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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Never one to give up.

After C had come hard and was relaxing I lay next to her wiping her toy down. I held it where it would be if it were mine (but much bigger) to which C said "Yeah. You wish".
I continued to hold it there and said. "I really want to wear it".
"I mean just wear it, not do you with it. Its makes me feel powerful, and also like I've been out already. I really wouod like to be able to wear it"
"Hmmmm, I duno, it's scary"

So I swapped to the smaller one.

"this isn't so scary though"
"I don't know. I'll think about it".

"Thank you. Can i just pretend it's mine and stroke it for now?"

"knock yourself out"

When I got up I asked "So, where do you want to book a meal?"

"What for?"

"For when you let me wear it".

Later C noticed my excitement and said "It's nice to have this much attention. But calm down. I said I would think about it"

Step forward?
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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