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Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:02 pm
by Skip
Interesting to hear! I travel a lot too internationally around Europe, but each time was with a plastic device - first with the silicone cage I started off with (a bad idea, but fortunately it did not turn me off entirely) and then with the HT3 knockoff. No issues there, and one flight I even took with a buttplug (silicone) inserted, as per KH orders. No alarms of course, but it was still quite riveting.

I feel (and hope) I would also take it in stride, like you, though "I can't be trusted" seems like a poor choice of words to say to TSA agents; I feel like the only worse thing could be something like "because my infidelity is like a ticking time bomb" or "touching my cock is a trigger to an explosive orgasm" :lol:

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:22 pm
by Chastelifexxx
🤣🤣 hilarious. Thanks for the reply. I’m just getting tired of having to taking it off to hide it. I feel like I’m in the closet. I even have friends that know about me wearing chastity. So it is just my way of coming out to my chastity. Two more people now know about chastity that didn’t before. And I’m pretty sure I came across to them as the guy next door type of guy. Which I am.

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:14 am
by Chastelifexxx
6 weeks (43 days) of chastity and not being allowed to cum

Wow what a week this has been. It has been a week of firsts. It started out with a discussion between me and Dom husband, about him wanting me to remove my chastity cage before a flight to the West coast. I didn't like having to do it but I agreed. He just felt like it wasn't a good idea. I just felt odd taking it off. It was like I was embarrassed to wear it, and I am not. So when I was unexpectedly on another flight two days later, I talked Dom husband into letting me keep it on for the flight. I won't go into detail because the last to posts were written in detail describing the round trip to Miami and back to Atlanta. But the bottom line is that I did it, went through TSA security, and survived the ordeal with little to no delay, but did have to lower my pants to show the agent for him to see personally that there was not weapon sitting on my crotch. I will not hesitate, under the right circumstances, to wear my chastity through airport security without fear.

This week also saw a first for me breaking my record of no cumming. I have gone 43 days without a climax. I am constantly as horny as I have ever been in my life. For two nights in a row, my night time erections, even though contained in my chastity cage, have been very strong, persistent, and long lasting throughout the night. I have been awaken by these erections several times during each of the last two nights. I can only imagine that the reason for this is that my prostate is full, and is signaling my body in every way it can, to ejaculate sperm. Which leads to my last first. For the first time in my life, I have reached the point, that any time my ass is penetrated either by Dom husband's cock or a dildo, cum is expressed and oozes out without any feeling. I still have not had an analgasm but I am fairly certain that as my climaxes are continually prohibited, my body will rewire itself and move the orgasm triggers from my cock to my ass and prostate, and that this will happen sooner rather than later. It is a matter of time.

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:56 am
by Tessasissy
Have you tried a vibrating plug or similar. I find things that don't vibrate on my prostate milk it, but a vibating plug on high gives me a prostate orgasm which is quite mind blowing. If that is what you and dom husband are after it might be worth a try.

I have decided not to use anything vibrating for that reason as I feel any orgasm even a protaste induced one is cheating on my wife and chastity obviously unless my wife decides that is what she wants. (she is not there yet with that but who knows)

A bit of prostate massage /milking gives no real pleasure, but you get a lotot of leakage. It does reduce the pressure.

I have not gone quite as long as you yet without orgasm(max 29 days) yet but I have found after 3 weeks or so every time I have a bowel movement it must massage my prostate and it milks me almost as much as I would if I ejaculated obviously with know pleasure it has realy supprised me!

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:28 pm
by Chastelifexxx
Tessasissy wrote:
Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:56 am
I have decided not to use anything vibrating for that reason as I feel any orgasm even a prostate induced one is cheating on my wife and chastity obviously unless my wife decides that is what she wants. (she is not there yet with that but who knows)

A bit of prostate massage /milking gives no real pleasure, but you get a lot of leakage. It does reduce the pressure.
Thank you so much for your comment. Yes. Dom husband wants me to use my ass, my mouth, and my nipples anytime especially while he is away. He wants me to get pleasure from those erogenous zones. He is also ok if I have an analgasm while playing with my ass, as long as it is not, as we say, mechanically induced. He wants it to be a naturally induce analgasm as when he would be fucking me or when I'm using a very basic plain dildo. So nothing is to go up my ass or pressed onto my cage that vibrates or is electrical in nature.

He also loves to play with my ass and massage my prostate. He loves the closeness he feels with me during that time. Sometimes he can get an extraction and other times he can't. As I said, he is perfectly fine if I express cum or even have an analgasm, because he feels that with either one of those things happening, he can keep me locked and denied in chastity 24/7. If I weren't able to get my prostate to express cum then he would jerk me off to a climax ever so often for prostate health.

I can tell you without a doubt that him denying me the ability to cum has definitely changed me for the better. I am a nicer person, I don't tend to get pissy, and my wildness has come out when we have sex. I find myself doing things with him and being attracted to things about him that I never knew would be possible. When we have sex I just sort of get crazed and all consumed and want more.

Thanks again for your comment.

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:42 pm
by Tessasissy
Good luck on your journey I will be reading with interest your progress especially if you manage to reach your analgasm and how long it takes in chastity to get to that stage!! :o

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:04 pm
by Chastelifexxx
51 days - still locked

At midnight I will have passed my 51st day of being locked. This past week I think was THE hardest of the entire time since I was locked on Jan 15th.

It became basically unbearable. I had to get some relief. Dom husband was out of town and not due back for another day. He has allowed me, and encouraged me, to play with my nipples, use dildos to fuck my ass, practice deep-throating with a specific dildo. I could even touch my cock through my cage. All this play was to keep me on the highest level of a sexual plateau that I could stay on without cumming, with benefits to him to have me always on the ready to have sex, and to maybe work myself up to an analgasm. The only rules were that I could not use any kind of mechanical means to cum. I could not use a vibrator, e-stim, nor could I jerk off to climax, which is impossible to do anyway when locked.

I am not sure if he knew what he was doing by allowing all of this, but he was basically creating a crazed feeling that would engulf me. Last week I got to the point where I could not even concentrate on any daily activities. I could not focus. I only had one thing on my mind and that was I need to cum so bad. I knew I was not allowed but I had to do something to relieve this crazed feeling that had built up that was beginning to paralyze me from doing any normal activity.

I had finally reached the breaking point. I went up stairs to our bedroom. I stripped out of my clothes and laid naked on the bed with the biggest straining hard-on I have ever had while in the cage. The skin on my cock was literally bulging out between the metal bars, and my balls and cock had turned dark red from all the pressure created by my cock getting hard in the cage.

I started playing with my nipples and that made things even worse. I had to stroke. I put some lube in my hand and I started stroking my caged cock. God it felt so good. Dom husband had done it many times while I have been locked but it was the first time I had stroked my own cock while locked. My cock is about 7 inches long when allowed to go fully erect when not caged. But when caged, the total length of the cage is only like two inches. It was an entirely different feel of jerking off, but I least I was going through the motions. It felt wonderful but there was no where near enough contact with my cock to stimulate it to a climax, but it was feeling good. My body was writhing all over the place.

I continued this process of "jerking" my caged cock. At one point I looked down at my hand going up and down on this little two inch long cage and the thought crossed my mind - what a pathetic thing this was that I was doing. My body was writhing, limbs moving, hand going up and down, hips thrusting, but NOTHING happening. I was only making matters worse. I was just getting hornier and hornier by the second. I am not sure why, but I never thought to get my dildo out to fuck my ass. My mind was so intent to revert back to what used to be my normal activity of jerking off when I would get horny.

After 10 or 15 minutes of this pathetic going-ons, I quit and just stopped. My body and all my limbs just feel limp. The only thing that was not limp was my cock. It was still putting lots of pressure on the cage. It was at this point that I just felt defeated. And I must say a bit depressed. I love the feeling of cumming. I love the sensation of cum building and building and then every muscle in my pelvic region tensing and tightening and that feeling of cum exploding out of my cock. As a man I don't know of any feeling that equals are is better than that.

So there I laid. My naked body just there. No movement. My mind was still reeling but was slowly coming to the realization that I would not feel that feeling again. Or at least that is still the plan that Dom husband has. And I know that for our relationship, and all the positive things that chastity brings to it, I can't be allowed to cum. Our sex life has never been this good. He even says that he has noticed me becoming a less argumentative person and nicer to live with. I must admit that I have seen this change in me too, and I like it.

It took another 30 minutes before my cock finally softened and I was able to get off the bed. I stood up and I rationalized that I did feel better. I was less climax crazed. So I guess that even though I looked pathetic stroking my locked cock, I was able to get something out of my system and get to a better headspace concerning my climax future.

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2020 8:16 am
by Chastelifexxx
53 days locked without cumming

I just recently posted and I promised I would not post daily blogs but this happened:

Yesterday was a special day. It was an anniversary day. So Dom husband wanted to treat me to a special outing. He wanted to let my cock out of its cage for the special occasion. I wasn't expecting that so the unlock caught me by surprise. When the cage came off (base ring remained on), my cock immediately got hard. Within 60 seconds I was sporting a full on erection. He said because of our anniversary, I am going to allow you to stroke your cock, but..... 1) you are not allowed to cum 2) you can do this anytime during the day as long as I supervise and watch you do it, so you will have to come to me and ask me to watch you jerk your cock 3) you cannot do it for more than 5 minutes at a time and 4) you can only stroke your cock shaft. Your hands cannot go up to the head of your cock and touch it at all, at any time.

Well I was ecstatic. I immediately started stroking my cock under his supervision. But I soon found out that even with my cock being locked up for the last 51 days and no climax, stroking my shaft was pointless. Yes it felt good to get an erection. Yes it felt good to even be able to touch my own cock. Yes it felt good to feel my cock being stroked, but it did not get any kind of satisfaction out of it since my cock head was not being engage. That is where all the action of sensation starts and ends.

So there I was stroking my fully engorged, hard as a rock, cock but it was doing nothing for me except making me hornier. The head was angrily flared just wanting to be stroked. He even reached up to play with both of my nipples. He said - "here let me give you some more sensations". And yes, that felt good too but my cock head was being left out of the party. He had not been invited to attend. :(

So after 5 min he called it and I let go of my still straining, hard, vein bulging, cock. It was so disappointing, but I thanked him for allowing me that hand to cock connection. I honestly didn't want to do it any more during the day because it was useless to do, but I didn't want him to think I wasn't beholding to his good graces so I did go to him twice more and ask for him to supervise me. By the time this happened I had already taken my cock ring off and taken the whole chastity device to the kitchen to sterilize it. It had been about 3 weeks since it had come off for me to clean and shave my cock and balls so the last two times of me jerking my shaft was without the base ring still acting as a cock ring. I will admit it felt good to be metal free for just a few hours.

The short lived freedom came to an end, but I was able to get some erection exercises done. It felt good for my cock to stretch out to its full size. Dom husband always makes my cock health a concern. He wants to keep my cock in good working order because it is his cock and he loves to play with it. Fuck, he gets more enjoyment out of my cock than I do.

Now it is locked again for an undetermined amount of time, that will only be determined by him.

For pictures and video of my unlocking, erections, shaft jerking, and more, feel free to go to my Twitter @Chastelifexxx The Twitter page is only for adults and those over 18 years of age. Definitely a NSFW site.

Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:24 am
by Chastelifexxx
Day 56 being locked

I don't know what it is about today but I am so fucking horny. Yesterday was fine. Today I want my ass filled. I want it fucked. I want my nipples pinched and tweaked. I want my cock to go soft in its cage because the pain of it being hard and compact in the cage is really becoming annoying. But what does Dom husband do this morning instead of giving me my usual morning fuck? He leaves with barely a kiss goodbye. I know he fucking planned this.

Every morning that he is home without fail, he wants to fuck my ass. It is like a ritual now. He wakes up and turns over to spoon with me. I'm the little spoon and he is the big spoon. He reaches around me with both hands and starts ever so gently playing with my nipples. If I am not in the mood for sex, he knows that by playing with my nipples, they will lead me down that path to all out wanton sex. My hands instinctively now go above my head when he plays with my nipples. That has become a trained instinct now. That is the way he wants it. He wants full access to the front of my body. And I so willingly give it to him.

As he plays with my nipples I feel his hardon pressing against my ass. It is funny how it is always pressing right at the entrance to my hole. Hardly ever does it need to be positioned there. The more he plays with my nipples, my hips start to instinctively thrust back on his hard cock. He has flipped a switch by playing with my nipples. My body has been turned and is wanting sex. Even dry, with no lube, my ass will normally get the head of his cock inside. The nerves in my ass hole are at this moment short circuited by the brain. Signals are over ridden. The pain is only sensed as pleasure for now. My ass wants his cock. That is it plain and simple. Trying to get anymore of his cock inside of me though, without lube will not happen. I think only twice has it worked that my ass accepted his cock without lube. And those times found me over the top with brain induced dopamine, and adrenaline. I was just a slut. He loves the feeling he gets from the very rare dry fuck, but my ass feels the battering it took for days afterwards.

Normally the friction becomes too much and I drag myself away to reach for the lube in the nightstand. I lightly lube my ass and lube his cock, making sure I lube it all the way to the base because I know my ass will be swallowing his cock all the way to his balls.

This is what normally happens every morning. The morning routine. So I have gotten accustomed to it. My body is expecting it. My body needs it.

But today it is not happening that way. He gets up, showers, dresses, gives me what would hardly be considered a kiss and then he is gone out the door for the day.

My body is in withdrawal mode. What just happened? I have been left feeling so horny that I am crazed with a desire to get some kind of sexual pleasure. I have played with my nipples. That only makes me hornier. I have rubbed on my caged cock. And of course that provided me with no relief. I decided to pick up the computer and go through my usual porn pages which again just made me hornier. So I decided to open up and add to my blog. Believe it or not writing all this down has helped. It got some of my frustration out. This also helped me put things in perspective as well. It is not about me. As long as I am locked, my cock is not mine. My ass is not mine. My nipples are not mine. Yes they are all attached to my body but they all,effectively, belong to him and he controls almost every aspect of them. And it is mornings like this that I need to remember that.

So I did benefit from my writing. I have now eased on to the other side of horniness. I hope you, the reader, enjoyed it and got something out of it as well.

Re: [chastelifexxx] Gay chastity as it is lived

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:06 pm
by Chastelifexxx
59 days in chastity, and climax free

This morning started out pretty much as any other morning when Dom husband is home. He wakes up, he puts his hand over across my chest, and after a few minutes will start to play with one or both of my nipples. As I have said many times before, this action is the equivalent of flipping my "ON" switch. Play with my nipples - ON. Stop playing with my nipples - OFF.

So this morning was the same. He starts playing with my nipple and then I start coming alive. I turn slightly and bury my nose in his armpit to sniff and breath in his smell. It is an aphrodisiac to me. I start to really get horny, really fast. I move down to his cock and again I sniff his pubes and breath in his manly scent. He maneuvers me so that I am on my knees with my feet up to the side of his head, my ass in the air, and my head in his crotch with my nose buried in his pubes. All the while he is still playing with my nipples. I move to his cock and start giving it the attention it deserves. It starts out soft but in a very short time becomes hard and throbbing. I love how it becomes alive in my mouth with the tongue stroking I am giving it.

I bury his cock in my throat and give him a brief blow job to get him hard enough so that I can sit on his cock. This has actually become our favorite positions. His fav because he is just laying there and my ass is doing all the work of stroking his cock. My fav because I can end up sitting on top of him, with my ass engulfing his cock all the way to his balls. I could not get anymore of him inside me if I tried. When I sit on him like this with all my weight centered on my ass hole which is impaled on his cock, my prostate is being squeezed. Pressure from his cock is pressing on my prostate and the feelings I get is just fucking amazing. Once I make a couple or three movements up and down on his cock my prostate starts to express its built up storage of cum. It starts to flow out of my cock but I have absolutely no feeling of it being expressed at all. I can see it come out every time I make the downward movement on his cock. It is like it is being pumped out. The only feeling is the most awesome feeling I am getting from my prostate being massaged by Dom husband's cock deep inside.

This kind of expression of cum is exactly the beauty of being caged, locked, and denied the ability of a normal climax. After a normal climax your level of horniness you had before the climax is almost immediately extinguished. The desire to achieve that climax has been accomplished. Your body is now in recovery mode after the explosion of cum during the climax. But when when your cum is express with no climax, you maintain the horny factor. Your body senses nothing has happened so you are still heightened for sexual activity.

Before chastity, when i was able to climax at will, I would often have the fantasy of eating my own cum while I was jerking off. But once I jerked off, and the cum was splattered all over my stomach, I immediately lost the desire to eat my cum. it went from a fantasy to a disgusting factor. Well this doesn't happen any more. Now in chastity, any time my cock drips and oozes cum, I am right there licking it up. This is what happened this morning. When my cock was finished oozing the cum out, I stopped and got off of Dom husband's cock and went down and licked every drop of my cum off his stomach. What a rush. Not even a hint of disgust at all. And still being horny I got back on Dom husband's cock and continued to ride it for several more minutes. Once we were both finished, still being horny, I experienced my second ever taste of cock that came from my ass and went straight to my mouth. I cleaned his cock of cum, ass juices, and lube. I was finally satiated. I am not sure if it was because my empty prostate was finally registering, or if it was because there just wasn't anything else I could do.

I can't wait until in the morning to see if this starts all over again. To see if Dom wants it to happen or not. Oh well. Somebody has to take one for the team. it might as well be me. :)

** Note - check my Twitter account @Chastelifexxx for pictures and videos of me and things I like.