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[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:05 pm
by focUSed
Prior to returning before Christmas last month, there was a directed pull out experience using the phone as a communication conduit (text), the results of which were documented in the 'Hot Things Your Keyholder Has Said' section. We had a good weekend upon my return, and another before the new year, but then I had to go back to shift work and IL to take care of Mom for another couple weeks.

For those interested in statistics our new record, due to my being away and out of touch, was 27 days straight (without the key being turned). The total for 2019 was that the lock was in place 70% of the time. The previous highs for those two classifications were 15 days and 43%; substantial increases in my opinion.

She seems to be more okay with it being on during runs now that I've demonstrated that it isn't painful or causing damage. Anything longer than about 6-8 miles will prob result in some low level, so may require consideration ahead of time, but since 5-6 is my normal mx length, we should be gtg for the time being.

And since we won't see each other until the 17th, 2020 will remain at 100% for another few days! hmmm...

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:52 am
by focUSed
The 17th started a good weekend away, finally having a chance for the two of us to spend some quality time together without other 'distractions' normally present in our daily lives. Word to the wise, Pigeon Forge is not the quiet little burg I thought it was. It is more like a mini-Vegas, with all the lights and glitz and such. We attended the Hatfield and McCoy dinner feud, and wandered through the Titanic Museum prior to departing (28 deg water is COLD!)

The hot tub at the cabin got a few nightly workouts, quite enjoyable in the dark with a slight rain falling. Could have been snow, but we weren't that fortunate. For those following along on the count, it restarted the day we left but the 100% for 2020 was broken. No big deal, the percentage of wear days is still high. So far 17 days is the high count for the year and, assuming plans don't change until next week, Valentine's Day should be the next opportunity, at 19 days.

There haven't been any more pull outs, on my part or directed on hers. We've been reading with some interest the denial thread about how to ask to not allow full blown destinations and found a few websites discussing the topic as well. She is still slightly confused about the benefit of doing so, but is starting to come around to the idea that if it's something I would like, she could be onboard with it. As long as PIV isn't in question (it is not) and she can still direct them as desired, I think it is someplace we will eventually go. After all, the denial in a device is much the same, although the part about getting close, or having a chance to, is significantly removed. The real challenge will be during PIV, when she says to stop. I've done that before, and it is HOT! An even greater challenge, for her anyway, will be if there is any teasing, using hands or mouth to get me close, and then HER stopping. In any case, it's all fun!

We still haven't made any progress on finding a suitable munch or party location but the search sort of has fallen by the wayside given other events that occurred toward the end of last year and beginning of this one. We intend to keep searching; we just find that something we can both attend based on our complicated schedules is difficult to coordinate. But haven't given up hope yet and talking about what we might experience at one provides sufficient motivation at the moment to continue.

More in a bit; hopefully the next post will be more exciting with actual activities vs just mental postulating.

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:36 pm
by focUSed
Today is day 19 (for those who count anyway) of the device being in place, which is eight days short of our longest in 566 days of enjoying this. There have been no pull-outs, or really any play sessions. But we're planning on having a long-ish (for us anyway) weekend together due to the holiday Monday and hopefully it will begin when she arrives later this afternoon/tonight. We both are ready for some time together, although she's not feeling 100% at the moment and neither of us wants to get me sick. So we've 'agreed' to no kissing (yeah, right) and will use our lips and mouths on other body parts this weekend.

Maybe a wine tasting and movie, maybe just some Hell on Wheels at home...we shall see. I will come back next week to provide an update on how the weekend went! Hope everyone is enjoying 2020!

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:32 am
by focUSed
Well, as you can see I didn't make it back until now to update how things went over the middle of Feb weekend. It was definitely interesting!

As I mentioned, she didn't feel good Thurs night to drive up, so she waited until Fri after getting some solid rest. The interesting part was, because the arrival was later than planned, we didn't have as much play time as was anticipated earlier. And due to still not feeling 100%, I tried to help her feel better by offering that the night were all about her.

Generally she's nice enough to want some play time with me out of the cage as well, but that night, she simply said okay and laid back! Is that what we would consider success!? I thought so, as I settled in to provide, what I hoped was incentive to reward the decision and perhaps influence it again in the future. Her first destination was somewhat lengthy, by design (I enjoy a little tease on the giving side now and then as well!) but when it finally arrived, it was AMAZING (her words, not mine.)

After a short caressing session, I returned. Usually this is met with resistance and a firm 'no!' but I think in her tired and still recovering state, the ability to resist was reduced, and I was allowed to continue. We have experienced multiple destination sessions in the past, although few and far between because normally once is sufficient and she wants to move on to unlock me and begin her side of the activity. When I'm allowed to indulge and give her a second (only one time has it gone to three), I'm truly in heaven, and this night was no exception. I was still locked, and it looked like it would remain that way (another seldom occurring event) as I strove to provide positive reinforcement for allowing me to continue. The second arrived much faster than normal, much to our surprise. I think her will to resist was simply beaten down by being tired and totally giving in, body AND mind. In any case, it was well received and we quietly pulled the covers up and settled in.

I wasn't unlocked until Saturday, after a nice secure night, demonstrating that I don't always have to come out on our first night together and will be just fine the next morning. I don't know how often this will repeat itself, but the comment was made Mon morning when I was going back in, after offering to give two her two more Sunday night and her saying no, that she should have taken me up on it!

I did go back in on Sun, after being out overnight Sat, when we went to see the movie 1917 (she enjoys me being locked when we're out in public, while attending family events, and always when she's not here, to name a few) and remained so until the following weekend again.

Currently in for what will be around a 10 day stretch (we won't see each other until Wed night again), and am curious to see if the visit will result in more 'for her' time, or if it'll be our sort of normal thing because she'll want some PIV. More to follow!

Re: [focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:54 am
by JamesandLucy
Hi, hope you don't mind me asking a question. Up-thread you mentioned that you go running. Do you keep your cage on while running, and if so how do you stop the cage banging around, rubbing and being uncomfortable?

I currently unlock for running, but I'm keen to get closer to 24/7 wear, so am interested in any suggestions.



Re: [focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 6:45 am
by Tessasissy
When I exercise its tight underwear with a good pouch or jock strap.

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:07 pm
by focUSed
Overnight to Richmond on the 4th, was let out for a little fun then back in on the AM of the 5th for the motorcycle ride home and another week long stretch (yes, she still enjoys turning the key before heading to work in the morning on those days!) Trying to work on adequate sleep Mon/Tues after 12 hr shifts over the weekend found me in bed at 1930 both nights! Seldom does that ever happen and it was very welcome. Got a run in Fri, then again last night so sort of back on track to 15 mi a week or so. Tonight is the latest this week I've been up so figured I'd leave a short update here before turning in.

She'd planned to come up tonight, but things changed, so I have some self-generated chores to accomplish in the morning. We've talked a bit about what we might do this weekend, and somehow we usually have a bigger appetite for fun than we manage to accomplish, but part of the fun is discussing all the options! The other morning at work before I walked in, we discussed an assignment she had completed the night prior. All it took for me to get snug was just a few simple suggestive comments.

I continue to find it interesting how the body changes based on temperature, stimulation, situation/position, etc and how the letdown happens after things calm down a bit. As hard as everything is trying to bust through the bars, it simply relaxes. For me, that means pre-cum leaking starts. And when I tell her that I'll feel it, a cool wet sensation on my thigh, while walking up the sidewalk to work, and that it'll serve as a reminder for me all day as to what we were discussing before heading in, she said that she likes knowing when I start my day that way. Even when not even trying, it's a turn-on to incorporate the discussion of my predicament into something as simple as a morning conversation. I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend, yet again!

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:03 am
by focUSed
Last weekend after we said our goodbyes, I went upstairs to find a note on the bathroom counter. On it sat the device, with a key in the lock. Curious, I looked in my shaving kit where I keep the key I have for emergencies, and yup...still there too.

She had gone back home to set up working from home due to the virus situation so I'm sure her mind wasn't on making sure she had her key. We've (ok, I've) struggled a bit for how to handle that situation. She doesn't want me to be without one 'just in case,' while I'd like to have the experience of no ability to unlock it without her. One week my key was hidden. I didn't even search for it, but it was definitely different not knowing where it was, and was much closer to me not having one at all. Maybe we'll do that again this weekend going into the long night week.

In any case, after my run today, we were talking and in response to 'how are things feeling?' I replied, 'a bit constrained, but otherwise fine.'

Her response? 'Good, things are as they should be.'

So I started to be a little playful...'Well, I have both keys, so...'

Which was met with, 'Let's be responsible. Following the rules is imperative in our current situation.' [still living apart]

Rules? Hmmm...we really haven't written any down. Sure there have been some conversations and agreements, but 'rules' was maybe a step further. So I continued with, 'what we have are guidelines, more like a pirate code, maybe.'

Her response gave me a bit of a reaction! 'Yes we have! You stay in there unless I say otherwise, or there is a medical emergency. We will have a rule refresher course this weekend.' It's always a turn-on when she asserts herself, even if it's just to clarify any potential misunderstanding while I was playing with the fact that I had both keys.

One of these days maybe it will be on a necklace or her person (it came out of the jewelry box a few days ago, interlaced with the necklace she wanted to wear that day...a possible indication of things to come!) somewhere but for now, I'll take the positive confirmation of the understanding we have:

It's her choice...when it's on, and how and when it comes off!

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 10:34 am
by focUSed
Crazy COVID times these are!

All that social distancing aside, I decided to visit her this weekend since picking up and moving her WFH workstation would be too much to ask. Established well ahead of time that although I might be allowed out Fri night, I would NOT under any terms be allowed a destination. Hmmm...okay with me, as long I get to give her one, or more!

Sure enough, the night was spent watching a Flix episode, followed by a relaxing destination for her and some attention for me after being released, to include a short PIV session. Not very long, and not me on top because I was "not to be trusted" to stop in time.

She's struggling about whether she should go with her head or her heart; she really likes to make/let me cum, however all the hype she's reading about how much more exciting it is to deny, and that it's easier for her to do it to me than for me to do it to myself, has her thinking about whether that's something I might want. And further struggling with whether it's even something she wants to do, or is even willing to do, to me.

I guess we'll see what the rest of the day/weekend holds, I have to be back home by tomorrow night and on call for work Mon so will undoubtedly be back in. And she had hidden my key last weekend and its location has not yet had to be revealed to me, so one step closer in that regard to her having the 'only' one; real enough for now!

Everyone stay safely separated and healthy!

[focused] down the road we go...

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:32 am
by focUSed
I was out overnight Fri into Sun but back in again for the trip home and will be so until we see each other again. Posted tonight about something that was mentioned while I was driving, in the Hot Things Your Keyholder Has Said forum.

I was asked if I wanted to shop for a key necklace. Hmmm. We've not talked about it much in the past and I wasn't sure whether she was interested in wearing one. I'm still trying to get her to have the only key (but if you've read recently, mine now is at least for the time being hidden) and I didn't know how she would feel about potentially being approached by someone who recognized the symbolism for what it is, or by someone just curious about what the key was for.

She said she would have a prepared response, a double entendre answer was what she offered, to dissuade those that she didn't want to let know the real reason she wore the key. But I suspect there could also be a part of her that, at some point, might be willing to discuss the actual reason with those who were genuinely curious or who recognized the symbol for what it was and wanted to have a conversation about it.

We talked a bit about what it should be like, stylish and not plain, possibly with a symbolic key vs an actual key, THE actual key, but we haven't decided on anything yet. I suggested cutting off the elongated part and drilling a hole in the end of that to make it smaller (I'd heard that somewhere but can't remember where) if she wanted to wear the actual key. I'm sure there are various designs out there, we have some research to do to find something that fits our needs. But I'm sure we'll find something if it's really what we want to do.

That's sort of how this whole thing has gone for us. Slow to introduce, careful measured steps along the way, each with the potential to take things a little further. Ideas and thoughts giving way to other desires that may have lain dormant but now have an avenue to discovery and discussion. For both of us.

She said my latest post(s?) here had prompted her to ask the question; I'm not sure which part of which post it was but I'm good with the idea and welcome the discussion. We'll see what adventures this new twist brings!