[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C found the key, thank goodness for that.
I was rewarded at the end of a long day, 26 000 steps today, mainly stairs.
As I lay exhausted on the bed C said "poor thing, you must ache all over, let me kiss it all better"

C Kissed every inch of me and ended with an amazing blow and hand job, in the middle of which she stopped, looked me in the eye and said "would you like it if I swallowed your cum for a change?"

"Wow, really? Yes please I'd really like that"

I filled C's mouth with cum and then she lent forward and cum kissed the lot into my mouth.

"and miss out on that look? Ha! As if"

I passed out and slept until late this morning.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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On Saturday C said "You deserve more for all your doing, but I can't let you come too often can I"

"No honey"

"So, tomorrow I'm going to oily edge you lots and lots but not let you come, get you all horny and frustrated. Would you like that?"

"Hell yes" .

It ended up being very late, and again we were too exhausted so the edge was only five minutes but C said she would give me the rest tomorrow.

Monday evening we finished a bit earlier, so I was treated to a mind blowingly long edging session which felt to me like having a 30 minute orgasm.

C did say something that totally confused me with C being so good at this now, having 'taken over '

C asked me "So, would you like to come out now?

Yes please

" So, do you actually want me to let you out or are you hoping I'll keep you locked up and make you wait? "

Erm.. That really is up to you? You have control now. Obviously I want to come out and be edged but I would be happy doing what ever it is you want. I'm happy either way.

So, C is asking what I want, but I'm trying not to top. How does that work?

I really do need to try to find the words that will finally make of all of this for C.

As amazing as the edge was, today felt like a step back. Or maybe just a glitch.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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The change in C is almost instant, from normal to Hot and naughty.

On Wednesday C mentioned her period ending (finally, tfft). And that my services would be required.
I was requested as shower slave to start with naked, passing Cs various lotions and potions while C was showering while I suffered the cold. I was allowed to watch but not touch. Watching C shave her lips was incredibly hot, and for good service I was allowed to kiss the freshly shaven lips. Once.

For the past couple of days C has been grabbing my cage at every opportunity, even when she might get caught which is not like C at all.

Wednesday Night, C got into bed after giving me a sexy strip show and said "Right Mr. Let's get you back in your proper place, If you do a good job and make me come hard and I might let you down there again tomorrow" .
I went at C's incredibly smooth pussy like it was food to a starving man, god I've missed it.

C came hard and pretty quickly, I massaged and sucked her breasts whilst C came down from her orgasm.

"oh, yes that's more like it, Im going to relax for a while and then go to sleep, you did a good job, so I'll expect you back down there after the school run tomorrow. "

C gave my balls a few squeezes and then snuggled up to me.

Needless to say my cage was bulgeing, but I was content, I had done a good job, my beautiful C was happy and would have a good nights sleep.

I reflected on how odd this would have been once, If C did come I would expect to, like it was a given right, in fact often I would Come first and call it a night.

I don't think C even considers any kind of sex for me when I'm kept locked, this was for her, it was also for me, it was ours.

Thursday morning was a train wreck. School run went badly due to faulty traffic lights, so we went to get some furniture and realised it wasn't what was advertised so double bummer.

I had to start on the tilting or it wouldn't set in time for grouting so I got on with the job and had admiring flity glances and flashed throuout the day.
Later, C said "well, I'd expected to be served again, I was looking forward to getting you super frustrated. Maybe this will help keep you interested"
C dropped her pants and lifted a leg to show her glistening lips.
"well? Why are you still standing?"
I got on my knees and craned my kneck so I could lap away, oh my god! This is insane, on the landing. C groaned a few times with the pleasure of it and 20 seconds later. "OK, enough"

C left to go get the kids, leaving me with a huge smile on my face and wanting so much more.

C has been flashing her boobs at me randomly and grabbing my cage.

But I'm not sure I'll if anything is likely to happen as C said "You might just have to wait"

Horny and frustrated again :)
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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The evening result was nothing but a severe warning. I asked if I could serve? No. might I come out just for an erections maybe? "No!" So I muttered something about being hard all day and uncomfortable.
C said "one more word and I'll make you wait longer.. In fact here!"
C tossed the key to me.

"Actually, If you'd rather that, than what I have planned. Be my guest"

I promptly handed the key back and apologised.

Friday morning.. Was a good morning :)

C sent me down again, caged and mindbendingly horny, and then came very quickly by tongue only.

I'd expected maybe piv would be wanted next, C hasn't had a cock inside her for near a month.

" I think I'm going to suck you off as a reward for all your hard work, maybe edge you at the same time"

Not at all what I'd expected.

"Wow!, thank you"

So the cage came off and Cick sprang up.

C laughed and said "it's like one of those toy snake in a jar when it shoots out like that"

"just shows what it is your keeping caged up"

"hmm, no wonder you work so hard when I don't let it out"

And C started to suck, slowly, then stop and wank slowly, but I still got to the edge in seconds.


"Ha, this is going to be fun, don't you dare cum till I say"

The teasing continued, I was writhing with ecstacy and frustration while C took me to the edge over and over again.

And of course C took great delight in teasing me verbally "there's going to be a lot of come this time", "your going to fill my mouth with it,", I'm going to feed it to you"

The slow stokes and sucks continued followed by letting go while the cock bounced around looking for more. Sweet agony.

"or maybe I'll leave you like this?"

"Please don't"

Suck, stroke, pause.

"I know you would thank me though"

"Yes but please dont, please"

Suck, stroke, pause.

"you will have to eat it then"

"yes, I know"

Suck, stroke, pause.

"Maybe I could sit on it and then feed you that way, my pussy on your face"


and so mid pause, with no penis contact whatever, I started to come, my whole body heaved.

C considered for a second and then wrapped her lips around 'her' cock, while I came and came. It kept building up and I kept coming. I really did fill C's mouth and cum was leaking out and running down the shaft, which in turn built me up more. My whole body was in spasm.

Eventually C sat up, cheeks bulging, I was still having my orgasm and then C grabbed a wipe and dumped the lot into it.

"blah! Too much"

Honestly, I'm glad I wasn't fed it, the appeal goes quickly.

The following morning C did mention my not putting my cock inside her for quite a while.

I answered "yeah. I thought you might be missing that bit"

"Um.. No. You can tongue and toy fuck me at the same time, with yours I only get half of it lol.

" oh"

C said "aww poor baby, here."

And promptly straddled me. Caged still, and did the motions of riding me "oh, like this, oh oh, you like this oh. Ha ha ha, only joking"

C unlocked me and climbed on, wonderful, at last.

C went at it like crazy, and got herself to a mini orgasm in less than a minute.

"OK, that'll do me thanks, lock it up, maybe I'll let it back in later or send you down for a night cap."

Nice couple of days all in all.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Despite my orgasm on Friday I'm still horny as hell.
In the last three weeks I have had three orgasms, I have been edged and teased, but not been allowed to release any.
While driving we got to have a rare, but quick cage related chat.
Me. "C are you still happy with keeping me locked"?
"are you pleased enough with the results, am I behaving well enough"
"Not always, you still get Rebellious occasionally"
"Ah, that's only If I have orgasms too close together, when I Come too often I lose interest"
"in what?"
"everything really, it takes the spice, the excitement away"
"So I shouldn't ever let you come again then"
"Um.. That is absolutely not what I'm saying"
"obviously, but it sounds like the answer doesn't it?"
"Not an answer I'd be happy with"
C then changed the topic to mark the end of the conversation.

C is flirting and flashing more, even when the kids are at home, yesterday afternoon C dropped her pants so I could watch her butt as I followed her up the stairs and bent in front of me when we reached the landing with shaved lips on view, C moved away just as I was about to kiss them.

So yes, I'm horny and morning wood is uncomfortable.
C sat idley stroking and poking my cage this morning, so I asked if I could let it loose for a bit.
"No, you don't have to play with it all the time you know"
"I'm not asking to play with it, just to let it out for a bit"
"No, but maybe I will let it out later, or maybe I'll just send you down there to give me a night cap. if your good, you'd rather play with me than yourself wouldn't you"
"yes, absolutely, that would be fabulous"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday evening C sent me down for her "night cap" but before doing so handed me the key.

"you want me out? I wasn't expecting that"

"you seemed to be needing to come out, so yes. But you still have to get down there and make me come if you expect it to get any attention"

C came very quickly again and when she calmed down said "that'll do me, night then"

"If you'd kept me locked, No problem, but you didn't so I expect something now"

"Oh, I suppose you could put it in then, or would you prefer an edge?"

"I'd prefer not to be given the choice, but seem as you have ill have an edge"

"oh? I thought you'd rather"

"Nope! I'll have an edge"

So I oiled up and knelt over C's boobs while she began to strike, I also got there very quickly and neglected to say stop.

"fuck.. Yes!"

"Oh! That happened fast, You came again? Oh my god your just going to turn into naughty elf now"

I just had a big grin on my face. C's breasts were decorated in cum, a beautiful sight.

C "And who is going to clean this up"

"Seem as as your asking and not demanding, you can, I'm going to sleep"

C isn't at all amused, but if I'm going to be ask what I want? Then C is allowing it to happen.

It is a game at the end of the day, and one C can be very good at. But even C has to learn that too much slack isn't a good thing.

Honestly, I would rather have been kept locked and stayed horny, Or when allowed out, told Not to come, I'd rather not have the choice.

I have in the past, many times said things like, "but don't let me come" and C understands why now.

If the opportunity arises ill mention this.

Monday evening at bed time, we had a small chat about how things were better when I was locked, and how being kept locked and told to serve her made me feel both wanted and excited. C replied "yes, but sometimes naughty boys don't lock up again"
While idly playing with free Willie.

"and I'd like to have sent you down tonight, but im too tired, maybe tomorrow"

If only C had changed this to "but until your locked up, No going down". I would have locked up in an instant.

I might bring this up also.

C. You have all the power, you really do. I sometimes wonder if you know exactly how much.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Due to things beyond our control piv has been once in 30 days. What surprises me is that C doesn't seem too bothered about it.
Looking back at my older blogs I state "this isn't something C would give up, she enjoys being banged too much"
How things change.
C insisted I lock up and return her key.
Ill be interested to see what it is C decides she wants next, she isn't in the best of moods at the moment, so I shan't hold my breath.

When getting ready for bed, C locked the door, climbed into bed, removed her top to reveal her breast and said "well?"

No more need be said, and I was really glad to be Locked while pleasuring C.
"Fill it up this time" C said.

So for the first time in a month the toys are back in use and C was brought slowly to orgasm.

C "just what I needed, I feel very relaxed and de-stresses now, I'm going to sleep"

Me "Thank you darling, It's just what I needed too"

We curled up and went to sleep.
This morning C said

"I've been tired all week, but I slept really well and feel much better and with it this morning after my night cap".

"I'm glad I could help, and thank you"

Regardless of being locked, and lacking PIV I felt very proud to have done my bit.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C got a good night's rest so was buzzing and full of life on Wednesday.
"that night cap helped then? "
"oh yes, I think another later will help even more"
C was tired Wednesday evening.
"I was going to send you down, i'm too tired now, but I'll let you kiss it a few times"

I kissed C's shaved lips a few times, then took a cheeky lick.

"Stop. that's it, your done"
So I stopped and lay down.

C "I'm going to send you down there in the morning and your going to make me come hard, I might even let you put it in me as well, but you won't be allowed to come because you came without permision on Sunday"

"Yes honey"

"Yes Master"

"Um? Yes master? Mistress, my queen?"


"you really want me to address you like that"

"Not really, it's a bit odd"

I wonder if something has just seeded here? So. We snuggled and went to sleep, happy, content.

We got up early, got kids to school, got home, kettle on. C
"right then Mr. I belive you have a job to do" .

Cage stayed on, so my fate was still in the ballance.

C had a Huge orgasm, I love coming up and watching C recover, C squeezes both her breasts when having an orgasm and often her dainty hands are still in place, it's fucking awesome to see, but not this time. So I lay for an age stoking and kissing her breasts.

C "Hmmmm, I've gone all relaxed and tired now" .


Me "If you would like a nap I can get on with things" .

"Hmm, I'm tempted. But would you like to come out for a little edge first" .

I'm sure C mentioned my putting it in? But I'm not correcting C now.

"Absolutely yes please. You spoil me, you really do".

"I know, pussy eating and then yet another treat. but you've worked extra hard, so I'll let you have this as well. Don't get used to it."

C stroked me for 20 secomds before I got to the edge, and then every few seconds got me back.

C "Pop it in, until you can't hold back any longer, but Do Not Come, OK? ?"

"yes, not come, I understand "

C giggled each time I started struggling at my moans of frustration while I desperately tried to hold back, she, liked it, and quickly reached an orgasm, got so close, I had to slow down so, then another orgasm. Which in turn made it impossible to hold back any longer.

Me.. "Gnnnnn, Gnnnnf, fu, funnngh" gritted teeth, tensing everything, so so hard.

C "Stop!" and C pushed me down and out.

My erection was bobbing around like "wtf, where's it gone?" and my brain was fried.

"That's enough, don't touch that until its down enough to lock up"

"Seriously? I could be here all day"
"what ever. Just Don't touch it"

Eventually, after a pee and some distractions I relocked and got ready to go to work on a wall I had started but not finished.

Later that day, when I'd finished the job I got home and C asked "did you finish the it off?"

I replied "It would be nice to finish off"

"Ha ha ha, you'll be lucky. Maybe one day" .

tonight as an extra extra treat, I'm shower slave again.. Its cold, but insanely good. Happy days.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thursday night C said "I'm going to edge you, just to keep your attention".

It did, and kept me hard all night, I wondered how long C would deny me an orgasm considering she hasn't in truth denied my orgasms in the past, or at least if she did, she changed her mind and let me come.

Friday morning . C Sent me down to do my job again.

It's amazing how your senses pick up on the "key availability" at this point and there was no sign of the key appearing, which generally means im staying locked, so make the most of this.

Make the most of, I did, I'm not allowed to come so by my word I'll make sure C does, and hard.

C had a Huge tit grabbing orgasm. The type that has her paralysed for a while, the type that, if I weren't caged I would use to plough her senseless.
This option being impossible,, I enjoyed all that I could of it. it is such a beautiful sight seeing C grasp her breasts like this while still coming.

I was locked, my bulge was big, ugly and angry looking.

When I got up C noticed the Massive bulge.

"Ouch. Is that painful" ?

"It's very uncomfortable" .

"Ah well, the price you have to pay I suppose. I could let it out"

A sign of Hope!

"Well.. maybe tomorrow"

"Um. . Thank you"

"I said maybe, so try to look a little more like you want it"

"Yes, thank you. Just know if you did let me out now, nothing could stop me from destroying that beautiful pussy if yours. "

"hmmm, no thanks, not going to happen"
then said "I'm so relaxed now, why don't I send you down there every night so I get a good night's sleep? .

" I would love to do that, you know I would but you say your too tired, it makes no sense, all you need to do is lie back and relax and then sleep".

"I know" .

"Well. You got what you wanted just now, get up and take me shopping" .

C took great delight in keeping me hard all day, with subtle teasing and sucking noises. Occasionally asking "how's it doing?" and on finding I had calmed down, tickling a nipple or whispering into my ear of how it would be nice to suck on it.

So, I came last Sunday, by Friday I haven't been allowed a drop out and I'm on a rain check.. Maybe.

C has had orgasms or multiple orgasm on four separate occasions.

I wonder how much of the " so I should never let you come" comment earlier this week really sunk in? Or is this just another test? Or genuinely a punishment for coming without permision?

Whatever. I'm loving this.

Exhausting. But I'm unlikely to sleep.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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My training is come on well apparently?

On day five I always hit a peak, desperate to come, desperate for C.
I was so horny, I wanted to come out, I had to mention it.

As we got ready for bed I said.
"Honey, I'm Desperate, seriously, I need to sort it out.. Please"

"I know, you've been horny all day, non stop" .

"oh, Sorry"

"Dont say sorry, I like it.. So.. can you wait" ?

"I don't know, I'm freakin out" .

"Let me ask in another way. If you're so desperate to come or wank or what ever, why aren't you doing it now, why are you waiting now" .

"Because I can't, I'm locked up, you have control, I have to wait, I have no choice" .

"Exactly. And thems the breaks"

"Yes, I know. But."

"You can have a tiny oily wank now to empty it out , but if you wait. You can have lots more"

"Damn.. How about..." .

"Nope, that's the deal" .

"Ill wait, thank you"

So we cuddled up to sleep, surprisingly I did sleep quite well.

Saturday morning, I woke before C and watched her sleep. The sun shines on her in the mornings, she is so beautiful.
My urgency had passed, so I got up and made breakfast.

On my return, C was awake, so I apologised for pushing.

"No apology needed, you've actually done really well, I was going to reward you anyway"

So, after breakfast C let me know what she had in mind. And gave me a choice.

"I want you to come now, I think it's time, so either you on top, or me on top or a bit of both, but you have to lick my pussy lips clean when done this time, I like the way a soft tongue feels after all the rough stuff, and you have to promise to."

This is an easy promise to make when your so horny and it's presented in such a way.

" I promise, and a bit of both please, did you want me to pleasure you first? "

" Nope, that's going to happen later, so I can get a good night's sleep"

Wow! Nice :)

The base ring had to stay on, too erect already, which meant I was hard as rock and less sensitive, and C started by riding me, until she came.
"Ill go on top now, I need the control"
"oh, want some control do you? Go for it cowboy. "

So I held C's arms stretched while I did all I could to make C feel a little dominated for a while.
C had another 3 pretty powerful orgasms.

C took control back then, simply by using words and my fantasies against me. It amazes me how she can do this, one word and she is back on top.
Another and I lose control totally.

And so then I came.
I had given C ten orgasms since I last came, and I felt like every one of them had added to the climax I was having right now. C had to stifle my moans and said she thought I was having a stroke.

"you still have to lick clean"

"Seriously? It was hot when you asked, but I'd rather not now I've come"

"ah! but you promised"

Very clever.

"oh god" , so I went down and hooped I'd get away with clit licking, avoiding the mess.

"That, is not cleaning"

Well, truth is, once you get past that first bit, the mental barrier is gone and I cleaned until C said "OK, that will do"

C then got up and said "Good boy, Your training is coming on very well."


"and it all starts again, later"

C left the room, still laughing to herself.
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