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Re: [Loxx] LoXXXed

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 1:40 pm
by Loxx
Thursday the 30th of April: I was browsing the internet, when my wife came behind me. She bit my ear and caressed my neck. I abandoned the computer and we went to bed. She continued her caressing and I scratched gently her neck and back and fondled her pussy. I was straining in my cage and when my wife took the device off, my whole package was quite dark.

I asked my wife to go to her knees on the bed and when she did it, I fetched our handcuffs. I pulled her hands behind her back and locked them together with the cuffs. She looked really good when she was helpless in front of me, with shiny cuffs on her wrists.

My wife was already wet and I entered her easily from behind. I pulled her long beautiful hair and used my finger on her clit when I was inside her. She enjoyed it greatly and it didn’t take long when she came, actually twice.

When she was completely exhausted, she blurted: "Please cum hard in me!". It did the trick and I came forcefully inside her almost immediately. It felt so good and I felt electricity all around my body. She collapsed on the bed and pulled myself out and opened her handcuffs.

After some kissing and cleaning she locked the cage back on. She didn’t let me to put my shirt on, because she wanted to fondle me. I had nothing against it and it was a long and satisfying cuddling…

Friday the 1st of May: We were decided to go for a drive and listen some music while doing it. When we were at the suburban area, I saw my wife’s hands approaching the fly of my jeans. She opened the buttons one by one and started to fondle my locked cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was instantly hard and she just continued the teasing. It certainly and greatly reduced my chances of driving straight. Luckily I didn't crash into anything.

I was sure, that I would come in my pants, if she continues long enough. I managed not to wet my pants and after some time she stopped and left my fly open. I couldn’t do anything to it while driving so I stopped the car and just when I was trying to close the buttons, I saw my friend. He came to talk to us and I tried cover my pants with my shirt while I chatting him. He didn’t notice anything, but it was a close call!

Thursday the 7th of May: My wife asked me if I wanted to “walk the bedroom snake”. As you might guess, we were soon in bed. I used the mini-wand on her clit and breathed and blowed air to her pussy. She really liked it a lot, I couldn’t remember seeing her so excited before. She came many times and at last ordered me to stop. I stopped but left the wand leaning against her pussy and she pushed it away.

My wife opened the cage and climbed on me. She ride me with her eyes closed and when I felt I was closing the point of no return, I asked her to not let me cum. She stopped for a second and said that she would like to have some more. She said to me to warn her when I was close and continued her riding. I asked her to stop again and she pulled herselt out.

I was sure that we went too far and my cock was throbbing in the air. I couldn’t stop myself when I was lying on the bed, so I jumped up. My cock throbbed still when I was standing, but nothing came out. Phew, that was close!

We had to wait some time for my cock to soften and at last my wife managed to lock me up. When we were cuddling, it felt odd when I was straining in my cage, normally my cock would be flaccid after our sex and my ejaculation. Then I noticed some tears in my wife’s eyes and asked her what was wrong and why she was crying. She told me that girls could cry after good sex! Jeez, women…

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Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 2:01 pm
by Loxx
Saturday the 9th of May: I was lying on the couch when my wife came beside me and started warming me up. She bit my ears and my neck and she was so incredibly sexy. I didn't need any more persuasion and we quickly went to the bedroom. I asked her to go to the bed and when she was there, I picked up the handcuffs and locked her hands to the headboard of our bed. When she was helpless on the bed, I took a mini-wand from the drawer of the nightstand and started caressing her clit with it. She reacted very well and when she was all moist, I left the mini-wand leaning against her clitoris and fetched a bigger vibrator from the other room.

I heated the vibrator with a warm water and used both the mini-wand and the vibrator at the same time. The vibrator was buried deeply inside her pussy. I also breathed and blew gently towards her pussy. My wife had her eyes closed, her breathing intensified and her legs trembled. Soon she began to moan and came for the first time. I continued to wand her and the result was another orgasm, but bigger this time. She forbade me to continue, but I still had to try to use my finger. Then we kissed and I took the handcuffs off. My wife asked me if I wanted something too and I replied that it wasn’t necessary. She rechecked that I was sure and said that I may get something tomorrow, if I was able to behave. She also said, that the last two times our playing has felt different than ever before. It must be my blowing and breathing…

Sunday the 10th of May: It was my turn to get the prize. My wife took the cage and base ring off and took my cock in her mouth. She started to give a lovely blowjob that felt incredibly good. When I was completely hard, she told me to turn around and handcuffed my hands behind my back. She then took a thick chain and locked it around my neck. She continued the blowjob and occasionally pulled the chain to get me closer to herself and kissed me. A nice touch!

The blowjob felt really good and soon I had to inform my wife that I was about to come. She nodded and I exploded into her mouth just after that. She swallowed everything and started to suck my cock clean. She waited for me to soften a bit and started to put the base ring in place. When it was on, it was the time for the cage. She was very skillful and I was proud of her when she managed to do it by herself, I could not have done it better. When I was helplessly locked again, she freed my hands from the cuffs.

I asked my wife if she also wanted a treatment too. She replied that she received such good treatment yesterday that it was enough. I informed her that the chain was still around my neck, but she didn’t remove it. It hung all night around my neck and she only removed it when we went to bed.

Monday the 11th of May: We have a lot of integrated locks from the Chinese cages in spare. I gave almost all the keys to my wife in the past and we only use a higher quality German lock with our Looker and that key for it is in her necklace. We use the Chinese locks when I shower to prevent ruining the better lock with water. I still had two pairs of keys for the cheap locks that I handed over to my wife today. She told me to go to the toilet when she was looking for other keys from the secret stash and put the new ones to the same place. I was in the toilet with my fingers in my ears, when my wife came to tell that she couldn’t find the other keys and it would take time to find them. Eventually my wife announced that she had found all the old keys and I could come out from the toilet.

In the evening, my wife called to her sister, who is also a keyholder. She said that she was a bad keyholder today and had lost her keys. Her sister burst out laughing as she thought my wife had lost the key to our Looker and I would be in deep trouble. I heard her laugh over the phone, but luckily my wife corrected the state of affairs to her sister.

Wednesday the 13th of May: I cuffed my wife’s hands behind her back as a surprise and kissed her and caressed her breasts for some time while we were still standing. We had our sheets in the washing machine and I had to let her free for a moment as we handled the sheets. When the laundry was done, I cuffed her hands again and guided her to the living room. I asked her to lean on the armrest of the couch and lowered her panties down. I took the mini-wand and caressed her clit with it as I pulled her hair. She loves when I pull her hair and she orgasmed soon. Her legs didn’t work properly as she got up and let her sit on the couch while I freed her hands from the handcuffs. After that we went to the bedroom and cuddled for many hours.

Thursday the 14th of May: I had been locked for exactly one year and three months! What a ride it has been!

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Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:28 pm
by Loxx
My wife has bought a lot of sexy panties lately. It’s not typical for her, usually she only buys practical clothes. However, I can’t complain. Me likey!

Sunday the 17th of May: We were jogging outside when my wife suggested me a playtime in the evening. At home she already thought that I had forgotten, because I was just browsing the web for a long time. However, she didn’t have to be disappointed as I was ready for the action. In a moment my wife was lying on her back on the bed and she had a vibrator in her pussy and I was next to her and I fingered her clit and blew air gently into it. She moaned loudly over ten minutes and in the end it was almost screaming.

My wife came many times and eventually she pushed me away. Then she took the key from her necklace and removed my cage. She climbed on top of me and started riding wildly. I pulled her hair and it made her cross the border in a few seconds. She changed her position and it felt so good that I came too. When I was soft enough, she relocked my cage and then it was time for a cuddle.

Tuesday the 19th of May: My wife lifted my shirt and squeezed and twisted my nipples. I was immediately ready and she pulled me into the bedroom. She went to bed on her back and I started to warm her up. Lots of kissing and one orgasm for her with my fingers. She had released my cock from the cage, so I asked her to get up. When she had done so, I took the handcuffs from the wall and locked her hands behind her back. Exceptionally this time I also shackled her legs with the leg irons and when she was completely helpless, I directed her into the living room. The rattling was very loud when she walked with the leg irons…

In the living room I ordered my wife to lie on the armrest of the couch and started touching her clitoris with my finger from behind and she enjoyed it greatly. When she had receiver her treatment, I took her back to the bed where she went on her knees. I tried to enter her from behind, but I couldn’t find a good position because the chain of the leg irons was in the way. I released her other leg and after that I managed to penetrate her. After a while, I found a position where I could lock the leg irons back on and soon the cold steel surrounded her other ankle as well. Our position was different than normal and for the both of us the intercourse felt even better than normal.

My wife almost screamed with lust and came many times. The last time was so powerful that I orgasmed at the same time. She was left lying on the bed with her hands cuffed behind her back when I went to clean myself. Then I removed the handcuffs and there were big and deep marks on her wrists. Her back was sore earlier in the day and I didn’t remember it until now. When I asked about it, she had enjoyed our play so much that she hadn’t remembered the whole thing! Then we chilled and cuddled for a long time. After that she locked my Looker back on, as usual. We discussed about the new sensations which had to be due the fact that I was more sideways than normal, because the leg irons were in the way. We'll have to investigate it more…

Thursday the 21st of May: She suggested a session again while we were walking outside. When we were at home, she climbed on my lap in the living room and fondled my chest. We quickly went to the bedroom and she started to caress my unlocked member. I fingered her clit, but she hadn’t had her first orgasm yet when she suggested that we should try the reverse cowgirl position again. She didn’t have to persuade me and she picked up her mini-wand. She used the wand on her clit when I was inside her and when she accidentally touched my balls with the wand, I almost lost it! It was close!

I pulled her hair again and it made her to come for the first time. I still had the base ring on and it pressed the root of me penis. I supported her butt with my hands and in that position she came two times more. Then the situation started to be too much for me too and I exploded inside her. This caused a chain reaction and she had her fourth orgasm! We were still for a while and then she got up. We should try this more often!

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Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:55 pm
by Loxx
“Have you noticed that we kiss pretty often nowadays?”, my wife asked me one day.
“We can stop…”, I teased her.
“No!”, she almost shouted.

When you look back at this journey, you would think that we are doing nothing but having kinky sex. In reality, our days are full of expressions of love and devotion. We walk hand in hand, kiss when we meet during our daily life and give foot and back rubbings to each other. There are lots of “Love ya’s” during the day and we send cuddly text messages when we are apart. Since we’re in a good phase in our relationship, most of this journey is just about our playtime, so try to bear with us.

Monday the 1st of June: I was lying on the couch when my wife came behind me and locked the handcuffs around my other wrist. She guided me to the bedroom by pulling the handcuffs and secured my hands to the headboard of the bed, took the blindfold and covered my eyes with it. She caressed my legs, belly and base of my cock with her hand. In fact she touched almost every bit of my body. Then she started to lick the root of my cock and teased my meat between the bars of my cage with her tongue.

After she had got me straining in my cage, she removed it. She started a nice blowjob, but this time she wasn’t using her hands at all to complete the feeling, as usual, because she was fondling at my belly with her hand. I noticed that I was approaching the point of no return surprisingly fast and I had to warn her that I was about to come to her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmhh”, she replied with my cock in her mouth.

This did the trick and came to her mouth with a force. The load was big and she had some difficulties to get everything swallowed. Oh, how great it felt to erupt into her mouth! I laid on my back with my hands cuffed above my head and she caressed me more and waited for me to soften. When the cage fit back into it's place, she locked it and took the blindfold and handcuffs away. I hadn’t seen my dick during the operation at all, it was a kind of mindfuck. When I was released, I tried to make up all this for her, but she was menstruating and she refused. However, that didn’t stop us from cuddling for a long time.

Thursday the 4th of June: My wife suggested some playtime and we went to the bedroom right away. I fingered her for a moment and then suggested that we could use our remote controlled egg vibrator. I fetched it and when I tried to start the vibrator, nothing happened. The batteries were dead!


We had to continue without the egg. My wife caressed the root of my cock and I continued to stimulate her pussy. I pulled her hair and bit her lip when she had her first orgasm. Then my wife got on her knees in front of me and I entered her from behind. I asked if she wanted me to come too and she said: “Yes, it feels good when you pulsate inside me”, but she promised to consider denying my orgasms later.

I fingered one orgasm for her while I was inside her while pulling her hair. Then I pulled my cock out and made her to orgasm two times with my finger. That was the fourth one! When I was inside her again, I tried to be a little bit sideways, like the time when we used the leg irons weeks ago. She came many times and I lost my count. Then I crossed the line myself and came at the same time as my wife came screaming for the sixth or seventh time. What a blast! We rested for a while and kissed. My wife was completely exhausted, her legs didn’t hold and she couldn’t go to clean herself until she had rested for a while by sitting on the edge of the bed!

Thursday the 11th of June: After the shower I suggested to my wife that I’d like to lick her pussy. She had a counterproposal regarding the vibrating egg. We had learned from the last catastrophe and there were new batteries installed, so in it went. We watched (nonsexual) videos in the living room and I rotated the vibration patterns, frequencies and speeds with the remote control. When she had warmed enough, she sat on my lap, kissed me and asked if we could go to the bedroom.

We went to bed and she removed my cage. She started a lovely blowjob and I used my other hand to switch the programs of the vibrating egg and my other hand to fondle her neck and pull her hair. When I found the suitable pattern for the egg she started to moan and soon she orgasmed with my cock in her mouth. I had to warn that I was close too and that might turn her more on, because she came many times and her orgasms merged to one continuous long one. I couldn’t hold myself any longer and I came to her mouth. I just oozed and oozed, until I was empty. I have never had such a feeling and I waited with my softening cock in her mouth. After removing the egg inside her and short cleanup for both of use, she relocked me and we started to cuddle. This was something that we want to explore more!

Sunday the 14th of June: I had been locked for one year and 4 months!

Tuesday the 16th of June: I had a job interview! My wife unlocked me just before the interview, because I didn’t know if there were a metal detector in the building and it wouldn’t make a good first impression if I got caught using a chastity device before getting the job. The interview went fine and my wife locked me back up even before we went to our home. It certainly felt odd to walk without the cage, it’s been almost a year to be free from the device apart the weekly deep cleans of the cage and our playtime…

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Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:45 pm
by Loxx
Tuesday the 16th of June: I had a job interview in the morning (as I said in my earlier post) and in the afternoon I received a call. They had chosen me! I couldn’t believe my ears! We went through practical issues and one was a medical check for me by a doctor. I booked an appointment right away.

Wednesday the 17th of June: We went to the jewelry store and I bought a nice bracelet for my wife. At home I attached a key to the bracelet. The key was for the Chinese integrated lock and I had cut the key as short as possible a long time ago so it fit to the bracelet perfectly. My wife wears the key for my better quality “Burg Wächter” -branded lock (for our Looker device) on her necklace and now she can swap easily the locks so I won’t ruin our better lock with water for example in the shower. There are about 10 pieces of sacrificial Chinese locks in my wife’s stash, so we are covered for years.

Later that day was the first swap of the locks when we went to swimming. It was the first time this year and I was stunned that my cock didn’t shrink at all even the water wasn’t that warm. We had a blast!

Thursday the 18th of June: We went for a morning swimming again and then I had to prepare for my doctor’s appointment. My wife removed my cage just before the scheduled time and it was a wise move. My doctor was a young blonde woman and everything went fine until it was time to check my lymph nodes. First the neck area and then the crotch area. I was lying on the examination bed and she lifted my undies and started to check the lymph nodes with her fingers. If I had been caged, she had felt my cage for certain, even if she didn’t saw my cock. It would have been a very awkward situation for both of us, but the examination went ahead without a hitch. I told about the incident to my wife and she laughed. I was caged again right after the doctor’s appointment was over.

Saturday the 20th of June: I suggested a nice pussy licking session to my wife and my proposal was accepted. This time my hands were not tied so I could use my fingers along my tongue. I breathed gently to her pussy while licking her and soon she came for the first time. I thought that that was all and tried to leave the crime scene, but I was called back. My wife removed my cage and guided me to the bed by pulling my cock.

My wife went to the bed and kneeled. I entered her from behind and gave her another orgasm with my finger when I was inside her. I hadn’t moved at all during the previous orgasm, I just fingered her clit. When I started to pump, she came two or three times more. She moaned a lot and I just kept going. I just can’t understand how I can make her to orgasm so many times and not to release my own load nowadays. But I’m not a miracle man and eventually I couldn’t stop myself and exploded to her pussy. It was an intensive one! Then it was time for relock and a long cuddling…

Sunday the 21st of June. My wife told to her sister about the incident at the doctor’s office on the phone. Her sister is a keyholder too and she knows that I’m locked. I heard over the phone that she laughed. She would have gotten better laughter if I would have been caught…

Friday the 26th of June. After the shower I went to my wife so she could change the lock to my cage. She did remove the Chinese lock, but she didn’t install the better lock. She removed the whole cage instead, turned me around and cuffed my hands behind my back. Then she turned me around one more time and started a lovely blowjob. My whole body tingled and vision blurred when I came to her mouth. She swallowed everything. There I stood in front of her with cuffed hands and my cock was tree times too big to fit in the cage. We waited and waited to my cock to soften and after a while she moisturized my cock in her mouth, slid the cage in, installed the lock and removed my cuffs. Whoa!

Monday the 29th of June: There was an ultrasound scan in the hospital for me and I was cage-free for a moment. No extra free time, I was caged right after the scan.

Tuesday the 30th of June: We were just going to sleep, when we heard an extremely loud bang from the living room. We went to check and found nothing. I checked all the electric devices, because the sound was similar than an exploding capacitor. Then my wife found something on the floor. It was a cell battery. It was a half of the battery actually. Then we found the second half. The battery had exploded! It had been on top of the organ and was waiting for the disposal. It was from the same batch than the batteries in my wife remote controlled vibrating egg. We looked to each other. There are six of them in the egg. How about a chain reaction of one battery exploding and igniting the five more inside her pussy? It would have shattered the egg for sure. Talk about an explosive orgasm! Needless to say, the egg is no longer used with the same batteries.

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Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 1:03 am
by Jens_Property
Time for an update I think..... How'd the ultrasound turn out? No more exploding batteries? Your followers need to know these things lol

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:59 pm
by Loxx
Jens_Property wrote: Wed Jul 15, 2020 1:03 am Time for an update I think..... How'd the ultrasound turn out? No more exploding batteries? Your followers need to know these things lol
The doctor thought that she had felt something while examining my thyroid gland by her hand and suggested an ultrasound to be sure. It was a false alarm and nothing found during the scan. I was REALLY relieved! And no more exploding batteries here, but imagine it happening inside a hearing aid. You won’t need the device after that incident, you will be completely deaf for the rest of your life…

Thursday the 2nd of July: We were driving around for fun and we both were planning a playtime, but we didn’t say anything to each other. I was the first to take action at home. I cuffed my wife’s hands behind her back and ordered her to kneel beside our bed. She leaned her upper body to the bed and I fetched her large wand. I didn’t take her panties off, I just plugged the wand to the wall socket and started to stimulate her clit through her panties with it.

She was a gorgeous sight while kneeling helplessly on the floor, wearing the cuffs. She started to moan and her breathing thickened. The first orgasm came soon and after that I wedged the wand between her clit and the floor. I had now my both hands free and I could pull her hair and caress her neck at the same time. That did the trick and she started to shake and the second orgasm went through her body.

I told to my wife to stand up and I uncuffed her hands. She took the key from her necklace and opened my cage. My cock was instantly hard and she started a lovely blowjob. She sat on the bed and I fondled her neck and hair. To my surprise she started to moan and when I continued my acts, she came by just giving me a head! She had never done that before and I was amazed. I was just as astonished that I didn’t came too and I was even able to make her to cum again. This was too much for me and I exploded to her mouth. It was a furious orgasm and she struggled for a while, but managed to swallow my load. What a ride! After that we cooled and cuddled for a while and then she locked my cock back up. I forget to ask what she had planned for the evening…

Friday the 3rd of July: I was on the couch and my wife came to me and asked me to go to the bedroom. She started to lick and kiss my cock and I scratched her back gently. She took the handcuffs and secured my hands to the pipe of the bed. It wasn’t enough, so she blindfolded my eyes and soon I was in a complete darkness. I heard her fetching her mini wand massager and sound of the wand and her moaning filled the room. I was straining in my cage and I couldn’t do more than wait for her to get her first orgasm. It didn’t take long and the buzzing stopped.

I felt my wife’s hands around my cock and she struggled when trying to remove the cage. I was so hard that it wouldn’t want to leave without a fight. I was worried that my cock will detach with the cage, but eventually I was free and I my penis was fully erected. She jumped on me and continued to buzz herself with the wand while I was inside her. She came two times with the wand and when she started to ride, she came once more. Then there was a short pause and she started a vigorous pumping. I know that I was doomed and my fluids started to pour. She unmounted herself and went for cleaning herself.

I was still cuffed and blindfolded, when she came back. She started to torture my flaccid cock with the wand and I was in agony. Then she left for a while and came back with an ice cube. Soon my cock met the cube, first with her hand and then with her mouth. When she had had enough, she removed the cuffs and the blindfold. I was blinded with the light when we started to cuddle. I can’t complain…

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Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:05 pm
by Loxx
Monday the 13th of July: I suggested some licking to my wife, but she didn’t want it. I didn’t let the feeling go down and planned something else. Soon my wife was lying on the bed on her side and her hands were cuffed behind her back. At first I warmed her up by caressing her body with my hands and fingering her clit until her pussy was completely wet. Then I fetched her green vibrator and turned it on.

I pumped the vibrator in and out while it was buzzing and that did the trick. She came three times and when I rotated her on her stomach, I could count three orgasms more. She was more and more vocal every time.

“Come inside me and pulsate hard!”, she whispered.

There was a problem. I couldn’t do it. I was still locked up and my wife had a key, but her hands were cuffed behind her back. I opened her cuffs and she removed my device. As soon as I was free, I cuffed her hands to the headboard of our bed while she was on her knees. I entered her from behind and stimulated her clit with the vibrator. I was inside her all the time and she came two or three times. She has never had 8 or 9 orgasm in a row before, if I remember correctly. The last one was too much for me too and I ejaculated too.

I opened the cuffs and we started to kiss. She was so exhausted and she rested on the bed when I was cleaning myself. She locked me back up when I came back and we started to cuddle.

Tuesday the 14th of July: I had been locked for 1 year and 5 months. Being caged has become the norm for me for a long time ago.

Thursday the 16th of July: We spent many hours in the hot tub. My wife unlocked me before we went in and it was a very refreshing experiment. We kissed a lot while she was on my lap and she teased my hardening cock under the water. I had to warn her when I was close to ruining the water. We were really relaxed when we left the tub and the cold cage surrounded my cock right after that. It was a refreshing feeling when I was unlocked for hours.

Wednesday the 22nd of July: We were on the bed and I said to my wife that she should take her panties off. She did that and I started to finger her. She responded well and got two smaller orgasms and one bigger. We kissed during the orgasms and she fondled my locked cage with her hand.

When my wife was satisfied, she fetched her big wand and started to stimulate my cock with it. She didn’t remove the cage and I was bulging between the bars. At first she buzzed the top side of my cock and continued with my legs and belly. When she placed the wand between my balls and cock, I knew that I was doomed. The pressure went up all the time and then I shot my load. It was a still a satisfying orgasm even though I was locked up. I made a mess and the cleaning of the cock and the cage took some time. This time she didn’t have to lock me up after my orgasm…

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Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 3:06 pm
by Loxx
Monday the 3rd of August: It was the first day at my new job. I had been unemployed for a long time and I had to learn a lot of new skills and try to remember old things to make a good first impression. And it was the first time ever when I was locked while I was at work! Everything went well and I really liked my new job.

Tuesday the 4th of August: I was unlocked after deep cleaning my cage. My wife was sitting on the bed and I was standing naked in front of her. She took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I tried to fondle her breasts. She steered my hand to her neck and I gathered her long hair in my hand and started to pull. She reacted very strongly and after a few seconds I hear: ah-ah-ah-AH-AH-AH-AAAAAH! She came just giving me a head! When she came the second time right after that, I was too much for me and I exploded to her mouth. It felt so good that it blurred my vision! I was just trying to understand what happened when she began to lock me back up…

Wednesday the 12th of August: My wife asked me to go to the bedroom. We went to the bed and I started to slowly rub her clit and she bit my nipples. We weren’t in a hurry and I watched my wife when she enjoyed the situation. She started to breathe heavier and then she orgasmed hard. When she had recovered, she started to remove my cage. I was so hard that it was stuck at first, but eventually I was free.

My wife kneeled on the bed and I entered her from behind. She felt so good and kept my hands on her hips and lifted her up. I was so hard and she moaned when I started to move. She came once. Then a second time. The third orgasm withing one minute was the turning point for me and I orgasmed too. I couldn’t believe how I was able to make her cum so many times and not to release my load too soon!

We recovered for a while and she locked the cage again. We had a long cuddling session and she scratched my back gently for a long time. I couldn’t complain…

Friday the 14th of August: I had been locked for 1 year and 6 months. A year and a half. It’s a long time…

Sunday the 23rd of August: My wife handcuffs me every time before I go to the shower and replaces the lock of cage with a cheap Chinese one. Then she opens the cuffs and I go to the shower with the cheap lock (to prevent ruining the better German lock with the water). After the shower she cuffs me again and swaps the locks again. But not this time. She did remove the lock, but she took cage off too!

I was standing in front of her with my hands cuffed behind my back and my cock started to swell. She took it on her mouth and started to suck. She handled my balls and used her hands around the root of my shaft. Slowly and gently. I felt the pressure rising inside my body. I had no other options and I erupted to her mouth. She swallowed everything and licked my cock until it was clean. It started to shrink and I watched it and knew what would happen when it was completely flaccid. The cage went on, the key turned and I was trapped again. My wife turned me around and removed the cuffs…

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Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 3:58 pm
by Loxx
Wednesday the 9th of September: I suggested a little playtime to my wife. She agreed and we went to the bedroom. I started to gently stimulate her clit and she responded well. Her breathing turned louder and eventually she orgasmed strongly. She unlocked my cage and went on her back on the bed. We positioned a pillow under her back and I penetrated her. She felt so good and we kissed a lot while making love. I was able to hold long enough that she could come several times. Eventually I came too and she crossed her legs around my body for a long time after I had ejaculated. It was a very nice vanilla session!

Monday the 14th of September: I had been locked for 1 year and 7 months. It's been a memorable experience…

Thursday the 24th of September: I was browsing the net when my wife came to me and bit my ear. Even my slow mind could interpret that hint and we rushed to the bed. There was no time to cuddle and soon her pants were down and I was warming her. I received a complaint about biting too hard her nipple when I was fingering her clit. She came in no time and took the key from her neck and removed my cage.

The pillow went again under her and when she was on her back, I fetched the handcuffs and locked her hands around the pipe of the headboard of our bed. I entered her but didn’t move at all. Instead of that I started to rub her clit with my finger. She came once when my cock was inside her and when I pulled it out and continued my fingering, she came again. She was very wet and I was able to slide in without any effort. I started to pound her and I lost the count of her orgasms, she came so many times. When I came too, she couldn’t hug me because of the cuffs and she caressed my body with her legs. I removed the cuffs and after a quick cleaning and relock of my cock we had a long cuddling session. A missionary position with a twist!

Friday the 25th of September: My wife asked me to make out and of course I was ready for it. She started to bit my tummy and my nipples and after a while she switched to lick my cock between the bars of my cage. She also kissed my full balls. I fingered her clit and soon she came for the first time. She wanted to lick my cock some more, but I had to stop her or I would have exploded inside my cage.

After the unlocking of my tortured cock we decided to try a position where she was on her back and put her legs on my shoulder. I managed to slide my member inside her and we both loved the new feeling. I was able to stimulate her like never before and we found spots (G?) inside her we never knew to exist. She came many times and was very vocal all the times. We kissed passionately between her climaxes and eventually I orgasmed too. We rested for a while and then she locked me back up. After some nice cuddling we went to watch TV, but there was still a twist. She fetched the handcuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back. I had to watch the whole show while being cuffed…

Friday the 2nd of October: I was asked for the make out session again, so I ordered her to take her pants off and started to use my finger on her clit. I switched to the mini-wand and she shouted “Don’t move it!”, when I hit the right spot. After some buzzing she came and I suggested that she could make me cum inside my cage. She didn’t want to do it because she likes to have me inside her, so she removed the cage and I slide myself in from behind. She came many times and moaned for several minutes. I leaned forward and that did the trick. I came forcefully too and when I pulled out, my wife collapsed on the bed. She was exhausted and asked for a glass of water, which she of course got. “It’s so nice to make love with you!”, she blurted when glowing on the bed.

Monday the 5th of October: “I want to fuck you today!”, my wife said to me suddenly. Who was I to deny her? When the time was right, I said “Now!” to her and we went to the bedroom. I asked for her preference and she wanted the same treatment as last time. I made her to come once with the wand and then we tried the missionary position without the pillow under her. She held her legs on my shoulders and after a while she crossed her legs around my body. When her legs started to hurt, she placed them on my shoulders again. She was very multi-orgasmatic again and I kissed her while pumping her and bit her lip when she came for the last time. I was able to hold myself for a long time but eventually it was my time release my load too. Then it was time to cuddle, but only after my well used cock was surrounded by the stainless prison. I got a long and lovely back scratching session too!