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Re: "Hello world" thread

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:01 am
by Excited+Scared1
After practising over the weekend I’ve now spent two whole days in chastity with release only for inspection and cleaning on two short, and supervised, releases. I’m now on my commuter train into London and both excited and scared - excited that my KH has embraced this month long ‘trial’ and scared as I won’t be close to her for the duration of the working day ...and no key!!
I have to say that for such a chunk of metal it’s crazy comfortable! I can feel me balls are a bit squished, but my penis gives no sensation to suggest it’s firmly behind bars.
A week ago my KH and I had a long conversation about our relationship and sex - I think maybe I was too honest. Anyhow, 4 days ago I mentioned I’d ordered a cock cage for me and a “Guide to Keyholding” book for her. We ended the evening with a lovely hand job from her.
Then three private wanks laid next to her sleeping body overnight, one in the shower and then three more at work - I know, I know, deceitful and wrong, but testosterone ‘owned’ me!
So, roll on Friday evening and we were chatting again and I admitted that the whole cage conversation had sent me into overdrive and all of the times I’d ‘self abused’. She was highly shocked and asked me when the cage would arrive - I told her “tomorrow”. She smiled.

We had sex afterwards. She wanted me to come on my boobs, and I didn’t let her down - gallons of it after that freeing myself conversation. That was my NINTH orgasm in 24 hours, each one with more distance behind it than I’d experienced for years. NINE orgasms!!! ....I’m 61 years of age!!!!!

She realised the problem and I think is/was grateful that I’m so keen to keep all orgasms for her and am prepared to do something about it.
I’ve often said to her “Those balls are working hard to produce Sperm just for you”. But until today, in truth, they have been callously discarded into tissues across the country.
But not any more - the jiggles of the train remind me that I’m locked, but definitely not loaded!
My KH has been doing some reading, and she’s grasped it well! All day yesterday there were suggestions that we would be having fun tonight.
I’d showered, whilst caged, then she showered and shaved and arrived naked in the bedroom. She pretty much told me straight away that my mouth should be on her pussy - and then it was!
It was lovely, it tasted good and I relished the minutes tonguing her when my lungs were filled with pure pussy flavoured air. I love her!
Anyhow, she had a mind blowing orgasm and then we cuddled for a while. Then, rightly or wrongly I asked if she was going to get the key - she smiled, “Not tonight darling. Maybe during the week if you’re good”. Fuck me!! I think I said “Why?” And she replied “I think your Friday masturbation should see you through a few days at least”.
I felt gutted, then somehow pleased that a) she’s ‘got’ it! And b) It would surely be more enjoyable the longer I have to wait ? Yes? No? But I was genuinely disappointed.

It seemed ridiculously easy actually to turn the light out and go to sleep, which I did. She released me this morning to shower, unsupervised (no I didn’t), and then the cage was replaced. Shirt suit and tie on - a ‘first day at school’ picture taken and now I’m sat on the train surrounded by people who would be amazed if they knew my secret.
The cage is comfortable, my KH sends me key emojis to remind me she control my cock, balls and orgasms - oh and she’d like a key charm for her bracelet.

I hope this does the trick. My masturbation and enjoyment of porn had been way over the top in recent years. I’m so pleased I can now be open and honest and give my lady all of me - and I DO mean ALL.

Wish me luck in the office today!

Re: "Hello world" thread

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:29 pm
by Excited+Scared1
Work wasn’t so bad. I managed to concentrate despite being caged.
Sitting in an office chair all day is very different from a comfy sofa though.
I had to make frequent visit to adjust - I felt like I was being cruelly punched towards the end of the day. Still, back on the train now and my KH will pick me up - I wonder what she plans for tonight? ....dear God, maybe nothing!
I’ve really missed her today though. We’ve been so close and so intimate over the last few days that I’ve just plain missed her!

(Wearing a Prison Bird Stainless Steel Bend with arc)

Re: [Excited+Scared]

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:53 am
by Excited+Scared1
Wow - where did 10 months go!?

T loves being in control, and whilst I’ve had fewer orgasms in 10 months than I would previously have in 10 days, I’m happier with regards to sex than I have ever been.
I’m sooooo horny and frustrated all the time that it reminds me of school when I was 16 years old surrounded by beautiful girls ...except back then I had no cage restricting me 😊
Last week whilst away on business I broke a rule and couldn’t help but admit it to T at the weekend, so only a ruined O then and permanent cage whilst away this week (save for ten minutes in the shower).
Jeeez it’s TOUGH! And then she send me a text Saying:

“Just keep thinking about getting to FRIDAY 😉 when little C..... and the boys get unlocked and you’re going to be milked and arse f***** 🍆💦🍆💦😍😉❤️”.

...which as you will know and understand, just makes things worse - or better, or worse ...oh I don’t know!

Anyhow, role on a Friday 😁