. I was really horny" .

"As hard as I am now, just hearing that. It also sounds terrifying, but thank you for even thinking Looe that. "

C "It's not fair. I know I've had plenty of orgasms but I was hoping to get quite a few more in before you got one".

"Um maybe if I had one for you?" followed by my bestest smile.

C "Fat chance, dream on. But seem as we're here, I might as well do something. I'll let you have an edge bit you're absolutely not allowed to cum though.. Ok? "

" Yes of course It's ok"

The edge was on a whole new level.
C was using a stroke and squeeze method, almost a frustratingly angry edge, so the head was bulging, in fact the head became so sensitive by the time she had finished with me, just taking a pee was like post orgasm torture. I nearly came just from taking a pee?

C enjoyed my obvious suffering so much she said she might even do it again soon.

"Can you let it recover a bit first please"

C "Hmm. OK, but Just in case you thought you'd be coming soon because it's near the start of the month. Not gona happen while I'm like this, so Hope it isn't a long one".