[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

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I'm with slave_d on this.

The OP has managed to con his wife into thinking a cock cage is going to protect him from genital injury. When she finds the truth, she will not just feel foolish but will have a major trust issue with the OP. As she has already expressed a strong antipathy to "toys" this really isn't going to win her over. And this is wife number three, does this suggest where there is a problem?

A ball-trap device does just that, traps the balls - so an impact in that area against balls that cannot move freely, will only increase the damage caused.

And how many of us, in our normal working lives, get hit in the genitals? The only time I have ever had such an accident was when I was a kid, standing on the pedals of my bike, when the chain snapped and I landed hard on the saddle :shock: Sounds like a "Safety at Work" course would be a good idea for the OP.

And blaming power tools for not being able to perform? REALLY ???
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Re: [gehngus] one step forwards, two steps back

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slave d wrote:
Thu Nov 21, 2019 5:28 pm
Sounds to me as if you’re going to a massive amount of trouble to avoid speaking truthfully with your Wife !! On my case that would never get me where i wanted to be in the end !! Sooner or later, if you want to progress, you’ll have to tell Her what you’ve done and so She will feel foolish. In my view, while amusing to a degree, this is a poor way to start anything in a relationship.

MsM’s ld
I prefer to see it as a "creative approach" one step forward.

However on hindsight I can't disagree because further down the line I do find myself hemmed in by this. Two steps back.
The shit hits the fan for other reasons"

Im adding backdated entries as and when i tidy them up and hope to get up to date at some point.
Hopefully from then on moral guidance will come in handy.

But yes. My journeyblog will eventually show that this not the best way to go. And my wife was onto me from the start. I'm adding it according to my notes (honestly. I thought I was a genius). At this time I was the green one.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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August 9th 2019

I ordered a holy trainer 2.
All is going well so far. but nights are still tough.

We have a road trip coming up. two weeks in a motor home and I'm wondering if this will mean a break.

while we were talking about how my behaviour in general had improved I mention the upcoming holiday. I wouldn't be working and sex isn't likely to be an option so maybe I should leave the cage at home.

"oh no you dont" she replies "you get too moody if you go without but I've noticed your not anywhere near as bad if you're wearing that thing." "and you don't snore anymore. its hell in the van for everyone when you do"

now here is an odd one. ill have to bring it up in general.
I'm a snorer. it drives her mad. while in the motorhome i wake the kids up. . usually. Everyone complains. I dont even realise I'm snoring. I just wake up after being punched for no apparently no reason.
while im in this cage. no snoring. my wife pointed it out, and it's consistent.
I'm assuming because it's less painful if I lie on my side and lift my legs when woken by my erections. and posibly I would start snoring at erection time where's now I wake up and reposition.

But. To continue.

"true" I reply "I'm assuming I can knock one off if I need to."

I really was assuming this.

and she said.

"where on earth would you do that? you grunt! Not in our van. I've cleaned it. Nor a public loo if George Michael got caught so will you. And if the kids walked in oh god! Any way. we'll be having so much fun. you wont even think about it. :|

now I notice a cold sweat coming on.

"Yes, but two weeks?" I ask. "seriously. I dont think I could"

"you've had it on longer. Nothing dropped off"

"Yes. true. I've worn it for a few weeks now. but sex is still two or three times a week. this is totally different. from a few days without to two weeks? I'm not ready for that yet".

"we've got to put up with you. so you can put up with "IT". You're wearing it." "if you need a second opinion I can ring your mother and ask if she thinks its ok to masterbate in campervan while we are all on holiday?"

And she would.

And that was that.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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17th August 2019.

Ive gotten used to the ht2 during the day.
nights are still a problem. I've tried a night skiped a night and so on. leave it off after sex. if I start snoring I'm told off. put it on in the morning.

so off we go on our road trip.

everything is fine. At night I have to put up with it. I keep some lotion by the bed which I but on to stop ball burn. a shoe lace to stop pushing out too far, but ot is only so effective. If the pain is too much I get up for a leak.

I must be groaning in my sleep. its been mentioned a few times (much to the amusement of my wife).

Otherwise everything is fine. in fact everyone seems to be getting on really well.

Six days into the holiday we had planned a two night stay on a campsite so we could use the washing machine. refresh. restock etc.
I was just happy the camp had decent modern showers.
As far as my labido went i was at my absolute limit. I still had the key I figured I could go relive myself.
"Honey. I need to go for a shower".
"go later. enjoy the sunshine for a while'
"No. I want to go now"
'oh.. I see' she said smiling. (such a beautiful smile). "Give me your key just in case you drop it down a grid or something ". "or you can keep the key, enjoy the sun and go later?"

'Sure,"ill do that. a bit of sunshine it makes sense, I will go later'

"Great! and I'll come with you"

That evening we shared a shower. it was in fact really good. we soaped each other down. the wife hadn't thought to bring her key. mine was in in my clothes hung up.
I waited a while and then took it out and held it up.

"that's a good idea" she said

yes yes yes yes yes. I was worried you wouldn't ...

"ill look after that "

and she dropped it into her hand bag.

"back" she said, facing away while holding up the soap.

We soaped. help each other. shared the moment together (which doesn't happen often) and that was all. no sex as such. not physical anyway. but it didn't matter, it was good.

That night my wife played with my balls (and did so every night for the rest of the trip).

Saturday morning. the kids were up and out at stupid o'clock. I was flat out but obviously enduring morning wood.
my wife got the key and said "let it breath for a while. your moaning like your having sex with a gorilla".

I took cage off. my erection was poking her back and wife wife reaches around to hold it while I stroke her thigh. Shortly after she takes my hand and puts it on her pussy.
very quietly I give her a clit rubbing orgasm. This hasn't happened before. ever!
My wife doesnt let me get her off by hand.
Obviously I'm horney as a dodgy uncle on a school bus at this point so I put my hand over hers (which is still on my penis) and she starts to get me off slowly. I nearly came. my head nearly exploded. but she stopped, I dribbled, my cock leaped about and waited for her to carry on.
"Wouldn't want to get all desensitised again would you" my wife smiled, shook her head and said "you and your little games. what on earth have you gotten yourself into?"

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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The next morning the Kids went out for play. wife let me suck on her bresst and give her a quick finger fuck.

I said "let's fuck quick". she said "No. You're locked up. And look how small you are. any way. your not even hard".

and so she opened the door and left the van.

but I was hard.. . its the cage. Surely she knows this?

I still get nightly plays with my balls, but fuck it. this is not what I wanted. endless frustration? who would want this?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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its saturday. 14th day of the trip.
had a Bad nights sleep. very frustrated.
The weather has turned bad. All dark clouds and rain. It's cold and miserable outside. same as me on the inside.

last night the wife nodded off without so much as a nod or wink. I whispered that she might want to.... Got a sharp poke in the sack.

Woke up in a bad mood. I blamed it on not being contained looked after properly. Oh my god listen to me I sound like one of the kids. "wanna biscuit, its not fair"

For the fist time in two weeks I am totally deflated. in mind and in body.
I'm using child's farm lotion on my cage. it stops sweating. smells etc. and keeps your skin "wonderfully smooth"

This morning is posibly the first time my penis has been at absolute zero. usually I have to use a bud, but I'm so lacked out I can almost get my finger in with it if I push hard enough. I oil up and hook my finger under my penis but inside the cage, and my cock eases out.
Yes. omg. I'm free. why didn't I try this sooner?
And then. Nooo! what have I done?

My wife is snoozing next to me. it isn't like I can do anything. And now I'm swelling again. I dont have a tube to get it back in.

fuck fuck fuck. panick...

boxers on. in the tiny loo (a curtain around it) and started trying to stuff my meat back into the tube.

Needless to say. it wasn't very easy.

I think I will wait until we get home.

The family decided on a trip to the swimming pool. Fortunately my swim shorts are quite loose.

All went well. while in the pool the wife checked if I had my "cage" on.. ". im not sure when the "it" or "thing" became "your cage"? interesting.

"Of course I have. you have the keys".
Oh yes. oops! I'd forgotten that.
"Yes really. big deal? same result right"

After swimming we decided to head back home. It would be a long drive but the forcast was more rain and we were all camped out.

I must have been disgruntled earlier. or the wife had picked up a bad vibe or she was just as tired as I was.. but we were out of sorts. And that I find hardest of all.
I tried a few times to start a conversation but it just wasn't working.
eventually I came to the boil. On top of everything else the drive was exhausting.

I pulled over. had a rant about nothing and got into bed for an hour before setting off again.

Back home things just snapped back into their old routine. everyone was tired so we all went to bed early.

Alone with my wife at last.
"Will you unlock me now please."
'Unlock it yourself.'
"you have the keys."
'use the spare'
"you have that too."
'Oh yeah. I forgot. I'm tired. you must have another. You're not that stupid.'
"I dont, I swear it."
'Here then. I didn't want them in the first place. I have to sleep.'

I took the damned thing off. sleep was difficult. constantly thinking. she had totally forgotten all about the cage. the keys.

sigh. That's my wife's way though. its my game. I can stop if I dont like it.

And it's true that I have put this on her. she has plenty enough to think about.

The hardest part was not the lack of sex or attention to my position. It was the small amount of time that we spent "out of tune"
I'm used to being loved by my wife. she is used to being loved my me. anything else feels like the world has shifted.

What exactly am I trying to accomplish with this? What do I want that I don't already have?

Sleep came hard. but it came. And some sleep, is better than none at all.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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We had sex. it wasn’t amazing for either of us.
I like angry sex. my wife likes it even more. but we weren't angry anymore. just knackered.

While we were away my new steel cage had arrived, a 3.5" jail bird.

I put this cage on the following morning.
it fit like a glove (gauntlet) still needed the shoelace though. tried a ball strap.. not good. even at 3.5" my balls hang lower than the end of the cage.
Id considered a longer cage but didnt want the room at the end on cold days.

the rest of the week was normal. kids back at school.
We made peace the usual way. by being ourselves and not having to try.

sex on Wednesday was amazing. pasionate. 99% transient. pure lust and fire. the type of sex that is great even without the sex.
I didn't want to orgasm this time and although a bit miffed she had no objections.
"just do your stuff"
Tongue, toys, massage, head to toe. my favourite buffet. "wife worship"
After an hours build up Her orgasm was wild. too powerfull for another try.
she held my balls while we went to sleep.
I asked her to squeeze a bit.

she said. "it's all about you you you". ? go figure?

Oh well. never mind.

didnt sleep too well. but frustrated in a very good way.

the next day. I fancied a shag(of course I did). she didn't need one. she came last night. Maybe tomorrow.

And the next morning we did shag. I came in seconds. great but not at all what I'm used to?

And then Friday morning after another wife worship sesuon I came quick again. wtf.

I feel more. my penis is working again. it feels great. but a bit longer would be nice?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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camping weekend early september. (yes we camp a lot). I bought the woodland by the lake. Now it needs a track a tree house swings a caravan or cabin etc. so lots of work.
Sunday morning.
ball play contines. but now she strokes the cage. something about it being steel has made a differece. This isn't so much a plastic gimmick now maybe?

On monday while shopping I offered her the key again. This time she said she would keep it until later. And made the odd coment about being restrained.

That evening she said come to bed and asked if I needed key.
I said I have to make you come before you let me out and unlike last time she didnt look miffed at all. She was fine with it.
spent lots of time devouring her more than anything before giving her an orgasm.
jokingly she said "night then"..
I wonder who is teasing who?

My wife gave me the key. I burst out as soon as unlocked.
had to leave the ring on. she wasn't sure. thought it might hurt her. but the barrel slides behind my balls.
Also a bit alarmed that my balls were going purple blue. "only when im as hard as this" I said.
she came a few more times.
my orgasm floored me. wow!

This has now happened a few times since. no point in repeats.
In the meantime my cage is mostly on. I still have the keys. And I know not to push that.
But the cage. The new type of sex.
its starting to be a part of what we do. Not so odd any more.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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September 19th
over the last few days my wife has made a few references about getting her own way by using the key.
but she is still not a keyholder.
I wonder if this is the direction my wife is leaning towards?

I asked if she would like to hold onto my the keys.
She said "No. I thinks it's wrong".
All went quiet after that, uncomfortable, like I've touched a nerve. she is obviously not happy.
I'm confused?

A few days later and we weren't getting on.
I can't do the not getting on thing. I'm no good at it, so I waited until we had time alone to let her air her concerns.
We talked and I'd admitted I was the blame (no idea what for exactly).
I was going to do this anyway. it works for us.
Take the blame no matter what and then let her have a day or two to decide if that was fair or not.
As a kid my father would slipper me before going to work for what ever I was going to do wrong in the day. if i apologised in advance i was hit less. (no joke). so I have some odd ideas about cause and effect or reptisals etc.

Anyway. My wife relaxed and cheered up as soon as I took the blame (see?).
"Lets hug instead of having sex" I said. "I love hugging you"

problem solved. what ever it was.
I made the assumption it was to do with the cage so left it off for the following week.

My wife apologised for being off with me. She was just that way out last week.

Id forgotten all about it? So I put the cage back on.

Still confused?

Sept 26th

The wife is very very slowly getting used to the cage.
I am very very slowly getting used to what this could mean in the long term.
Currently I wear it but don't make a big deal of it.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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9th October.
Friday morning. which we try to keep free for extra bed time. its a luxury we enjoy when the kids are at school and I've caught up with work. (so Fridays are back on

We had a great full on session. I had my cage on until after my wife had come (now quite normal. unless she want me to clean her up after tongue and toy).
And then banged away for another handful of orgasms.
No kids so as much noise as we wanted And then the cage back on on later that day.

Sunday 12th October.
another shag night. My wife mentuoned looking forward to Friday.
I said. "OK. I'll hold off until Friday."
she said "No, you don't have to that silly".
"but I want to. I want to build it up for a better orgasm for me"
"Ok? suit yourself"

Wednesday. got a bit steamy. I mention later. she said. "Oooh! so what happened to waiting till Friday? "

I said "We can have sex. I just won't be cuming. we can have sex without a penis you know"
and she looked at me as if I was stating the obvious
"yes I know"

So I put the keys outdide in the van so I didn't cave in later.

we had amazing sex. my tongue and toys. a big orgasm. she asked if i was going to fuck her now.
(I knew she would, my wife likes finish off with an A spot orgasm)
"No I can't. I ain't got the keys". I say
'I cant belive your abstaining'.
"I'm not. we just had amazing sex."

I was hard as fuck in the cage. but seriously. I had no choice.
My wife gave my cage an oily rub down.

"Why?" she asked.
" I like being horny. but it doesn't last long"
"ok. I get it."

I said " I expect you to say no. and that isn't a problem. but could you put keys somewhere safe. just so I don't masterbate and spoil it for myself. I'm sure I won't, but I'm not so good at resisting urges you know?.

Hold my breath... and...

"Yes. ill do that"

wed 16th Oct. . Wife took possession of key.. Finally!
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