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Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:11 am
by Want2B_Locked
_lj_ wrote:
Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:13 am
Perhaps I am being a bit hard-core, but I can see very very few reasons to have an emergency key.

Obviously official security scans could lead to problems, so wearing a device likely to trigger a scan would be un-necessarily awkward for all concerned, and any medical treatment you know is going to require exposure should require a release.

From my own experience, with a JailBird, the only time I have seriously regretted not having a key was when one testicle pulled slowly and very painfully through the gap when I made an inadvertant stretching movement whilst at work, but having the key wouldn't have stopped the pain though I could have re-locked with everything in the right place! As it was I spent a rather uncomfortable 100-mile drive home with "one in, one out". I subsequently closed the gap a bit with the judicious use of a vice and hammer!

A plastic device isn't secure, the careful application of force or simple tools will provide a release, though getting a device that fits accurately will dispense with most of the pain from erections etc.

As we're only starting out on this journey we're a initially cautious, well her more than me.

Lady S has a lot of stress with work so talk has been less than flowing.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:51 pm
by Want2B_Locked
Tomorrow is a big day.

A day off work and hopefully the start of Lady S being my keyholder.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:04 pm
by Want2B_Locked
Well I am sitting here caged.

Lady S has the key (need to get her a chain for it).

It went well. She made me put it on and took the key. I have spent the whole day giving her pleasure over and over.

She unlocked me for a short while and insisted on PIV and for me to come.

I've told her I want to stay like this but I'm not sure she has grasped that yet. She did get off by tell me what to do. and how she wanted me to please her.

She was a bit reluctant to let me go out and drive but it went well.

She's away for a business meeting next Tuesday so I am going to ask her to take the key.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:28 pm
by Want2B_Locked
I already wrote a big bit of text and my phone went on the fritz .....

Friday I self locked. Lady S was not impressed and I sheepishly took it off.

Yesterday (Sat) we found we had the house to ourselves.

I asked about locking up again and maybe edging and she was ok it seemed.

I was summoned up to the bedroom.

We're both new to all this (plus she's not fully read Georgia Ivey Green's book yet) so I had to explain. I told not to let me cum no matter how much I begged. She used our under bed restraints to secure me. She did an amazing job too. I asked for a little humiliation but it think that was a bit too far for her at the moment.

She told me to put the cage on when she released me. In a fit of rushing I have cracked one of the rings and I will have to fix it. Luckily the slightly smaller ring fits.

Lady S had me get her off a few times then told me to PIV and cum.

Once I had, I then used the smaller ring and locked back up and spend the rest of the day in it.

She wouldn't wear the key on a chain this time. Again these are baby steps for her and us as a couple.

I've fixed the ring, just need to file to finish now.

Today we've been less than amicable about a few thing but she thawed later in the evening and I am trying to get her to take the key on Tuesday when she has a meeting a few hundred miles away. It'll be a test for me and us.

She made a comment about it this an every day thing now. I so wanted to say yes ... Every day all day but as i say ... It's a learning curve.

Onwards we go.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:21 pm
by Want2B_Locked
The fix of the ring failed. The two breaks broke again.

Since the last lock up she's been a bit funny at times. I mentioned to book and was told its "too big" so I am looking at the Lucy Fairbourne book which is smaller (is it any good?).

She has a works night out on Thursday and I asked about her taking the key for the day.

Sunday just gone we had a huge row and she said "get someone else to look after your stupid key"

She's thawed a lot past two days then this morning I got her off using hands in bed. I will broached her taking the key in the morning.

Her Christmas party is 20th December and I asked her to take the key and she said "Don't think so." I countered with why not. It'd be in your bag.

I think I am making a little headway.

It does seem to be taking ages.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:31 am
by Want2B_Locked
I almost give up...

Asked her to take the key tonight witj her and I got a lot of BS hassle.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:22 am
by Excited+Scared1
Don’t give up W2BL!
I share your urges and needs - and my KH is really getting there.
It’s so hard to explain what we want and what we feel to a woman. They’ve spent their whole lives believing a man only ever wants an orgasm, but suddenly he doesn’t ...well he does ...but he doesn’t ...but he will have an orgasm if she, as his key holder, orders it ...but she can take you to the edge time and time again and then lock you back up without an orgasm, and suddenly you’re in heaven!?!?
I don’t understand how all this can work for me, and maybe that why it works for me and T - because she knows I don’t understand exactly what testosterone does to my brain either - it’s a shared journey.

Are there tangible benefits to her? I mean, if you’ve licked her to orgasm every night for 10 years what additional benefits are there for her now other than you have a cage on?
I rarely licked T (too intimate? Whatever...) but now if she doesn’t demand it I’ll ask her every night “is there anything I can do to give you pleasure my darling?” Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but she knows I’ll superglue my tongue to her clit if she asked me to!

Just a thought - how about Royal Mail being your key holder and just putting the key in the post each time you have it (2nd class post!).
Each time it arrives back ask her if she has plans for tonight. If not, back in the post. She can of course have an orgasm from you, but unless the key is in your house it won’t be PIV.

Just a thought - hang in there!!

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:58 am
by Want2B_Locked
Thanks E+S1

Each time the subject comes up I get the stock phrase "You know I'm uncomfortable with it". She won't explain what she is uncomfortable for her. She was "worried" if something I never had a key - I have a spare at hme. Or if we were out ... well she'd or I'd have a key.

Re: [Want2B_Locked] - A Very British Journey

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:33 am
by Want2B_Locked
Well the past few weeks have been somewhat of roller coaster with Lady S.

December 2019.
So earlier in the month I mentioned her maybe taking the key to her Xmas party (20th Dec) This caused a bit of a disagreement.

Ever since we have had a car there has been a bit of banter about her 'paying her taxi fare in kind to the driver (me) for picking her up from her Christmas party'. This year she blew up massively and irrationally. Two days of moods.

Christmas Eve brought a huge surprise.

We woke up at 4am and she wanted me to play with her. Then she edged me three times and when I mentioned being locked up she agreed. She even locked the padlock in place and wore the key around her neck all day. When it came to bath time for me I asked her to unlock me, she just said "No, why would I do that?" and giggled but did unlock me (OMG it was hot hearing her saying it). After my bath she locked me back up and didn't tell me to remove it when going to church on Christmas Eve, something I thought she would do. I spent a wonderful 16 hours locked up.

Christmas day she let me use the butt plug on her, something she would normally never do, and I can honestly say I know she enjoyed it but she won't admit it. I made her cum but when she went to ride me I went soft (Damn you ED!!!) and she got a bit moody. When I dressed I locked up. She had her bath and looked at the key on the chain and said "Really? I wore it all day yesterday for you." Shook her head and it was clear she wasn't interested. Cage removed.

Well it's Boxing day and later I'll be taking our lad to his girlfriend so I doubt I'll be locked. I'll be trying to get her more on board in the New Year.

Onwards and locked-wards.