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[Master] Every Journey Starts with One Step.

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 5:25 am
by MasterK
I find Myself here out of a need to learn and better Myself; a thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable endevour.

My boy, alex, is so new and so bright-eyed and eager to please Me. His willingness to do anything I hint at or suggest or demand makes Me smile happily. And yet it is exactly this eagerness and trust that makes Me step back and walk slower along this path of D/s.

This newness, a gripping case of sub-frenzy (and possible puppy love), as well as a rather significant age difference makes me pause and consider how I can protect him, thus also protecting US.

I am eager to start exploring chastity with him. I believe it is an integral part of what is starting to become US.
He responds well to initial periods of denial and I find his attention and desire to submit is most intense at the end of 2 days of denial rather than after 2 days of unrestricted access to his cock.

So, the journey begins with step 1: Gaining as much knowledge as I can before buying that first cage.

More later.

Re: [Master] Every Journey Starts with One Step.

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:26 pm
by MasterK
I realized that I needed data. Data of how alex will respond to difference aspects of chastity. This weekend had been a scouting expedition.

Since Friday morning there is a ban on orgasms in the household.
He is not permitted to touch himself at all and I have been on hand to clean his cock in the shower.

I have continued to expect to be serviced as usual.

I have a very growly pup on my hands.

It is allowing me to focus training on his submission and obedience.
I'm most excited about how this weekend turned out.