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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 10:44 am
by Mr Pickle

C put her Dom head on today. This doesn't happen often.

C wanted to come last night but was tired so gave it a miss. This morning she was out of sorts, head full of small stuff, still tired after not much sleep.

"Maybe I should just have sent you down there anyway"

"It does usually help, and I only came on Saturday so it would have been just sorting you out, which doesn't take long"

C then surprised me by saying "Yes, you did come. And you were a bit off afterwards, I wasn't impressed"

"Sorry honey, You know I have a bit of a lull afterwards, I tried to not let it bother me"

"Not a problem. At least you're only like that on the odd occasion now rather that all the time, like you used to be.. When you needed to come all the time and expected me to sort it out for you"

"wow C. Was I really that bad"

"No.. It was still good, but also Yes.. Now I've seen this side of things I wouldn't have put up with it. Now it's my turn to expect you to sort me out. So Get down there and make me come"

I did, and C came.

Afterwards I did say "You do realise you can let me out if you want some cock, I won't come unless you allow it or force me to"

"erm.. No chance. You're staying locked up today."

C was like a different woman afterwards. She got her shit together and had a great day.
Even told me it was because she had come and that she really should be using me more often and said "when I come, everything is better. When you come.. It isn't"

I got loads done because nothing gets me going like being sent down locked. I'm leaking again already.

C came to apprise my work. Very impressed. I mentioned the possibility of a treat.
C gave me the Stare. But said nothing.
"No matter how small. If only a kiss?"

"You expect something in return?
I hope not.? I think you had plenty this morning don't you? I'll stop asking for things if your going to expect!."

" No Sorry, Sorry, I have had plenty. Would you like me to make you a coffee? ".

" Yes. I've been expecting you to ask, your late. Quick quick hurry up" .

And C has been the same way since. "Do this, Do that, quickly now."

And for some reason. When C says 'Jump'. I just can't help but want to.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 5:57 pm
by Mr Pickle

Tuesday C has an ibs problem and (in her words)
"I would send you down again, instead I'm going to milk you over my breasts a bit at a time, and watch you clean it up after each bit"

I didn't think twice about it. I don't think it was a choice anyway.

So C started edging me, always stopping at that exact moment where the prostate compresses, but the orgasm doesn't follow.
The first drops leaked onto C's nipple. "I expect you to clean that up"

Its surprising how easy this is when your so horny and on the brink of coming, if I refuse. No more pleasure. And it is very Very pleasurable being stroked in this state. The incentive outweighs reluctance.

And So. C milked me, many times and I obediently did as I was told.
I think C sees this as power thing and enjoys it.
She does this quite often now and likes to remind me that "I am the only one who swallows cum"

C managed once again to totally drain my balls without me having an orgasm. So I'm still on best behaviour.
After this C informed me "you're staying locked until I feel the need for a it, No asking for or expecting treats, if I want to be fucked, I'll tell you to fuck me" .

So I was surprised when evening came and C said "I'm stressed and need to get a good night's sleep. Tongue me and fuck me senseless"

I must have shown the surprise and delight. I was still horny as hell.

" Don't be silly, I meant with the toy"

So C sent me down to give her an orgasm before going to sleep.

Days like this are quite incredible, and they happen often. So it still blows my mind when I look at the beginning of my journey or think back to what was 'normal' back then.
After 20 years. I'm married to a woman that 'wants' to have sex with me. Often... Very often.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:43 am
by Mr Pickle


C came home from work, we kissed and the first words she said " I'm going to make use of you later"

"good day at work then?"

"busy, but that's not the reason. I'm used to more now. It's hungry"

True to her word, at bedtime C told me " Get down there and make me come, take your time"

I combined everything I had to give C the orgasm she deserves. Then I kissed her thighs and admired her beautiful shaved, swollen, freshly fucked gaping pussy.

I'd expected C to sleep then but she said "oh that was good, I'm still horny so ill let it out , I want some cock."

"Excellent, thank you"

"But your not allowed to come and you have to stop when told"

That got me super turned on. I burst out of the cage and made the absolute most of that first slide in.

C told me again not to come, she wanted me attentive for a while longer.

I took it slow but eventually I got to the stage where I wasn't at coming point, but was as rock solid and as big as I get.
C made a point of letting me know "I had a huge orgasm, you're not allowed one, so.. I'll come for."
C came again. "for you"
C noticed I was straining and said "that's it, stop now and get it locked back up, I can tell you're close"

I stopped but stayed in. It was just too pleasurable.

"I'm serious, don't come, get it out"

So, reluctantly pulled out, cleaned up and stroked C's butt while waiting for cock to subside enough to lock up as ordered.

With, might I add. A big smile on my face.

Friday was a good day, I was constantly horny and happy.
When C got home she started teasing straight away. Said "I might send you down again later or I might just do myself and make you watch" followed up with lots of snogs and flashing.

C then asked me to sit with her and watch some TV and said she would let me out so she could play with it. But it was to be Locked back up when the show finished.

I've no idea what we watched. I was hard and near delirious the whole time and then locked aferwards.

Omg, uncomfortable cage time.

Evening time and C said "I hope you enjoyed all the images I put in your head today. What I might do with you. To you. "

"oh yes, I've been chomping at the bit. Thank you"

"Good. I've decided I'm keeping you locked. No treats tonight"

"oh.. Ok" truth was I was gagging for something. Proper turned on.

"but I hope you have lots of energy in the morning, your going to need it.. Now stroke my Butt. "

So I stroked C's butt while she nodded off.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:06 pm
by avid fan
I don't recall if you mentioned, but does C get you to fuck her with a dildo often??... seems she could get more pleasure from that than you, no offense!

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:12 am
by Mr Pickle
C wanted me to shag missionary.
"It's a while since you had a creampie isn't it."

"Yes, but It's OK, I don't mind"

"Oh you don't? OK then you can make love to me normal and have an orgasm."

"Wow, thanks honey"

"And then I'm going to make you tongue fuck me clean and toy fuck me until I have an orgasm "


I came pretty quickly, C's fault. If C wants me to come fast, I come fast.

C did indeed force me to do clean her up. It took quite a few threats of varying degrees to get me to go down after I'd emptied out.
The clincher was when C said

"If you don't get down there and clean it up right now. No more cage, no more pussy eating. You'll just be an old wanker again. I'm serious. Eat it now or not at all. Ever."

C did look very serious. I wish I hadn't hesitated, it would have been a lot easier.

However. C seemed to get much more joy from making me do something I obviously did Not want to do.
Eventually C had a great orgasm.

By Sunday eve C regretted letting me come so soon after the last time" I let you come too much, your less likable"

C is having a really good think about this.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:46 pm
by Mr Pickle
Monday was a think day for C. After letting me come and litterally bribing me into cleaning up.
She wasn't overly happy with my behavior after the orgasm.
I assume she was using the forced cleanup idea to assert her control. Truth was I got post O cranky syndrome as it'd been only a handful of days since the last O for me.
Cranky is a bit too strong, I was pleasant and mainly unchanged except when I stood up for myself when I knew C was in the wrong.
Anyway. That kind of attitude isn't what is required of me. C wanted to know why I had these Rebellious times.
I think I might have accidentally said "your not very strict"
On hind sight. Not a wise thing to say.

So, on Tuesday, I was sent down again. Caged, no chance of release with strict orders "make me come hard enough for both of us, you won't be coming for a while now"

C knows I'll do a much better job, and she alway comes harder if I have no chance of coming out".

C did have an incredibly powerful orgasm, and im back to being the Man she wants. Manly, horny and obedient.

Later that day after doing a chore C said. "Thanks for doing that for me"
"It's the least I can do, you let me eat your pussy.

C corrected me. " No. I 'made' you eat my pussy"

Later in the day C Reached inside my pants, grabbed me by the balls, looked me in the eye and said. "you're staying locked up and controlled."

She had a pencil, which she wielded like a small cane and started striking balls and cage.

"And you will do as you're told"

C has flashed and teased all day and informed me "For the time being, your treats will be giving, rather having. Caged treats if you like. Top of the list hmmm? A ball suck is a remote possibility"

"Oh, OK thank you, I'll do anything you ask. "

"Yes you will. It may take a while, but I think you're good behaviour will allow you to put a finger in my pussy.. Eventually"

Wow! This doesn't sound like much to some. But in this place, in this state, being offered it like this. Wow! What a prize worth working for.

This is what drives me to want to please C. The want of C herself.

I Took C out for the evening, romantic meal, walk along the seafront, pier and a ride on the merry-go-round. C laughed and giggled, smiled and jumped with excitement.
She looked fantastic. I couldn't take my eyes off her.
C caught me looking and leaned in for a kiss.
I said to C "This is how you make me feel every minute of the day.

"Awww. That's so sweet"

"I think you're absolutely Amazing" .

C replied. "Thank you, and thank you for such an beautiful, lovely romantic night. I'm still keeping you locked up though. "

And that she did.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:42 am
by Mr Pickle
avid fan wrote: Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:06 pm I don't recall if you mentioned, but does C get you to fuck her with a dildo often??... seems she could get more pleasure from that than you, no offense!
If you mean with a strapon. Tried it, twice but C wasn't interested and won't let me do it again even though I keep asking.
It's a great tease for me, but it isn't as good as the real thing.
It would help more if I had a much smaller member, then at least C would see a benefit.

Otherwise, when ever I go down on C, yes, the dildo is used and yes C prefers it simply because I can't shag and lick clit any other way. But all the time or it gets too boring for C.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:56 am
by Mr Pickle
I'm pretty frustrated in a good way today. I drool when I look at C. Constantly straining the cage. I feel supercharged.
We visited friends and whilst there were asked "would you like anything to eat?"
C looked at me and said "I know exactly what you would like to eat"
I felt a bit flustered and incredibly horny, also speechless.
C then said "but you'll have to wait until later"
Our hosts were looking at me with a look of curiosity and confusion, my eyes darted from them to C while I stammered.
C looked at me as if to say "get out of this then"

Me "Steak night" I shrugged and continued "once its in the fridge, it's all I can think about, I just can't wait, I love it".. I hoped I was convincing.

C followed up by saying "Yup, I literally have to keep the fridge locked until it's time to be romanced and served"

Wife Host (D) . "Aww that's so lovely. You still have date nights. We haven't had set date nights for years, he's always at the club or playing golf"

C "just think of his favorite thing in the while world.. lock it up and then only get it out if you get what you want"

Wife host tilted her head to one side, thinking. I was probly paranoid but I swear she looked right at my crotch.

I felt my jaw drop.. Literally. I stopped breathing.

She then laughed out loud and said "Ha! Oh my god H. Did you hear that."

All I could think was 'please let the ground swallow me up now, please. "

So H came into the room "What's that love?"

"C thinks I should lock up your golf clubs! "

I was still quite happy to leave.

In the car. "really C. What was that?"


"I was mortified"

"Good. But tell you what. I'll give you a 'Nedge' later"

"A what?"

"Nedge. Short for No edge, seem as your staying locked ill edge you verbally, describe what I'm doing with it stroke by stroke."

"um...? OK then"

And so later I was Nedged. It was.. Highly arousing, surprisingly so. C quite an imagination.

Still not been allowed out, not come for 6 days. C is being quite strict. But I have had a heads up that something will happen later.

My head is full of possibilities and fantasies.

Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2021 5:01 am
by Mr Pickle

C really is being reserved regarding my coming out or having an orgasm. I don't get it, she isn't usually this strict.

I have been told 'something will happen'.
After C got back from work she told me "I've started to come on, so my plans have changed"

"Oh. So later?"

"I've not decided if I I'll let you out yet? but if I do. You're still not allowed to come. In fact I'd quite happily keep you locked just to make sure you don't. Need you working hard over weekend."

"C. I promise I won't come if you do let me out. I really won't."

I was panicking slightly. It'll be a week since I came tomorrow, and I know I've failed on holding back in the past, I'm literally shaking.
I have never done this amount of work without rewards before, but again I have to stay stum because C was angry with me last time I I assumed I would get something in return "

C considered for a while and then replied" I know I'm pushing you a bit, but I think you can cope. And it is what you wanted after all"

"I think I would want something physical.. If I was given a choice? "
C walked over to me and pushed both her hands Dow my pants, ball in each hand and tips of her thumbs pushing through the bars. Looked me in the eyes..

"I want to keep you locked and desperate. Answer me honestly. Is that turning you on?"

There was no point in denying it. The traitorous caged cock went solid in its cage and I practically squirted precum when she said that. Fuck!

"Yes, Of course it is"

"Well then. Win Win situation, at the very least, I'll flirt with you and make your brains melt."

"Oh god"

"Aww poor bay doesn't come for a few days so can't stand the teasing? You can go now, come sit with me at 9 to watch tv"

And so I went.

The evening went better than I could have hoped for. C hadn't realised I hadn't come since Saturday. She remember coming herself on Tuesday and thought she had let me out.

In light of this C said "OK, for your prostate. Not for you. I'll edge it a bit and milk some out onto my breast. But only if you agree to clean it up"

"OK, that's very kind thank you"

"But, and I mean this. No. Orgasm"


Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 2:46 pm
by Mr Pickle

Saturday nights treat was being allowed to watch myself groping C's breasts in the full length mirror. While C fed my head with phrases like "I bet you can almost feel yourself sliding into me from behind" or "You could make me come like thi if you held the vibrator to my clit, then we could both watch me come"

Everytime I started to move or say anything. "Don't. Nothing else is going to happen here. Only in your head. "
It was a different type of sweet torture. Everything I could see. I wanted. Everything C said. I wanted.
Afterwards I really didn't know if I could hold it together, I was almost sobbing with frustration, joy and pent up hormones, a bit of an emotional happy mess.

C cuddled me and said" you can stop this any time you know, I'm trying to make you happy and enjoy it but I'm still trying to figure it all out."

" C, you make me so very happy, I can't belive how good you are with me. With this. "

" Tell you what. Take a deep breath. Take control of it. If you can hold it together till tonight. I'll edge you for as long as you can possibly stand it"

OK. Now this is where I can't make sense of this cockcage denial stuff. C has me near breaking point and has just offered to quite possibly destroy me.. As a reward. And my answer is.

"Fuck yes. I feel much better now, would you like a coffee, another car, or another mansion by the sea?"

"Ha ha. Your so funny"

And so Saturday evening C sat and read, shopped and browsed while edging me.
Never close enough to blob, always close enough to want to. Occasionally shifting to firmly slide up and down the shaft only, totally ignoring the head. Making the head swell and bulge almost painfully until I started to fade and then Wham! Quick head wank and Straight back to the edge.
True to C's word, she edged me until I couldn't take any more, physically, not mentally, it tired me out. And amazingly, calmed me down totally.
So this morning I'm still keen, full of energy and full of love for C and my family, loving life and enjoying every cage throb.

On Sunday. C gave me a ball suck part way through the day to give me a boost while I worked on the house. I'm getting tired quicker and need more.

It's got to a point where the scales are turning, so C has decided I can come.

"I think it's time I sucked them empty.. Later"