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Re: [chastelifexxx] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:41 pm
by Chastelifexxx
Days 71 in chastity without a climax

Four days ago, Dom husband told me to take my chastity cage off because it had been about two weeks being on 24/7. He gave me no other reasons he wanted me to take it off. As it turns out, there was. After giving myself a thorough cleansing of my cock and balls, I shaved all the area from my guiche piercing up the perineum, to my balls, and cock. Dom husband wants me to shave that whole area and keep it smooth. It has been a while since he wanted me to shave my pubes. I never shave my pubes unless I get direct orders from him to do so. It just depends on what turns him on at the moment.

After I got out of the shower I took the cage and disassembled the urethra tube from the cage, used a tiny brush to go in and clean the inside of the tube and then put all the parts in a pot to start boiling and sterilizing process. Just as i finished at the stove, Dom husband called me upstairs. He was lying on the bed and wanted me to crawl up facing him and straddle his chest. He said he wanted to check my shaving job. He rubbed his hands and fingers all over my cock and balls checking for any stubble which he did not find. He looked up at me and smiled very mischievously. I know that smile. When I see that smile I know what will soon be happening.

He continued "checking out" my shaving job and in the process had gotten me extremely hard. As I have said before, he loves to get me hard when I am out of the cage. He loves playing with my cock as well as he wants my erection to go full mast. He wants all my parts to continue to work as they are supposed to. He doesn't want chastity to do any harm. The only thing chastity is for is to keep my from jerking off and keeping me horny. He says that my cock and balls are all his and he wants his property to be maintained in perfect working order with the exception of a climax. He says that as long as i ooze cum when sitting on his cock, I don't need the actual climax.

He continues to play with my cock and he has my cock leaking precum in a very short amount of time. He then instructs me to start playing with my nipples while he continues to tease my cock and balls. As is known by now, my nipples are my on and off switches. This all continues for about another 5 minuets or so and I have to ask him to stop because I am getting real close. He stops. Gives me about 15 seconds and then starts again. All the time my nipples have been continuously pinched and tweaked by my fingers. This time he doesn't go long at all and I have to ask him to stop again

He then tells be to turn around and get kneel on my knees. Dom husband loves to look at my cock and balls from the rear view. My balls are low hangers and dangle in front of him. His balls don't do that. His are very tightly held up against his body all the time. So I guess it is what you don't have that you are most interested in. So he loves my balls dangling in his face. He lightly taps them to get them to swing a bit. He then grabs my cock from between my legs and pulls it backward toward him. He starts jerking my cock like one would do with a cow's tits. With the other hand he is rubbing all up on my ass and lightly rubbing my ass hole with each move of his hand as it moves across. Then he takes his hand from my ass and grabs my balls sac taking the whole sac in his hand and pulls out and down. His pull is not hard but it definitely is keeping a good tug on my balls.

From what I have read about edging, he is now incorporating two techniques to aid in keeping me from cumming while continually teasing me. One being that I can't thrust my hips while I am kneeling on my knees, and the other is pulling the testicles away from the body. If you can keep a man's hips from thrusting and keep his balls pulled away from his body, you can edge him longer without him getting the urge to climax. It must be working because he was driving me crazy with the stimulation but I was not getting the urge to cum nearly as quickly as before. Finally after about 20 minutes of this I told him I was getting close. He took my cock between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed my cock from the base of the balls to the tip, effectively squeezing precum and maybe mixed with a little bit of cum, down to the opening of the slit. He wiped it off and put his fingers to his lips and licked his fingers of my precum. I looked at him from between my legs and I saw that same mischievous smile as he was savoring the taste of my precum.

When he is satisfied with my taste, he tells me to get back on my knees in the same kneeling position, with my ass high in the air and my head low and my hands out in front of me. In this position my body is his - specifically my ass. He then gets on his knees and starts easing his cock into my ass. It only takes about three hip thrusts forward and he has entered my ass all they way to his balls. The feeling is so fucking amazing. I love to feel the skin on his cock slide against the skin of my ass. I feel so connected to him during this time.

So when all of this was over, we just lay side by side. He told me that since I had a doctors appointment coming up in two days he was going to leave my cage off because he did not want my cock showing any evidence of being caged when I went to the doctor for my annual physical. My cage leaves indentions into my cock where the bars of the cage are. They are more predominant when I have had erections while caged and my cock is fully pressed into the bars of the cage. He said this will also allow him to get more play time with my cock as well. I smile.

Surprisingly I was ok with this because I had noticed that my cock had some redness to it where the base rings fits snug. No pain was associated with the redness but it was irritated for sure. This would allow that area to heal a bit before the cage goes back on.

I will give an update after my doctors appointment.

Re: [chastelifexxx] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:57 pm
by Chastelifexxx
73 days with no climax

After my doctors appointment I came home and reported to Dom husband that the appointment went well. I'll know the results of the blood tests in few days. I went over and was prepared for him to put my Looker 01 on me, but he said he wasn't ready to do that just yet. He had me climb up on the bed and he proceeded to take my shirt off and unbutton my jeans. He had been home all morning alone waiting for me to get back and evidently had a very active imagination playing out in his mind.

After he had me stripped of my clothes, he took his off. He wanted me to straddle him again like I did before, with me straddling his chest and my cock right in front of his face. He said he wanted a repeat of our last play time. Well I was all up for that for sure. But this time instead of just playing with my cock and balls that are right in his face, he takes my soft cock into his mouth and starts giving it a lot of attention with his tongue and mouth. His mouth felt so good. My cock being surrounded by the warmth of his mouth was just awesome. It had been well over a month if not two months, since he had taken my cock and sucked it to life. I love it when I suck his cock and feel it grow in my mouth, so I know he is also loving the reaction my cock is having on the inside of his mouth. My cock, within seconds it seemed, was at its full hardness, with the head flared.

I started thrusting my hips forward, being directed by his hands on the back of my ass. It had been so long since I had felt this feeling - the feeling of his mouth engulfing my cock. I kept my thrusts up for a couple of minutes and then I started to feel the building of a climax. I didn't want to stop but I did. I pulled out. His tongue kept reaching out to touch my cock. I said, "I want to cum but I can't. I won't". I can't, not because of some physicality preventing me from cumming, but because I won't allow myself to do so. He did not insist on me cumming like he as done before. I know that I would rather keep this kind of feeling of riding the edge, and be able to maintain the feeling for minutes for maybe even an hour at a time, with repeat episodes, than to cum and have that exalting feeling for maybe 10 seconds and then be sexually dead for days. I don't want that ever again and he most definitely doesn't either.

His tongue kept enticing my cock back in his mouth. I would thrust for seconds and then have to pull out again. You don't know how close I was to just let the cum start shooting deep down his throat. But my will power stayed strong. Something that can be quite a problem when both of you are in the heat of the moment. Sometimes good judgement flies out the window.

This process of me fucking his mouth and me pulling out to quiet down the impending climax played out over and over. I can't explain what it felt like to keep that edge feeling going. God it was felt so good. There was no doubt that he was getting a good dose of my precum. It was dripping like a dripping faucet. I finally had to just pull out and my cock rested on his bearded chin. Even the stimulation from is beard on the underside of my cock was sending chills throughout out my body.

He told me to get off of him and to get on my knees. When Dom husband gets to that point where he has to fuck, he wants it to happen quickly. So I did not waste time. He got on his knees behind me, reached for the lube and rubbed it on my hole. I could feel him pressing the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass. I had my arms outstretched behind me with my hands around the back of his knees gently giving him encouragement to start fucking my ass. The continued pressure of his cock on my ass hole finally weakened my ass muscles and his cock started sliding into my ass - inch by inch. When his cock was fully buried in my ass, he reached down and grabbed both of my arms and pulled them up behind my back. He put them wrist to wrist and grabbed them, using them as a rein and would pull me back into him as he pushed his cock into me. Every thrust he made was met by my ass being pulled back onto his cock.

He was pounding my ass for all it was worth. I had already been riding the edge before, and now with this, those feelings just continued more. I wish I could say my prostate, being pounded by the head of his cock, finally exploded and released my pent up cum, but alas that did not happen. I still have not yet ever been able to have a prostate orgasm, or as some would call an analgasm. But this was about the closet I think I have gotten to that happening.

After Dom husband came, he collapsed on top of me. He dropped his head and I turned to kiss him. We stayed like this for a few minutes to gain some composure. I could feel his cock slowly softening and shrinking out of my ass. As soon as he was completely out of me, he got up and told me to get the cage. He said, "now I am ready to put your cage on". And just like that, it was done. I was locked again.

With my 73rd day of not being allowed or allowing myself to have a climax, I feel that I have gotten over a hurdle. Had this scene that I just described, had happened back around two, maybe three weeks ago, I don't think I would have had the fortitude to make the decision to not allow myself to cum in Dom husband mouth when the opportunity was there and presented itself. We both were in that sex frenzied state where we both wanted it to happen. But had I done that, and lost my constant state of hornyness, then we both would have experienced a very lack luster sex life for days if not weeks. So I think that I have gotten to a critical point in my chastity life where I can go long term without too much of a desperation to cum feeling that i was feeling in the weeks leading up to this.

I am soon approaching the 90 day mark. That will be a benchmark in my chastity life.

** Note - check my Twitter account @chastelifexxx for pictures and videos of me and things I like.

Re: [chastelifexxx] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 5:37 am
by certo 1946
Dear sub, i am following you for a long time and adore your writings. I want to ask you do you feel your self as a real man, or do you have female feeling because you are the female sub in the house?

Re: [chastelifexxx] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 12:50 am
by Chastelifexxx
@certo 1946 Interesting question. Thanks for following. To answer your question - I personally feel like a real man. I don't feel like the female in our relationship at all. For me being a bottom, does not mean that I am feminine. Even though I would consider myself a sub in the bedroom, I am my husbands equal in all other aspects of our life.

It does make me feel good to know that I am able to make my husband the priority when it comes to having sex. He is much more sex driven than I am, and chastity keeps me revved up so that I am always ready for sex anytime he is.

I hope I have answered your question.