[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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On Thursday C told me to lock up again.
"OK, you've had a bit of free time now, lock it back up"

To be honest I'd hoped I might be played with a bit while I was out, but nothing happened.

I recieved a Text out of the blue "I will be treating you to me later.
I'm ready to be serviced again"


That night C came quickly.

"Oh that's better, I needed that" .

C Let me stroke her wet slit, it was very wet indeed, amazing feeling the tips of my fingers sliding up and down.

"Enough. Don't worry, you'll have more. I'll be sending you down again tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday" .

C eventually got up, turned and said" hey lover boy. A reward for making me come so hard"

As I watched C spread her legs, pushed her pelvis forward and
Pushed a finger inside her pussy.

"enjoy that thought "

C then left the room, clicked her fingers "follow servent"

C had me serve her for the evening in order to earn a ball massage.

"Oh my these are big and full. I might let you cum on sundey. They'll be down by your knees by then" .

When C got dressed for bed, she shuddered as she said." your my sex toy again, suck these".

C held my head and guided them to her beasts"

"Oh yes. Suck harder.. Oh my god I'm going to use you so much, to make me cum lots, and hard"

"Thank you C, I'm looking forward to it"

I finished sucking and said "I'm going to have to make you clean these again soon. After you've made them dirty"

At this point my cage felt like it was going to explode. I groaned noisily. Hunger.

"I know what you want horny man, you love to get on top of me, show me how dominant you are, plunge your whole length deep inside me"

"Oh god C, please"

I think I was begging her to stop, this was getting painfully frustrating.

"OK, night then, sleep well if you can"

And with that C lay down.

She's back, I'm aching, excited and nervous.

Friday morning, sent down again. Another big O for C.

During the day C asked about my prostate "I've read in an article that men your age can suffer with prostate problems"
. "I don't think I've a problem in that area C, it gets emptied enough with edges"

"well I read applying preasure to it can help it along, but it means a finger in your bum ew!"

"I know you don't like anything butt related, I'd never ask"

" I never would, but you can put your own in and do it yourself next time I edge you, I ignore you anyway when I'm doing that so I won't notice"

"Sorry.. Let me just get this right. You're asking if I want to massage my prostate while I'm being edged?"

"No. I'm telling you to, I just don't want to know about it"

"Oh.. I'll Tey then"

So.. Friday night I was edged while my finger was up my butt. It was very odd. Also surprisingly very nice. It's amazing the kinds of contractions that go on in there when edging.. I'm not sure if that was a one off, but I'm chalking it off to a step of some kind?

Sunday was shag day, Monday back to eating pussy.

Today we go away for a few days.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So. We went away. I wasn't locked this time. C had told me to leave it off after our fuck on Sunday.
Her exact words were "leave it off for now, let it air, and grow back a bit, it's quite a bit shorter than it was"

Im still processing that one.

C was still a bit grieved about Monday. She had sent me down and had a huge orgasm like I said. But afterwards I'd lept on C. Her wet hole was far too tempting and it isn't often I get the chance to follow up.

C was not amused and told me to stop. and get it out.

Today. Friday. We're back from our trip. I've been Locked again, sent down and dismissed.

C was quite frustrated, Sexually. Before sending me down she said.

"four days! Oh my god. I can't believe I've had to go so long without an orgasm, no one with a key should have to put up with that.. Get it locked, get down there and make me cum hard"

C came like a train. Dribbling love juice and I could actually see her pussy contracting during her orgasm.. Wow!.

C took an age to come down from her orgasm, so I asked "Would you like something else to follow that up with?"

"Ahhhh. No thank you very much.
You do a much better job when you're locked up, I'll keep it locked thank you" .

I leaked like a faucet, and my cage ached like hell. I'm very keen to please.

C could ask for anything while I'm this way.. And then she did.

The big, big news.. "The oh my god news"

"Would you like to buy this for me?"

C was showing me a page in her favourite jewellery catalogue, and the item C was pointing at was a necklace, with a key as its pendant. A bit expensive but oh my so beautiful.

I thought she was teasing me. I couldn't help but shake while I tried my best to look calm.

" Oh that's pretty. Yes, I'd love to buy it for you"

And the catch? None.

All C said was "I think it is really pretty, it seems they're in fashion. And between you an me, it's a symbol of who we are, and who owns who"

I nearly came in my pants hearing that and couldn't stop my hands shaking while ordering it.

Bought ordered and paid for.

Leaps and bounds forward.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Things C has said in the last few days that I would like to remember.

"If your good I might let you kiss it again tomorrow"

"Your doing a good job keeping me content. Maybe I'll give it a little oily later, or in the morning... Or not at all. It depends how I feel"

"Today you're a very horny pest, calm down or ill have to flick them, you know It upsets me having to do that"

"Sorry love, ill reel it in. I'll have calmed down by tomorrow"

"No you won't. You'll be there everytime I turn around. Loitering in hope of some titbit or tease, constantly trying to impress me, getting in my way, still horny but too afraid to fuck up in case you lose any chance you might have.. (pauses to consider). I like it when you're like that"

C keeps grinding and rubbing her breasts against me, her physical tease. allowing me to squeeze them while clothed... As happened yesterday, followed by "when you go back to work, I'm going to get them out and squeeze them properly. Just something for you to think about"

A new ditto C made up . The fonz song but with happy days swapped for C's name days.

Sunday Monday C.. days, we'd Thurs C.. days etc etc. Every day, a C day only O's for me. I'm sure you get the drift.

I asked when P day was? C answered "any day with a P in it silly"

I love all this. I really do.

As always C thinks of ways to melt my brain.

I got my edge on saturday. Another work of art on C's part. Very precise and incredibly good, like one long orgasm without the orgasm, but plenty of milk.
Again I had my finger in my but helping to exercise that prostate.
Afterwards I got the burning perenium again that follows a good miking.

On Sunday C offered me a choice "you can come properly today, a suck maybe. Or... You can make me come. Up to you, one or the other"

So down I went.

Tuesday C "you had your turn on sunday, I'll give you the same chance again next sunday"

I was sent down to do my job. Dismissed when done to make breakfast.

This morning C said "I'd like another orgasm today, yesterday seems so long ago already, but I haven't time, I'll have to wait.

"Ok honey, whenever you want me"

"But I do have a few minutes, so I'll give it a few strokes"

C handed me the key and started sliding her hand along my shaft, which was hard almost instantly.
C then said "It's all shaved and smooth and wet"


Literally 30 seconds in and my prostate was on the edge of a contraction. I struggle to hold it back.

C just lowered her head and spoke directly to the straining penis "Are you about to be very naughty.. I'll have to lock you up again if.."

After 15 seconds on the edge with no physical contact, C's words tiped the ballance and a stream of cum slowly oozed out.

"Nooooo.. Not fair"

C "Them's the breaks, lock it up now and maybe ill see it again at weekend, Ill make plenty of use of you in the meantime"

With that C got up and left for her spa appointment.

It's was like coming without cuming, 30 minutes later and my penis is still hyper sensitive and I feel like my prostate is on the verge of an instantaneous explosion, one word from C now could have had me cuming in my cage.

I think this might have been a result of the prostate massages? Or the headspace C has me in.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Did all chores, made dinner.
C decided to go upstairs and relax "de-stress please", so I followed.
C started passing the key to me, brilliant, It's ages since C had a bit of cock as well as me going down"

C "why am I getting the key out? Silly me"

And away it went. So, a bit miffed, I just got on with it.

It's amazing how different the same pussy can be from one day to the next. C didn't have time for an orgasm yesterday so today she was very horny. Her clit was swollen and her pussy was gaping & wet before I started.
I took my time, took in my fill and C came incredibly hard.
After C had had her coming down period I mentioned her being able to use other parts of me for her pleasure, "the locked bit?"

"No thanks, I've had what I wanted"

"Just saying.."


"If you wanted to use it"

"I said shush!, neither I nor you will be touching it, and seem as you pushed. No ball massage"

"Sorry baby, I hadn't meant to push"

We lay in bed for another hour, snuggled up, Reading..

C then got up and said "you don't deserve this, you had your treat. Doing that Is your treat, but here. I'm still very wet, so you can put your finger in once and lick it clean before I wipe"

"Wow thank you"

C had only meant the tip of my finger unfortunately. I felt strained, I needed more, maybe looked disappointed?

C "Please try to remember, I can go without. This is what I want and yes I have the orgasms, but really, you want it even more than I do, don't deny it. So asking for more won't help.. The opposite in fact.
If I did let you have more or didn't keep you locked up I probably wouldn't orgasm, enjoy or want it as much as I do"

That put me in my place.

"I understand and I agree"

"Good, but I also like knowing you're so desperately horny for me you put your head on the block. So I'll let you put my vibe on your cage while you clean my toy. Is that kinky enough to satisfy you for now?"

"Wow?, yes wow? "

In a million years I wouldn't have expected C to say anything like this.

"Good. 1 minute, no more, and I am not interested in watching, ill leave you to it. "

And C left.

I don't know what came over me, I really don't, but maybe I fucked up big time. Maybe due to the encouraged butt prostate play? I just couldn't resist. I took the still C come covered toy, knowing it was fresh from C's pussy and pushed the head of it up my but. Tight, very tight at the same time I put C's vibe on my cage. I was incredibly horny and terrified in case I was caught.

2? 5? seconds maybe and oops!

I blobed loads out, did my best not to. But it wasn't even hard yet? It just happened instantly without warning.
I wiped up and cleaned up the evidence.
I'd had the equivalent of a premature ejectulation? Wtf?

Nothing was asked, so nothing was said. At bedtime C got into bed, turned away and wriggled her bare butt against me saying "come on. Do your job"

So I stoke and type this knowing if C asks ill have to fes up, if not I'm staying stum.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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There is nothing as sexy as a lady who knows she is sexy. C knows she is sexy.
Saturday evening. C has decided to go out dressed to kill. To make me drool and to turn heads.

We're going out for a meal, C is wearing a new top knowing it's going to draw attention. It Fits her body perfectly showing off her hourglass figure, great ass and her amazing cleavage sitting on top of unsupported, jiggling breasts.

C "All it needs now is a little pendant here" (points to her cleavage) "with a little key"

I just stood looking at her with my mouth open. Want, need, hunger, lust.

"try not to cum in your pants before we go out"

The meal was amazing, waiters jostled to serve us, each time it was obvious where they were looking. C flirted very well and always gave an easy way for them to get an eyeful. Leaning forward and turning her head talk to me about the menu. It gave the ideal opportunity to see the lot.

When she leant my way she would say "ah ah naughty, naughty" and cover her cleavage with her hand.

Slow, excruciating torture.
But as the wine flowed more was revealed to me.

After the meal, we got home and snogged like teenagers. C dragged me upstairs and literally tore my clothes off, then pushed me quite forcefully backwards so I fell onto the bed.
"Stay! "

I was treated to a slow strip tease before C crawled over me. Breathless
"I've had a wonderful time, I'm very horny and you're going to give me so many wonderful orgasms"

"Yes my love"

"should I let you out though?"

I desperately wanted out. "Wouldn't you like a bit of real cock sliding in you?"

"Hmmm. Hard as it is to admit, I do quite like the sound of that, I'll let it out, No cuming though"

"Thank you, I understand"

"Great, well then.. First you can fuck me until I cum enough, and then I'll send you down to give me more"

I Sprang out of the cage. Instant rock, Climbed on C and we snogged more.
I spent quite a while kissing, nibbling, sucking C's neck and shoulders, all the while my erection at the entrance to C's very wet pussy.

C was deliberately denying entry until she was overwheled by the need for it at which point she said. "You haven't asked permision"

"please can I put it in?"

"You may, and you're not to cum"

C's back arched as I plunged in, hard feral sex, incredibly erotic. C Came hard. We slowed slightly (I had to to keep control), and then ramped it up again.

C came again. harder.
Again I slowed down to keep control.
"Ok enough lover boy, down you go"
So I very reluctantly withdrew.
I'd forgotten how incredibly good it was eating freshly fucked pussy.
Tongue, vibe, and lots of pussy attention.
"Im sore, but I need something big inside me as well"
Mr bug toy made its entrance.

Soon after C had a full body, bucking orgasm.

C calmed down "very nice, well done" and picked up her phone.

"erm..what am I to with this?" indicating my still very rampant hard on.

"put it away of course, I'm done"

"Cage won't go on, it's rock solid"

C agreed to hold it while it calmed down and we watched a film.

C mentioned her pussy still twitching hours later.

Eventuality we got to bed and C soon nodded off while I stroked her butt, caged, swollen, aching.

What a fantastic evening.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday sucked and fed.

Monday evening.
C "I'm going to make use of you in the morning"

"Great! All of me?"

"I'll be sending you down there. And I'll be keeping that locked up, you need reminding of your place"

I had a night full of lust full dreams following this comment.

Sure enough, morning came and C said "right, down you go"

After yet another unusually large orgasm C said "OK, I've had what I want, you can go now. I might give you a little edge later... Maybe"

Then something happened, something one of the kids said?

C became disgruntled and uninterested.
It was Friday before C sent me back down to sort her out, and even then I could tell she wasn't ready.
I tried, I was told off a few times for not doing it right and gave up.

"you're obviously not in the right head space at the moment C. What's on your mind?"

"I don't know, I feel down and I wonder if I take too much advantage of you."

"Holy crap C. Its taken nearly 3 years to get you comfortable with the idea of taking advantage of me. It's what I want, what work so well for us"

"I know but,. Something one of the kids said got me Down, then my self worth followed and my mind started down this path"

"How about we go out for lunch somewhere nice and I treat you to something, because I want to and it makes me feel good, and because you deserve it, maybe I can cheer you up and get you to realise that you can use, abuse and take advantage of me because it's actually a good thing"

And so we went out, we talked, I treated C to a gift and a posh lunch. And I thanked her for letting me do naughty things to her. "you treat me so much C, I want to repay that, and you are worth so much to me"

"Yes I've enjoyed it"


"And I'm going to take advantage of you and use you and abuse you"

"good. I do hope so"

Since then I have been sent down a few times. C came hard each time. I was kept locked and leaking.

Today I was allowed to lie in top of C after her orgasm and rest my cage against her well used swollen wet pussy.

"this so frustrating C, I can almost feel myself sliding deep into you, my head is screaming to do it. Will you be letting me out soon?"

"No. Absolutely not"
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Wed. I feel Like a preasure cooker about to blow.

I'm so horny and intoxicated at the moment I have to run my cage and balls under the tap a few times a day, due to the constant teasing from C causing a steady stream of pre cum. It smells bad real quick if I don't. And then C won't give me ball relief which is the only thing keeping me from going Bang!

Tonight I expect I'll sweat a lot too.

I'd just got into bed and was about to ask about going out for the day on Saturday.

"How would you like to..."

"Nope, I'm keeping it locked and making you wait"

well that answered question in my head that I wasn't going to ask?

C "actually, it just dawned on me.
You've not had any for ages have you" .

"I've been having you C, and lots of it, but like you say.. A while. "

"Hmmm. I'm Just deciding whether to let you out for an oily edge now though...."

My heart started pounding, I held my breath, I suddenly felt very desperate to come out. To come. Bear in mind that while this conversation takes place, C is massaging my ball's.

"No, I'll make you wait, but I'll give you permission to ask tomorrow, for an edge only, no asking to cum. obviously, that bits up to me".

Noooooooooooo.. I really want to come out now.. Breath, stay cool..

"That's very kind thank you ".

"You don't mind waiting do you"

This screems trap.

"of course not, Your the most worth waiting for thing on the planet" .

"Awww your so sweet. I might even have to yes'.

Might? Ah. I've only permision to ask. I stayed quiet.

" Or.. You could ask if you can do me again instead.. This mornings orgasm feels like ages ago, let's see tomorrow".

Tight cage, very tight. And the rush of hormones is so powerful.

"Night beautiful wife, I'm very horny and swollen now"

"Shame. You can stroke my butt, night night" .
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C edged me for absolutely ages, slowly draining my prostate until I was belching air and had a burning sensation, cock was quite sore.
It took the edge off my rampant need but left me feeling unfulfilled, still horny, without the horn.
Throughout the lot C easily ignored my plees for proper relief.

C carries on teasing me, she enjoys it and does it without thinking now. A flash here, grope there, a verbal reminder that I'm staying locked or being used. It all serves to get me ramped up again very quickly.

C is becoming quite practiced at keeping me ballanced between too much thus annoying and not enough thus less keen to jump.
C likes to call this ballance "my proper place"

Friday. C said she might have to edge me again later (I'm still tender, but still so horny I'd love it) . Then later said she would give me what I needed in the morning instead.

By Saturday morning I was so looking forward to getting what I needed.

Apparently what I needed was:

"Not to cum silly, that's what you want. What you need is to eat my pussy, make me come and then serve me breakfast wearing just your little swollen cage"

In all fairness C did give me a caged ball suck to make me feel less hard done by, and even licked up the silly amounts of I precum I was ozzing from my cage. Then of course she kissed it all over to me.

"yuck! I'm far too good to you".

And you know what. C was right, it's exactly what I needed, and I also needed to pant like a dog following C around doing anything she asked for the rest of the day.

I did ask at the end of the day "Is there anything I could offer you, or anything you might want in return for some proper relief?"

"mmmm? No thanks, I had all I wanted this morning thank you"

Sunday morning. C woke up and said "OK, I'll sort you out properly this morning, go make coffee and come back to bed "

I was of course very excited, but also a little dubious. I returned with coffee.

"Thank you, I'll finish my coffee then how does a ride until you come sound? "

"that sounds brilliant"

C handed me the keys, "let it out to air a bit, I'll suck it a bit first"

"this sounds too good to be true"

"Ha ha, seriously, I will, you deserve it"

So we sipped coffee in silence, I didn't dare say anything just in case I spoilt my chance"

C "You might want to leave some coffee in the cup"


"To wash it down, I'll be riding your face after you cum, and you're cleaning the lot out"

And that. Is exactly what happened.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C let me out for a stretch. No contact. 30nmims later "that's enough, put it back on, go and sort the dishwasher out"

I was too swollen to put the cage back on, so went to sort dishes out. I would put it on when I'd finished.

I received a text. As follows:

Get ur arse up these stairs
Get that cage back on
And do as ur told!

I hurried back, locked up and apologise while I explained 'I wasn't not putting it on, I was just waiting until I could.. Understand? "

"Oh, I understand. Next edge is on hold. I'm not' Not' going to do it, I'm just going to wait until I can"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C took it out for 'a play' got it to the edge, rock hard and bobbing, then stopped while her hand was holding the base, and started reading her book.
All I was allowed to do was look at, it being held at the base pointing skyward.
Eventually it faded.

"OK, get it back in its cage"

Back in it went, I felt more a need to come out now than before it was allowed out.

Sunday C changed the game a bit. "Im getting bored of keeping track of how many time you cum, so I'm making it cum day Sundays again. I enjoy making you swallow it, beg for it and so on.. Which I can't do if you can't cum"

"Cool. Thanks, no arguments here"

"and for being so good. I'm going to suck it"
And so C blew me, stopped part way to say "I'm going to make you swallow this"
At which point I erupted.

However this isn't the highlight of my week. Something incredible happened today.
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