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Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

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Hello all,

In December I decided I needed to push my own limits.

I did a full 12 hours self locked. Then did a full15 hours self locked. then only managed a 9 hours due to an issue with a type of dry skin and bruising.

Nothing over Christmas.

A few nights ago before going to be the LS (wife) was asleep and I put it on on impulse. I slept ok with it (maybe ED was a help here) but I went a full 26 hours self locked and was mighty proud of myself.

I need to sit down with LS and try to get her to talk. She's still "uncomfortable" with the idea. She's 52 and still awkward talking sex with me her husband of 30 years.

Any ideas on persuasion, well more how to allay her fears or questions ?
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