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[365Daytona] 365 Daytona's Journey

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I have written in other forums such as General and Chastity Devices. I have decided the time has come to create a journal and blog of my locked life. As I have expressed before, I am self enforced, my wife has no interest so far in being a keyholder and engaging in chastity play.
She has no objections and supports me in my chastity efforts as I have explained to her that I am locking myself in chastity to focus my attention on her rather than on porn and masturbation.
Once a week, (usually Sunday morning) I unlock myself and we engage in sexual activity and intercourse. There are no children at home now, so we are relatively uninhibited in our activities. Once we have completed our activities, I lock myself up once more.

Personally, I am enjoying living in chastity for prolonged periods of time, and feel very secure and at peace when locked. I actually am more anxious when unlocked. One of the forum members replied to me at this admission and said that this was a characteristic of a long term chaste male (anxiety when unlocked). I took this as a compliment and thank the member for that observation. I earnestly desire to continue my chastity journey. As time goes on, I am eager to see if there is any evolution of either the situation or my attitude toward chastity, especially long term. I presently have been locked for about a month now, with the exceptions as noted above.

I shall continue this journal as I am prompted to write my thoughts and chronicle my Journey
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