[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Another weekend and I'm still on a break, I'm enjoying it to be honest, having hard on and night wood is still a bit of a novelty and I make sure C gives it its due attention.
C has asked me a few time to lock up, but it isn't a sexual request for more orgasms or control, I think it's giving me an opportunity to cage up if I want to. I would rather C insisted or really wanted me locked for what ever reason.
I have said "if you were insistent, or genuinely wanted me locked I would know it and for you I would lock up without question"
But C said "Well you're still being very good and very nice to me, the effects havent worn off, your genuinely an improved man, so I'm OK at the moment"
This is great news, we're not playing games but still having fun, still making love and still excited about each other. C still wants regular orgasms and no longer sees my having one a necessary part of it. But I can of course force myself on her anyway.
OK, I'm getting away with stuff. But I'm happy with this.
I have had C actually beg Me for an orgasm after I have toyed with her for ages. Wow!

I'm playing, and big boys like to play games
I can't see it lasting, C has said on a few occasions "you know your going pay for this one day, don't you"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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After C asking a few times for me to lockup, and becoming frustrated at my refusal C decided to question me.

I had mentioned when questioned by C that the Hornier I am, the more being locked appeals. And that after coming I had no interest.
This would usually be when C asked, or she would say "afterwards, I want you to lock it up" which I would agree to while horny and then just not bother afterwards.

So, this morning C said "Get down there and make me come now, it might be a while before I'm in the mood again" .
Not likley, C doesn't go long before wanting more these days.. Bit Obviously I was up for it and made C come super hard after a bout of my teasing her (my new game, frustrating C).

Then, when I lept on top and started to sort myself out.. I was horny, not come for a few days.. C just pushed and said "Off!"
I was taken off guard and C wriggled out.

C "that's it! I'll sort you out later"

Me "get back here and sort me out now"

And C threw her gown on and left the room. I couldn't follow, the kids were about and I was naked with a giant boner.

I cracked the door open, C was there and she opened her gown to show me a full frontal, just ravished body and whispered "if you don't cage up right now, you won't see these again, and I won't sort you out"

I was stunned.

C carried on whispering "No oily wank, no edges, no tight pussy to fuck, lick and toy fuck"

"C, we agreed to a break"

"Ill give you 30 seconds.. One, two.. I hope you enjoy wanking yourself all on your own."

"oh for fucks sake C"

I put the cage on and went back to the door and peeped through.
C was standing there, still on show with her hand out, so I passed her the key.

"show me"



"Good, breaks over. It'll be nice to start cracking that whip again" .

"You said I'd come out for sex later"

"did I? I remember saying "I'll sort you out", I also said "No oily wank, no edges, no tight pussy to fuck, lick or toy fuck ", but I might let up on the last two"

I was about to protest when C put her finger up to shush me.

"before you speak. Have a think about your predicament right now" .

There wasn't much to think about, I'm horny as hell, C has just had a massive orgasm and C has the key.

" I was just going to ask"

C. Eyebrow raised.. Careful Mr P.

"if you'd allow me to take you shopping?"

"and if I allow that?"

"Erm.. I'll treat you to lunch" ?

"That. Mr P, is much more like it, you've got yourself a deal, but no spoiling it by being selfish. Cage, dick and sex talk is banned,. Now let me in and get my clothes ready"

"Yes miss."

C then continues to Stoke my fire at every opportunity, bending, flashing, cage grabbing and reminding me I'm once again at her mercy.

I'm not sure how I feel about this? C seems very pleased.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thursday evening , I was quite worried C wasn't going to sort me out in the way I had understood it, in fact I was worried I wouldn't be getting any at all.

C "OK. Let sort you out, but if it comes out, it has to go back in"

"Um.. I didn't agree to being permanently locked again honey.. It was a one off."

C waved me off dismissively

"Whatever. It's not a negotiation, I'm tired, I'd rather go to sleep anyway"

"Oh.. Ok Yes agreed, this time" .

C made me promise to cage up before letting it out and then gave me an oily edge. Lots and lots of quite brutal, hard and fast edges. Not as enjoyable as the normal ones, and each one created heat.

C told me to "Sit on your hands, promise not to move them. Your going to come, I'm going to carry on. don't do anything to stop me" .

OK, this was interesting?

When I came, and C made sure I did, she kept going, hard and fast.

I did not like it. "OK, Stop"


I was Bucking to trying to get my cock away, "Ow.. Its too sensitive"

"Dont you dare try and stop me, take it"

"Stop C, enough" .

Ignored again and just getting faster and harder.

"C It's getting painful now. I don't like it" .

C stopped, out of breath and looked at her handy work "Ahh.. Yuck! What a disgusting churned up mess. My hand is super hot and aching after that"

I nursed my cock, groaning, moaning. "Oh god it burns, that was horrible" .

"Ah well, got what you wanted though didn't you. Now Cage up"

"I was still too hard, and it was too painful"

C "So, nice oily wank and and lots of cum, Happy now" ?

"No. That was horrible"

"Oh? I enjoyed it. But that does look very sore, maybe you should put some ice on it or cream" .

"I had to run it under the tap to ease the burning, then put cream on" .

C said, I could recover tonight, lock up in the morning. But in the morning it was still sore with little friction burns.

C tutted a bit and said I should get it caged up anyway.

"I didn't think you was serious?"

"I was very serious, and you promised".

I put the cage on, which helped stop it rub against my clothes.

The whole thing had been horrible. Worse than a ruined orgasm.

We went camping later that day which was a nice distraction.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday morning.

C is teasing again.
She has teased the fuck out of me.

Maybe C has figured out that a hard on, followed by lockup with no orgasm works much better than just No release at all.
Tease and Denial, rather than Denial.

So. Cock has recovered enough for a treat, it's been locked up while camping and C is feeling generous.

We were lying in bed, C with her hand holding 'her locked good', which is normal now.

"would you like some oil on that?"

"No burns this time? "

"Nope, that was just payback, a nice one this time, but I'm not allowing you to cum until you've finished a list of jobs."

Do I have a choice.?

No, but.. Would you like to let a drop onto this nipple, would you like that?

"Well. That makes all the difference, yes please"

And so the teasing began.

C went on about Massaging her breasts, that her breasts are quiet amazing aren't they, "you want to suck them don't you" .

"Stop.". Omg I was about to come already?

C "imagine my nipple, covered in cum.."


C thought this was very amusing.

" Or I might make you wait until Monday for that, or wait until Tuesday and give you a nice Suck".

"Stop!" .

"Ha ha. So, what will it be? Make you wait and let a bit out now?"

"Yes please, I'm fine with that. some now, please."

"Hmmm.. But Should I allow a bit out?"

I was thinking.. What! You said I could.

"Please do C"

"I have things I need doing, and you work harder when your full"

"Yes. But I'll work hard anyway, you know that"

C you did less when on your break, I'll let you cum after you have done the list OK".

"OK, but I get to cum a bit now?"

"well.. It's quite an extensive list, so maybe I should let you cum a bit on this.."

C was still stroking me slowly.

C squeezes her breast, nipple pouting straight up.

"Fuck! Stop"

"Ha ha, so close.."

I was as hard as a rock, bulging viens due to the ring. God I need to come now.

"Should I chance it though.. Should I?"

My heart stopped. I went into a slight panic mode but tried to play it calm.

"That's up to you C, I'm fine with earning my orgasm, but a drop now would be very nice"

C "Maybe, I'll just keep you on the edge for days, not allow you to come at all"


" Ha, That is still so strange. You get harder when I say I'll deny you? "

I said nothing, I was still holding back from coming. But It's true, and I don't know why, truth is, I want the partial come on offer, I really do, so why does C offering denial have such an effect?

"I think.. No. No cum today" .

"C please, I really, desperately want to come on that nipple now"

" Nope. Wait till it calms down and lock it back up. Don't touch it" .

This is as much as I can recall, but there was a lot more teasing from C, and she really was enjoying it. Especially when I'm so turned on I'm saying stop after every comment. God she is good at this when she wants to be.

I lay there, with a swollen, angry looking solid lump of flesh, bobbing about with no where to go. I had to get up and do something so went to make coffee, dishes, vacuum.. Still hard.
Eventually it subsided enough to force it back in, still hard but inside me, behind the ring.

"Oh, my god I'm so, so horny now" .


I started the list as soon as I could.. It could take days even with my going at it full on.

C is very much in charge again and is flirting continuously.
I want to jump her bones, eat her, lick her, touch her, god I want her so much.

C is very much enjoying the attention. The control.

I got quite a bit done, but only a fraction of the list.

That evening C did reward me for good behaviour and edged me again. This time she allowed me to come a single drop on her nipple as long as I sucked it clean afterwards.

I was really impressed with C's ability to edge me close enough to get a drop and no more. A slow build up.

That drop was worth a days work, it really was.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I have worked and worked and worked..
C came home and C is pleased.

I can not explain how good that feels. To have pleased C.

The instant C says "very good, I'm impressed or anything positive. My cage swells up instantly and I start to leak"

Just knowing I might have earned something fills me with lust.

I live in hope, that C will be pleased enough to give me something, a tease, some attention. But I know now that C could very well string this along and have me suffer frustration and desparity. Because she finds it 'fascinating' and almost unbelievable that she can wield this much control over me with something so simple as denial.

I've tried again to explain and C came up with the following, which I found to be both poetic and terrifying.

C "So.The harder you are. The harder you work and the less you come, the less gets done?"

"Yep, that kind of sums it up"

"So remind me again. What is the benefit of actually letting you come?"

"Because I like to come"

"Eventually.. But you like being denied as well, and one works much better for me than the other."

"Yeah, but"

"enough talk, go get on with something useful"

So I did just that. I'm ploughing through the list now.

That evening C was pleased, and massaged my balls, but didn't unlock me. C said "you deserve a treat, but I'm keeping it locked up "

"Oh. I do feel I have earned the attention"

C "And that's why. I don't want you assuming that working hard gives you rights"

"to be honest, I'm too tired to care"

"Get the list done, and there will be a nice suckie suck suck for you".

"Yup. That works for me"

I slept, but woke a few times with powerful nocturnal cage cramp.

Tuesday morning I was tired but got straight back to it. I think I could finish this list today.

The first thing I noticed was the list had had things added to it, a few more jobs, too many for one day now. But the last line said.

'edge, suck, swallow x'

And I thought 'I'll enjoy working today :)'
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I finally earned my suck, it was.. Very nice. C is extremely good at building it up. This time I was edged by mouth sucked and wanked to the edge over and over, each time C made me wonder if that was it, if I would get to come at all, total head fuck.
Then C looked me in the eyes and said "I'm going to keep you locked up, your going to earn your cum from now on."
That look me to the very edge and C slowed down, stroked the less sensitive base and very slowly stroked upwards while saying "but first, I'm going to watch you swallow your own cum". She then took me into her mouth, tonguing the head while wanking the base.
I came hugely and almost passed out from it. C made sure all that cum was swallowed, by me, just because she gets enjoyment from it.
I didn't care, hardly even noticed.
I slept almost instantly.
I woke up To C's hand around the still uncaged cock.

C "you got hard while still asleep, so I figured I must have left some in there"

And within minutes I was coming over C's beautiful breast, quite a lot considering the orgasm I had last night.
C said "I won't order you, but it really turns me on watching you suck my breast clean, it's up to you"

"What could I do?"

I was locked as soon as I'd cleaned up.

That was Thursday. I have been caged since and then given an edge on Sunday.
I was told to finish my accounts and hand them in before I come again. And that C would have to come with me.

Cs word were, "has to be a Thursday. if you work hard it'll be this Thursday, otherwise you will have to wait another week" .

I was being edged while C told me this, and C notices every time she talks of letting me come. When she teases about keeping me locked, only making her come and denying me, I get very hard and nearly come every time.
C is using the edges to see what works, where the power is.

The words C uses during edges now are very much along the of "I'm going to control you, I'm going to use you, your going to do as your told. I'm going to come lots and be fucked lots, I don't need to let you out anymore.
I edge you to keep control, It has no other use.
From now on, you earn orgasm or beg for them.

Pretty hot stuff when being edged.

I was left rock solid and eventually locked again, today we are busy, it's weekend.
Tomorrow I have work to do, hopefully I can get on with the accounts on Tuesday, but finishing by Thursday? impossible.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It's been a slow week so far. Work went well and I finished early so spent all my time on the accounts. And managed to get a few extra jobs done that I know would earn points with C.
I feel so proud and triumphant everytime I finish a task that I can show her, a pat on the head from C means so much to me now and seriously. I get hard and leak everytime C says "good job"
Its like every task completed is rewarded with a sexual hormonal boost. Although that boost is mainly in my head, because I don't touch without permision when locked, Only C touches.
Unlocked is a whole different ballgame, I become a groper, a nuisance, I force myself upon her.
C prefers locked. And is very good at manipulation so locked is still my natural state and my holidays are short.

Last night while watching TV I ask C if I might please touch her breasts.
"Sure, later, maybe I'll let you wank all over them even"

It got quite late.

Later C said "hmm, it's later than I thought, I got carried away looking at things you can do or buy for me.. Should I let you out tonight? Or should I keep you locked up now because I'm tired?"

I know this isn't actually a question for me, C is simply thinking out loud. It cruel, fun, heart stopping sometimes.

C"locked or not, in or out.. Now or wait.."

And then C looks up right, chews her lip while in deep thought.. Have I done enough? Do I deserve it? Should she keep me locked regardless?
I tremble with the suspence of it.

" I'll let you out for a few strokes, maybe more if I'm feeling generous"

"Thank you so much, that's very kind"

"Yes, I'm too kind. Im just too soft on you"

Its only been a few days but the relief from being released was wonderful. I said "oh, that feels nice, like I've not been out in ages"
C looked at me for a while obviously thinking and replied "I can't remember when I last let you out?"

Me, "I came two days in a row Last week Wednesday or Thursday

C, "but Im sure I would have let you out over weekend, I just don't remember doing it"

I did, it was a really good but short tease sesion.

"You teased me at weekend, said I couldn't come though, not until the accounts were done"

"Ah yes, and are they done?"

"Almost done"

"Then you can 'Almost' come"

C started oily stroking me at the same time telling me I'm not allowed to cum at all, not a drop even, "I'm better off if you never come, never get unlocked, so don't even get close to cuming"

30 seconds in. "Stop!" just as the build up started, why risk it. Might as well have a few nice edges rather than one really good close one

"OK. That's all you get, lock up"

"Really? We only just started. Do I really have to lock up again so soon ?"

"Yup, you have 10 seconds to stuff it back in and it's a day for every second over"

I was in by 7

I'm getting the hand of forcing the erections into my body now, it buckles, I have to pull my balls towards the glans and end up with just the head in the cage on top of a mound of flesh. But it's locked, so C can get to sleep while I wait for the discomfort to calm down.

I handed C the key. "thank you honey"

C "your welcome, keep up the good work and maybe you'll get another. Night night. feel free to stoke my butt while 'it' calms down "

And with that, C turned over the light went out and C's incredible butt nudged against my leg.

I stroked, my cage got fuller, swollen, leaking horny and I was trembling.
I took a deep breath and smiled. It felt like my whole body was smiling with me.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It's a week since I came last and I don't feel at all desperate. Also, I haven't had the usual shit on day five or lost interest. All good stuff because I do still feel kept, owned spoilt etc.
This is likely due to C periodically getting a hold of my balls and telling me it gives her reassurance, she actually said it cheers her up knowing I'm locked.
I have had a lot of "hmm maybe I'll do this to you" so my balls stir and I leak, only to be told "actually, no, I prefer you locked and ready for me"

C has told me she intends to step it up a bit at weekend and have some C time, which will involve making use of me and coming. Lots
Also that I might have to come tonight as it would fit in with her plans quite well.

I have no idea what C has planned, I seriously can't wait to find out.

Evening came, I was looking forward to coming out, but C was now considering putting it off until the morning.
So I asked if I might just have a few strokes now, assuming I would be turned down, but honestly I needed it.

"OK, but no cuming at all, I want you hard as a rock when I'm ready for you"

C was really good and edged me while surfing the net. It was breathtakingly good. Every edge felt like an orgasm to me. The result of being cum managed by C.

After a few near misses C said "no more, I'm going to sleep, lock up if you can, actually, no need, I'm going to make use of it in the morning anyway "

I woke in the night a few times with erections that were so hard they ached, it felt like I had been erect the whole night.
The following morning C got up early and left me dozing. But I still had this erections and I was horny as hell.

I thought.. Just a few strokes to ease the aching.. Can't do any harm.

Wrong, a couple turned into a few and my mind wandered and.. Oh. Oh no! Spillage. Fuck. Not much but that wasn't the point, I felt dreadful.

I cleaned quick and got down stairs.
After the kids had gone off C mentioned a few times how I'd be sorting her out finally, and that she was looking forward to it considering how hard she has gotten me.

Owning up wasn't easy.

"Um.. This morning I might have accidentally stoked some out"

"What? You mean your not up to the job now? I trusted you"

"I know, I was still groggy, it's like it just happened and It wasn't a conscious decision"

"Accident you said.. How the fuck do you play with your dick by accident"

"I'm sorry, I know I've let you down"

C took it quite well really, and didn't seem overly concerned.

"That was very naughty, I felt sorry for you and let you have some edges and stay out. It won't happen again. Understand."

"I understand, I won't do it again"

"you won't be able to. Go lock it up now, and stay up stairs. We can still have some time together"

I locked, and we went back to bed.
C lay next to me naked, massaging her breast and playing with her nipples while she read.

I was of course bulging and really up for it again.

Me "I think I'm still fine to sort you out if you like"

C just gave me the key and said "let's see then?"

C Got hold and squeezed, played and made me even more horny.

I was, I thought, pretty hard considering.

"it's just not hard enough now, I wanted you to bury all that pent up rock hard cock in my pussy, I created it. This isnt any good. Not hard enoigh"

"I'm sure I could"

"Lock it back up. I'll decide if it's good enough tomorrow. I was treating myself to that
Now you'll have to treat me to having my nails done instead."

Nails.. Paul, she mentions him often , a very tanned, toned guy at the salon who is apparently not gay with a very flirtatious nature.
I grimaced inwards. I do hope she isn't thinking about booking him.

Within the hour C was walking out the door to get her nails sorted out. She looked stunning, really sexualy dressed, summer clothes, lots on show. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Heads turned. She really does attract attention when she wants to.

On the way out C said" I'm taking the keys with me, you can't be trusted. I'm sure Paul will treat me a lot better than you have"

I was left at home cleaning and sorting. Feeling thoroughly ashamed of myself.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Hot as always Mr Pickle... out of interest has Paul been mentioned in discussions much before?? Curious to know if he's a fantasy figure or if there's any scope that she'd like to try some alternatives to your locked specimen!...

I'm sure you'd still get to lick cum off her, but she wouldn't need to bother unlocking you...and maybe you'll see if he's got a different flavour!!!
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Nah. She's just playing with me, seriously, she gets the hots for no one, tried doing a list before, C has no man crushes including stars or celebs, but she does have girl crushes.
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