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Re: [mr_faithful] Denied until menopause

Post by mr_faithful » Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:56 pm

My wife has removed her IUD, so this is all real now. No more intercourse, which means no more ejaculation for me until she reaches menopause. She has mentioned the possibility that we might not have intercourse after that either, and that she thinks it is probably what will happen. More and more I believe that she is probably right. On Monday, it will be 12 weeks in the cage and I only had intercourse 3 times since the beginning of March. No masturbation since January. Actually that's not entirely true. I had a relapse in March during a business trip without the cage for a couple days. I'd sent the cage back for an adjustment, but I was on a trip so I fell into temptation at that time. Ever since, I've had the cage on continuously and have resisted successfully.

The wife had been telling me that after she removed her IUD, she was going to schedule an appointment with a Catholic OB/GYN to go over her current state of fertility and natural family planning methods. She planned on waiting a few weeks to let her body adjust, and then she would go to see them.

All that changed on her drive home from her IUD removal. She called to tell me that she realized that she didn't have to do that. I had some mixed feelings about that. First off, I had a feeling that this was coming. This is such typical female behavior, that I had to kick myself for ever thinking she was being serious about doing any of that. She was only saying that as a psychological guard against doing something that made her feel a little guilty. Once she got through that, then she just dropped it immediately and went with what she really wanted in the first place. Whatever. This is what I offered in the first place, so all that ended up happening was her stringing me along this fantasy ride that I knew wasn't real but fell for it anyway. What a fool.

But like I said, this is what I really wanted anyway so I'm not unhappy about the result. Just unhappy that I let myself get wrapped up in her bullshit. At my age and experience, there is really no excuse for going along with that childish shit. But as I have mentioned before, my moral courage is deeply flawed and corrupted. It has to be in order to let your passions overrule your reason. That's been the story of most of my adult life, but hopefully this is the start of changing that.

So I am locked up for the next several years now with no relief other than medical or practical reasons for taking the cage off. Locked up pussy eating is the full description of my sex life at this point, and might be from now until death do us part. I feel at peace, and I feel like I might have a slim chance at salvation now. May God have mercy on me.
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